and i'm listening to them on my iTunes

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I'm a bad queer, i don't listen Halsey much, still trying to find that song that'll made me listen to her. What song were you listen to today?

Lol, not a bad queer for that. I’m hesitant to post songs from Badlands and Room 93 because as concept albums you really have to listen to them entirely and in order BUT these are my favorite song from each album:

“Is There Somewhere” - Room 93 (2014) [This is one of my favorite songs. Ever. Of all time. It’s the #2 most played song on my iTunes out of 18,096 songs I have on there.]

“Roman Holiday” - Badlands (2015)

“Now Or Never” - hopeless fountain kingdom (2017) [First single from the new album]

“Eyes Closed” - hopeless fountain kingdom (2017) [New song that was released today.]

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I'm learning Spanish completely on my own with no Spanish friends and no Spanish teacher. I do not live in the country. Am I completely forsaken because I have no immersion? How can I teach myself Spanish?

For practicing listening or writing, there are Spanish podcasts, there are also penpalsLang-8,  the Spanish newspaper / videos / online things like El País, the BBC news in Spanish, and Univision

There are also many free podcasts on iTunes if you look for them, probably in the Education section, but you can google iTunes Spanish podcasts and find stuff that way too.

And Brainscape did a Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish for YouTube specific listening things.

I also recommend spanishisyouramigo and Señor Jordan

Also the channel practiquemos is very good for the beginners of Spanish who are looking for some grammar / pronunciation help

P.S. I tag most resources as either recursos or reference / references

I also have other tags related to grammar, vocab, verbs… you can find it all at my Useful Tags section

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I was wondering if you had any advice for me...I'm studying Spanish in school and one of my biggest problems is understanding what is being said to me in Spanish. I can read, write, and speak perfectly but listening is so hard! Do you know of any TV shows, movies or podcasts that would help me? Gracias!

If you have iTunes I would recommend looking up Spanish podcasts. I’m not totally familiar with all the podcasts available but that’s really helpful to hear people having conversations.

There are plenty of Spanish youtubers that you can look at …some of them are also instructional like  Practiquemos, Butterfly Spanish, and Señor Jordan.

Hulu Latino has some pretty good stuff available. I’m partial to Netflix, where you can actually go in and search for subtitles and language options (not just for Spanish, but you know).

Youtube also has a few series or at least some episodes of things that have been dubbed from English. I know that I’ve seen The Nanny (La Tata or La Niñera depending on which dub), as well as simple things like The Magic Schoolbus (El autobús mágico) and Captain Planet (Capitán Planeta y los Planetarios).

And another thing - which I probably shouldn’t say - is that you can also find some movies on Youtube in Spanish dub because Youtube works slower to find copyright infringement stuff for Spanish language. So I definitely remember watching Jurassic Park (Parque Jurásico) and The Lost World: Jurassic Park (El mundo perdido Jurassic Park) on Youtube, as well as a dub of a few Disney movies if you know what to search for.

You can also check Wikipedia to see what the Spanish version of a movie’s title is and trying your luck on Youtube, just don’t go too far into scary sites that have lots of viruses you know.

If there aren’t subtitles available it’s best to find something you know pretty well so you can focus more on the words and not wondering what’s happening.

I also recently came across a site known as which has free audiobooks for download since they’re public domain; so you can check to see what’s available in Spanish. Some of them are poetry or older classics like Aesop’s Fables or the Odyssey but if you can find a written version to follow along with it’s very good practice and something you can do just about anywhere even when you’re on the go.

You could also look over at penpalskulduggery to see what native Spanish speakers are there that would be up to being a penpal and you can maybe converse with them for practice as well, which is very helpful from a conversational standpoint.