and i'm not sure why i did this really


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


as long as we’re all together, it doesn’t really matter, right?

(trying to get over my artblock, click for better quality :’^D)

I’ve been thinking lately about recovery from my eating disorder. For months on end, I was sure that I would relapse. It wasn’t that I wanted to or even felt that strong of urges, but more that it seemed to be a thing people did, and I was stressed and depressed, and had the opportunity to, so why wouldn’t I?

For whatever reason, though, I didn’t. I kept eating normally and all that jazz. I’m almost two years into recovery. I honestly take my functioning for granted; I’ve been learning math and classical Indian dance and languages. I have showed up on exchange as much as I could, and really implemented healthy coping skills.

I was just musing about the possibility of things going downhill this summer, and then my host mom knocked on my door to give me some ice cream. I was like, oh, ice cream, great! And then I ate it, end of story. Something my old dietitian said to me once was that I was afraid of both being okay and not okay, which is probably really apt. Relapse is always a possibility, and at least for me, right now, it would be a conscious choice. To quote @velvettruce, “I am afraid that I will fail at greater things than this.” The thing is, the stakes of my life are higher now.

The focus is not on my using behaviors, but how I can (potentially) use a postposition in Hindi. Expectations are higher, and I think that’s a good thing. The idea of maintaining recovery indefinitely is overwhelming, and yet, I might as well. Relapse would give me a break; it would be safe and familiar and what-have-you, but I want better for myself. I have proven, time and time again, that I’m willing to do what it takes in order to ensure that I have a future.

The real reason why Liam went alone to the Brits
  • *1D's group chat 2 hrs before the awards*
  • Harry: Guys
  • Niall: yeah pet
  • Harry: I know I said I would go with Liam to the brits, but I can’t.
  • Louis: ....?
  • Harry: I lost my nail polish.
  • Louis: are u fucking kiddin me?
  • Niall: harry is this a joke? not funny
  • Harry: No, I'm serious. It's for good luck, I can't go with bare nails.
  • Liam: What am I supposed to do now Harry? Walk through the red carpet alone like a damn loser?? I'm gonna have to come up with a sneaky plan now THANK YOU
  • Harry: I'm really sorry Liam. You can always ask Simon to walk with you.
  • Everyone: ...

Resident Evil Starter Sentences

I’m sure you didn’t just tag along so we could sing “Kumbaya” together at some Boy Scout bonfire. But then again, maybe you did.
Stay with me, kid.
Man, why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me?
Running off like that was reckless and stupid!
Great, a chainsaw.
I don’t really give a damn - rain or shine, you’re going down.
Sorry, but following a lady’s lead just isn’t my style.
When we get out of here, drinks are on me.
I need you to fake our deaths.
That’s our cue to get the hell out of here.
Shit, it’s locked.
We both want the same thing.
You know I always keep my promises.
Trust is built through actions, not words.
Stay sharp - there’s something out there.
Do you get all of your ideas from comic book villains?
I know you’ll do the right thing.
C’mon. It’s not over yet.
After all we’ve been through, it’d be a waste to give up now.
There’s gotta be a first aid kit here somewhere.
Too many good people have died here today….you’re not getting added to that list.
Hope you’ve got friends on the other side because no one’s gonna miss you here.
Who are you? Why are you helping us?
Feels like we’re in a horror movie, huh?
We can’t give up - there’s gotta be someone left alive.
I’m sorry it turned out like this.
This place is hell on Earth.
Try not to get yourself killed.
More and more I find myself wondering if it’s all worth a fighting for.
How ‘bout you shut your mouth?
I saved your ass, you want to return the favor?
No one gets left behind. Not on my watch.
You follow my lead or I’ll find someone who will.
About time you showed your ugly face.
You want to follow me around, fine! Just make sure you stay out of my way.
All I’ve wanted is to see you dead. But this isn’t about vengeance, it’s about justice.
It’s time someone took my place and I’d be honored it if was you.
Open the goddamn door - that’s an order!
We can still both get out of here! There’s still time! What are you doing?
It’s dangerous to go alone. I’m coming with you.
I couldn’t control my actions, but oh god, I was still aware. Forgive me.
Kind of takes you back, doesn’t it?
You sure know how to keep a girl waiting.
What other horrible invasions of privacy have you got in there?
Man, these guys really need to hire a new decorator.
I have one very important question….do you have a smoke?
Blame my new boyfriend. He won’t let me get any sleep.
You might want to stick your ego up your ass.
You shouldn’t worry, my dear. You’ll soon be free of all of this anyway.
Punctual, I like that.
Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you.
I expected more of a challenge after all this time. You disappoint me.
So you’ve made it this far. Too bad you won’t make it much farther.
Let me clarify somthing for you: I don’t think of myself as a King. No - I am a God. And even Kings bow to Gods.
You’ve really become quite an inconvenience for me.
You’ll pay for that.
It appears that our fates are forever intertwined.
Got somethin’ that might interest ya.

Sort of a screencap redraw for this prompt because I really love this shot.

Prompt: Powerful

Okay, so why did I pick Toguro for powerful? Well, he may not be the most powerful character in the series in terms of like power ranking, but his character just feels the most powerful to me. He lorded over everyone around him, with his demeanor, his strength and of course his height. He was this incredibly oppressive force for such a long stretch of time. No matter what else was happening during the tournament good or bad, you were reminded that he was there. You never forgot about him. He made a very powerful impression. 


So I don’t really know why I’m doing this but eh, whatever.Just showing the evolution for this particular piece.

First you have the reference.

Then the sketch.

Then then it gets penned in.

And finally the colored version.

And there you have it. It is pretty much the same process for all my colored works. this is for anyone who’s interested I guess. Wohoo!! xb

Somewhere Close To You

”I’m glad you’re here,” Zayn whispers, breaking the silence a third time.

Harry doesn’t know why he can feel his cheeks heat up in an instant after those words. He just had his tongue up Zayn’s arse, moaning unabashedly at the taste, and it’s these four words that instinctually make him want to push his head under the pillow, never to be seen again.

(Because it’s been one year since I wrote this nastiness. Happy Valentine’s Day?)

anonymous asked:

It was another tiring day of high school and the gang were all finally relaxing at Topanga’s, yet again. While Riley and Maya were at the counter ordering some food, the others were all sitting on the couches.‘’Hey man, are you alright?’’ Zay finally asked Lucas who was staring pensively at the girls at the counter.‘’I don’t know, I’m still wondering why Riley’s not sure about us”, answered Lucas sighing.“You’re still hung up on that? Did you really think you and her would last.” (1)

“I was hoping! Plus, how come she’s so sure about her and Maya, but not about us!”, questioned Lucas with a glance at all of them. Responses rang around the table causing Riley and Maya to briefly glance over, curious, before going back to their conversation.“I thought they were the ones that made you hopeful!”, from Zay.“ I thought you have finally opened your eyes my previous third wheel.”“Really?! And Smackle!”“Yeah okay…”,Lucas responded, realizing the futility of his question.(2)

“I’m sorry Lucas, but I think it’s high time I educate all of use lesser Knowledgeable people on this particular subject, and I just mean this subject and nothing else my arch lovesis”, this came from an exasperated Farkle who has finally lost patience with Lucas constantly comparing his relationship with Riley to her relationship with Maya.(3)

“I know dearest, and I understand your restraint from pummeling him with your mind and I applaud you”, Smackle reassured him with a tender smile, letting him wrap an arm around her.“As I am the only who comes close to knowing them as long as they’ve know each other, I am obligated to inform you….you’ll never be like them Lucas”, Farkle finished his long winded speech with an apologetic glance towards him. “What?” (4)

“They are once in a lifetime, actually maybe once in every generation considering Riley’s parents…” “What are you talking about Farkle?”“ You know how they are, they’ve always been like this. But ,over the years, they’ve been getting progressively….what’s the word…”“Gayer”, answered Zay and Smackle simultaneously with pointed looks.“Yes, that’s the word, thank you!” (5)

“What?!” Lucas finally exclaimed, taken aback.“Please tell me you’ve not been completely oblivious,man”, this came from Zay, who was throwing an ‘an are you for real?’ look.“To What?!”“Look at them Lucas.” Farkle implored him, making him take a closer look at the girls who were leaning close together on the counter, with Riley gesturing animatedly with one hand while the other was playing with Maya’s hand who was watching her with a soft smile and achingly tender blue eyes.“What do you see?”

“I …I …Soulmates…. I see soulmates” Lucas finally admitted to both the group and himself as they all watched as Riley finally stopped gesturing to grip both hands around Maya’s hand, excited smile softening as Maya answered her softly while smoothing her thumb over the back of her hand and over her ring.“Well, we know whose wedding we’ll be attending in a few years, if they ever figure it out.”“Zay”, Lucas reproached him.“Too soon?”(7)

“Too soon?” “What’s too soon”,Riley questioned them having returned to the couches with a cake,making all four jump. “Why are you all jumpy and guilty looking”,Maya interrogated them suspiciously eying them all with a hard eye. Zay hurriedly assured“I didn’t say too soon I asked if you were getting more than two spoons”. Riley let it go,while Maya continued to eye him and opened her mouth to grill him more,when he changed the subject and distracted them with jokes and continuously tall tales.(8)

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  • *221B*
  • John: *glances over the newspaper*
  • Sherlock: *staring unblinking into space*
  • John: *frowns* Are you sure you're alright?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • John: *folds the newspaper* Alright, what's up?
  • Sherlock: *looks at him; surprised* John, when did you-
  • John: *sighs* About an hour ago; what's wrong?
  • Sherlock: *clasps his hands* Have you ever slept with Molly Hooper?
  • John: ...
  • John: No.
  • Sherlock: Oh, you should. It's great.
  • John: *grimaces* Really?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Mmm, she doesn't snore, keeps to her side of the bed. No fidgeting, no mumbling or talking in her sleep. Peaceful, gentle rest.
  • John: *relieved* Oh, right.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: The sex is mind-blowing, too, but don't even think about it.
  • John: ...
Little stuff from Exordium day 4


And they’re back at it again with the teasing. I’m sure Chanyeol just did this so it would cover up how adorable he thought Baekhyun was

Blurry picture, but you can see the eye contact right?


Here we have a beautiful park channel with his beautiful flower crown but then suddenly!

He takes it off and puts it on Baekhyun’s head. After he did that he ran off as if he had done nothing.

And now look at how pretty Baek looks ;-; Chanyeol gave up his beauty so his love Baekhyun could look pretty~

I swear, can we just call them the flower couple?

First the white rose, then the red one, then Chanyeol putting a bouquet of flowers in Baek’s butt pocket, and now this.

I think I have given Chanyeol too many nicknames

Oh well add this one to the list~

just had an idea

When the KCAS happen, the real battle is between The Loud House and Spongebob Squarepants for the ‘Favorite Cartoon’ award. Let’s face it: Spongebob is a titan. He’s only been beat once, and that was by Avatar.

So, if Nick REALLY wanted to go all out for the KCAs this year (IT’S BEING HOSTED BY FREAKIN JOHN CENA) then they could include this animated bit I thought of: 

In the ‘Toon Waiting Room’ the nominated cartoons and their extensive casts are waiting patiently for them to announce the ‘Favorite Cartoon’ award, all the while glowering at Spongebob’s crew, who are all-too confident. The only other cartoon cast not being envious are The Louds, who are also confident. The P.A system goes off, telling Spongebob to come out onstage. 

Spongebob, in animated form, comes out on stage, waving as everyone applauds him. As John Cena (or whoever is doing the ‘Favorite Cartoon’ award) opens the envelope, The Louds also come out on stage (ALSO IN ANIMATED FORM).

Spongebob, taken aback but still curteous, asks them why they’re on stage. Lori informs him that they were nominated for a KCA. Spongebob then reminds them that the other toons have a waiting room, and Lincoln replies that they might win. Spongebob, shocked, stops talking to them as he sweats uncontrollably at the thought of losing a KCA.

Cena/or someone else takes a painstakingly long time opening the award and reading it, and Lori, in a bold move, takes the envelope, and announces The Loud House as the winner. The Louds celebrate as the room fills with cheers, but Spongebob feels a different way. Hiding his tears, he runs into the toon waiting room and bursts into tears, along with the other cast members of Spongebob Squarepants.

Lincoln, noticing that the sponge was a little less than ecstatic, offers to share the award with him. He escorts Spongebob back on stage, and announces that the award not only belongs to both toons, but all toons that were nominated and lost. 

Yeah, it’s a bit lengthy and also a tad angsty, but it was a good idea that I would’ve died for if they included it.

Request: Combined [Dongwoo]

Request: A combination of a bunch of requests I missed out on all for Dongwoo ; 3; Sorry I’m late.

Hi. Long time no see-nario [Why did I make this my terrible catchphrase?] I haven’t really been around. I’ve been swamped with work ; 3; And lazy. Also planning for a vacation for a couple weeks in March. Paid vacation, excitingly enough. So. This is to make up for my absence. Also for the missed birthday request I see in my inbox. Sorry I haven’t replied to asks/messages. I will try to do that later when I’m in a better mind set. I wrote this at the end of January….and I haven’t proofed it….Still I hope you enjoy?

You told him not to worry about it. He didn’t have to take any time out of anything to spend time with you. Sure, you were a little sad you wouldn’t be able to see him on Christmas. Or New Years. Or your birthday. Or Valentine’s. You sighed at your desk. Maybe you did regret it a little. You would have liked to spend one of the holidays, or your birthday, with him. It was just hard to tell him to make special time for you when there was so much going on for him.

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I’m going to draw human versions of zootopia characters. They will be diverse. I will be happy.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what pissed you off about Malec in the episode (I loved everything especially the Malec) I'm pretty damn sure they didn't have sex n Magnus stopped it that's why in the promo Jace n Magnus r talking about something. If they did have sex though I'll be super bummed if they didn't show that but I'm sure SH will probes give us that in 208

no offense but if you ‘loved everything especially the malec’ you probably do not want to hear my thoughts. also it’s pretty obvious why i’m upset from the content i’ve posted/reblogged so this feels a bit like a bait ask

but okay, i’ll bite i guess:

  • there was almost no actual malec development in that ep (that we got to see at least)?? like they had another date (off screen), and then they talked to other people about their relationship instead of each other (which, both the maia and izzy scenes were great but still)
  • (someone pointed out that maia and simon had better development - making each other laugh, mature discussion about feelings, were given shared interests - than we’ve had with malec all season and i couldn’t agree more tbh)
  • they had super minimal direct discussion and what conversation they did have seemed to indicate they were actually on pretty different pages about whether or not to have sex. yet the storyline still ended in a ‘fade to black’ with no closure
  • could that closure come in the next ep? potentially, but honestly that still doesn’t excuse the way malec was treated by the writers(/editors?) in this ep
  • (also not malec related but there were also a lot of other things wrong with the ep - jace being bodysnatched by a fuckboy, continuing the gross izzy storyline, etc)

listen if it was just this one show, this one ep, that would be one thing. but it’s not. it’s a pattern of homophobia that we see over and over again. and everytime we find a character like us on tv we desperately cling to the hope that they’ll be treated right this time please, so when we get this instead we’re allowed to be disappointed and hurt okay?? like i’m really done with people who ‘don’t get it’ or want us to ‘calm down’ or whatever. enough

bad time et cetera et cetera