and i'm not ready for that

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot about the Soleil and Male Kamui support dialogue, and here’s my opinion on it.

It doesn’t seem to come to anyone’s mind that Soleil is not fully gay. She has S-supports with guys. Her skill, Girl Lover, and the fact that she does like girls, as well as having S-supports with the male children, makes her bisexual (or at the very least biromantic). Kamui was not converting her to be straight - he was /helping her get over passing out in front of pretty girls/. Do you realize how much of a problem that is, especially in battle?

The drugging bit was a no-no, yes, but I am willing to overlook that for now and just hope the localization team does something about it.

Some of you guys are acting like bisexual/biromantic people do not exist. As one myself, I am offended. So, Soleil just so happens to be a skirt chaser. That does not mean she is a full-on lesbian. Again, she has S-supports with men. She even says that men are okay to date (though she prefers girls). Yes, it sucks she cannot S-support other girls in the army, but stop saying, “Soleil is gay! She only likes girls! Ew, boys!” when she is not.

Soleil is bisexual/biromantic who leans more towards women.

And that is all I have to say. Have a good one.


“True evil is, above all things, seductive. When the devil knocks at your door, he doesn’t have cloven hooves. He is beautiful and offers you your heart’s desire in whispered airs like a siren, beckoning you to her ruinous shore.”
“And what do you do when that siren sings?”
“You save your soul. or you give it to her.”
“But then you’re damned.”
“But you’re not alone." 

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