and i'm not dating finn

date a girl who can’t fit her hand inside a pringle can. date a girl who has a huge amount of trouble fitting her hand inside of a pringle can. date a girl who can get her hand about 4 inches into the can but then she has to tilt the can into her mouth but by that point a bunch of crumbs have accumulated at the bottom of the can, so they go spilling onto her face.

i’ll draw proper bun bun fanart once i see the episode (living without cable or proper internet sucks)

but i’m pretty sure if i didn’t doodle phoebe in a crop top and ponytail i would die

Fall (Part 4/?)

I said it’d be out sooner.

This chapter kind of got away from me. It’s a little over 13.8k words, so it’s the longest I’ve written. This one is…interesting. I’m curious as to how people will respond.

We have an angry Finn, a loopy Rae, and an almost nice Liam.

I hope you all enjoy. I enjoyed writing it.

If there are any grammatical errors, I apologize.



With a cup of black coffee and the book I always read.
I flip through the book page by page thoughtlessly, with my eyes closed.
To kill some time, I have abandoned myself.
The coffee that I drink everyday,
Is bitter today and I miss the sweetness from yesterday.

The next day finds me well rested and alert. I walk to work feeling lighter than I have in a long time, and I actually smile at the people around me. I had gotten up with Liam and got ready when he did. I didn’t even put any makeup on. He leaves the house about an hour before I have to, but I didn’t care. I had waited on the stoop while he locked the door and smiled when he turned around. He returned it and leaned in to kiss my forehead then the stitched cut next to my eye. His lips were cool and left my skin tingling. I had flinched away slightly when he reached out his hand to cup my face and shot him an apologetic smile. His eyes had lit with anger for a minute then he sighed and looked me in the eyes.

“I’m sorry Rae.”  

I had nodded slowly, relieved that he was angry with himself and not me.

“It’s okay. I understand.”

We’d smiled at each other again and I leaned into his touch on my cheek as he kissed my forehead again. I watched him walk to his car and felt something like happiness bubble inside of me. Things were finally changing.


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thereese98435-deactivated201407  asked:

[Reese sets of printed of picture of the boy's brother from the slave directory. A screen shot that makes it very clear it was from the slave directory next to a piece of paper that reads 'or' and next to that papers is a few bills and a note that reads 'Go buy the sluttiest cheerleading uniform you can find and meet me in the lobby of the mall I'm taking my slutty cheerleader girlfriend on a date.'

[Finn stares at the picture in horror, his heart pounding in his chest as he looks at it and rereads the note again. He mumbles irritably to himself, knowing he can’t let Reese get his hands on his brother, and he takes the money with a bag, practically running to the mall and towards the clothes shop. He quickly and begrudgingly finds an outfit, pays for it, and finds some place to change into it, stuffing his own clothes and the wig that came with the uniform into his bag. He glances down at his converse sneakers, going back and forth on whether or not Reese might get mad at him for sneakers and not some heels, but he decides not to worry about it for now. He makes his way to the mall lobby, ignoring how exposed he felt in the uniform and quickly finds Reese, wearing a letterman jacket. He approaches him, looking less than pleased.] I’m here for our date. [He mumbles.] 

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