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“You’re so much stronger than you know.”

Taking my usual break between VLD seasons to catch up on things I’ve put on the backburner to watch~ My friend suggested this series a long time ago and I never got around to reading/watching it until now. 

I marathoned this whole series in a week HAHAA. Ofc I love Todoroki the most!!! He’s so precious T_T Plz save him……my new son…….

okay but jove is an amazing dad an apollo deserved so much more time with him

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Autumn Classic International 2017 Part 1 reaction post (Yuzu-centric)

I had good timing today in watching the Autumn Classic. I made it home from work just in time for the six minute warm-up of the Men’s SP Group 3 – meaning Yuzu was set to skate in about 12 minutes and I had just enough time to grab something for dinner before sitting down to watch.

Yuzuru was insane.

Like seriously, WTF, Yuzu. 

That 4S looked like it was dropped from heaven. Literally, his airtime made it look like he flew and then dropped onto earth in a smooth landing. He was in the air for so long that it felt like he could add an extra rotation in there and decided not to. The judges gave him +3GOE across the board – that’s how good it was. His 3A from a back counter was as amazing as ever. And then he does the 4T+3T with arms up in a perfect Rippon. That is how a Rippon jump is supposed to look like. Arms straight up and centered, looking effortless. If anything, the Rippon made it seem like he rotated FASTER and looked like it pulled him up higher into the air.

It was so surreal watching his SP. I’m so used to seeing the old choreography and layout, that it felt off. Not “wrong” exactly, but surprising, I guess. “Here’s where the little hop is…… or not. He’s still spinning.”
The changes fit the music, but it’ll take a bit to get used to it since I’ve watched the old version develop over two seasons+watched it more than a couple dozen times since. I’m sure it must have been interesting overriding muscle memory over the summer.

I’m just–  He’s skating with pain in his right knee. His team announced that Yuzu would scale back his program to take it easy on his knee, yet it still had such a crazy BV that it meets his peak from two seasons ago and beats his own World Record.
And he doesn’t even look out of breath at the end. He just shrugs. Basically: “Meh. Not bad for a Plan B. Solid start for the season,” then goes on to bow and sit for his scores. Geez, Yuzu. I’m excited to see how the program will look when it’s filled in with the correct jumps and smoothed out. 

Even if we deduct a few points to account for Olympic Year Inflation, he still earned close enough to his old record, and this is the first competition of the season, where he’s usually at his weakest stamina-wise. His starting point this year is where he left off at his peak. What I’m getting at is, if he’s starting at 112.72 already, and not very strained, how high can he go when he pushes his limits?

Two travelers - a nothing-bad-happens ending where Elam starts traveling with Gieve to visit the legendary places he always wanted to see

Work 1/3 for Arslan Senki Fandom week 2k17

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Bakugou's voice cracking in the new episode cracked my own heart... ;;;

Bakugou crying will always make me cry too, that’s just a set rule of this universe (;;) terribly enough tho today I’m not the best person to have a feels fest with cause, uh, actually I spent most of the episode being annoyed at the way the fight and most of Bakugou’s moods were being adapted so hahahHAHAHA 

bug asks

butterfly - What’s your favorite outfit to wear?

bumblebee - Have you ever done something you had thought was impossible?

cricket - Do you like small talk?

larva - Who or what inspires you?

dragonfly - Do you think you’re cool? If not, do you want to be?

beetle - What’s something you definitely want and intend to do in your life?

hive - Do you like Holidays? Do you have a favorite?

cicada - What makes a good song?

termite - Do you have a dream career?

monarch - What’s your favorite kind of weather?

ant - What’s a skill you’re proud of that doesn’t get appreciated enough?

mosquito - What’s a trait you admire in others?

luna moth - What’s your favorite way to spend a good day?

pantry moth - What’s your favorite way to spend a hard day?

viceroy - Do you dress up for Hallowe’en, and if so what was your best costume?

housefly - Do you prefer urban, rural, or totally natural settings?

louse - Is there anything people comment on a lot that you wish they wouldn’t?

wasp - Do you prefer group or one-on-one interactions?

eggs - Do you feel like you are the age you are?

flea - Do you like animals, and if so what kinds?

exoskeleton - Do you like silence/ being alone?

orb weaver - Do you have any inventions you’d like to see made real?

brown recluse - Are you a private person?

cocoon - Do you have a friend or partner whose family you love?

mantis - Do you like learning? Do you teach yourself stuff?

pond skater - Do you swim?

grasshopper - Are you more likely to eat fast food or microwave/instant food?

antenna - Does stuff like make-up or dressing nicely improve your mood?

weevil - What would you like to be famous for, if you had to be famous?

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I hope they show Shiro and Keith meeting when Keith was a child so that they can show shallies how gross and weird that ship is?? Like "hey I'm Shiro, old as heck but when you're old enough we'll date" (and hopefully they'll stop ruining shiro for everyone)

keith meeting sh!ro when he’s a small child would be the???? cutest thing ???? please @ dreamworks help me out here, throw me a fucking bone

sh!ro seeing keith at 5 years old or something when he’s 12 and just… dying because he’s adorable. he adopts keith right then and there

shiro: “you’re my brother now”
keith: “what”


this might just be because I’m ace/not into vore as a primarily sexual thing, but why does the gender/sex of pred and prey seem to be such a massive deal to a lot of people?

this espcecially confuses me when there’s no explicit sexual activity/overtones involved, and it especially bothers me in those scenarios when people are like “male pred/female prey vore only!” because it really seems to perpetuate a female-submissive/male-dominant dynamic that’s really kind of harmful. 

That’s why I’m asking this at all really, like- normally when I see a kink thing I don’t get I just go “eh, different strokes for different folks” but this explicit gendering of a scenario where there seems to not only be no need for it but also grounded in harmful gender associations doesn’t sit right with me

Looking for a Companion~

Would.. would anyone, like to uhhhh.. would any of you like to see.. my favorite memes? I know it’s sudden, and we barely know each other.. But I feel like I can be myself with you. You might think I’m just a typical shit poster, but I can promise you.. that if you let me in.. let me in reeeaaaaaallllllllllll deep, then.. well then I can make you hate yourself for laughing at all the horribley stupid memes I have on my laptop.