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Crazy Together


When Lucas, although clumsily, asks Max to dance, Will hides a smile for his friend. Max accepts teasingly, and the two head off to the dance floor together. Mike, Dustin and Will stand there for only a moment, eyes lingering on their friends as they dance, when a girl from their Science class, Ava, walks up to them.

“Hey,” she says, looking straight on Will. “Do you wanna dance?”

“Uh, um, I don’t, I mean” Will stutters while he instinctively looks to Mike, who for a moment looks as shocked as Will feels. Much to Will’s disappointment though, Mike does not relieve him, but gives him an encouraging nod, urging him to respond. Will looks away, meets Ava’s eyes awkwardly. “I mean, yeah, sure.”

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I won’t say I'm in love! (MGG x reader)

AN: so like love is something I have a hard time with, and this came from the song ‘won’t say I’m in love’ cause I love that song. and megara, so any way. enjoy 
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Love was something you enjoyed the thought of, enjoyed reading about, watching in movies and seeing your friends jump for joy in there heart eyed wonder, it was wonderful for them, and you jumped with them in support. But for you nope, love was a stupid thing that the high gods above liked to trick you with, every relationship you had was doomed. At first you believed the fairy tales of a handsome prince coming to sweep you off your feet and make you his bride while doves flew around and angels sang. But now being an actual adult, you knew that for you that was pure bull shit, I mean sure you found people cute, and have been known to sleep with a few, only to do the not so to you, walk of shame, I mean shit getting laid is not a shame in your book. All your friends told you the person of your dreams would find you, and then you’d feel it, the feeling of flying and butterflies and all the shit Disney pounded into kids heads in the early ’90’s to mid 2000’s, you knew it was probably nice to not be the only one drinking alone at weddings and or congrats parties, well if you didn’t count the weird people who seemed plenty nice but not your type, good to throw back shots with but thats it. And thats where you find yourself now, a dress, nice decent flats because as much as you lied to yourself heels were never a good idea, standing alone at the bar watching your coworker chat around his soon to be husband next to him, raising your glass at him in congrats when his eyes caught yours. They were cute, true soul mates if that shit was real.

Sighing you found yourself looking around, most of the party goers were taken by either the closest drink or significant other, leaving you alone, well until the spot next to you was taken up by someone. Turning you came face to face with a tall as balls guy, looking up slightly he had to be 6’1 maybe 6’2, messy mop of medium brown curls, he looked good, smiling you nodded to him, turning back to the party floor.
“So you also here to drink the sickly sweet taste this party has left in your mouth” you turned back to him at that raising your eyebrow
“You mean the sickly sweet lovey dovey romance taste? Yes, vodka and coke does that wonders, the burn lets me remember the flames of hell that these parties submerge me in” he snorted at that laughing, he had a nice laugh, big smile all teeth, he was lanky but he wore it well, a simple dress shirt and pants, he looked nice, a beard growing made him look extra good.
“Thats a new way to speak of the beautiful bond of man and man, together till death or divorce do them part, so you a friend of the groom or the groom?” I laughed sighing
“Um groom that works helps me not drown myself, we work at a fashion magazine, i’m the personal assistant to the head lady, barley see her but she seems nice” You smiled at him realizing you had yet to ask him his name or tell him yours
“Oh shit, I’m (Y/N), by the way” holding your hand out he took it smiling you felt warm when he touched you, fucking vodka makes you flush gotta remember that.
“I’m Matt, Matthew, Matthew Gray Gubler if you are my mother and mad at me, but um just call me Matt to Matthew..which ever and I am rambling” you smiled laughing slightly
“Its cute, the rambling I mean, so Matthew, do you know groom one or two?” He smiled letting your hand go
“Oh um number 2, he works sound on the show I’m on, Criminal minds, I play the wonderful info machine Spencer Reid, ya know normal guy with a 187 IQ, possible schizophrenia, and did drugs for a bit, ya know totally normal for an FBI agent” your eyes widened at that, you knew of criminal minds, often having it on in the background while you cleaned or read,
“Oh shit, for real? I watch it but I don’t like…watch it…I have the attention span of a goldfish so…its nice background noise and I do at times scream at the TV when some crazy shit happens, my neighbors think I am insane I am sure” he smiled nodding, looking around you bit your lip
“Hey..I know its forward but fuck it 3 vodka and cokes and I am just the image of confidence, you wanna get out of here? Like I know a pizza place thats open till like 3am…” he looked around nodding holding his hand out to you, grabbing it you walked with him.

It had been a total of six months since you had meet the ball of…pure strange minded sunshine that was Matthew Gray Gubler, he was amazing, and great in bed, he was sweet and caring, he was amazing.
“So you and Matthew? Any…ya know…” sitting on your couch, your friend next to you, you shrugged
“Me and Matthew what? What are you on about?” Her face said it all the judgment the look of ‘you fucking know what I mean’ you groaned
“Nope, me and him are friends and thats it, he’s awesome and good for a drunk and or not so drunk sideways tango, like ever have like sleepy morning sex? Like he’s real good at that, and like shower sex is real nice, mainly cause his shower is bigger then mine and like he has really nice smelling soap, oh but like after party sex is the best, like super Dom and like sloppy is just” the smirk on her face would put the grinch to shame, you looked at her
“What? What?! Just because I enjoy sleepy sex with him does not mean I love him” the smirk was only getting bigger
“Okay then why is his art that he gave you the weird self portrait that looks like you mixed with a fucked up dinosaur on acid, right next to your bed, on the wall so you see it every morning, or why are his photos of you and him, the only ones you framed, I mean he’s real good with a camera but, seems kinda like you love looking at them and smiling all school girl has a crush style. Or why can you both sit in a room and not speak for hours, I have seen it, and just not get annoyed at each other, like you just laying in his lap, but when its like that with us you wanna scream and kick me out after a half hour, or how about the CD he made you of him performing your favorite poems? and thats the only CD you have still, like is it the age thing? I know 17 years is a lot but like he’s dated young chicks since like forever, like wasn’t he like 25 dating a 15 year old? Come on, admit it…” you looked at her mouth opening and closing trying to come up with some form of retaliation.
“I mean…he and me…I..Fuck I love him don’t I?” her smirk and nod said it all. Fuck.

Now sitting next to Matthew on his couch, a random campy horror movie playing, you found yourself, noticing every thing about him now, his smell, his laugh, his beautiful fucking face. You sank into the couch crossing your arms,
“Hey you okay? You got the look of someone who just saw their parents fucking? Whats up?” You turned
“My friend thinks I may be in love, which like I may be” his eyebrows furrowed
“Well who are they? Do you think they feel that way towards you?” You sighed shrugging
“I mean, I don’t know, we get along like super well, and she was just listing off these things that are big neon signs of me loving him, like apparently liking sleepy sex with him is a sign which like he’s really good at it, cause his voice is all rough and he’s slow an its awesome…but like…that doesn’t…that can’t….it does doesn’t it?” the look on his face was one you could classify as trying not to be either really jealous or sad, or both
“I mean I’d say that means you really like them, maybe love, who are they a friend from work?” His voice changed, a tinge of something, anger maybe
“No…he’s a stupid actor/director/artist that makes me amazing art” his jaw clenched you smirked
“Should I call him, tell him, maybe you can help me through admitting it? Please” a second later you hit call waiting, watching his face as he heard his phone ring, a slow smirk appearing on his face as he answered
“Hello? Whats up?” You smirked looking at him
“So..I know..its fucking dumb, but I really love you, um and was wondering if you wanted to like…be all gross and date me? Cause I wanna date you…” smiling he ended the call pulling you in by the back of your neck pressing his lips to yours, puling back
“Yeah, lets be fucking gross and date” maybe love was real, maybe it wasn’t, but this was something and you liked it.

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I have a really deep connection with a character from a show. I'm not kin because that's fucking stupid, I just really relate to the character like a normal person. Unfortunately, this character is really popular for kin folks and I want to kill myself every time I go through the tag.

Me too. I love Star Wars but it’s littered with Star Wars kin cuz of the new movies. I get kinda upset cuz I’ve been a fan for 12 years, and now all these 14-15 year old boys and girls want to ruin it with their disgusting kintypes.

Every "How to please/piss off the signs" post ever:
  • Aries and happiness: tell them they're swell
  • Aries and anger: tell them they suck
  • Taurus and happiness: inform them of their usefulness
  • Taurus and anger: inform them of their uselessness
  • Gemini and happiness: let them know they're swell
  • Gemini and anger: let them know they're the worst
  • Cancer and happiness: speak to them about how much they mean
  • Cancer and anger: speak to them about how much u h8 them
  • Leo and happiness: find creative ways to let them know they're wanted
  • Leo and anger: find creative ways to tell them they're an ass
  • Virgo and happiness: compliment them on their personality!
  • Virgo and anger: compliment them on their stupidity
  • Libra and happiness: post sticky notes around the house with friendly messages
  • Libra and anger: sharpie their forehead with dicks. Just fucking dicks, man.
  • Scorpio and happiness: nod at them from across the room to let them know you approve
  • Scorpio and anger: flip them off with both hands from across the room and slam the exit door behind you as you run away because they started to vault chairs and tables to kick your ass
  • Sagittarius and happiness: just tell them how u feel
  • Sagittarius and anger: just tell them how u feel
  • Capricorn and happiness: binge watch their favorite shows with them
  • Capricorn and anger: tell them you'll have a movie marathon with them and stay up through all the movies until you get halfway through the last one then say you're tired and that you're going to bed
  • Aquarius and happiness: compare them to your favorite characters to let them know how much u love them
  • Aquarius and anger: compare them with ur least favorite characters to let them kno exactly where they are
  • Pisces and happiness: smile @ them
  • Pisces and anger: frown @ them
  • And y'all be like
  • ...
  • wow that's so me omg