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TOP: My dream-like 10 years has passed, and today is the final day. I am so surprised how fast time flies. The words, this is the END, makes me very sad. Now, I wanna concentrate on telling my feeling to VIP.
At first, to all members of BIGBANG, Jiyong, Yongbae, Daesung and Seungri, thanks for always supporting me. I will never forget our memories.
And, to all VIP Japan, thank you for meeting me. I was very happy until now. “We never meet without a parting,” but this parting means we will meet again, and that will makes our bonds deeper. We can definitely meet again. By then, please be looking forward to the day. I love you. Thank you.
VIP: (Applaud)
Seungri: This is our last fanmeeting. Let’s give message to TOPsan.
ToDae: hahaha! Really?
Youngbae: but if we do that, TOP will cry, definitely.
Seungri: we cant do it on live, let’s do it
BB: Okay
Daesung: in Korean? Can he understand in Japanese?
Seungri: Of course, he can! He can understand all Japanese conversion if it is related to him!
VIP: (Laughing)

Daesung: I didnt prepare, so I will speak in earnest. I think his mental aspect is the weekest in our group, and I believe he is our mental leader. I learned many things from him, and I really respect him as the one of the same team members. This is not the end, we are one, im living in TOPsan’s heart. So please come back safely. Thank you so much.

Youngbae: Everyday, he is saying “Im happy, Im happy,” but I AM more happier than you because of you. He is older than us, but he makes our atmosphere better. TOP, you don’t need to worry, we always will be next to you so that you won’t get lonely. I cant express my feeling, but I am so appreciate you. I love you, Topsan, more than anyone else.

Jiyong: We were junior school students when we met. I was very happy to meeting you. It’s not our last, so let’s just stay 5members forever, be friends, do it. I love you.

Seungri: When i met Topsan for the first time, I thought he is living in different worlds, and I felt sort of I cant along well with him. But, we lived together, and i was scold by him a lot, then now I really like him. He always makes me strong. If I hadn’t met you, I wouldnt be who i am now. When we did fanmeeting in Japan, Topsan was not able to come(he always had other schedule, filming), and we talked that if Top san was here, we could spend time more happily. This time, our last fanmeeting, all of us finally gathered, so I think this is a very good thing! I am sure that we will miss you, but as one Korean male who were born in Korea, you have a responsibility. Please take care of yourself, and I will support you. Lastly, thank you very much for loving me the way I am, an immature maknae. Topsan, I love you.

Translation credit: ツ Vvip in Youtube comments

Reason #84936293 Why I Love Leverage:

This fandom. This whole freaking fandom. The people.

It’s been over four years since the series finale of Leverage and people are still watching and rewatching and starting it for the first time every day and I think I love that. It’s amazing. No other show is like that.

Going on the Leverage tag on tumblr, you can still see people going “Just started Leverage. The obsession is beginning.” And that’s how you know it’s really a good show. How, even now, people are obsessed and amazed at how good it is, four freaking years later!

And also, the fact that when you go through the tag, looking at what people have to say, none of is bad. Usually in a fandom, there’s that one person who is just like “Ugh. The writers are such idiots! What an absolute mistake they made!” But not in the Leverage fandom. All comments are insightful and full of adoration for this show because it’s so good and will never cease of being so.

So, yeah, I love Leverage, and I love this fandom, too.

okay, listen for a sec. We all know the “”“"American”“”“” Harry Potter universe houses are trash for many, many reasons. One of the reasons is that America is too big to have just one wizarding school where there are only 4 houses, right? so I propose that we in MA instead start sorting ourselves into these exclusive New England houses I made up as I wrote this post:

-Dunked Donut (those who are loyal to their ideals, strong-willed and hardworking but susceptible to black-and-white thinking)

-Duck Boat (those with a hunger for life experience, sharp and analytical but also impulsive and desperate for thrills)

-Lobster (those who are blue-blood types with a taste for power and the intelligence to lead effectively but tend to be overzealous and can’t appreciate the subtleties of teamwork)

-Murphy, they’re literally just the Dropkick Murphys we made a whole house for them and none of them even attend the school it’s just in case one of them shows up one day

oh, the roads we’ll go

DigiOTPWeek Day 15: Freebie - Future Fic

Word Count: 570

Pairing: Ishida Yamato/Takenouchi Sora + bonus Yagami Taichi

Special thanks to @digiotpweek for hosting, as well as all the other participants who wrote fic or submitted art for this event.

Yamato went outside for some fresh air and saw Taichi and Sora talking together on the corner. “How long’ve you guys been out here? I’ve been looking.”

Sora looked startled. “You have? I didn’t know we were out here for long.”

“It wasn’t for anything important.” Yamato eyed Taichi, who was looking faintly nauseous. “What’s the matter with you? Did you eat something bad? I told you to stay away from Mimi’s special sauce.”

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This isn't a fuck customers but a co-worker made a comment to the boss comparing me and the other supervisor. The boss decided it was totally professional and ok to just be like "an employee said you're bad at your job, won't tell you who said it though." Sooo now the other supervisor hates me, talks shit about me behind my back, and is totally convinced I'm the one who made the comment but I had no part in any of this!

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i've literally never seen a nathan hate comment and i don't know a single youtubers who doesn't love him and i'm so happy about it cause no one deserves more love in this world than nathan zed

nathan is doing so well i love him so much i just started crying im so emotional and his compilation of his summer on twitter literally made my heart so full he is really out there living the life he deserves and having a good time and i’m still crying

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about why/how he uses IDAD...i've always kinda thought it's maybe not a coincidence the connection between "i dreamed a DREAM" & "teenage DREAM." like IDAD is the counterpart to TD or something. especially when you think about the significance of TD & what he's said about it. i'm actually trying to remember the last time he played TD. was it last year? elsie?

Anon, thank you for your insightful comment. I can honestly say I never made the connection between the two, but I think it is an incredibly powerful one.  I do believe you are correct-Elsie is the last time he sang this song. And I loved his intro to the fans.  “Thanks for letting our dreams come true together.” 

And isn’t the perfect counterpoint a song about having your dreams ripped away?   One song is so hopeful and about love. The other about a person who had so many hopes and dreams but they were turned to shame.

And I think we can take it further.  There is no question, from the time he sung the first note (ok likely lip synced) on Glee, each and every performance has been incredibly personal and dedicated to Chris. 

And his own arrangement of the song is incredibly beautiful.  Never was the more evident than in Toronto when he sang with so much emotion and passion after confirmation day.  

And of course, the version in the Break Up, where we actually are able to see him sing to Chris (this was pure Darren and no one can ever tell me otherwise). To me this was him just appreciating how much Chris means to him and how lucky he is to have Chris firmly by his side, despite the obstacles.  And that is an incredibly emotional sentiment.

The words are about nothing but pure love and a person who fulfills his every dream.

My heart stops when you look at me
Just one touch, now baby I believe
This is real, so take a chance
And don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back 

You make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream
The way you turn me on, I can’t sleep
Let’s runaway and don’t ever look back
Don’t ever look back

To be contrasted with I Dreamed a Dream:

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living,
So different now from what it seemed…
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed…

From the moment he sang this song at Elsie, and intentionally switched the pronouns, something he rarely does, I knew there was an intent and a purpose. I generalize it to be Hollywood, but always included the toxic people who surround him. 

But no question, it could be even more specific and aimed at the one person, who more than any, has tried to take every dream of his away.

Sad for her, i do believe love will prevail. And that he will walk away with his dreams intact. Even if they maybe look a little different and took at longer than than expected to achieve.

So agreed, a perfect counterpoint. Thank you anon I enjoyed thinking about this. I am sure there is so much more complexity here, but I think i will keep it at this.

This was ok, but I really wish you had just written only the things that I wanted to read. Also, couldn’t you have focused more on the male characters?

Like, I just thought it could have been better if there weren’t so many girls.

Or maybe if there was just one girl but she had a boy name. Like, I don’t know, Sam maybe.
And she could be in the military. Only in space. With aliens or something. And she could have a super angsty relationship with some guy. Someone in her chain of command. Someone you could call ‘Jack.’

That would have made this Harry Potter story a lot better IMHO.


Anonymous comment left in my Harry Potter fic The Changeling

Oh my god, I’ve been laughing for days. I love you, Anonymous.

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I'm so annoyed today. So I recently got both of my forearms tattooed and one of my older (40-50ish years old) was commenting on them to me and wanted to see them and such. She even made some comment about liking them. Well later my mom overheard her trash talking them to two other coworkers who didn't want any part in the conversation. This wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't someone that I've talked to frequently. We're not friends but I thought she was better than that. Oh well I guess.

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I was looking through the comments of the keep talking video and someone called Dan "the curly guy" bc I'm assuming they didn't know who he was and it just made my heart so happy

Oh gosh I know, I saw that too and couldn’t help but tell Ruby about it!

Curly guy is a good one to like.

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Someone made an "A dead Keith walking" animatic but for klance and many comments said that it's better than yours just because it's klance and I'm so fucking salty right now. Even the title was scammed, why? Is this fandom like this??

theyre just mad bc i didnt give them what they wanted i really dont care tbh at least someone was willing to make a version for it so i dont have to deal with ppl whining at me to make one for them :/ anyways those who talked shit are pissbabies who think they can get what they want

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You can spell it as Viktor if you personally like it but the "it's more Russian this way" thing needs to stop. The Cyrillic "к" is much softer than the English "k" in pronounciation and the "c" is a much better fit. There are Germanic, Finno-Ugric and West Slavic languages that use the "k" spelling, but Russian is neither. It's East Slavic. (Source: I'm Russian).

^^^THIS. You made my day when I saw this ask/comment in my inbox. Thank you for the commentary on the language families of that region.

Anon here is citing linguistics as a response to the “Victor vs. Viktor” spelling debate I briefly summarized in my History of YOI Fandom post. Specifically, about one of the main arguments that arose from fans that “Viktor” would be a “more Russian way” to transliterate the name.

As I’m neither Russian nor someone who has a degree in Linguistics (having a roommate doesn’t count), I don’t feel like I’m qualified to advise on how the Russian Romanization chart should look like when it’s next changed (Russian-to-English “official transliteration” has changed multiple times just in the past 20 years and has alternate systems used by other official bodies). I have, however, taken a couple of linguistics courses and continue to study Japanese – so I know that transliteration systems and charts can be faulty, and finding an ideal way to represent your language in another language’s script takes the work of many people who don’t mind making things a bit messy to get the sound across.

Linguistic families can be close on the family tree, yet have very different pronunciation for shared consonants or vowels. Representing these differences is a choice for whoever is constructing the romanization/transliteration. When you have transliteration charts attempting to represent sounds that don’t quite exist in the language they are being imported into, you’ll have debates between choosing consonants that are more aesthetically fitting in a chart, and consonants that show pronunciation and origin. Worse yet are the choices decided on when trying to make these charts straightforward for the layman – sometimes outright ignoring pronunciation in favor of making the chart look like it has order (I’m looking at you Nihon-shiki and Kunrei-shiki). 

Heck, this is why we have the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to accurately note how languages sound, rather than relying on the traditional written system. Spelling and pronunciation aren’t even consistent in English, so why would transliterating an entirely different language with its own sounds be any simpler in deciding correct spelling? The only correct way is where readers can understand how the sound is pronounced and can see the origin of the word.

English itself is a map of all the languages that went into it - so it should follow that transliterated words show their roots as well. Linguistically speaking, if you use the character “k” for both soft-sounding and hard-sounding velar stops from other languages, then you won’t be able to tell what the foreign word should actually sound like. If I may assume from Anon’s comment, the day that a softer “к” is denoted with the use of the English (Latin character) “c” would be wonderful for distinguishing between languages from that region.

But I guess the point is:

  • Don’t go correcting someone by saying that “it’s more English/Russian/Japanese(etc.) to spell a name like this” unless you understand how the languages on both sides of the transliteration work and know their origins.
  • Even if there is a linguistically “more English/Russian” way to spell a name, and the person honestly is spelling it oddly*, names are personal and a person can choose to spell a name however they want (Casie/Casy/Casey, Mary/Marie, John/Jon, Ashley/Ashleigh). 

*I will admit that if Yūri Katsuki spelled his name “Juli Katukee” in English as some amalgamation of Kunrei-shiki “tu” mixed with whatever-the-heck Russian j/y and Japanese r/l switching, and making the “ki” stand out with a Chinese character li–>lee spelling, I would shudder every time I had to type his name… but I would still type it as it is.

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I was watching the IHQ LV and was scrolling, reading through comments. One of the people there, Nicole Nicolas, asked a question: "I'm curious who this song is about? Because damn, they made her feel like nobody's there for her." It was one of the top comments, and I had to look through the countless replies. I found one that was so similar to the random though anon last night. (1/?)+

There was a ton of CS there and some people talking about the song being and for LAND, but this comment stuck to me. I think it’s the same person Idk. This is her comment: I personally think it was L. It’s impossible that the ‘person’ would be Austin because the relationship was kind of a PR Stunt to begin with. Austin had an interview where he said Becky G was his first real relationship, or something like that. Considering he ‘dated’ Camila before Becky. So what conclusion does that lead us to? Also, Camila stated in an interview that she ran in with the person who inspired her to write IHQ, and let’s be real, IHQ is pretty personal and raw, just like she said herself, she doesn’t JUST write songs, she writes because it’s something that resonates with her. Although she may have left 5H, they are still under the same record labels, so if she was recording the album in the studio, she might have possibly run in with L considering LAND are preparing and recording for 5H3, could be the same studio. So yeah. But hey, that’s just me. I’m not saying that my conclusion is fact, but my points were. Good day :* “ So yeah if they’re different people then some people out there might think the same. I mean that anon and this person’s conclusions were rational, accurate and factual. They’re making me more delusional tho lol.

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I love your blog and really appreciate all you do. I'm looking for a fic that I started a couple months ago (i think it's on ao3, but I read so much I don't even know where to start on there). I think it was punk!dan and pastel!phil. Dan's mother worked at a preschool or daycare and at one point they pranked Dan's mother to make her think they were fucking and Dan made a comment about how his mom knew he was always a bottom. That's about all I can remember. Thanks!

Glitter Glue and Pastel Hearts (ao3) - A boy with a broken heart, who never learned to confess his thoughts to anyone but the moon, meets sunshine in the form of a boy in pastel pink shoes. In dreary England, all light is pale and fleeting, but the sun shines from his smile and his eyes, and the boy’s broken heart is mended, put back together with glitter glue. In the end, the one winning in the situation will of course be Mrs. Howell, who shipped it before they even met.

- Emily

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Not trying to be mean but just because Lili isn't winning a competition, it doesn't mean that the competition is rigged. I've actually heard of Jackie Evancho and she's a young singer who has a platinum and a gold album & 3 billboard 200 top 10 debuts. She also performed the US national anthem at the presidential inauguration and was on Americas Got Talent. don't discredit people just bc they're against Lili. I'm not putting this on anon bc I don't want u to think this is an anon hate comment.

thanks for not putting yourself on anon! i appreciate that, because then this would have gone in a completely different direction.

but honestly my comments were just a joke, lol. a lot of voting things are rigged and that’s been proven, but i don’t know anything about this one so i was just kidding around. i don’t know who jackie is but it’s cool for her that she’s winning. whether she wins or lili wins, i’m just glad that lili made it this far and beat out some pretty serious competition. i wasn’t trying to discredit anyone, i genuinely had no clue who she was lmao. thanks for informing me though!

The Magic that Binds Us

A Klaroline Gives Back gift for @thetourguidebarbie who I only hope doesn’t hate me for taking as long as I did. A sequel to this oneshot, this is a Harry Potter Soulmate AU that took on a life of its own. Angie, you’re literally one of the best people I know, thank you for putting up with my chronic procrastination problem. 

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Fancy a lunch date? - K

Caroline smiled to herself despite the purple paper airplane that had floated to her desk and unceremoniously poked her in the head until she paid attention. Trust Klaus’s charm on the thing to be annoyingly persistent, just like him.

She couldn’t say she minded though.

The clock on the wall ticked down to her lunch hour with agonizing slowness, and Caroline swore there was a spell on the thing, making every second feel like an hour whenever someone looked at it.

(And it would be her fault for taking an office-warming gift from Kol. Little jerk would hang around the confiscated objects department and nick something just to drive her up the wall.)

The seconds did tick down though, and as soon as noon came she was up and out of her desk, heading towards the elevator before anybody could capture her attention. It was difficult keeping still in the back of the lift while bored wizards waited numbly for their floor, ambling much too slowly for Caroline’s liking, until the lift’s disembodied voice finally called her stop.

Level Nine, Department of Mysteries

She practically flew out of the doors onto Level Nine, heading down the dark corridor fearlessly, a stark contrast to the first time she’d taken the trip down here. Once through the first door there were twelve in front of her, ever changing, meant to protect the secrets of the ministry’s most enigmatic department. Only Unspeakables knew how to find their way through this level.

Well, Unspeakables and the people dating them.

As if by invitation, a door to her far left swung open and Caroline practically skipped through and into the waiting arms of Klaus on the other side.

“Miss me, love?” he asked, after kissing her soundly.

“I’d say yes, but your ego doesn’t need it.” Caroline pulled away slightly, enough that he could wind his arm around her waist and lead her over to his office.

“You wouldn’t be so deprived if you’d simply accepted my offer,” Klaus reminded her, leading them inside and making quite sure to lock the door behind him. Not that anybody came down here — the department was still avoided by most in the Ministry, and for good reason. But Caroline would never forgive him if anyone ever caught them in a compromising situation, and Klaus adored her too much to refuse her.

“We’ve been over this,” Caroline said, rolling her eyes. “I like being in the Minister’s office.”

“The Minister’s a puppet and you know it sweetheart, Elijah’s pulling all the strings. He’ll probably be making a run for it when the time comes.”

“And when he does, I’ll be the perfect candidate for adviser,” Caroline said smugly, and Klaus pouted, unable to refute her logic.

“Relax,” she cooed, smiling fondly and wrapping her arms around his neck. “If I ever get bored, I’ll be right down here with you.”

Klaus hid his smile against the soft skin of her neck, nipping kisses along her pulse point, and smirking at the hitch in her breath. “Consider the benefits,” he whispered in her ear, backing her into the large oak desk. “We’d see so much more of each other.”

Caroline moaned quietly at the feel of his hands gripping the fabric of her robes, pulling them up so that she could slip out of them easily. She wished she had the luxury he did of staying in Muggle clothes, the benefit of his position keeping him out of sight from the rest of the Ministry as well as his ties to Elijah.

Honestly, she couldn’t imagine anyone telling Klaus what to do.

Her thoughts were slammed back to the present as Klaus set his hands on her waist and hoisted her easily so that she was sitting on the edge of his desk. He gave her a dirty smirk, keeping his wide lust-blown gaze on her as he sank to his knees, pushing up her pencil skirt.

“One day, we could try actually eating a meal on our lunch breaks,” Caroline said breathlessly as she bunched her skirt around her waist.

Klaus simply raised an eyebrow. “I’m afraid my mouth is about to be otherwise occupied.”

Caroline gulped, spreading her legs so that he could curl his long fingers around her calf and trail them upwards, leaving goosebumps in their wake. Once he reached the apex of her thighs, he leant forward, pressing a kiss to her hipbone before letting his teeth scrape against her skin and drag the lace of her thong down her legs until it fell to dangle off one heel.

She kicked the material off, letting out a low moan as Klaus made good on his promise and went to work on her pussy, his tongue working more magic than any spell could manage. Caroline had a white-knuckle grip on the desk edge with one hand, the other went to Klaus’s curls, running her fingers through them as he teased her to the edge, lips closing over her clit and causing her to see stars.

By the time she came down from her orgasm, Klaus was on his feet and undoing his jeans, and Caroline had never been happier for his disregard of Ministry dress codes.

“Seriously, lunch,” she said teasingly as she reached out for him, tugging him closer by his belt loops and wrapping her hand around his cock. “I could try cooking.”

“You’re not half as talented behind a stove as you are doing this,” Klaus growled, too impatient for her teasing. A flick of his hand and his desk cleared, and he wasted no time pushing Caroline down and burying himself in her, delighting in the keen little cry she gave.

Maybe one day they’d manage to remain decent on a lunch break. But today, he had at least one more round to go.

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one time i made a joke about being a furry and one of those dudes who really likes donald trump commented on it almost two months later. i have no idea who he is or how he found it. i joked with him some more and asked him if he wanted to yiff and he said "i'm busy doing better things like furthering the white race." these people are real.

It’s easy to be dismissive about some claims but then you see certain people that they are worried about are real. 

reasons to be careful what you say around kids
  • my mom: "every bisexual person i've ever known was just afraid to admit that they're gay"
  • (i'm probably ten at the time)
  • me, age 15: "if i didn't like boys so much i'd be a lesbian"
  • me, age 17: "i'm not gay but i'd totally bang karen gillan"
  • me, age 20: "i'm not gay but i'd also totally bang emilia clarke"
  • me, age 25: *casually mentions being bi*
  • my mom: "what?"
  • Me: *reblogs 10,000 things from awesome human's blog hoping they'll notice me because I have a huge friend crush on them and I want to be their friend*
  • Awesome human: *likes one comment I made*
  • Me: *grins like an idiot for the remainder of the day*