and i'm not i easily frightened

Me: I’m tough, right? I’m not afraid of spiders or horror novels or knives or anything. I function with my anxiety in the background. I’m strong. That’s something good about me, right? Not easily shaken.

A moth: *shows up*

Me: *runs away and falls over in my panic, completely shook*

Moth: *flies closer*

Me: *frightened whining* Go away!

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"Somehow you manage to scare me everytime we run into each other and i already get frightened very easily let me live” AU with any boy of your choice please (I'm horrible at making decisions with the boys)

I chose Bucky because he just seem like the cutest to do this with!

  • Bucky had just moved into your apartment building
  • Had a tenancy to be quiet
  • he saw you a lot but not in the way’s he’d like to because he thought you were totally cute
  • Every time you saw each other you jumped out of your skin
  • “Uh, hi-” he tried to introduce himself
  • you: yelps and practically clings onto the ceiling like a cat
  • Bucky already has a hard time talking with people and he just wanted to make a friend but he scared you 
  • Quickly walks back down the hallway embarrassed
  • “WAIT I’M SORRY I GE SCARED EASY!” you try to yell but the was already gone
  • Happens four more times until you finally grab his arm before he can run away
  • “Somehow you manage to scare me every time we run into each other and I already get frightened very easily let me live”
  • “I-uh, Sorry?”  he says confused
  • you huff, at least you got to talk to him
  • “Do you wanna go get pizza?”
  • Bucky still confused
  • “Yes?”

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OKAY y'all remember that series Jess had where Aph was a kindergarten teacher

an au that p much the same thing but with the cast of MCD instead as kids

feat. Crybaby Garroth who sticks to Aphmau’s side, Laurance who’s Garroth’s bestie and sticks to his side (so essentially it’ll be Garroth holding Aphmau’s hand and Laurance holding Garroth’s, along with a handkerchief), Katelyn the kid who’s constantly climbing things to prove she’s top dog in this classroom and always covered in bandages, Travis who easily frighten, significally younger than everybody and somehow ended up under the protection of Laurance and Katelyn, Dante who’s too curious for his own good, Nicole who always visits from the other classroom to see her bestie, and Kawaii-chan who constantly wants snack time and always somehow becomes the boss whenever there’s pretend play time


So!!! I am excited to announce that I’ll be hosting my own personal Splatfest! It’ll be Team Neo (left) vs. Team Vincent! (right)

So! Will you pick the cute and adorably strong Neo? OR the strategic and cool Vincent?

Sooooo….pretty much how I got this idea was…I was thinking of squad names for my squid babies, and the Squad name for Vincent/Neo’s team is ‘Rockie Icing’
The reason why it’s split between Vincent and Neo is because I honestly can’t pick a leader for Rockie Icing, and since I’m so extra and didn’t wanna do a boring coin toss lmao. My friends and I are still deciding on a date to host the splatfest on, were everyone can be free and open to play! I’ll be sure to update as soon as possible! 

@multiprism and I worked on the Splatfest art together!

We’ll be hosting most chats and calls on discord! Please pop me a message if you want the code to the server!

Side note: I get nervous real easily, I’m a nervous wreck hehe….I’m honestly real worried this might get really really big, my friend and I are trying to figure out a system so everyone can have a fair try playing for their team, I also wanted to do this so I can connect with the splatoon community better, I love to make friends ^^ 
Anyways, the system to organize people on which team might be a little out of sorts but we’ll try our best to make sure everyone’s having fun ^^

Be sure to try and keep up to date with MY reblogs of this event, we hope to see you soon, stay fresh!!!  ♡  ♡  ♡

me: scary movies always make me terrified and unable to sleep for a good week, and i still think about scary movies that i only watched once 7 years ago when i’m trying to fall asleep at night, and in general i am an easily frightened person with a vivid imagination so me watching scary movies is a bad idea

me @ me: but what if i went to see the new it movie

@mysticaldivinity continued from here:

Cori nodded stiffly, too frightened and alert to speak. His breath was rattling in his throat, and his short tabby fur was beginning to stick up along his spine - every one of his senses told him that the two cats were in massive danger, and that the only thing to do was run, or face whatever was causing him so much fear, which could easily be a fatal mistake. Anything could be lurking in the shadows, from Hidden Paw henchcats to mangy street cats or maybe even a rabid Pollicle. ‘I don’t know what’s scaring me,’ he confessed, his tone breathy and fearful as he scanned the darkness around him, his head whipping frantically from side to side as he did so. ‘But whatever it is, my powers is telling me that it’s dangerous, and I’m not going to argue with them.’

Glancing to the other cat, noting just how much he appeared to effected by this sense of utter dread, how scared he appeared, Tugger could tell that whatever it was… It was definitely a lot worse than the larger tom had initially thought.

“Right. Well, let’s go before whatever it is jumps out at us.” The Maine Coon muttered, nudging Coricopat towards the exit of the shady alleyway. The action meant both to help reassure him, and get him to move a little bit faster. 


“Five-foot-one and crying, you never stood a chance.”


Parursa - The Lost Pokemon(Ghost/Normal)

1) It is recognizable by its high-pitched moans throughout the night. It wanders the forest in search of something it seems to have lost, and frightens very easily.

2) Its flames glow startlingly bright, and can be seen from the outside of even the deepest woods. It may abandon its flames momentarily out of fear before fleeing.

Special move: Extinguish - The user extinguishes the flames on their body, losing their normal type status and boosting attack/defense.

Now if you’d excuse me, I’m gonna stop being a loser and try to do productive things. Maybe

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I want to thank you for your comic about hallucinations. It, and other stories from other people around tumblr, has sort of... I don't know really how to describe it. Normalized it, I guess. Made it seem less frightening. I just had one an hour or so ago, my second one ever, and I was able to get through it without fear. I knew what it was, and was able to easily accept it as 'okay, guess I get these when I'm sick'. IDK, I just wanted you to know how helpful it was. Thank you.

damn, that means a lot to me, and I am very glad that it helped! I wish all the best for you for the future

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URGENT: I am an INTJ and is very glad to be but sometimes it frightens me that I have this certain ability to manipulate people who and however I want to. I can lie so easily in front of anyone and I sure know what buttons to push to get to the side I want to see of them. It frightens me that I sometimes view people as chess pieces and play them to my game. Some say it's almost like I'm undervaluing their "humanness". Technically, I am afraid of what I can do. Am I the only one?

This goes out to you guys once again! Leave a comment if you have had similar thoughts / experiences!