and i'm laffing

this is so cute omg ;^;

i just wanna read a book without hyperventilating but it seems it’s not happening

  • *Laurens walks in all tired and out of order*
  • Laurens: Sorry I'm late I was doing things...
  • *Ham walks in behind him grinning and points to himself*
  • Ham: I'm things!
  • Laf&Hurc: *wasn't drinking tea because they remembered what happened last time.*
  • Thomas: *spits tea out horrified*

I got Persona 5 for my birthday! I’m only a couple hours in, but the story seems pretty interesting. :o I’MMA TRY MY BEST TO AVOID SPOILERS…..

Also, I like that the protag and his cohorts wear different outfits from their school clothes in the dungeons. :^) IDK, IT’S FUN…

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Lafayette: Not related but I like to think we are close enough to be brothers.


*Alex proceeds to wave a broom in Thomas’ face and yelling ‘LEAVE THIS HOUSE FLOOFY HAIRED SATAN’*

Lafayette: Mon Dieu…

It’s the boi. 

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