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If you were a dragon, what would your treasure be made of? What would you be obsessively hoarding? For me it’d be art supplies and various dinosaur items. Tell me what your hoard would be in the comments or in the tags!

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I had a dream where I was good friends with harry, but louis wasn't warming up to me. But then we were alone (for some reason, thank you bad dream transitions) & I told him he was actually my inspiration & harry and I had bonded over talking about how much we loved him and how Louis was Harry's fav thing in the world, and Louis didn't say anything but then he took me to meet his box of kittens. And the dream ended with us cooing over a whole box of kittens and being friends, so it was the best.


ooc;; The Kirby series has:

  • A three-dimensional cast of characters that is very dynamic and interesting when you look at it
  • Storylines that can be very dark and complex when you really look at them
  • Incredibly dark, powerful villains, many of whom are capable of destroying a planet, at minimum.
  • Probably the most consistently amazing OST in every game.
  • The cutest, most lovable main characters that are never played for darkness or drama, because the Kirby universe may not be idealistic, but the people within it still are.
  • A really cool, fascinating universe that is gradually but surely getting more and more fleshed out with every game.

And yet this is somehow Nintendo’s less popular main series???

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hey, could you please help? i've only recently started using tumblr again after like, yeeeeears, and i can't seem to find the button to make sure my ask box is open and anon is on... could you possibly please direct me to that? thanks

Absolutely! I’m going to go ahead and make this public because I know someone else that just got a Tumblr and they’ll likely want to know too. I hope that’s okay.

I’m also going to explain this in a long, detailed way because I want to make sure that there isn’t any confusion.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this on mobile, so it might be best to do it from a computer.

Also, with screencaps!

Welcome to the dashboard! What you’ll want to do, for starters is click the little profile head in the corner and pull down the menu:

I have some extra stuff in my menu because I have multiple blogs (one of which I haven’t started yet but plan to use instead of my other writing prompt blog thing, but that’s another topic entirely).

Next, you’ll want to click on “Settings”. It’ll open up a new window with various information including your email address, the last place you logged in from, etc, so I’m not showing my full screen. What’s important is the side bar on that screen, which should automatically appear.

Again, I have extra stuff here because I have multiple blogs.

If you also have multiple blogs, or plan on having them, you can change the inbox/anon settings for each one individually. The star icon indicates which blog is your main blog, which is why “writertobridge” has a star and the others do not.

Whichever blog you want to edit the settings for, click on the title on this “Settings” side bar menu.

This should be similar to what you see once the blog is selected. There’s a bunch of things that you can change, but for inbox settings, you’ll want to scroll down.

This is the order the settings should appear in. “Likes” is right after “Encryption”, which showed up on the last screen capture.

The “Ask” section is what you want to focus on.

To change the settings, just click the toggle and it’ll flip over.

This means that the setting is off.

This means that the setting is on.

When you toggle the settings, this icon will appear to show that the settings have been saved:

You can also change the “Ask page title” to anything you want. I have mine set to “Ask Anything”. That is not the default. And whatever you set it as will also be the text on your blog’s navigation.

Where that navigation is depends on the blog skin you have.

I hope this helps! <333

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hi! first of all: amazing blog, this is like a godsend. down to business: i'm writing a world thats a little san junipero-esque in the fact that the human mind is scanned and "translated" into code, then put into a database. Do you know what would happen if such a system crashed? would all the "data" be deleted?

o///o why thank you

Ooooh, transcendence. Neat idea, dunno if I’d be part of the first wave.

Right, business. Serious now.

This is Sam, the Serious Swan. It is now time to be Serious™.

Also got kinda long so imma put this below a readmore ^^

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I’ve got a real story about Kiss, do you want to know? This is true.

Do you ever realize what a strange combination of things Ryan Haywood is?

Theater nerd that knows the name of broadway songs and musicals
Reads classic books and poetry and regularly recites passages on his streams
Technical genius that hardwires machines, builds computers, and trouble shoots equipment in the office
Plays video games for a living
Knows a random array of scientific facts
Evil/murderous tendencies and likes to be scary
Complete sweetheart and lovely husband and father
He was a fucking male model

I don’t know about you guys but I just love Ryan Haywood

This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.


Shadowhunters Season 1 | Season 2


a man and his kitten

Black Friday PSA

Please be kind to your retail service workers this week. We are doing everything we can for you–that’s our job, after all, and most of us are happy to do it–but we are doing the same for the literally hundreds of other people, all day long. When we get tired of the crowds we don’t get to give up and go home to eat leftovers. 

Please remember we are people, and be kind.