and i'm married to gabriel

Okay but Adrien’s mother being the last Ladybug.

Adrien’s mother and Gabriel fighting each other as Ladybug and Hawk Moth and being a loving couple in real life, not knowing each other’s identities.

The last Chat Noir being in love with Adrien’s mother and them finding out each other’s identities, Chat Noir becoming a friend of their family and playing with little Adrien whenever he can come over and loving him like his own son, despite his heart breaking because the love of his life has not chosen him.

Hawk Moth managing to defeat and unmask them. Gabriel staring in complete shock and feeling so incredibly betrayed by his wife and incredibly furious that the “friend” she always invited over was her partner in fighting him.

Ladybug and Chat Noir making a final effort to allow their kwamis to escape, Adrien’s mom telling Tikki to find a kind, sweet and determined Ladybug and Chat Noir telling Plagg with a smile that little Adrien would make a wonderful hero.

Gabriel keeping both of them captive to this day and being so strict with Adrien so that he ensures that he does not betray him like his mother has.

And Gabriel’s reaction when he finally realizes who the current Chat Noir is, and Adrien and Marinette being captured as well and meeting Adrien’s mom and the other Chat Noir, and even though none of them have their kwamis anymore, they fight Gabriel together and free all the kwamis.

And Adrien remembers his mother’s friend who had always been more of a father to him than Gabriel and we have two generations of Ladybugs and Chat Noirs getting together and living happily ever after and.