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40+ Up: Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)


for @morisuke-kun because the latest chapters of connected blew me away

Don’t tell me you know what it’s like
Unless you’ve repeatedly slammed your head into a wall just to make the noise stop.
Until you’ve convinced yourself a million times that there is not one person who gives a shit about you.
Until you’ve taken a blade to your flesh and you can’t even see the seriousness of it because who gives a shit right?
Until you’ve spent months alone because you’ve been rejected by everyone you know.
Until you’ve destroyed yourself time and time again because you’ve decided that you don’t care anymore.
Until you’ve failed in everything you’ve tried because the plethora of symptoms that comes with mental illness has held you back at every turn.
Until you wake up everyday wondering who you will be today.
Until you’re so prepared to be hurt that you don’t even get hurt anymore.
Until you’ve seen the look of horror on people’s faces when you’ve blurted about your illness because you forgot people don’t wanna hear that shit.
Until you’ve latched on to someone you’ve known for two minutes because you’re so desperate for some kind of attention, affection, love.
Until you’ve pushed away people you love because your mind wouldn’t let you believe you could be loved,
Because you convinced them they didn’t love you,
Because your constant questioning stopped being cute and became overbearing.
Until you’ve tried to convince people that you’re amazing whilst simultaneously self-deprecating in an attempt to force them to realise what a fucking mess you are so they can leave you now before you’re too attached.

Don’t stand there and tell me you know what it feels like.
Don’t tell me everyone has those days
Because you don’t fucking having these days!

—  Those Days, CC (the coffee table book)

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au where stars are watching humans

 observer effect

i. stars get it wrong, of course–they assume too much phosphorus and not enough fear of death, pulsar instead of pulse. They leave out uncertainty, not knowing what it was above the subatomic level; the softer shades of melancholy and the gentler warmths. But they get the shape right, the brighthot of blood. They get that right too.

ii. all their metaphors are for burning, and they ascribe to soft tongues a taste for sulfur, fingers at the ends of spiral arms. They drink liquid helium from a cracked Dewar flask and wonder aloud if humanity is looking up, looking back.

(how cold they must be, the stars’ carbon cousins–wet and cold, and can humanity do arithmetic in parallax, do you think, counting parsecs between two stars in inexorable collision?

it’s called a kiss, cygnus X-1 says quietly. they call it a kiss.)

iii. they say when you feel your child’s protoplanetary disc first differentiate, you will cry tears of methane.

iv. it’s called the Kindling, when the faint sheen of protostellar mass catches alight, and burns with all the brightness of adulthood. Protostars of thirteen stand around bathroom mirrors, examining their helium layer for bright spots, looking for stray molecular clouds in their nail beds. All of them are in love with the astrophysics teacher, whose stellar wind sends flickers of light across the meteor fields.

late at night (but what is night to a star?) they trace the spiral arms of their evolving galaxies, and dream dry dreams of neutron star collisions hotter than blue hypergiants.

v. we are made of starstuff, says a man, craning his thread-slender neck, looking up into the abyss of wind and fire of the universe.

oh, breathes a star, squinting down at the infinitesimal speck of rock, turning and turning in the vastness of space. oh. 

we didn’t have a name for us, before.


Enigma’s Plot Bunnies → Margaux Lefebvre

Abandoned as a child, Margaux used to live in the woods beyond the quiet village of Villeneuve. Whenever she ventured into town, the only people who didn’t look down their noses at the orphan were the chaplain, the local artist, and the other indigent beggar, Agathe, the pair of paupers often sharing their scraps. Stealing food to survive became second nature, but everyone gets caught eventually and Margaux would’ve been arrested had Père Robert not stepped in. The chaplain often found himself sheltering the wild girl and wished he could help her, but no one in Villeneuve was willing or able to take her in. As such, after compensating the victim of her theft, he offered her a bargain: she could make the church her home and he would teach her to read, write, and raise her to be a valued member of society, but she had to be baptized and devote herself to living an honest Catholic life; no more stealing, he emphasized. It had been an easy decision.

Growing up with a chaplain as a guardian instilled a devout faith and morality in Margaux. She helped Père Robert by passing out bibles during mass, assisting him in ceremonies as needed, and even learned to play that irksome organ to lead the villagers in their hymns. But no matter how hard she tried, most of the villagers remembered her as nothing more than a thief and it showed in their treatment. This fact was never more clear then when it came time for Margaux to learn a trade. If she’d had a family, she would’ve been trained in their craft but, as she had none, she had to find a way to make a living on her own. It was easier said than done as none of the dressmakers or seamstresses would accept her as their apprentice. Nor would the wig maker, the tavern keeper, the baker, or even the candlestick maker. Just as she’d resigned herself to joining the nunnery in Paris, Maurice approached her with an idea. Belle had told him of her friends love of music, so why not make music boxes with him?

As the years passed, Margaux flourished as an artist under Maurice’s kind tutelage. Not only did she get to create beautiful pieces of art, but it gave her enough funds to help keep a roof over her and Père Robert’s heads and food in their stomachs. Margaux took the name “Lefebvre”, craftsman, and found herself appreciative of her lot in life but not content. She could have all the coin in the world and food aplenty, but it didn’t matter when Margaux lacked the one thing she truly wanted: a family. Who were they? Where were they? Why had they abandoned her? Questions that had plagued her for most of her life. When she and Maurice traveled to the market one fine day to sell their wares, Margaux had no idea the answers she’d sought were so close. She could swear she’d been inside the strange castle before, but that was impossible. Entirely impossible…

Ok but I’m low key writing a klance au where they meet the way parents met and I’m laughing so hard,,, like my mom and stepdad were both dancing in a salsa competition and my mom got 1st place and my stepdad got 2nd place and my mom was like ‘lmao better luck next year baby’ (my stepdad is young looking it wasn’t a pet name trust me it was meant to be an insult) and then next year they got paired together, won technical and crowd favorite and now they’re married and I’m so!!! I’m making lance my mom bc sass and hella insecure and Keith my stepdad bc my stepdad can juggle knives and also they’re quiet unless they get passionate about something and
I’m,,, im fucking writing an au about how my parents met I’m dying


happy 8th anniversary to my favorite group in the whole wide world! 

from debuting with replay to members becoming successful solo acts, fashion editors, and acting in movies and dramas, you’ve come far from those early days. I’m beyond proud to be a shawol. let’s go for many more years and even more success! 

  • Ike: Kyle... what I said about you not being my brother and being dead to me...
  • Kyle: Ike, I know. I know I'm not technically your-.
  • Ike: You're right... You're not... You're just the boy who looks out for me even when I don't want you too... who sat beside my bed at night until I fell asleep because I was afraid of the dark... helped me with my homework... You taught me to read and write... And you always welcomed me back home with a smile. Sounds a lot like a big brother to me.


He heard the shout before he felt the wind getting knocked out of him by a mass of pure muscle wrapping around his waist and tackling him to the ground. He made an undignified squeak as he fell, expecting the harsh ground to smash against his back. But instead he landed on a slightly softer surface. He propped himself up on his elbows to see the Commander smiling like a dork under him.

“What is wrong with you?” Dorian tried not to laugh as he watched Cullen’s face light up. “Do you often assault people minding their own business?”

Dorian stood and offered his hand. Cullen took it without hesitation, but rather than pulling himself up, he just pulled Dorian back down. He used their combined weight to roll them so Dorian lay on his back and Cullen sat perched atop his hips. He balled his hands into loose fists and held them up.

Dorian raised an eyebrow, “Oh I see: you want a fight.”

Cullen smiled down at him and began to throw an easily avoidable punch. Before it could come anywhere close to landing on anything, Dorian threw up a ward, throwing the Commander back a good five or so feet. Dorian quickly got to his feet and laughed at Cullen’s shocked expression.

“That’s cheating!” He snickered.

“That’s what I’m best at, isn’t it?” Dorian waited until Cullen got to his feet before making a run for it.

“If I can’t use magic, neither should you!” He began to sprint after him, dodging the messengers and training troops.

“It’s no fun if you put rules on it!” Dorian called back, only daring to glance back for a second, lest he slam into a tree.

He felt arms around his ankles as soon as he looked forward again, crashing to the ground. He managed to scramble onto his back before Cullen was on his hips again, hands up, ready to block whatever Dorian had for him.

“I’m not going to beat up a cripple.”

Cullen threw his head back as he laughed, distracting him long enough for Dorian to toss him over his head and onto his back. Dorian got to his feet as he waited for Cullen to stop laughing. The Commander eventually stood and got into a fighting stance. Dorian chuckled as he did the same.

Cullen charged at him with a sloppy punch. Dorian ducked to the left, only to be caught in the ribs with a breathtaking blow. He winced as a surprising pain when through his side.

“Ah! Good one. You’re not holding back, are you?”

Cullen laughed as he stood back again, beginning to circle Dorian. “I know you can take it.”

Dorian followed the blond’s lead, ignoring the throbbing in his side. He would definitely have a bruise in the morning.

“You’re sure you want to fight me?” Dorian taunted.

Cullen grinned, “Without your magic you’re defensele—”

He was cut off as Dorian’s fist collided with his jaw. Cullen went stumbling to the ground, more in shock than in pain. Cullen chuckled as he swirled his tongue around his mouth and tasted blood. He spat and remained on one knee staring up at Dorian with a praising look.

“Defenseless?” Dorian scoffed, “Are you so certain about that?”

Cullen threw himself at Dorian’s midsection, draping him over his shoulders and standing.

“Put me down you damn brute!” Dorian said as he laughed, enough to make him lightheaded. Cullen laughed with him, obliging to his request and beginning to lower them to the ground. He let Dorian off of his shoulders before laying down in the grass.

“For a cripple, you can throw a punch.” Dorian teased as he laid down next to him, putting his arms behind his head and staring up at the clouds. “I haven’t done anything like that since I was a teenager,” he reminisced.

Cullen hummed next to him, his panting settling into a content sigh. “I figured we could both use a bit of fun.”

Dorian chuckled, “Our ideas of fun are very different.”

Cullen shifted onto his side to face the mage, “But you enjoyed yourself, didn’t you?”

“Is that what you would like to hear?” Dorian tilted his head to look Cullen in the eye.

The blond shrugged and ran his hand through his hair to brush it back into place. “That would be nice,” he smiled.

“Then no.”

Cullen laughed and rolled onto his back again. “I’m sorry for wasting your time, then.”

Dorian rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically, “Now you’re making me feel guilty; that’s also cheating.”

Cullen grinned at him, “Can’t cheat after you’ve won.”

Dorian smirked as he removed his hands from behind his head and started brushing the dirt from his clothes. “Is that what you think happened?”

Cullen shrugged, “I won by forfeit.”

Dorian rested his hands next to him in the grass as he subconsciously started looking for shapes in the clouds. Cullen’s warm fingers tangled with his and he glanced over with confusion. The blond simply smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

“I should, um…” Dorian didn’t want to leave or seem like he was eager to end their interaction, but they were publicly laying in the garden watching the clouds together while holding hands, and Dorian didn’t need Varric to tease him with it later. “I need to get back to my research—”

“I’ll walk with you,” Cullen offered immediately. He tugged Dorian up with him, and they were probably a little too close when they both got their footing. But Cullen obviously didn’t mind by the way he wrapped his arm around Dorian’s waist while they walked.

Technically they were courting, but Dorian simply never imagined that Cullen would want to give people any more ammunition against him. But then again, many things about the way Cullen conducted himself around him surprised Dorian. It almost felt as if Cullen was proud to show off his affection for Dorian. Overall, Dorian figured it wasn’t such a bad thing. He may have even enjoyed it a little.

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could you show us what pieces you put for the CSSSA animation application? also, do you have any tips on how to get in? thank u

Assignments a,b, and c. Hopefully they’re in order, it’s been a while. The animation I submitted was a film about supermarket dreams.

Honestly, the dudes who look at your application pieces are really searching for what kind of artist you are, as an individual – how that reflects in your work and all that. I’m just guessin’ about here, but I really think technical capability isn’t scoured there. Your personality and your work has to tie together seamlessly.

Oh! Write your artist statement + other writing bit from the heart. Don’t sweat it mang.

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I'm writing a fantasy comic about elves. I want to draw inspiration from more than europe and I'm afraid I'm creating caricatures or appropriating cultures. I'm mostly worried about one race which I based off of mediaeval Iran, they aren't /technically/ muslim but coded as such and wear hijab and live in palaces that look similar to mosques where they study the stars. Since magic is taboo in islam should I make them human or just not have them practice magic or something else entirely?(p1)

I’m also afraid I’m just appropriating cultures since I’m taking artistic liberties for the fantasy side. I’m trying to learn as much as possible of the different cultures I’m gaining inspiration from to not have a flat representation but I don’t know. Could I submit some concept artwork to see what you think? Thank you so much for your blog and your time it’s so helpful. 

Non-Muslim Iranians and Appropriation

Hi officialvodkaaunt,

If they are not Muslim or coded as such, I’d have to say that their wearing hijaab is a problem and definitely appropriative - as is their mosque-like palaces. If they aren’t Muslim, there’s nothing wrong with using Middle Eastern culture correctly and presenting other, possibly polytheistic cultures within that area.

Since you’re aware Islam and magic do not coincide and we’ve gone over this multiple times, I’d suggest your removing these aspects and focusing on another of the cultures that has roots in Iran.

As for your appropriation concerns, the tag has a wealth of material on this.

-Mod Kaye

just imagine...somewhere along the way
  • stiles: *nervous* okay lydia....i think its time you real first name is <insert whatever name jeff comes up with>
  • lydia: yeah i know
  • stiles: i know it sounds ridiculous, and weir-....wait...what? you know?
  • lydia: yeah
  • stiles: because i told you. just now....right?
  • lydia: no because i've always known
  • stiles: i only told Scott and i know he didn't tell you cause he can't pronounce it himself!
  • lydia: Scott didn't tell me.
  • stiles: my dad?
  • lydia: yeah stiles i go to the sheriff and talk about his son's unusual first name.
  • stiles: did you look at my personal records? *eyes narrowed*
  • lydia: that sounds like something you would do. not me. if you must know you told me yourself. way long ago.
  • stiles: i did not. i'm sure i would have remembered telling you my name!
  • lydia: well technically you didn't tell me. you kind of wrote it.
  • stiles: *confused* what?
  • lydia: *sigh* remember in fourth grade, you write me a poem for valentines day? you signed it as <insert whatever name jeff comes up with>.
  • stiles: i slipped it into your locker when no one was around. it was supposed to be a secret valentine admirer thing.
  • lydia: yeah well you thought you were being very clever using your real name to sign it huh?
  • stiles: how did you know it was me?
  • lydia: it wasn't a big mystery. the poem said something about my hair being strawberry blonde. i knew it was you. and your initial is M so i put two and two together. *shrug*
the signs as things my spanish teacher has said
  • Aries: "oh, here's some painting. hhhhHHHMMMMMM" *slapping randomly at whiteboard*
  • Taurus: "anybody have cereal today? Cheerios has three grams of protein"
  • Gemini: "people are like 'how do you say high five, like 'alto cinco?'' if you go on the streets and go 'hey! *imitates high five* you're just telling them you need deodorant."
  • Cancer: *talking about Kashi* "it's disgusting, but someone's gotta do it"
  • Leo: "when you become successful and a millionaire... I'll be right here, waiting for my check. thanks y'all"
  • Virgo: "ooh, look, I'm drinking tea! ooh! there's nothing special in there, it's just flavored water. get over yourself."
  • Libra: "your little whip, or whatever y'all do."
  • Scorpio: "you also have a pole up your *coughs*"
  • Sagittarius: *story that may or may not be true about an old student that was arrested but kept writing to him in prison*
  • Capricorn: (student: "the natural remedy of chicken soup?") "yeah, naturally grown in the desert."
  • Aquarius: "that thing with the udders... technically, it's un perro."
  • Pisces: *long lecture on the calories in different breakfast foods*

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Hey, I just wanted to write you my most heartfelt THANK YOU! For translating the clips so fast, for being patient with everyone's questions! You're wonderful! And this fandom is (mostly) wonderful! I'm 31, from Germany, but Skam still gets me, too! And I see all these wonderful young people getting into video editing and all the technical sides of it, but also looking out for and supporting each other and it just... warms my heart! :*

oh my god, you’re too kind <3 i appreciate this a LOT! i think a lot of ppl don’t realize that the reason why we translate stuff for you is so we can enjoy skam together! i know we sometimes say that some foreign viewers overstep some boundaries, but if we didn’t want you guys to watch, we wouldn’t translate skam at all (^: 

i mostly appreciate the fandom as well, i think we’re a pretty swell gang <3 have a nice day, anon!

Alright, I promised more info on the next multichapter story after my return home, and so it begins! Today you get the teaser/cover for the fanfiction with the working title of Noumenon.

No, it’s not Green Lantern Alex Danvers. My patrons did technically vote, but I totally influenced them by mentioning I was having a lot of feels/inspiration for this particular AU. 

This AU is a scifi/fantasy mix that you’ll learn more about over the next few days. I won’t start posting the actual fic until I have several chapters completed, but you will learn more about it before I begin posting. :)