and i'm laffing

It was one thing to be listening to music, and another to be listening to One Direction. See, music was music, but One Direction? One Direction was a whole other state of mind, a whole other state of being. Listening to One Direction meant listening to five – well, four, technically, but Simon Nelson had yet to accept this fact – beautiful angels sent from heaven above to bless the world with their beautiful music and beautiful faces. Listening to One Direction meant putting oneself in shoes of love and sadness and heartache and love, feeling all these things and feeling as though one had lived through them through the songs that One Direction sang.

And so, Simon Nelson, thirty-year old veterinarian, listened to One Direction as he crossed the  streets of Boston.

With his earphones plugged in and the music blasting through his ears, he couldn’t help but bob a little to the tune of Where Do Broken Hearts Go. With a clutch to the heart to the end of Harry’s solo, and a movement of his body, Simon reached the other side of the street –

– but not without stepping on the back of someone else’s foot.