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Enemies to the north.  Daughter of the North.

Lost and found

[Post 5x23 spec fic]

This is me processing the last few minutes of that finale because it’s the only way I’m making it until October. Enjoy!!

Just in case…. Just in case… Just in case…

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the destruction ripping apart the island, the island that seemed to never stop taking from him, as her voice echoed in his head. That innate protectiveness that drove him was screaming at him to move, to save them— somehow save them, no matter how irrational it seemed that there was a chance they were still alive, but it was like all the oxygen had left his body when Chase pulled that trigger. His body felt heavy, his feet glued to the spot as he clung to his son. The one part of him he knew for certain he hadn’t lost and couldn’t bear to let go of for even a second.

“Oliver…” William croaked, “Dad?”

The sound of his shaking voice unfroze him and he dropped to his knees to look him in the eye. He couldn’t find the capacity to form words yet, shock still numbing his brain as explosions continued to echo through the air, so he just squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Like he had done so many times with Felicity when words failed him.

He tried not to think about the words he should have said to her before he let her walk away. Words he might have forever lost his chance to say.

William’s eyes drifted over his shoulder to the fire blazing on the shore, “My mom… is she…”

“I don’t know.” He wouldn’t give him false hope, wouldn’t placate him with, “she’s going to be okay,” wouldn’t assure anything else that he couldn’t be certain of. He had already made that mistake. Pain, the kind he never wanted his son to feel and would give anything to spare him from, flickered in his eyes as his small hand grasped his arm tightly.

Just in case…

The coms. He was afraid to try, afraid to be met with silence. Closing his eyes, he tapped that spot over his heart.

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Most iconic survivor: game changers moments
  • “You’re only king until the queen arrives”
  • Michaela literally sipping tea during tribal 
  • Debbie using the extra vote to get out ozzy
  • Ozzy losing the hold onto the log challenge
  • When Andrea said “see to never” but zeke didn’t go home 
  • Michaela crying when she voted Zeke out 
  • When they blindsided Andrea 
  • Cirie’s son
  • Micheala being voted out so unfairly when Cirie fucked up 
  • Cirie trying to play Sarah’s extra vote 
  • Cirie and Micheala calling Sarah “Officer Sarah”
  • all the chaos that is sure to ensue in the finale 

I hate the 100 writers for damn well purposely not showing us any Bellamy Blake in the 6 year time jump. I hate that now I’m certain Clarke Griffin’s feelings for Bellamy have been realized. I hate that Bellamy thinks she’s been dead for six years. I hate that we have to assume that he moved on. I hate that we know Clarke never did….

What if like before the warehouse scene Oswald finds out the Ed loves him/Ed realizes he’s in love with Oswald - and Oswald somehow uses that to his advantage like with the trade off between Tetch. Like??? I keep thinking about how Cory said that in the finale Ed is completely outdone and Robin said that Oswald is the only one the can outsmart Ed. Plus Robin says that Oswald starts to lose his humanity. As much as I would like them to get together, I can’t help but think that maybe Oswald uses it against Ed or something

Hi, fam! Can’t believe it’s already the finale. I feel like the season just started!

Just posting a half selfie because it’s been a long, hard couple days between stuff going down in my family, my best friend’s/ my pseudo family, and in my “love life”. Still smiling though, or at least trying

Hoping for some solid bellarke tonight so I can focus on that.

Hope ya’ll enjoy tonight; I’ll be watching tomorrow after work :)

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I AM SO TIRED!! It also took me three tries to type that correctly.

I don’t think I’ve recovered from multiple 17 hour days and flying back from NYC and not having a full weekend to chill.

Anywho, so far I ate some Siete nacho tortilla chips and a piece of banana bread for dinner. I just don’t want to cook tonight at all.

WOD today was a hero: Bradley
10 Rounds for time of:
100m Sprint
10 Pull-ups
100m Sprint
10 Burpees

Most of us did it with a partner and I am very happy to of done only half. It took my partner and I 26:50 to complete it. With a partner your only doing five rounds and resting my while your partner is doing their round. I did banded pull-ups for four of the five rounds then jumping ones for the last round. I also managed to have the band slip off my foot and go right between my legs, something I do not recommend you do. Although, it was kind of funny!

some positive lesbian thoughts:

I’m so fucking excited to go out into the world and fall in love with the most amazing girl and have a good life together with her. I know she’s out there somewhere, I can tell, I’m 100% sure, and I can’t wait to meet her

it’s going to be incredible, I can just feel it!!!