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I'm blue, she's golden (chapter 1), Rock'n'roll band


Jughead Jones is part of an up and coming rock band, The Southside Serpents, created by Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, Joaquin DeSantos, and himself. Looking to get their fans hyped for their next album, they request that they send in cover art from which they will pick one to be the actual cover of the album. Betty Cooper, a photographer with an interest in digital art and design, sees the ad while scrolling through her Instagram. She emails the band, sending them a portfolio and requesting to take their pictures and make their cover art. Impressed by her skills, the lead guitarist, Archie Andrews, decides to give her a chance. As soon as the band arrives at her studio, “The Blue & Gold,” Jughead takes an interest in this Betty Cooper.

Chapter 1

“I’m really not sure why all these girls on twitter think you’re some sort of sex god,” Archie laughed, “You’ve only had sex with what? Three girls?”

Jughead chose to stay silent at this and instead glared at Archie, wishing that he would stop talking about his sex life.

“Woah, dude,” Archie continued, “Are you a virgin?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his best friend.

“Shut up, Archie,” Jughead snapped, “You know I’m not a virgin. Why do we always have this conversation?”

“I know, I know,” he put his hands up in defense, “I just wish you would give me a number that’s all. I mean, I told you mine.”

“24 Is it?” Joaquin interjected.

“Woah dude, how’d you know that?” Archie looked at him in shock.

“You don’t exactly keep quiet about it,” Kevin shrugged.

“I’m surprised the whole state of New York doesn’t know yet,” Jughead added.

“Hey! How did this turn from us ripping on Jughead to you guys ripping on me?!”

“We weren’t ripping on Jughead, you were,” Joaquin retorted, “I think it’s respectable that he doesn’t kiss and tell.”

“Thank you,” Jughead nodded at him.

In reality, Jughead had actually only ever been with two girls total. The first was named Ethel at the age of 16. After a week of being in a relationship with her that he was pressured into in the first place, she threw herself on him and he figured that he might as well lose his virginity. They had sex once again after that, but broke up two weeks later because he “didn’t pay enough attention” to her. The second girl he had ever “sexed up” as he had heard Archie say several times, Jughead met when he was drunk. He woke up the next morning and she was gone. He never even got her name.

Besides that, Jughead had no other sexual or romantic experiences. He was 24 now, but he didn’t mind. He was married to his music anyway. And apparently he didn’t even need to have sex to be known as a “sex god” after they created their band, The Southside Serpents.

Jughead walked over to his laptop and pulled their Instagram page up. Two hours earlier, they had posted an ad that requested their fans make and send in cover art. The deadline was in a week, and after that, they were to pick a cover for their album out of the submissions. According to Kevin, it was supposed to “hype fans up for the new album,” Whisper City.

Jughead thought the idea was strange, but went with it because Kevin was right most of the time. Their Manager and longtime friend, Reggie Mantle, also liked it, so Jughead didn’t have much of a choice anyway.

So far, they had gotten over 20,000 likes, 3,000 comments, and 200 actual submissions. Jughead looked through them and was completely unimpressed. Most of them were shit, and the ones that weren’t, were average at best. ‘We’re gonna need some sort of miracle,’ he thought.

That miracle came in the form of none other than Betty Cooper two days later. While having her morning coffee and checking her Instagram explore page, she came across their post. Figuring that this would be a perfect, but far fetched way for her to practice her love of design, she sent them an email.

“Dear JP, Archie, Kevin, and Joaquin,” she began.

“My name is Betty Cooper and I’m a local photographer with a love of digital art and design. If you would allow me, I would like take pictures of your band and create a professional cover for your album. Some examples of my past work are attached to the bottom of this email to show that I’m legit. If you do find my offer appealing, could you send me each of your measurements in your reply? I’ll supply the stylist and make up artist. This would be of no charge to you and also doesn’t mean that I expect you to pick me. I’m sure you have gotten a lot of promising designs.

Thanks for your time,

Betty Cooper of The Blue & Gold Photography”

Archie was the first to open the email.

“Guys,” he said, waving them over from where they were all lounging on the couch in their studio, “I think I’ve found the perfect person for us.”

Joaquin was the first to walk over and read the email, “Ugh, that requires work. I thought this was all about us not having to do work.”

“No Joaquin,” Kevin stood up and to read the email as well, “This is so we can get a unique cover for the album and increase the hype. I’ve explained this to you so many times!”

“Chill, preppy,” he kissed Kevin’s cheek, “I’m just playing around.”

“What requires work?” Jughead asked, intrigued.

“Some photographer wants to photograph us then use those pictures to create the cover,” Archie explained.

“Hmm, seems interesting,” Jughead paused for a second, thinking, “how much would we have to pay?”

“She says it’s free. I guess she just wants a chance and some practice.”

“Is her studio close to us?”

“She says that she’s local, so I’m guessing she’s here in Boston.”

“Did she say where though?”

“Dude,” Archie whined, “if you wanna know, walk over here and read it.”

“Fine,” Jughead grumbled, walking over the the laptop, “Betty Cooper of the Blue & Gold Photography.” He read.

“Where is that?” Kevin asked.

“2.5 miles away,” Joaquin responded instantly.

“Damn, that was fast,” Archie said.

“While you guys were asking stupid questions instead of reading the email, I was making sure we weren’t going to be photographed and then killed in a creepy dude’s basement.”

Jughead was the first to voice his opinion, “I think we should do it.”

“Get photographed and then killed in a creepy dude’s basement?” Joaquin asked with a smirk, “That sure is some strange fetish you have their, Jones.”

“Shut up you dumbass,” Jughead said pointedly, “I think we should let this person photograph us.”

“We should?” Kevin questioned.

“Yeah, what do we have to lose?” Jughead asked.

“Apparently absolutely nothing,” Kevin said.

“So we’re doing this?” Archie asked.

“Seems like it,” Joaquin drawled.

After a quick phone call with Reggie, Archie sat down to type out their reply.

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In regards to your theories about heavenly fire and the parabatai bond, I was wondering if you had any ideas on the water symbolism with Emma's fears, dreams and the art motif for the covers. Do you think something to do with water can balance out the fire?


Wow! This is such an amazing question! Thank you for asking! (Sorry, I get really excited about symbolism in literature, indulge me XD).
First, I’d like to say that all of the following is just speculation, of course, and I don’t claim to be right about anything that I’m going to say, it will be just a bunch of thoughts I developted thanks to my studies, so take it as it is and feel free to add whatever you want!

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hi hello there~ i was wondering if i could ask you for a piece of advice, i graduated high school a few months ago yet i still have no idea what path i want to take, i have no dream and basically no direction to any study field, it drives me crazy that i have nothing that i'm passionate about and i feel like time is running out. i wanted to consider options therefore i thought i could ask you what made you choose law? how did you know it was right for you? how do you see the path ahead of you?

Hey! Congratulations on graduating high school - I hope you’ve been enjoying your very well deserved holidays.

Life is long. Time isn’t running out. It’s ok not to have a dream, an ambition or a passion. Heck, people spend their entire lives pursuing or finding their passion (let’s not stray into philosophy-meaning-of-life territory here). People change, and with that, their ambitions, wants, desires and passions do too. There is no one ‘fixed’ answer. I always think of this quote by Tim Minchin:

You Don’t Have To Have A Dream. Americans on talent shows always talk about their dreams. Fine, if you have something that you’ve always dreamed of, like, in your heart, go for it! After all, it’s something to do with your time… chasing a dream. And if it’s a big enough one, it’ll take you most of your life to achieve, so by the time you get to it and are staring into the abyss of the meaninglessness of your achievement, you’ll be almost dead so it won’t matter.

I never really had one of these big dreams. And so I advocate passionate dedication to the pursuit of short-term goals. Be micro-ambitious. Put your head down and work with pride on whatever is in front of you… you never know where you might end up. Just be aware that the next worthy pursuit will probably appear in your periphery. Which is why you should be careful of long-term dreams. If you focus too far in front of you, you won’t see the shiny thing out the corner of your eye. Right? Good. Advice. Metaphor. Look at me go.

To be honest, I chose law for a variety of practical reasons. I came out of high school with no idea what I wanted to do except fucking graduate. I looked to what subjects I enjoyed (politics, law, history, literature) and what I did well at (coincidentally the same subjects) and the course structure offered at my preferred university (I could do politics/ IR and law together whilst doing japanese? Perfect.) It was a choice of convenience amongst the available options.

I hated my first three years of law.

And now I love it (it’s a on-off relationship).

So I guess a better question is - what made me stay

  1. Flexibility: I’m indecisive as fuck. What attracted me to law was the sheer options available from studying law. Don’t get me wrong - make sure their the options you want to take as arguably “all degrees open doors”. If you want to     practice as a lawyer, there’s a whole smorgasbord of practice areas for you to try. Having those options open as a young professional (notwithstanding the difficulty switching between practice areas) ensures career longevity. If you don’t like an area, you can always find something else.

    Alternatively, you don’t have to go into practice. A working knowledge of the law (and legal research) is useful in other industries. There’s increasing regulation, bi lateral treaties, negotiations etc. Just because every top corporate firm having their own legal team on hand, doesn’t mean you can be ignorant of the laws which regulate your work (even as the intern who has to push coffee srsly). If you’re looking to go into policy making or the public sector, having prior knowledge of how the current legal framework works will help inform the choices and strategies you adapt. And finally as a private citizen, I sure as hell take comfort in knowing that I have the skills to inform myself of my own rights, duties and obligations.

  2. Application:  Some of the most contentious issues of our generation (economic, environmental, social) have a legal element to it. Partly due to the unyielding and erroneous idea that “going to court” is the way to “solve our problems! Get justice”, and partly due to the role of the law. Studying law gives you an insight into how law X works and why the hell Mr/Ms Y is trying to change it. And maybe help you pass judgement on what you’d like to see change. This “practical application” keeps things interesting in what can be a very long and tedious degree.

  3. It’s a fucking marathon: Look, the law school stereotypes are right. To an extent. The workload borders on “insane” and “what is this thing called sleep”. But I can’t imagine myself studying anything else, esp that I’ve got my feet under me. There’s no point in running if you hate running. 

    There’s an internal logic to law which I enjoy. I get satisfaction from figuring out how the pieces of a case/leg can fit together to give my client the best outcome. It hurts when it gets torn into shreds, but hey, its all part of the game. I like being able to fact check allegations on the news, compare to other jurisdictions, compare to the past. 

Know that you may not know what you love right now, but you have the capacity to love. Keep your options open. Try lots of things to suss out what you enjoy, or what you absolutely hate. Start with what you enjoy - subjects, method, working in groups or working alone, practical or theory based?  And give yourself the flexibility to change. People do it all the time. Your passions will change as you change. Accept that.

Keep your eyes open, your mind curious and your heart brave. 

The rest will come.

 All the best,


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Hey so I'm really not trying to start shit but I just wanna know what you think about that whole johnny controversy with his wife about the domestic abuse or whatever. I never got the full story and just want to hear your take on it if that's cool?

First of all thank you for being polite and open minded about this situation.Most people on tumblr these days don’t look past the headlines and the sensasional propaganda-like articles.

The truth is that I’ve talked about this situation a lot here in my blog and you can find many of my posts on it if you go want.Here’s what went on:

Amber Heard filed for divorce,2 days after Johnny’s mother died, after he supposedly threw her an iphone in the face.That night that this incident took place the LAPD was actually called but cops say that Amber was uninjured.I’ll put a link in the end of my answer where you can find more info about what went on that night cause otherwise it will take me pages to actually talk about everything.In summary:

Initially there’s no mention about Domestic Violence.Amber sends a blackmail like letter to Johnny’s lawyer requesting spousal support,an SUV car with him paying for everything it needs,3 apartments again with Johnny continuing to pay for everything and attorney fees.She says that if he doesn’t give her what she wants she will go public with abuse.Johnny denies her requests and the shitstorm begins.Amber says that he’s been abusing her throughout all of their relationship and begins selling her evidence to the tabloids but refuses to actually give them to the police and file a police report.She gets a temporary restraining order against him,something that doesn’t need any proof to get .A trial about a pernament restraining order is set.To get  that,Amber needs solid proof that she’s in danger and that she was abused.After weeks of Amber avoiding her deposition and leaking evidence she dropped her pernament RO request,a few days before the court took place(August)You will hear people saying ‘’He settled so he’s guilty’’ but the truth is that she was the once who dropped her case.That famous 7mil settlement was about the divorce and had nothing to do with the allegations of DV.She said that she will donate the money but as of now it seems like she hasn’t done so yet with the money she has gotten so far.You can read more details about the whole case here

My take on this situation is that things never happened like Ms. Heard claimed they did,and there are tons of reasons about why I have that opinion.And no it’s not because I am a huge Depp fan who thinks that he can do no wrong cause,for the record,initially I believed her.I said to myself,wth would a woman lie about DV,it doesn’t make sense.As the days went by I realised that something shady was going on and as I started following the case closely I was persuaded,and still am,that it was all BS.Why I don’t believe Amber?

Well here are some of the reasons:

-She said she was afraid for her life but if Johnny has said yes to her initial requests she would never filed for a RO and she would continue living in his condos with no problem.Make sense.

-She choose to sell her ‘’abuse’’ photos to People mag instead of going to the police.She basically chose publicity over justice.

-The cops who went there when he allegedly threw a phone to her said that there was no sign of any injury

-She actually was arrested for assaulting her ex gf in public back in 2009.Her gf said that it was not true and that the cop was homophobic but it turned out that the cop was a lesbian

-She avoided her own deposition 3 times before she actually sit for one cause she would have been prosecuted otherwise.The first time she said that shw would be in London for a costume fitting but she was papped hiding at an LA hotel.The second time she did go but she threw a temper tantrum and in the end she wasn’t deposed.The third time she said that she couldn’t catch a flight for London.Then a judge order that she MUST go or she will be prosecuted and she finally was deposed,the 4th time.

-She said that she will file a police report to prove that she isn’t lying but she never did cause she still ‘’loved him and didn’t want to bury his career’’.Sure Jan.

-Many of Johnny’s exes came to his defense

-He had a LOT of witnesses not only to support that he didn’t abuse her but also to say that she was the violent one

-He has lots of evidence including text and photos.He never leaked them but there were listed for the court that never happened x

-Neighbours and building workers who saw her the days she was supposedly bruised in the face say that she didn’t have any bruises and that she was make up free

-The phone incident happened on Saturday.On Sunday she went to a party and there was a photo where you could see half of her face and she didn’t seem to have a bruise.He supporters will argue that it was covered by hair but why was the photo taken down then?

-Amber’s bf Raquel lived nexdoors(in one of Johnny’s appartments,rent free of course)and she said that the bruise appeared immediately after Johnny supposedly threw her the phone.If the bruise appeared so quick then how come the cops didn’t see it when they arrived 45 minutes after?

-In the court docs Amber says that when threw the phone at her she was on the phone with another friend,iO Tillet Wright and she screamed at him to call the LAPD.In an essay he published later iO stated that he called the police cause she never would.So,did he call the police by himself or was he told by Amber to do so?We’ll never know.

-There’s actual footage from the tv show overhaulin where Amber actually hits Johnny.Playfouly,but pretty aggresivelly.Now what kind of abuse vitim would even think of hitting her abuser on public tv?

-People who were close to both,or to Amber have choosen to side with Johnny.(Greg Williams,Smantha McMillen,Brittany Eustis etc)

-She has a lying history.She falsified docs and lied to the Australian authorities.She has also lied on multiple smaller occassions so she does have a lying pattern.

-In court documents she says that Johnny had been abusing her emotionally,verballly and physically nonstop for the last 3 years.Later she said that he only abused her when drunk.

-As far as I’ve been informed a judge is obligated to take a DV case to court if he sees solid evidence even if the victim doesn’t want to proceed.A judge saw all of Amber’s evidence yet he let her withdraw the case with prejudice which means she can’t refile it.

(I’m too bored right now to put sources under my points but I’ll definitely give them to you if you ask about them)

Things you will hear about this case that aren’t true:

‘‘He admitted it’‘:FALSE.He never admitted it.There was a public statement released x true.It read that no one lied for financial reasons.Having been an admit of guilt it would read No one lied.fullstop.Therefore no he didn’t admit it.

‘‘He never denied it’‘:FALSE.His lawyer did address the allegations,calling them false.

‘‘He has a history of DV’‘:FALSE.He doesn’t have one and his exes came to his defense.

‘‘He settled so he is guilty’‘:FALSE.She dropped the case by herself.Even if Johnny didn’t want to proceed he could have done nothing if she wanted the court to happen.It was only up to her.The settlemet that happened later was about the divorce.

‘‘But there’s video footage’‘:Yes video footage of an angry man hitting his cabites.Bad behavior,yes.Proof of physical violence no.

‘‘She donated the money’‘.Well although she said she will,it doesn’t look like she has done so with the money she has recieved so far.Plus she’s dating a billionaire and there’s also that thing we call PR.

‘‘He avoided his deposition’‘:He was never ordered to give one,only a sworn statement.

Fun Facts:

Amber leaked the video AFTER she had agreed to drop her case which doesn’t make any sense unless you want to just smear your ex,

She said that all the money will go to charity and when Johnny sent the first 200k directly to the charities instead of her she went crazy.

She had no problem living in his condo till last December although he still had the keys and she was afraid of him.Sure Jan.

There’s a lot more on this case.Whatever you choose to believe always keep an open mind and never believe everything you read.

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call me weird but i love that this hide is kaneki's imagined hide because it's beautiful: he imagines himself wearing hide's clothes, he imagines hide would admire his body, he imagines hide would call arima "megane-san" (i'm ignoring he imagines hide wouldn't want to see him naked, he's just shy to admit to himself) and i love how kaneki sees hide in his mind A++++ (this is a trash hidekane googles reading)

All the above, but please note some more: 

  • he imagined a Hide who sees right through all of his insecurities AND LIES but he was okay with it, thus meaning he’s no longer scared of Hide being as perceptive as he is - like he was in the past -, instead finding comfort in it; 
  • he hallucinated a Hide who told him he wanted to live on with him, thus meaning Kaneki would accept Hide being at his side even though he still potentially thinks of himself as a monster (or a dangerous person at least);
  • he imagined a Hide that would act as though no time at all had passed (”you didn’t change one bit”);
  • On a related note to the one above, this Hide didn’t acknowledge how much Kaneki has changed during those past years since they parted ways. So Kaneki’s subconscious is practically telling him he didn’t diverge from the “pure self” -Kaneki referred to that time with those words- he was when he still spent time with Hide.  
  • But, the most important thing of it all, he hallucinated a Hide that didn’t resent him from biting into him, for giving way to the beast, the ghoul’s hunger. He didn’t picture a Hide that told him “live on for my sake, so my (supposed) death won’t be in vain”, he pictured a Hide that basically told him “live on as though you will see me after you win this fight”. And this is so much meaningful because it’s Kaneki’s mind that conjured this thought. Kaneki’s suicidal mind. His own subconscious is finally absolving himself. 

His mind came up with the image of Hide, Kaneki’s symbolic human side, to offer his dual existence the forgiveness he’s always denied to himself. His mind conjured the thought of his childhood friend, Kaneki’s only true victim, the one who should’ve never been tainted with blood since he had distanced himself from him to keep Hide safe from the violence of the ghoul world. And this Hide told him that his path wasn’t wrong, he just had to keep true to it and never falter.

Not only this, he also imagined confessing to HIDE how lonely he was. He’s never before admitted as much. Hinami, Tsukiyama, Touka, everyone around him could tell, but he never outright said it. And he confessed it to Hide, because Hide had been the first and most important reason why he ever chose to leave Anteiku and pursue his lonely path to clean this world from its wrongness. He’s basically confessing that he’s scared, that he doesn’t know how to keep strong in front of everyone else, because he’s doubting himself and his abilities. And Hide, aka his human side, his weakest side, is replying: “Don’t be stupid, of course you can do it. You’re not alone in this. You are LOVED.”

And that’s beautiful. I think it goes beyond any shipping bias, honestly. None of this epiphany would’ve been possible if Touka hadn’t reached out to him and given him a reason to fight to win, telling him that there were people who loved him that were still waiting for his return. It wouldn’t have happened if Hinami hadn’t cried of happines and relief when she saw him, or if Yomo hadn’t passed on his mentor figure to him in silent legacy. Hide was just the ultimate domino piece to fall. This Hide was an hallucination, sure, but the real Hide will just confirm as much. Kaneki is loved, has always been loved, and he’s finally coming to terms with it, finally chosing to live.

I'm Not The Only One, Part 2.

A/N: This is a follow up to a previously posted imagine which can be found here.

I closed the door to my home, barely able to contain my giddiness after the night I had just had with Sergio and what was the scary thought was I had just had a great Valentine’s Day with my husband as well. I wasn’t sure what had come over him as he wined and dined me all day, starting my morning off with a session of pampering from massages to paying for me to get my hair done, and us ending the night with a deliciously prepared dinner done exclusively by him, various gifts I adored, and the passionate sex we had been missing for months.

It was magical and dare I say it dreamy. I hadn’t felt so good with Matthew in such a long time but he made sure to put the fire back into our relationship that night.

But Sergio was working to outdo him. Though our V-Day had to be spent in the confines of his home, he tried his best to make up for it by ordering in and pleasing me like he always did. I had insisted he not pamper me with gifts since I knew it would be hard to explain to my husband where I had gotten a handful of new items and he obeyed my wishes. Even without gifts, it was a great day.

And that was why my smile was as toothy as could be when I stepped back into my home. It wasn’t too late into the night so I knew my husband was probably still awake. I realized he was as I heard him mulling around in the kitchen. I walked further inside and peeped inside to speak to him. “Hey babe.”

He turned his eyes to me, a smile not on his face like it was on mine. “Where have you been?”

It wasn’t the sort of question I was expecting. I came home plenty of times without him questioning where I had been. Why tonight to question me? “Uh…work. Why? Were you waiting for me? I’m sorry.”

The deep laugh that rang out from Matt as he threw his head back showed he was amused by my answer. I furrowed my brows in confusion, beginning to speak before he spoke up instead. “So they were right.”

Again I stood confused. “What are you talking about?” He stopped busying himself with whatever he was cooking on the stove and focused solely on me. “I went to your job. I know you weren’t there. I showed up at your desk to drop by these stupid flowers and you hadn’t been there all day. So where were you?”

My eyes widened in fear before I could catch myself. I wasn’t sure whether to confess while I had the opportunity or to lie it off but again, he had no intentions of letting me speak. “And I don’t know if you know but men talk. A lot,” he chuckled bitterly. “A lot more than you fucking realize and I know for sure you weren’t at work because you were with Sergio.”

His first statement caught me off guard and it was what I was stuck on. What did he mean ‘men talk’? “What are you talking about, Matthew? Men talk? What the hell are you saying?” I was beginning to care less about the fact he knew and more about what he was hinting at.

“Word has been getting around for a few weeks now that a certain person’s wife was sleeping with one of the players. Like an idiot, I thought nothing of it,” he shrugged. “But then the word kept traveling and the rumor started building until someone had the decency to come to me and tell me ‘Oh it’s your wife they’re talking about’. You know, the woman who claims she’s at work or at the store or out with friends but she’s really with the guy you work with? Sound familiar? I guess your little fling couldn’t keep his mouth closed.”

I couldn’t imagine Sergio being the one to say something but if he didn’t, how would people know? It wasn’t like the media had gotten a hold of the story and spread it. It was going through the whole Real Madrid staff first! “Matthew…”

He held up his hands to stop me from talking. “I hope he plays you for the fool that you are and I’m going to laugh when he does it. If you think he’s going to take you and make you his official girlfriend, it’s not happening. I’ll make sure everyone knows of who you really are which is a wife who stepped out on her husband to blatantly disrespect him. You’re just a piece of ass to him. You get that? And you’re throwing us away for that?”

I didn’t like his tone. Though he had every right to be upset, the subtle jabs that were underlying his words was saying a lot but I was left speechless. I had so much running through my mind that I couldn’t process it all at once. I had never thought of this moment coming and now it was here and I was fully unprepared. Did I want to try to salvage our relationship, plead and beg for his forgiveness? I wasn’t sure. As I said, I was truly stuck between two opposites and no matter who I chose I was losing something else. Did I want that to be my husband or Sergio? I wasn’t sure so I would have to prolong the conversation as much as possible until I knew for certain.

“I was torn, Matthew. I didn’t know what to do! I was aware I was doing something wrong but I was too stupid to deny the temptation. It’s hard to describe but I’m sorry. I really am. I never thought I would do something like this, especially to you. You mean everything to me.” By now, genuine tears were welling in my eyes but all he did was cut his eyes at me. “Save the sob story. I’m gonna grab some fresh air. I can’t talk about this right now.”

It was obvious he wasn’t ready yet to have the conversation either and I wasn’t sure if that meant he was ready to break it off but unsure of how to go about it or if he wanted to save us once his initial fiery emotions subsided but while he figured it out, I wanted to figure out Sergio.

The heavy pounding on his door was loud enough for all to hear nearby and I didn’t care. I knew it would grab his attention and it did as he quickly hurried to the door and pulled it open, grabbing me quickly inside before shutting it behind him. The oblivious smile on his face made me want to puke.

“Missed me that much in the past hour or so? I know I did well but damn.” My tense stance with my arms crossed seemed to finally pop up on his radar and his smile dropped. “What’s wrong?”

“Who did you tell?”


My tone immediately raised. “Who did you tell, Sergio?” His face still showed confusion so I elaborated further. “I know about the rumors about us. My husband knows about us. Who did you tell?” His hand ran through his slicked hair as shock hit him full force.

“Shit,” he muttered to himself, realizing he had truly messed up. And that he did because I was fuming he had sent my world upside down just so he could trade locker room jabber.

“You fucked up my marriage, Sergio. Do you realize that?” Tears began to brim my eyes as I realized how much would change after today. “Oh no. I didn’t fuck up anything. That was your marriage. Not mine. I wasn’t cheating on anyone,” he retorted which immediately put me in defense.

Was he putting all of the fault on me? Like he wasn’t the one who made the approach? “So it’s okay for you to tell everyone we’re messing around because you’re not the one who is married? Just ruin my life and who cares right?”

“That’s not what I said.”

“Oh but that’s what you meant.” He began to step forward to me, his arms outstretched to pacify me and possibly wipe my tears away but I held out my hands to stop him from getting any closer. “Don’t touch me. Please. I just want to be left alone.”

“No you don’t,” he challenged.

“Yes. I do. I just needed to hear it from your mouth that you betrayed me. That’s all.” I began to shake my head and wipe away my tears, already ready to leave the place I once considered a getaway. Sergio sighed heavily and began to speak again with, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was being selfish and I had this…” I could tell he was reluctant to let out his next words as his head drew back, his eyes tracing the ceiling aimlessly above him before he lowered his eyes to me again. “I guess I had this crazy idea that me and you could be something beyond this,” he pointed between the two of us. “Yeah it’s fun but I don’t just want this. I want something stable, a woman I can call at any time, visit her place, meet her family, y’know? I don’t just want sex.”

It was the first he had spoken of such thoughts and if it hadn’t been a moment like this, I would have welcomed it with open arms but I was hurt and already processing a lot. “It was the wrong approach to get you into being mine but I didn’t know what else to do and I’m sorry,” he continued. “Just tell me if the feelings are mutual. If not, I’ll back off. I swear I will but if you even give me the idea that you want this I swear I’ll fix everything.”

Love Me Harder

This is a very special Christmas present for eisschirmchen who gave me the idea and because she has been such a wonderful friend in the short amount of time that I’ve known her! Thank you for everything you’ve drawn for me and all the art you’ve shown me before posting it and allowing me to vent to you on multiple occasions! Also thank you for being so supportive and excited for resbang!! You are a fan of that fic before even reading it (save for the little teasers I’ve shown you)!! It has seriously helped in motivating me to finish it!!! You are an absolute sweetheart and I am so glad we’re friends!! I love you so much!! Enjoy this fic <3

Also, this is set in my butler AU, and check out the artwork Eis did for it here!! Thank you <3

Warning: no penetration but still NSFW

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ofdragon0wls  asked:

So I'm observing Grindlewald and there's something bothering me , is he really gay ? Or does he just know how to manipulate gay men ? And in the end did he still love Albus ? Could he have been Asexual with Gay romantic attraction? Or is he Aro Ace that just knew the Motions to win a gay mans favor ?

The short answer is: we don’t know. We don’t have enough information to answer any of this, so if you want a definitive canon answer, I can’t really help.

Now, based on my personal opinion on Grindelwald and Grindeldore:

As I said, we don’t know if he’s gay, bi or straight. What I’m pretty sure of is that he is aromantic. The character is a narcissist and he is a user. He sees people as instruments that could further his goals and I think he considers any emotional connections to them to be merely a distraction. If I have to speculate on his sexuality I think that he is either gay or bi but, whichever he is, it doesn’t define him. What I mean to say is that even if he is attracted to men I think that he is the kind of person that would seduce a woman regardless if she somehow played into his plans and he judged that this was the more appropriate way of manipulation for the specific person. 

Bottom line, I don’t think he knows how to manipulate gay men, he just knows how to manipulate people, period. He sees were their emotions lie and he exploits them. 

Now anyone who reads this will probably ask why do I ship Dumbledore and Grindelwald if this is my opinion of Gellert. 

For starters both have interesting personalities, are morally grey and the dynamic of such characters is something that I tend to love.

More specifically, I think that Gellert’s and Albus’s relationship was different to any other of Grindelwald’s “victims”. It was not for example like with Credence where he gave only as much as he needed in order to achieve what he wanted.

He had actually no need of Albus. Gellert is supposed to be brilliant, charming, persuasive, powerful and he met a young, quiet Albus with no connections or a high position in the Wizarding world. There was no endgame in his interest in him. It was simply based on fascination. I think that while Grindelwald would never believe in soulmates, or true love, meeting Albus made him believed in kindred spirits/minds, even though he did so in a very selfish and narcissistic way; a sort of intellectual attraction. Here was for the first time a person almost his age who was inquisitive, talented, brilliant and powerful. He didn’t reciprocate Abus’s romantic feelings but he did reciprocate something, even if it was a fascination of meeting someone who “mirrored” him.

Also, it seems that he is not completely dishonest in their relationship. According to one of Albus’s letters, he knew what kind of experiments got Gellert expelled and it seems that he did not approve of his methods and had the hope he could change somehow. Gellert had no need to share this information. And even if it is indirectly confirmed that he tried to control his temper around Albus, which can be considered dishonest, Dumbledore admits that he thinks he knew what Gellert was but chose to close his eyes. Also I doubt that it was the first time that Aberforth annoyed him to the extent that he wanted to shut him up. He was just making an actual effort to not ruin his friendship with Albus, even if it came from a selfish need of feeling like talking to a different version of himself. He acted out only when he felt that there was a chance of him actually losing Albus’s company.

As for if he still loved Albus in the end, I think he did. I know I already said that in my opinion he doesn’t delve in emotions but I do believe that after years of contemplation during his imprisonment in Nurmengard he understood that he did feel something for Dumbledore; he at least came to terms with the fact that he cared about him and his well-being, if we can’t go as far as to use the term “loved”. That’s one of the many things it may be implied that he regretted by his phrase “there is so much you do not understand”, considering that when he was younger he had the lack of understanding -however, not in the same extent- that Voldemort has and is supported by Harry’s mention that Gellert may not have wanted Tom to break into Albus’s tomb regardless of the Elder Wand.

Sorry it got so long, I got a bit carried away.

undrawgyny Clarification: I stated that I think he is aromantic and then I started talking about his personality; then about his sexuality. These are 3 different things.Unless I missed anything, I did not connect them causally and I never said that he is aromantic because he is a narcissist or vice versa. What I did connect causally is the unhealthy aspects of Grindeldore to Grindelwald’s narcissism. Again I may be wrong but I don’t think I ever wrote that the lack of romantic feelings reduces any emotional ties aromantic people have to others or that it makes their relationships to others unhealthy.

We - the cartson fandom - are always talking about how great potencial our ship has. And yes, they do. But there are a lot of canon things about them that make me very happy already. Such as:

  • Jack calling her “kid”.
  • Jack saying “You’re really so much better at that kind of thing” and “I don’t need brains. I need brawn”. Proving that he thinks Peggy is good in her job (the one Dooley actually left her do) and inteligent. 
  • Jack saying “It’s okay, chief. Let her stay. Maybe she’ll learn something.”. Proving that he is more flexible than the rest of the Agents.
  • “I’m afraid agent Thompson can be rather persuasive.”
  • Jack calling her “Marge”.
  • “Why do you work here? The rest of us get to do more than take lunch orders.”
  • Jack calling her “Peggy”.
  • How Dooley said “Stop! In my office.” and neither of them stopped. Because both are very passionate about their work, stubborn and teenagers.
  • “I’m gonna miss her.”
  • “I don’t have time on my docket for your little crush on Carter.” “Yes, Sir”.
  • “We fly the team over there. We land on the Polish side of the Russian border. We meet the tac team there.” “The 107th will meet us at the polish side of the Russian border. That is the plan, isn’t it? It is the most obvious one.”
  • “Come on, congratulate the lady. She’s on the team.” “Not my call.” “Let me know if you want to stay home.”
  • “I don’t think they had 38-22-38 in mind when they designed it.” “Math isn’t your forte, is it, Agent Thompson? Or is that just words in general?”.
  • Peggy calling him “Sir”.
  • Peggy calling him “Lieutenant Junior Grade”.
  • Peggy referring to him as “boy”.
  • Peggy looking at him through the bonfire.
  • Peggy inviting him to join the conversation with the Howling Commandos although she could just ignore him and talk with her old friends. “So, I hear they have, uh, mermaids in Japan. You see any of them when you were out there?”.
  • “They don’t give out Navy Crosses just for digging trenches.”
  • “Carter?” “Agent Thompson’s lead.”
  • “You got a better idea? Let’s hear it.”
  • Peggy calling him “Lieutenant.”
  • “Snap out of it, mate. Come on. Get your arse into gear.”
  • “You saved a lot of necks back there. You saved mine.”
  • “Everybody freezes sometimes. You recovered. That’s the most important thing.”
  • ”I’ve been trying to tell that story since I came home from war.”
  • “But Agent Carter was able to —” “We were able to”
  • “Come on, Carter. I owe you a bourbon.” “I’ll be right there.”
  • That the only time Peggy said “Sorry” before throwing a punch was to Jack.
  • That we saw Peggy move to a first name basis with him.
  • Jack calling her “Sweetheart”.

Regina gets a visitor during a storm.


The storm had started in the middle of the night, and as morning broke it did not let up. The wind howled outside and rain hammered against the window.

Regina had slept restlessly. The lightning kept jerking her out of her sleep. It was eight am, but felt much earlier with how dark it still was. She slipped on her robe and wrapped it tightly around herself - the weather unusually chilly for June, even in a summer storm.

She made her way to the kitchen and started fixing herself a brew of coffee. It was apparent she would be going no where today. And no one would be coming to her.

Thank goodness.

It was getting tiresome. The frequent checkup’s on her ‘wellbeing’. They were poorly disguised.

Just made a whole lot of extra casserole and thought I’d share it around.’

'Neal is driving me crazy and I needed a break while David took a go a taking care of him.’

'Emma said she would have my head if I didn’t come by and make sure you hadn’t gone all 'evil queen’ on our asses again.’

At least Hook had been honest with her.

And to be honest she was… ok.

She was living and breathing, she still had Henry (though last night he had been at Emma’s, and who knew if the storm was going to let up enough for him to safely come around tonight). She was… ok.

Or at the very least… she wasn’t about to force Emma to flee because she put a warrant out for her head on a silver platter.

Regina was looking forward to a day of peace and quiet. Of having a valid excuse to be locked indoors, lie in bed and… just not care about anything. She didn’t need to do her hair… hell, she didn’t even need to shower if she chose not to.

Then the doorbell rang.

She didn’t bother to suppress the groan. Of course they found a way to bother her still. The raging storm was happening outside and they still came around unwelcomed.

Regina quickly prepared her speech, telling them to go away, to go back to their warm home (although she could almost hear Snow, or Tinkerbell pulling out a 'oh no, it looks like it’s getting much worse, I should stay here a couple of hours’). She opened the door and was greeted with… no one…

Until she looked down.

Regina gasped at the little boy, soaked to his very core shivering before her.

'Roland!’ She exclaimed. She ushered him inside without a moment’s hesitation, using her magic to summon a blanket from the living room and wrap around his shaking form. 'Roland what on earth…’


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Austin Carlile: Your Love's Not What I Need

Request: Could you do an Austin (from of mice) imagine where you guys meet at a bar and start talking and he flirts with you and you saw him instagramming that he wants a relationship and you ask him why because you don’t believe in love and he asks you out for dinner in the end?


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anonymous asked:

okay I have been in two emotionally abusive relationships before finally being in a healthy, stable one and i can honestly say lexa dealt her hand in the abuse too, specifically this one line really triggered something "bow before me and your people will be safe." or even when she wouldnt let clarke leave polis? i genuinely want to know how you could think lexa is not abusive (if you think that at all, i'm just speculating)

i’m gonna write my opinions out about this and then i never want to talk about it again because i’m so so so so so so SO sick of people calling lexa emotionally abusive to excuse bellamy’s abusive actions. i’ve dealt with emotional abuse my entire life, from violent outbursts to gaslighting and everything in between. bellamy’s scenes trigger me, lexa’s do not, and here is why:

Lexa kidnapped Clarke because the ice nation had a bounty on Clarke’s head. If Lexa did not bring Clarke to Polis, the ice queen would have beheaded Clarke for her power. Lexa did not treat Clarke like a prisoner in Polis. She made sure she was comfortable and respected her wishes not to speak to her FOR A WEEK despite Azgeda marching on Polis, and Clarke being in the center of all of it. She was only keeping Clarke there until skaikru got to Polis so that they could deliver her home safely if that is what Clarke chose to do.

“bow before me and your people will be safe” was political. It translates to “give up your power to the commander, and you will have the protection of the commander”. It was literally the only way for Lexa to be able to protect Clarke’s people. Did she phrase it poorly? Yes. Was Clarke upset? Yes. Did Lexa understand why Clarke was upset and listen to her without pushing her? Yes.

Later that day, Clarke HELD A KNIFE TO LEXA’S THROAT. Yet Lexa just stood there instead of disarming her, and even apologized. Then she offered to let Clarke go home to Arkadia, despite the fact an entire war would break out if she did. 

She never once put Clarke on the spot about her feelings. She put Clarke above her at all times. She never pressured her, and was happy just being her friend. She did not make the first move. She was respectful of Clarke emotionally, romantically, physically, in every way imaginable despite being in a position of power over her.

“But what about the time she left her at the mountain!!” holy fucking shit, that isn’t emotional abuse, that’s war. Need I remind you that Clarke and Lexa were in an alliance, but they still lead two different groups of people? Alliances break when one side is offered a better deal. It broke Lexa’s heart to leave Clarke at the mountain, but it was her duty to save her people. Clarke understands that. She took it personally for a long time, but she came around when she realized she would have done the same thing. That’s why they have such a unique dynamic. They both have a duty to put their people first, and they both understand.

When Clarke was planning on going back to Arkadia in 3x07, Lexa understood. “You have to go back, they’re your people. That’s why I- that’s why you’re you” (mind you, the only reason she didn’t say I love you was because she didn’t want to put Clarke on the spot). Instead she said “you’re you”, again a reinforcement of “Clarke elevates herself” instead of “I elevate Clarke”. She respects Clarke so fucking much, I think it’s ridiculous people think Lexa would ever try to manipulate or change her.

Lexa’s dying wish was that Clarke was safe. Lexa is the only person in Clarke’s life who never blamed her for anything, just listened and understood. The only time Lexa ever held Clarke against her will is when the ice queen was right outside their walls waiting to cut off her head, and even then she offered to let Clarke go home once her people were there to keep her safe. Leaving her at the mountain was political. Asking her to join as the 13th clan was political. Lexa was kind, gentle, non-pressuring, and just generally a good person about everything personal, emotional, and romantic. 

Kylo Ren: Reason and Relationships

Continuing this conversation with @starwarsnonsense about Kylo Ren’s battle with Finn.  (Sorry this is so long!  Pls don’t anyone feel obligated to read…I just really like writing about Kylo Ren lol…)

I am familiar with that section of the script - and looking it over, I can see where maybe we’ve crossed wires.  I agree that the script serves as a tool for planning and choreographing ACTION.  It calls for a savage fighting style, in terms of that direction.  However, I don’t think it speaks completely to the character’s emotions or motivations, as communicated by the actors, editing of the film, and certainly not as laid out by the narrative.  I don’t dispute that the scene is physical and violent, and that Kylo is physical and violent.  I just think, reading his emotions and motivations here, that violence is very clearly defensive, particularly from his perspective.  It’s measured and controlled.  He’s moving with rapid, unapologetic strikes; I see that as very tactical, very focused.  Apart from his messy hair (lol), I just don’t think there’s any evidence that Kylo has lost control in this scene, or that he’s ceased to think and function as a human with a specific tactical agenda.  

I could be wrong?  Is there something other than his emotional distress that is giving you the impression that he is falling apart?  I’m very interested.  I don’t read the expression of emotional distress as a loss of control.  Maybe that was the intention of the creators - to depict a man devolving into animalistic id - but if so, they could have hit that a lot harder than they did.  A little shouting and chest-beating when your whole battle strategy depends on accessing anger does not read as total dissolution to me.  I don’t know why people are seeing that.  Is it that he fails at the things he sets out to do?  I don’t see this as a sign that his humanity is slipping away, or even a sign of confusion or ineptitude.  I see it as a sign that you don’t fuck with Rey from Jakku.

Is it because he strikes with his hand instead of, say, a blaster?  Is one really more brutal than the other?  More brutal than, for example, Rey shooting a stormtrooper dead in the forest of Takodana, or Poe killing Slip with a rifle?  Those instances where a character could have chosen to hide or flee without sacrificing anything of personal value, but instead, they killed someone…to me, that is brutality.

I’d also be curious to know what inspires a reading of Kylo Ren as particularly proud or vain.  You’re right that this may be a big factor in this discussion!  Kylo Ren is someone whose sense of self depends on others, and he is constantly reaching out to them to see what they’re thinking - to Snoke, to Hux, to Vader’s ghost, to Rey, to literally anyone available except Han Solo.  This is what led him to “catch” Finn’s deviance on Jakku - he is so desperate for connection, so high-empathy and externally-focused, he sensed Finn’s thoughts and feelings as they were reeling.  But of course, he didn’t hesitate, because he’s very applied to his task: get the map to Luke Skywalker.  We don’t know why he wants it, but I’ll venture a guess that it’s just one more thing he’s doing in an effort to connect to someone else.  Ren searches for his worth in the completion of his mission and he craves the approval/recognition of others.  He’s just not good at getting it.  This makes sense if you consider his parents.  He grew up around dialogue that was snarky, sarcastic, often angry or stilted or rude.  He would have internalized that as “how you talk to people in your comfort zone” - something evident in his interactions, I think.

I do agree that this fight scene is personal, for the reasons I laid out; to summarize, Ren feels attacked.  Robbed.  I agree there’s humiliation there, though I’m not 100% sure it has anything to do with Finn’s “low"ness of position.  Yes, I think this fight is a personal interaction.  But I don’t think personal equates to deliberately cruel.  It’s desperate and violent, but it’s a means to an end.  Recover your strength, subdue the threat, recover the scavenger and the map, get your lightsaber.

I don’t know if Ren’s relationships relate too much to his mindframe during the fight, other than the overall sense of ownership he feels toward Starkiller base or the people affiliated with it.  I definitely think that’s a thing.  Ren may not be kind and sweet to…anyone…but I think he feels some sense of mutual belonging where he is.  TFA does everything in the world to visually establish Hux and Ren as some kind of brotherhood:

I can’t recall a scene where Vader was framed that way with one of his disposable Admirals.  

As far as Ren’s relationship to the Order, the scene after Poe’s interrogation is quite revealing.  Hux smiles a pinched, smug little smile when he says "we’ll soon have it,” like he’s been loitering outside the interrogation room for this moment of celebration.  WE’LL soon have it, he says.  Then Ren stalks off with “I leave that to you” and you can see Hux’s face fall.  Ren distinguishes himself as independent to the First Order, but Hux, at least at the start of TFA, views them as on the same team.  So either they’ve literally just met and are hashing out the details of their relationship, or they’ve been working together a long time and TFA is the beginning of a schism.  I think the latter is more likely.

Do they have conflicting agendas?  Hard to know without knowing what Ren’s agenda is, precisely.  Since Snoke’s only overt orders to Ren in the film are “bring her to me,” “bring me the droid unharmed” doesn’t really risk conflict with any orders we know about.  Therefore the line Hux delivers about Ren’s personal interests is extremely ambiguous.  Is Hux scolding Ren for not wanting to be involved in the hunt - because he knows Ren is afraid to encounter Han Solo?  Is it something about Ren’s preference that the droid be intact?  More importantly, how does Hux know what Ren’s personal interests are unless they have a personal relationship?

Ultimately, the one thing we really, really do know about Kylo Ren is that he has a VERY strong personal relationship with Snoke.  Did that inform Kylo’s decision to follow Finn and Rey into the woods?  I don’t know.  It could.  Kylo’s choice to follow Finn and Rey is consistent with protecting Snoke’s interests and the overall “plan”; Snoke wanted Rey brought in, and he also wants Kylo to be a powerful dark side user.  Those are the same things Kylo wants - with the addition of the lightsaber.  The conflict over the lightsaber makes me think that Kylo was defending his own interests more than Snoke’s, but either way (or both,) it’s a logical defensive move.  Kylo goes after Finn because Kylo has been stripped of his power and his possessions.  His priority is getting those things back, not making Finn suffer.

I do think it’s telling that Ren yells “TRAITOR!”  If he was really losing his mind just then, he could have yelled just about anything.  He might have screamed wordlessly, like a beast.  Instead he chose to go with the party line - a deliberate invocation of Finn’s crime against the First Order.  That can’t be ignored.  I read your post offering a theory about possible subtext in that line, and while I found it very interesting, it would only serve to support the idea of Kylo feeling connected to something.  Otherwise, what would Ren’s failure be betraying?  It could be a person or an ideal - either way, it’d have to be something or someone he cares about.  Someone he wants to protect.  I think that person is Kylo Ren - the person he worked so hard to carve out of Ben Solo.  When Finn and Han snuck into Starkiller, they came, not just to attack the base, but to attack that identity.  To bring back BEN.  When Kylo fights Finn, he’s fighting to reclaim Kylo–dark side user, grandson of vader, ally of the First Order, apprentice of Snoke.  Kylo is literally fighting for his life in self-defense.  For his right to exist as this person.

And on several counts, he sort of loses.

To sum up, Ren is a skilled fighter, an emotional person, and a rather ineffectual villain, but I don’t see any evidence in the film that he’s sadistic, savage, or out-of-control.  I think that’s partly the point of his character: because Anakin / Darth Vader was those things.  Kylo only wishes he was like Darth Vader.

As of yet.

Be Yourself

“I have something to tell you.” 

When someone starts off a discussion with that sentence, its usually not a good thing. When your mother starts off things that way, you knew something was up. She sat you down at the dining room table with a serious expression on her face. 

Your mother was everything to you. you never knew your father, your mother told you he left a few months after you were born. And here she was telling you that he just passed away. 

There wasn’t really any emotion from you, as you never really knew what the man even looked like. She expected that from you though, it was just a courtesy to lead you into the next bit of the conversation. 

“There’s…something I’ve never told you about. When your father left…he…he took your sister with you.” 

Shock couldn’t even begin to describe the emotions you were feeling. Anyone would be surprised to find out they had a twin they never knew about. Now that he passed away, your mother was her legal guardian and she would be moving to Korea with you in a few weeks. 

It was a bit hard to process anything that was going on, and you thought it would help if you told your best friend. Turns out he was more excited than you were. 

“Oh my God, you have a twin? That’s so cool! Where is she? Have you met her? Does she look like you?” Sehun was practically bouncing off the walls of your room, expressing his excitement. He said you needed a sister to make you more feminine, whatever that meant. 

You were feminine, just not a girly girl. You didn’t wear excessive amounts of makeup and your fashion was chic and simple, but not sexy like how guys normally liked. But Sehun said he never really cared for girls who showed off too much skin. You were perfect as is. 

That was the reigning joke, because he knew you didn’t need to be more feminine to be better. Just the fact that he would all you perfect made your heart swoon every time. Because with Sehun, it was really hard not to swoon. 

At first, you rejected the idea that you fell in love with your best friend. But then you thought about it. Where else would you find a guy who would constantly tell you that you were perfect being yourself? Nowhere, because there was only one Oh Sehun. 

“Calm down you crazy. She’s coming in a couple weeks. Mom said she lived in London with my dad.” 

“London? That’s amazing! I mean, anywhere is better than here.” 

You rolled your eyes, “You say it’s perfect here.” 

He cheekily smiled at you like he always did. “Here IS perfect.” That always meant it was perfect with you, and you honestly felt like the most special girl in the world. 

Then again, that was Sehun’s special power to make you feel that way. The moving process was a bit different for you. There was a spare bedroom in your house, a bit smaller than your room. 

You would have thought your new sister was going to move into that room. You were a little more than put off when your mother told you to move all of your things into that room, so your sister could have your room. The room that you had lived in all of your life wasn’t going to be yours anymore. 

Sehun was there every day to help you with the move, anticipating your sister’s arrival more than you were. The day had finally come. All of your sister’s bags had been mailed over, and your mother was picking her up from the airport today. 

You were frantically pacing back and forth, hoping that you would get along with her and that she liked you. You made sure to tell all of your friends to be nice to her and to make sure she felt included in things. All that was left was actually meeting her. 

The front door clicked open and a smile instantly hit your face. First your mother walked through, a somewhat unreadable expression from her. You thought it odd, but remembered that she had also met the daughter she never knew. 

And in walked your twin sister. The likeness of the two of you was incredible, almost as if you were looking into a mirror. There was no doubt that the two of you were twins. But as you looked closer, you started noticing some differences. 

Yes, you admit there were similarities between you two, but her face seemed just a little smaller and a little more structured than your round one. Her hair was lighter and much more lush, her legs skinnier and a nice pale color. Something dark inside you said she looked like the better version of you, but you forced the thought out and said it wasn’t true. 

Her name was Hana. You learned that for the most part, the two of you were very similar. That night, she spent the night in your room and all you did was talk. 

One night wasn’t enough time to learn everything about each other. She talked about her time in London, you talked about your time in Korea. All of your friends at school lavished over her, saying the likeness between you two. Even Sehun was surprised how similar you were with Hana. 

They were so curious about her, you felt bad at all the questions they were spewing. Because Baekhyun always talked the most, he was the one to ask the most questions. 

“Where did you live before Hana?” 

“I lived in London.” 

London was apparently fascinating to everyone because they looked at her in awe. “Wow, so you can speak English?” 

It was pretty much like this all day, especially with Baekhyun asking so many questions. She smiled and you were really glad she was able to get along with all of your friends. 

“I think I’m better at English than Korean. It’s a bit fuzzy sometimes.” The group shook their heads in disagreement and told her it was perfect. Baekhyun nudged your side and giggled. 

“You know you suck at English. Maybe you should learn a thing or two from Hana.” Everyone laughed along with the joke, but something didn’t sit well with you for some reason. They never made a crack at your English abilities before, why was it so easy to compare with Hana? 

You brushed it off and made Hana stay close to you throughout the day, showing her the ropes of the school. The next few weeks, Hana was slowly adjusting to life with your family, adjusting to the fact that you were her new family. 

She was honestly the best sister you could have asked for, and you were learning to love your other half. It was everyone else that made you a little weary. In those few weeks, everyone except Sehun had made little comments about you and Hana. 

Why you couldn’t show a little more skin like Hana. Why you couldn’t be nicer like Hana. Why Hana’s grades were better than yours. At first you chose to ignore it, because like Sehun always said, there wasn’t anything wrong with the real you. 

Yet you felt Sehun saying it less and less as he was getting to know her more. Everyone around you suddenly drifted apart, all except Hana who you would already see at home. It was gradual, but you were starting to wonder if people were right about the differences between you and Hana. 

If Hana was the better twin after all. You felt yourself smile just a little bit less, and more observant to the way people paid attention to you and the way they weren’t. 

So what if your grades weren’t as good as hers or your skirt wasn’t as short? People seemed to like you before they had someone to compare with. Or maybe not. Maybe they didn’t like you as much as you thought. These thoughts were still troubling you, even though you were supposed to be focused on winning the video game you were playing with Sehun. 

It was sort of tradition to spend your Saturdays with Sehun at his house, playing video games. One second of distraction and Sehun beat you. “HA! I win!” 

The giant sitting next to you was always so competitive, and a pretty big sore loser. You grumbled and put your controller down, huffing out a short breath. “You’re losing you touch, bestie.” 

You scoffed. “Don’t get cocky Sehun. Maybe I let you win.” 

You joked. At least being with Sehun made your bad thoughts go away. But it was as if your brain didn’t match up with your heart, and you started thinking negatively again. You felt like it had been a while since you spent some quality time with Sehun. 

He would be asking you to invite Hana along to the things you two would do together, and in result spending more time with her than with you. And with Sehun, you always spoke your mind. 

“I feel like we haven’t done this in a while.” Sehun looked over at you with a skeptic eye. 

“Um, we do this every Saturday dummy.” 

You grumbled a little. “No, it’s not that. I mean…it feels like we haven’t hung out together lately.” 

You watched him shrug as he was trying to set up the next game. “What’s the big deal? We literally see each other every day. I’m surprised you’re not sick of stuff like this.” 

Something in your snapped. Sick of it? Was Sehun sick of hanging out with you all this time? That’s what it sounded like.

“What do you mean sick of…this? Aren’t we best friends?” It came out a little harsher than you intended, but if Sehun was really that sick of you, you might as well just find out now. The tension in the air was rising as Sehun was starting to get a little more irritated. 

“Yes, we’re best friends. But we literally do the same thing every time. It get’s boring you know.” He was just as quick to snap as you, but a bit more harsh with his words that seemed to come so easily. 

You scoffed, “Oh, so I’m boring now?” 

“God, will you just shut up already? Why can’t you be more like Hana?” 

You felt your heart shattering into a thousand pieces. That was the last thing you wanted to hear from Sehun. Sure, everyone else had been saying it…but your best friend too? 

Was she really that much better than you? You gulped back as your eyes started to sting. “What?” 

“You heard me. Hana doesn’t argue back to me like you do. It’s getting annoying. At least she actually cares enough about me and my opinion.” 

Oh no. You felt the tears coming on. In this whole time, you never once voiced your hurting heart to anyone, even now all you were asking was for Sehun to spend more time with you again. You were lonely, but it seemed like he didn’t care, not about you. 

“Sehun…do you have any idea how much I care about you?” 

His head shot up immediately at the sound of your broken voice. His fears had come true, but he didn’t know why. He was too focused in the fact that he was the one that caused the tears in your eyes. “Wh-why are you-“ 

You cut him off, wanting to get your final words out. “Sehun you’re my best friend. I…I love you so much but…if Hana is really that much better than me then fine.” 

You lost it. You had to find enough strength for you to finish, but either way, you’d be broken with a rejection. “I don’t think we should be friends anymore. I need to go.” 

“W-wait-“ You grabbed your stuff and brushed past him with force. He didn’t follow you out, which broke your heart even more. He was more focused on his brain developing the words you had said. 

You finally, finally confessed, and he just screwed everything up. For the next few days, Sehun knew you were avoiding him and it was slowly killing him to the core. He didn’t mean to get irritated, or snap at you. He especially didn’t mean to say the things he did. 

He agreed with you, that he missed hanging out with just you. But he was also feeling a lot of pressure with how uncomfortably close with your sister. After he had enough of the girl’s flirting he finally came out and said it, he wasn’t interested in her at all. Someone who had already shared his feelings was the one in his heart, but he screwed up his chance to say it back. 

The rainy day was fitting for Sehun’s mood, as it was full of dread. Not only was he afraid of losing his best friend, but also the love of his life. All of the students were jam packed in the cafeteria during lunch, the twin sisters missing from the group of friends. Right as Sehun sat down all of his friends were already talking about it. 

“Make Sehun do it, maybe she’ll talk to him.” 

“What’s going on?” The she could only be a number of people, and Sehun obviously started with fearing the worst. 

“Some students saw Hana on the roof and she hasn’t come down since the start of school. We’ve all tried talking to her but she refused all of us.” 

Sehun didn’t want to add fuel to the fire, but he was genuinely worried if a girl was out on the roof while it was raining. He left his lunch and grabbed an umbrella from his friend, and made his way through the crowded hallways to the roof. 

Sehun could see a girl curled up into a ball, looking down on the school. “Hana?” 

It was a simple mistake, so he thought. Only seeing that back of you, anyone would have guessed either one of you. but to add to your pain, it was only perfect that he called for her first. Just like everyone else. Oh Sehun no longer thought of you. 

“You’re the tenth person to do that today…” You mumbled, letting him know it was your voice and not Hana’s. Letting him know that you were not your sister made him a million times more worried. 

But the mere fact that your name came second to Hana made your head hurt, more than it already was. He opened up his umbrella and swiftly came over to you, yanking you underneath it. 

“Get out of the rain, you’re going to be sick!” You pulled out of him and away from protection. 

“Why don’t you go to Hana? You’re obviously more worried about her.” You started walking away from him again but he immediately called after you, pulling back on your shoulder with more force than needed. 

Sehun didn’t know at all about your current condition, but was quick to catch you as your body collapsed into his arms. He fell back onto the ground, keeping your unconscious body from hitting concrete. At first, he was in shock with your limp self in his arms.

The instinct kicked it, shaking you to wake you up. He scooped you up in his arms and ran for the door to the roof, first thing was to get you out of the rain. He felt your burning forehead and decided to call his friends, one to call an ambulance, and two to call a teacher. 

Sehun kept you close to him, trying to radiate as much body warmth as he could. Through the next hour you were admitted into the hospital, with Sehun never leaving your side. 

Hana was called out of school and the two of them went to the hospital with you. The longer you went without waking up, the more Sehun began to panic. Your mother wouldn’t be able to make it to the hospital for a while, due to the rain and awful traffic. 

The doctor was telling Hana what was wrong, but Sehun said he wouldn’t leave without hearing it also. “We’re going to keep her here for a few more days.”

 A deep shiver ran through Sehun’s entire body as he practically got into the doctor’s face. “What? Why?! It’s just a fever!” 

The doctor just sighed, and dropped his clipboard to his side. “I’m afraid it’s not just a fever, son. Our test results show that she is incredibly dehydrated and malnourished. She’s been seriously neglected eating and drinking. Along with that, her body is incredibly fatigued from stress. A few more days and she should be fine.” 

Sehun didn’t know whether he should be relieved, or more worried. As the doctor left, his eyes wandered over to you again. You looked skinnier, but Sehun knew it wasn’t for the better. You were never that careless, you loved food. 

There was a reason, and Sehun wasn’t going to leave the hospital without finding out. He told Hana she could go back to school, and that he would watch over you. He held onto your perfect hand for dear life, not once letting go. 

Though, his body was started to go against him, his stomach in particular agitated that he skipped lunch. Just for a single minute, he left you to go find something to eat. 

Your eyes slowly and painfully fluttered open. The only noise you could hear was a steady pulse from a heart monitor immediately notifying you of the place you were in. the memories of how you got here were beyond fuzzy, but nonetheless you felt almost worse waking up to a completely empty hospital room. 

No one was standing over you, waiting for you to wake up like how the dramas were on TV. You were alone, and that was something you were still trying to get used to. Though your head was pounding, you forced yourself to sit up, desperately needing water. 

From the amount of drugs in your system and your weak body, it was hard to sit up without toppling over. You felt your body sway again, with no strength to catch yourself. Your head crashed into a sturdy chest, with arms that wrapped around you, “Careful.” 

Sehun didn’t let go of you like you thought he would. It felt like the hug was more reassuring for Sehun. “Why do you have to make me worry so much? I felt like I was going to die.” 

Your eyes drooped down a little, but you let your head relax against his shoulder. “So dramatic.” You mumbled against him. “Sehun?” 

“Hmm?” “I’m sorry I’m not your perfect girl anymore.” 

A short gasp left his lips. “Shh, don’ you dare say that. You are beyond perfect, just you. No one else. I know what I said was wrong and I take it back. I…I love you too.” 

Sehun heard you soft sobs and held you even closer than before, whispering nothing but the sweetest words, just for you. You were perfect because you were you, and Sehun was yours. He loved you as much as you loved him, all because you were yourself.

Two days left and I move back into school…OMG

My one little problem with Pretty Little Liars.

I understand straight away that not everyone is going to agree with me on this point, but it is something I wanted to talk about and address. Feel free to challenge me on any of my points, I am always open to other’s opinions. 

Yes, my problem is with regards to one, Paige McCullers.

Why? Paige means a lot to me, more than I can describe in a few written words, but that’s another point altogether. My problem relies on the characterisation of Paige, a character who has real-life flaws, a character who had been tormented and also played the role of the tormentor, a character who has made mistake after mistake but yet overcame them, a character who is courageous, brave and valiant and a character who has loved selflessly and has been loved wholly in return. Paige McCullers is a character who is not perfect. I would even go as far to say Paige withholds the most real-to-life values, decisions and actions on the entire show ultimately highlighting her role as the outlier amongst all the other characters in Rosewood, it is this that is most likely a contributing source of her hatred amongst fans. But unfortunately every inch of her being has been ripped down and torn apart ever since she disappeared off our TV screens, and honestly that really bothers me. Paige, ever since season one has championed, been victorious and experienced exponential character growth episode on episode. Once Paige had overcame her own demons she spent her time pouring every inch of her soul into protecting Emily Fields; running into the forest whilst on the verge of a panic attack, facing her worst tormentor eye to eye, always there waiting on the side-lines for the one she loves most, to name but a few of her defining moments. But that doesn’t exist anymore, her character has vanished and taken such wonderful development with her.

What happened, writers?

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anonymous asked:

I never see it discussed so what did you think when Kaname made Ruka cast a spell on Yuki to see Zero shoot her? Don't yume get mad that Zero pointed a gun at her? They always use it as reason why they can't ship Zeki or to make zero seem "bad" but it's okay for Kaname to threaten yuki fight and hold a sword inches from her, belittle her and make her believe that Zero actually shot her? Isn't that one last thing worse than every thing? How does that make sense!

Oh lol, I agree completely. It doesn’t make sense because these shippers are mainly attempting to draw attention away from the real abuse that Kaname inflicted upon Yuuki.

Funny thing is, Yuuki is the first to know that Zero would never actually hurt her. Yes, he rejected her when she first awoke as a pureblood, but each knew that he believed he was letting Yuuki grow and become “strong” in her own way.

Zero was initially opposed to her transformation as his experience with turning was suffering and the hopelessness of dying in madness. But once he learned that she had always been a vampire, he let her go thinking that she was an existence apart from him.

Still, Zero couldn’t hide his ever-present care for her even when he was trying to pretend she had become a mockery to the dead.

“…Do you still feel scared?” – Zero

The last request her made to her before he let her go was an answer to a question grounded in worry and love.

And Yuuki thought on that moment later and suffered for his absence. She was alone without an outlet for her complete trust, understanding, and love for Zero Kiryuu. He took himself out of her life and placed all of his HOPE in Kaname Kuran to make her happy, even though it was Yuuki herself that told Zero to his face a few chapters prior that the one she desperately NEEDED was him.

Zero still couldn’t face the new feelings that had blossomed between them, he was too afraid and not grasping his place in this girl’s heart…

“If I could pretend I was INDISPENSABLE to you, I felt it wouldn’t MATTER if I didn’t have a past.” – Yuuki

Zero believed that the person Yuuki wanted most was Kaname [it was you, Zero, it was youuuu /shot], but his hope in Kaname was misguided in the same way Yuuki’s was [that her older brother knew what was best for her, that becoming a vampire would be enough to make her strong and happy], and Zero would come to regret letting her go, pushing her away, only so she could fall at the hands of her brother/ancestor.

He couldn’t have known what would happen down the line, it WASN’T anything that he had ever wished for her, but he would still lament not being able to protect her.

“Why did I wish for that?” – Zero

“I’ve always known that Zero has wished for my happiness. I know him so well…” – Yuuki

Zero’s wish in letting Yuuki go, confirmed by Yuuki herself [she knows him better than he knows himself], was for her happiness above all others. He wouldn’t expect anything of her and he would pray, with pure intentions, that she received all that she desired.

But Kaname was the one that subjected Yuuki to treatment that would steal her smile away. Looking past the way he lied about who he was in the first place, his reasons for making Yuuki unhappy were because her heart “screamed and cried out” for Zero while she was supposed to be his fiancee.

Kaname didn’t even think to “free” Yuuki so that she could maybe resolve her issues and actually be with someone else if she preferred.

[image credit: imaginarylights] [I’ll never get over that reunion heLP]

Instead, throughout the second arc, Kaname chose to lock her up, threatened to kill her or himself if she ever left him, belittled her as you said by openly perceiving her as weak, and punished her for getting close to Zero during 60th Night – all very abusive behavior.

“You refrained from drinking his blood, Yuuki… I commend you for that.” - Kaname Kuran [image credit: imaginarylights]

And when Kaname tried to make Yuuki think Zero betrayed her in the worst possible way, to make her think “the kindest” person she knew would’ve wanted to kill her because she was trying to capture Kaname instead of “abandoning” him – especially when we consider that it was Zero who came to genuinely wish for her to freely be with whomever she wanted while Kaname was the one that wished for her to let go of everyone else but him [Zero most of all] – I couldn’t help but see humor in the situation.

Petty, pitiful, and self-engrossed, Kaname was basically trying to portray Zero to be as bad as he was so that Yuuki would maybe have her doubts about him, believe in another illusion as she did before [which, of course, was of Kaname killing an innocent man, and funnily it didn’t take much for her to think that he would do such a thing].

Luckily, his plan backfired on him.

Yuuki KNEW Zero would never mistreat her like that.

“Zero… would NEVER BLAME me like this.” - Yuuki

I get that Kaname was trying to be seen as a “madman,” however I also see that he was trying one last time to break the attachment Yuuki had with Zero.

If that was not his reasoning, why would he want to make his “dearest” think that the one that SHE wanted to CHERISH had just killed her? Why didn’t Kaname use his own image if he wanted her to “abandon” him?

Because he was still dragging everyone along with his contrary whims, that’s why. He still wanted Yuuki to turn to him and him alone.

But Yuuki wouldn’t stop holding Zero in higher regards even while she was supposed to “belong” to Kaname – she would follow Kaname with intentions of stopping him from self-destructing, but her feelings for Zero had already begun to overflow

Really though, that was actually a great moment once I got past the graphic violence supplied by Kaname’s will over Ruka’s imagination, which she herself spoke unfavorably of [yeah, making your most important girl in the world think that she was just shot in the head– something’s definitely wrong with that].

“I’m grateful for what you did.” – Kaname to Ruka

I’m sure Yuuki’s unwavering trust in Zero was another brazen display of Zeki’s shared radiance to Kaname for further confirmation that Yuuki deserved more than being held to an obligation [as his “terrible fiancee”].

Zero and Yuuki went through so much angst on their way to embracing their love, and this post reminded me of most of it /clutches heart, but the intricacies of their affections, Yuuki’s unshakeable belief in Zero along with his innately good nature are what made the dark forest Kaname lead them into survivable.

Okay, I got a little carried away answering this, anon. I just reread your question and I could’ve said, “it’s bad, man” and have been done with it lol. But I hope you don’t mind this prolonged look upon how Yuuki reacted to both boys, why she could live for one and not the other, and why her love waxed and waned between the two.

anonymous asked:

Re. Maglor - What do you think were his motivations for the Kinslayings and in general the wars for the Silmarils? I'm confused since Maglor seems at least 'weary' or doing it out of some feeling of duty (towards- I'm not sure, his father?). What lets him kill so many people but not stop and argue despite feeling regret, unlike Maedhros, who's often characterized as the most 'righteous' or 'honorable' one. Did he just go along with everything, and disassociated himself from it to cope? Thanks :)

oookay so this is basically 100% headcanon, with the standard disclaimers that I love Maglor and his brothers and that I nonetheless do not actually support acts of mass violence for any reason including if they’re justified by the laws of war or if they’re retaliatory or if they’re magically bound or whatever.

Elves (even more than men) live in narrative. They reference chapters of their history by saying who best put them in song, they conceptualize the creation of the universe itself as unfolding through music, they speak of choice, free will, and evil in terms of their adherence to or departure from the Song.  And yet on another level, there’s nothing remotely removed or distant about the Elven music we encounter. They sing while they travel. They sing to greet guests and to bid them farewell. You don’t even have to be an Elf to write music prized and treasured and remembered by the Elves. 

Music is power, quite literally - the power to fight a Maia - but it’s also history and narrative and their way of conceptualizing themselves, their world, and their place in it. 

And to be a singer and songwriter, among the Elves, is to live - intimately - with a sense of narrative, to be one who is exceptionally good at drawing meaning and purpose and beauty out of the world and affecting others with it.

(The affecting others with it is a huge part, because music is by no means an abstract art. It’s a means of recording. It’s a means of fighting. It’s a tool of discipline and communication and creating a cohesive group identity, and group identity more than anything in the world is a double-edged blade.) Don’t think a poet. Think a general, think a politician, but one for whom the search for meaning is both private and public, one who crafts their own legacy, one whose identity and narrative are utterly wrapped up in their art. 

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DH - Chapter 7 - The Will of Albus Dumbledore

  • I thought this picture was much smaller than it was and thought about replacing it, but I thought what the heck it’s Hinny week. :)
  • I’m glad Ron thought to tell Harry he was muttering in his sleep. If my best friend was muttering “Gregorovitch” I would have thought they were saying random sounds. Even if they were repeating the same sounds again and again. Sleeping’s weird I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.
  • I love that Ron knows his Quidditch team so thoroughly and who has the worst stats. /// “No, I’m definitely not thinking of Gorgovitch.” -Harry “I try not to either…” -Ron /// Ron’s amazing okay.
  • Okay so Voldemort just so happens to lose focus on trying to not let Harry in on such an important matter on Harry’s 17th birthday??? I don’t think so. I think Voldemort is not just desperately searching to figure out the wand problem, but in a full out panic. Harry’s 17 and he’s now lost his advantage. 
  • “Reveling in the removal of his Trace, Harry sent Ron’s possessions flying around the room… and purely for the pleasure of it, turned the orange robes on Ron’s Chudley Cannons posters bright blue.” /// Nerd. Also, Ron never complains, which is adorable to me for some reason. He just makes a tiny joke about Harry’s fly being down. Get a load of these buddies. :’)
  • Gred and Forge gave Ron a copy of Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches first and I wonder if they did it with kind hearts after hearing about Ron’s romance struggles. Like they gave him a book with all good advice and not just embarrassing things (well to receive from your jokster brothers). I think this was a genuine gesture and that’s cute. 
  • This darn watch scene never fails to make me cry. Mamma Weasley you are amazing and Harry, dear child, you are loved. :”) Also, the watched belonged to Fabian before. I think it’s fun to remember the exact brother. Imagine the Prewett twins being cool uncles Harry got to meet, 
  • I am almost delightedly angry (I’m surprised the emotion exists) every time I think of a magical razor and I don’t know why. Like I guess it’s either a shaving charm or do it by hand thing in my mind. I hate the idea of a magicked razor. Like why do that? It looks both incredibly silly and stupid in my mind. I don’t know why I have such strong feelings towards this. lol
  • “Feeling nervous, Harry followed Ginny into her room.” /// Here we go!
  • Her room is on the first floor & 1. This probably helped immensely when she snuck out at 6 years-old to fly. 2. The tent’s roof comes up to her bedroom window. 
  • “She was looking at him steadily; he, however, found it difficult to look back at her; it was like gazing into a brilliant light.” /// This melts me oh my gosh. How beautiful! Also great with the next thing Harry says “Nice view” [referencing the freaking tent blocking most of the view atm].
  • “She ignored him [about the nice view comment]. He could not blame her.” /// giggling! 
  • Ginny’s probably still going over what Harry and her talked about the last time they were alone and really in pain inside and trying to think of what to give Harry for his birthday and trying to stay positive. I think that has a lot to do with the slow progression of conversation here. I think she’s trying to control herself, because normally they wouldn’t have this much stiffness communicating. 
  • I need to know how long this kiss lasted.
  • I’m glad Ron wants to protect his baby sister, but running into her room was terrible form. But I do love that he talks to Harry after. 
  • Ginny finally starts to cry and Harry just wants to comfort her but can, and I’m just brokenhearted for this girl. She just wants him so badly and freaking Voldemort gets in her way and then her brother in a small way does today too. She had one last chance to have control. This was her chance to end things on her own terms, but she wasn’t able to. Like I just wanted her to get to finish making out and then do some quick I-know-we-can’t-do-this-right-now-but-I-want-us flirting. Why can’t that just be how this happens for her??? U suck Voldemort and ur timing sucks Ron.
  • Harry and Ron keep pace with each other as they speed walk outside and Hermione is basically running. lol What a tall brotp I have.
  • “’She’s not an idiot, she knows it can’t happen, she’s not expecting us to – to end up married, or–’ As he said it, a vivid picture formed in Harry’s mind of Ginny in a white dress, marrying a tall, faceless, and unpleasant stranger. In one spiraling moment it seemed to hit him: Her future was free and unencumbered, whereas his… he could see nothing but Voldemort ahead.” /// 1. Ginny makes his daydreams go out of control. this picture was described as “vivid”. 2. My heart aches for Harry bc of Voldemort. 3. Why so angsty??? 4. I wonder if anyone saw the Trio go outside and have a heated fight. I wonder what they thought it was about. 5. I wonder if Ginny is talking about any of this with anyone. I doubt she would want to talk to Hermione, the girl who is sharing her room right now, actually. 6. This little fight here between Ron and Harry, while thinking about the one that made Ron leave, makes me surprisingly happy. Like they seem so young and free here in comparison to the oppressive tent they will soon all share under a lot of stress.
  • How did I ever miss this: “Although Lupin smiled as he shook Harry’s hand, Harry thought he looked rather unhappy. It was all very odd; Tonks, beside him, looked simply radiant.” /// This was the day they learned Tonks was pregnant isn’t it? 
  • Sweet, underdeveloped Charlie. 
  • wearywanderer​ I know you’re ready like I am for Harry and Scrimgeour to talk again haha. Let’s do this!
  • I just now realized that the will was presented to Harry on his birthday like a gift how cute of the rude Minister. 
  • Mr. Weasley has his own sagging armchair! How actually cute. :)
  • “Harry shrugged. Hermione, however, answered: Harry thought that answering questions correctly was such a deeply ingrained habit she could not suppress the urge.” /// Actual siblings.
  • “It occurs to me that Dumbledore, who had prodigious magical skill, whatever his other faults…” /// omg Scrimgeour he’s already dead you don’t need to be actively bitter anymore.
  • I 100% believe that Dumbledore leaving the sword in the will was a message and not something that he thought that the Ministry would actually give Harry.
  • “It belongs to Harry! It chose him, he was the one who found it, it came to him out of the Sorting Hat–” -Hermione /// Actual older sister Hermione. This is how older sisters sound when defending their little siblings.
  • Here he goes shutting Scrimgeour down!
  • “It’s time you learned some respect.” -S. “It’s time you earned it.” -Harry /// THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! I hope people read this and learned a great lesson about leadership. Only allow the leadership in your life that you respect. Like follow laws too, so long as they are right, but private leaders in your life make sure you respect them AND they respect you.
  • It’s funny because Scrimgeour insinuates that Harry wears his scar like a crown though Harry doesn’t, however, Harry does use the I must not tell lies. scar like a weapon goodness! Twice he whips that out to discredit the Ministry to Scrimgeour’s face. It’s amazing!
  • I open at the close.