and i'm less sure i actually like it now

Liz: Blah blah blah… Tom, blah, blah, Agnes, Tom, us… Blah, Cuba, blah blah blah…

The Trio’s Thoughts:

Samar: I want to literally punch you in the face. Like, no lie… I actually hate you now and couldn’t care less what happens to you.

Aram: I’m grrrrr!!!! So angry! I still want to hug you, but it’ll be a tense, angry, “you really hurt my feelings” hug… But I’m still mad too.

Ress: You seriously are an idiot. You AND Tom. I actually don’t even know why you’re in the Post Office right now.

Red: I’m so over this shit that I’m at my Bethesda apartment watching Grey’s with Dembe and eating ice cream.

Liz (obliviously droning on): Blah blah blah Tom, blah, oh Reddington how you RUINED my life!!! Tom, blah, blah, Agnes, blah blah blah…