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**whispers** not to be that person but remember 84 years ago when gba was still around and she got super fired up when someone insinuated that 1D was nothing like The Beatles and then all of the sudden she was writing full dissertations to prove otherwise even though she wasn’t even a 1d fan per se–she was just extremely passionate and determined to convince her followers that they had staying power much like the beatles because they started off in a similar fashion….and now Harry is on the front cover of another man in an iconic paul mccartney outfit being interviewed by paul himself and no offense at all but i am fucking awake

some thoughts on Alisha during the latest tozx episode because I’m still emotional over that smile

while yeah, I do have to admit that Alisha becoming a Squire like that was… pretty weird overall, at the same time though, a large part of her character is that she’s spent her life believing in these old tales/legends about the seraphim and the Shepherd and when things got truly awful in the world, even went out to search for the Shepherd knowing that there was a chance everything was make-believe.

And in the end, after seeing her friends die and getting THREE assassination attempts on her, after seeing her own countrymen turn on her and being forced to fight them, after she herself nearly dies for her ideals, she makes the Squire pact and for the very first time in her life, gets to see the seraphim she still wholeheartedly believed in and

look at that smile, look at how happy she is. After everything she’s been through, she’s more than earned this moment. 


SNH48 Princess Cloak teaser

I WENT GROCERY SHOPPING WEEPS …. I ALMOST PASSED OUT BUT /I DID IT/ …. i have survived War™ and I have food for my sick ass, amazing. thanks grubhub for keeping me alive

Also, quick announcement even though I’ve already mentioned this, but this upcoming weekend, I WILL BE IN DISNEY WORLD!!! (!!!!) Specifically, pretty much all day, every day from Sept 30 (Friday) - Oct 3 (next Monday), so obvs, aside from IM, I’m gonna be pretty unavailable. I’ll be queue’ing up any replies I finish the closer we get to Friday so I’ll have SOMETHING posting over the weekend but ye.

Feel free to reach me via IM during that time if u need me & maybe to check in & make sure I haven’t been caught up in a killing game ;’) karma amirite … or u know… to make sure i’m not CONDUCTING a killing game……………..


follow you moodboard part 1 of ?

“What if I told you I could get you one-on-one with James Buchanan Barnes?” He asked simply, once again stopping her right where she was. Her expression was no longer sarcastic, no longer annoyed, and as much as she hated to admit it- Tony Stark had just gotten her exactly where he wanted her. “I know you’ve been studying him. I read your little articles on your little blog, it’s cute.”

“James Barnes doesn’t talk to anyone,” she told him; already knowing that every psychologist who had tried to get him to open up about his past had failed. “What makes you think he’ll talk to me?”

Tony dropped his head to the left. “Because you’re a beautiful girl.” His tone insinuated that she should have already known his answer. “I’d put my money on Bucky Barnes being a real womanizer in the forties, and you know, old habits die hard.”

She scoffed at his tactics. “You’re delusional, you know that?”