and i'm laffing

As a little homage for the final season of the little webseries that could I decided to draw a set of character portraits, starting with my favourite, Lafontaine!

(They only deserve love and protection and I’m glad that Papa Hollis joined my cause)  

art © RMAlexis

dear general,
I meet with an occasion of wraïting to your excellency which I wo’nt miss by any means, even schould I be affraïd of becoming tedious and troublesome—but if they have sent me far from you for I do’nt know what purpose, at least I must make some little use of my pen to prevent all communication be cut of[f] betwen your excellency and me-

le Marquis de Lafayette to George Washington, February 23rd, 1778

In other words, Laf misses GWash and is worried that he’s being annoying but cannot stop himself from writing because he misses him that much.

…I’m fine, it’s all fine