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The Natsuki CGs! Last of A Class

“Your kindness protected me when I was close to breaking. Thank you. I love you… for eternity.”

“I… I want to sing your songs with all of my being. For that reason there isn’t anything we can’t do. At least, that’s what I’ve decided.”

“So warm… This might as well be a continuing dream. In order to feel you like this, I will love you more and more.

(N: I’m sure you’ve all noticed but it’s a Satsuki CG and I’ve never been happier.)

“Your eyes… your voice… Everything about you burns me up. You’re quite unaware of this, though.”

“Calling me ‘cute’… I’ll change your mind about that kind of tedious thing. Sorry, but the cute one here is you.

“’I like you’ or “I love you’… Those are just sweet words. There’s something you want, right? Be honest…”


Louis during Rock Me, Cardiff, 3/3/13

2017 Goal: Continuing to be the woman guys will always regard as “the one who got away/should have been my wife/could have been my everything/would re-do if they had the chance”. I want to continue to evolve into the best version of myself. If that means that they aren’t up to par I drop em’. I refuse to help improve a man who won’t aid me on my road to improving myself. I’m not a fucking side character, not in this era, in this day, with all these opportunities.

listen, i’m pissed that they are giving another OC the canary arc and even giving her the canary cry they easily could have given laurel in the first place. the writers absolutely disrespected her character every step of the way.

that being said, don’t send hate to the actress that plays tina. or to those that like her character, anyone continuing to watch the show has every right to love any character they want to love. the writers are responsible for the treatment of laurel not the actress that took a job shes probably really excited about. please don’t send her any hate, she doesn’t deserve that. she’s a real human being with real feelings and she’s NOT the character she plays. 

The renovations next door continue. And so they suffer what I am suffering from… Can you call that vent art?   ( ー̀εー́ )

I just wanted to draw Bokuto to be honest. I spent like.. half an hour getting his hair right and then remembered he won’t have it styled for sleeping… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Bo’s just trying to help. Really…

excuse me whilst i scream about the sneak peek and the inside supergirl videos for the next 7 hours

just be honest with me (cat/kara, pg)

post-hostile takeover: cat, kara, and a very necessary conversation. plus some caregiving and rescue romance, because what’s a fic without trope? written for day 3 of @supercatweek. also on ao3.

“And I want those pages on my desk for approval before I get in on Monday, Kiera. Do you understand?”

Kara jots down a note on the pad in her hands and nods, even though Cat’s ahead of her, attention focused on the phone in her hand. “Yes, Ms. Grant, I will do it before I leave tonight.” Taking a breath and furrowing her brows a little, she opens the CatCo. Plaza door, holding on to the frame almost hard enough to leave an indent.

It’s after eight on a Friday, and—while CatCo. does run in some form 24/7—the lobby is empty.

“Ms. Grant,” Kara starts low, hesitant but determined, and Cat pauses beside her, lips thinned with impatience. “About what you think you figured out the other night,” she hedges, unsure how to go about convincing Cat she isn’t Supergirl when none of her other attempts throughout the week have succeeded.

Cat’s chin tilts up and she murmurs, “Oh, Kiera,” continuing through the door, brushing past Kara. “For god’s sake, this stopped being cute days ago.” Kara follows her out, and waits with a nervous frown when Cat stops to face her suddenly.

“We both know that I am right—not for the first nor last time—about your little disguise,” her lips curl up in distaste. “You have failed to offer me a single valid alternative, you’ve no explanation for a myriad of ‘coincidences’, and whenever I, or you, for that matter, even broach the subject you become nothing more than a stuttering mess.”

Sighing loudly, Cat slips her purse open enough to tuck her phone neatly inside the center pocket and looks back to Kara. Clasping her hands in front of her, she takes a slow step forward, eyes narrowing. “Gaslighting me on this issue is seriously ill-advised, and at this point is well past truly insulting.

“Now,” she takes two steps even closer, her heels clicking on the sidewalk almost deafening to Kara in this moment. “Do not be mistake—my tolerance for this behavior is running extremely thin. I am going to get into that car over there,” she nods with her head to the curb, “and you are going to go back inside to complete these tasks. And when you come in on Monday, this?” she gestures between them. “Is finished. We have much bigger fish to fry now that we can truly explore the partnership between CatCo. and Supergirl.” Her face softens slightly, lips pulling into a half-smile. “And I’ve let you have your little freak-out much longer than I would have under different circumstances.”

Without another breath, Cat turns toward the car and moves to get into it, leaving Kara practically boiling in her spot by the door. The anger isn’t new—and certainly not in reference to Cat Grant—but she’s fighting to temper it, to control it before she does something Very, Very Bad.

Kara breathes in and out slowly, her anger making the sounds around her louder, sharper. She can hear her own heartbeat pounding in her chest, Cat’s own softer and slower beat moving away from her, the dull hum of the engine, traffic, a low tick beneath it all.

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letsgrowoldunderthesun  asked:


Erin and Abby Highschool girlfriends here we go

  • Erin did track and field
  • Abby wanted to join the marching band, but they told her she was too fat and she wouldn’t be able to keep up
  • One early morning Abby decided to go running to try and get in shape so she could finally belong somewhere
  • While she’s there Erin shows up to practise like she usually does
  • Erin starts warming up, and once she’s stretched she takes off her shirt to run in her sports bra
  • Abby is looking at her, and when she takes off her shirt Abby gets too distracted and trips over her feet
  • Erin runs over and asks if she’s okay or if she needs any help
  • They train together that day
  • Erin doesn’t usually have anyone to sit with at lunch, even though the track and field members are her team-mates, they don’t want to sit with ghost-girl
  • Abby has a similar problem: she is member/head of almost every club in school, so most days she just tries to sit with one of her club members and they make some excuse and leave and Abby ends up eating alone
  • this day Erin decides to go sit with Abby
  • “Oh you don’t have to sit with me out of pity, you can go sit with your cool team-mates.”
  • “Well umm… They don’t want to sit with me”
  • “Why not? You’re a jock, you’re smart, you’re a mathlete and an athlete. And you’re so beautiful too” (which totally makes Erin blush)
  • “I believe in ghosts, so everyone thinks I’m weird. They call me ghost girl”
  • “Oh cool. I like ghosts”
  • instant friendship from them on
  • Erin finds out Abby was just training to fit in, and that secretly she hates it
  • Erin tells her that she should only run if she really likes it, and that she doesn’t have to change to be beautiful, Erin likes her just the way she is
  • One day they’re walking down the hall together, and one of them just casually asks if the other is going to prom
  • “I wasn’t planning on. I don’t think anyone will ask me or anything”
  • “Well we could always go together”
  • They get matching dresses and go together without the intention of finding a date, but just to have fun
  • One of the geeky boys asks Erin to slow dance, but she looks over at her friend and sees Abby all alone, and says that she’s gonna dance with Abby instead
  • From then on the whole school assumes they’re dating
  • In the hallway Abby and Erin are walking together holding hands, as best friends do, and someone yells ‘dykes’ at them
  • Erin doesn’t understand, but she is so used be being called ghost-girl that she doesn’t really notice/mind
  • One day at Abby’s house while they’re studying for an english quiz Erin brings it up
  • Abby explains that they get called dyke because people think that they’re gay/dating
  • “Oh well that would be…” Erin looses her train of thought and kisses Abby right then and there
  • She pulls back and apologises and she starts freaking out and abby can’t get a word in edgewise so she just interrupts Erin by kissing her back
  • They figure if they’re gonna get called dykes anyway they might as well date right?
  • They are the cutest couple and go on ghost hunting dates, or dates to the library to research more about ghosts, or study dates in general

Ok this post got way longer than I expected, I just love the idea of Yatesbert high school girlfriends. (If you wanna see more than this tho, you can send me one of the one sentence prompts and I’ll write a Yatesbert Highschool gfs drabble)

Hay Rides and Pumpkins

Summary: (USUK) Arthur promises his little brother a day of hay rides, pumpkin picking and corn maze fun. He expects a semi-strenuous day. When they meet their hay ride driver his brother gets other ideas. 

Warnings: Traditional omegaverse.

A/N: I wanted to write something fluffy for the fall, it’s my favorite season after all. /o/ 

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anonymous asked:

Are you going to continue your analysis on witcher vampires? I enjoyed that immensely

Aw dude, thanks! I got a couple of more topics to write about, yeah, but I’m not sure when I’m going to do them. I might’ve been playing FFXV kinda non-stop for the past week, soooo….

But hey, if you’re curious to take a peek of my organized academic notes, I’ve copy-pasted them under the cut.

EDIT// AND YEAH if you guys got any Witcher vampire topics you’d want me to write about, do send those in!

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Imagine cuddling with Woozi on a cold, rainy morning while you two are still in bed. Your head is gently resting on his chest and your arms lightly circled around his waist. Woozi on the other hand, has his head leaning on top of yours with one of his arm on your shoulder, pulling you close to him.

fics i want to write 👀
  • Teen Titans dreamteam when Damian’s about 16/17
  • Steph and Damian are Nightwing. At the same time. 
  • Clois for Sharing Scars
  • something about my cassiestephkara kids
  • a really long fic about all my next gen batman kids
  • Maps is Robin, she must hide this from Olive
  • Olive and Steph meet and become best friends
  • superbatlane + moving into wayne manor
  • villian batkids au
  • au where selina adopts steph and keeps helena, cue catgirl steph running around with a lil baby in a cat mask strapped to her back
  • au where it’s the current continuity but steph WAS robin/batgirl but needs to hide it for reasons

my fav things from the kekkai sensen finale 

  • Leo
  • Zed’s “nah man that degrading spiel actually isn’t great and you’re being totally reckless but hey man good luck” speech
  • The music. 
  • Like holy shit guys that music was so gorgeous from the silence in the basement dungeon to the classical music when he was running to the lady’s voice who we’ve been hearing from the beginning. Everything fit so perfectly and my ears were so pleased. 
  • The blue-eyed protagonist 
  • White resting her head on Black’s chest. They are and always will be super cute. 
  • THE VISUALS. When I watched the raw, I was blown away. Watching it the second time I’d about died. 
  • Mr. Watch San
  • The opening’s sparkle sparkle credit was fucking fantastic. The ending credit pictures was way to adorable for me to handle. 
  • A lot more actually
  • He doesn’t play by no ones’ rules
  • He does what he wants
  • He runs through the most crazy zombie-infested city for his friends
  • Actual cinnamon bun
  • #Teamsthatareactuallyjustonebigfamily2k15
  • Leo’s eyes. You guys don’t understand I love his eyes and they usually only give us a sneak peak every episode but they went crazy this time and even his cracked eye was beautiful (even tho that gotten hurt poor bby)
  • Klaus
  • Klaus honey
  • You broke Leo and you’re just a big fluffy cuddly teddy bear. 
  • Zapp’s whole “I’m pretty chill but actually hugely worried senpai who also believes in his little kouhai” thing he’s got going on
  • The banter

Conclusion: I’m going to buy the manga because i’m actually really confused by the actual plot like there were so many plot holes what the actual heck happened

What Have They Done?

@fandralxthexstabulous – continued from (x)

Opening his eyes just made them spike with pain from the light. He winced and closed them again, but turned his head towards Loki. He felt… fizzy, all over, as if something in his very skin were trying to escape.

“Loki,” he whispered. “I’m not sure…they kept asking questions about magic…”

♔—- Light hurt the swordsman’s eyes, that much was obvious by the way Fandral immediately closed his eyes the moment he opened them. His reaction mirrored that of anyone who woke up to a bright light, but it seemed much harsher than the average moment it took for the eyes to adjust. Loki recognized this reaction because he’d been through it and it left him wondering… just how long had Fandral been left in the dark? How long had they robbed him of his eyesight?

“Okay,” Loki murmured softly. “Were they trying to force you to use your magic so they could witness it? Or did they just want information from you?” He leaned more towards the former for the simple reason that Fan clearly went through more than just a questioning. He’d been hurt, tortured, and possibly even experimented on.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter. We can talk about it once you’re safely away from here. I’m going to get you down.” With a swift burst of magic, Loki removed the chains from Fandral’s wrists and body. The poor warrior fell forward, no longer having the support to keep him upright, but Loki caught him. “We need to get you home.”

Simon Woods, who plays Bingley, I dyed his hair red for this film. And weirdly, it’s continued to grow red and he resents me deeply for that. He was actually blond. But he should get over it. Do you know what i mean? - Joe Wright


In other words, I will probably be screaming incoherently on Tumblr every other Saturday until mid-April, since we have tax preparation in the library and it’s…chaos. Please send chocolate, silly videos, and/or hugs.

*falls over and continues screaming*

//I’ve done a theme update as motivation for myself to actually get my butt back into rping (I miss it, I really do guys)

So, um, I don’t know what to do now since I’m not sure if most people will be willing to continue any of the threads that we have? I guess I’ll just reply to them and see what people want to do from there.

@viridianlead continued from here

Cheerful as ever despite the abrasiveness, she extends a hand.

“Well fer starters I’m Alani! And ‘m not a challenger, haven’t battled much since I finished my trials. Th’ point ta my words is that ya look like an interestin’ fella, an’ I wanted ta come say hi~ I mean, if yer busy though oh but, ya can take even a small break right? C’mon, ya look like ya need one~”