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  • me, with overflowing love for shinee: i'm overflowing with love for shinee
Fake Chats #130
  • Jungkook: hung, would you miss me if I died?
  • Jimin: what kind of ridiculous question is that? Of course I would! I miss you when we're apart for more than a day!
  • Jungkook: okay, okay, I didn't think you'd be happy.
  • Jimin: I don't even want to think about it.
  • Jungkook: I'm sorry, I won't say something like that again.
  • Jimin: you better not.
  • Jungkook: can I make it up to you?
  • Jimin: buy me food.
  • Jungkook: we're too busy for that.
  • Jimin: give me that ring of yours that I like.
  • Jungkook: you said you liked it on me!
  • Jimin: lemme sleep on you, you're comfy.
  • Jungkook: okay, that I can do.
  • Later, Jungkook: I thought you weren't gonna post that video.
  • Jimin: why wouldn't I?
  • Jungkook: you're all fluffy and cuddly.
  • Jimin: and?
  • Jungkook: and I'm like this giant kid.
  • Jimin: I fail to see your point. I'm just showing us as we are.
  • Jungkook: I guess. But warn me next time so I don't look like a human bunny.
timdrakemockingjay turns 5 today! so here is a present for you all <3

Thunder rolls ominously, almost forbidding him to approach. His hands ghost against the doorframe, tired eyes scan the familiar lines of yesteryear. Bruce knows this door, these steps leading up to the leaves scratching against the concrete, the autumn winds caressing the greenery and pulling at the macabre wreath gracing the door. He knows the ding of the doorbell, the moment when he doesn’t care about the doorbell anymore and he knocks.

Of course there’s the servant who lets him in – just as he did some sixteen years ago – and in the twinkling lights of the quiet living room, Bruce Wayne stands there, his hands in his pockets and his eyes on the ground.

The carpet is the same. The antique swirls and ornate flowers, a great painting of a Drake generations ago, hanging over the fireplace. A grand piano, frequently played by only one. A stiff couch that seems to have no penchant for guests. A gigantic coffee table book – The Paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.

A small photo of a boy, his hair slicked back and slender frame trussed into a suit. And as Bruce picks the frame up and stares into those eyes he’s focused on so many times…he wonders if he can detect a trace of fear, hurt. Loneliness. He’s seen that same expression in two other children.

Seen the expression in himself.

The Drake Mansion and Tim. It’s all the same, as if it was touched by no one and unloved by everyone.

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Hi there Lowah! Y'know I found ur blog based on your VLD content but then you started posting about BHNA (especially my dear sweet child Kirishima) and I am now astounded!! Thank you for the content and the hardwork you put in creating such lovely pieces! You're the best! (Also thanks for creating the BHNA ocs.. I would love to hear more about the original versions of your ocs!) You're super cool and I really I can have the honor of meeting you one day! Have a lovely day :))

Ahhhh thank you so much anon!! Honestly anytime anyone sends a message to thank me i’m so astonished because like… why are you thanking me even?? I should be thanking you! 

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it’s honestly so inspiring and uplifting to hear such kind words euhrughgurg Thank you and i hope i can keep drawing stuff to the best of my ability TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I hope you have a great day too! 


Another Drowcember!! Two in a week!! Because I’m probably going to be too busy to do one next week hahahaha. This one is for “mage”. Here we have Ba’anor casting Lightning bolt. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn him doing wizard things so, here we are!

His rapier is his arcane focus, and he’s from the Bladesinger school of magic.

closeup shot because his face is good and it’s so far awaaayyyy in the full image.

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Maybe you could write something about Mick accidentally burning Ray and not being happy about it at all, which then confuses him?


Read on AO3 Temptations

Mick doesn’t want to. It’s not even like it was before, with Mick being way too fascinated with the flame, not being able to pull his eyes away from it, and just quietly watching it burn. 

This moment is completely different. Mick’s focused – or as focused as he can be with these things crawling all around. They need to get out fast and right now. There is not possible way the four of them can take on the whole pack of Morlocks.

“Back to the jump ship!” Mick yells when he sees Amaya press her hand against her necklace – the bluish shape of a gorilla appearing over her and Mick frowns, before he presses the side of his gun against her chest.

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Send to see how my muse responds
  • "Take a chance on me."
  • "I'm the shell of a person that I used to be."
  • "I believe in you."
  • "From now on, I'm yours. Forever."
  • "What the fuck is wrong with me?"
  • "I'm so grateful to you."
  • "Nothing here is right."
  • "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."
  • "Did you met anyone?"
  • "People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care."
  • "Why heart doesn't listen common sense?"
  • "With you it felt like in the movies."
  • "Kiss my ass!"
  • "I really want to make a love connection."
  • "I'm not afraid to face a little bit of danger."
  • "Let's get away just for one day."
  • "I wanted to vent but I never said nothing at all."
  • "What I did to you to make you hate me?"
  • "I ain’t censoring myself for nobody."
  • "Don't you ever wonder how we survive?"
  • "I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching."
  • "Save me."
  • "I should've known better."
  • "This can't be happening to me."
  • "I know it's already over now."
  • "You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me."
  • "Raise your glass!"
  • "I would any day die for you."
  • "You touch me in many ways."
  • "Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?"
  • "Would you kill to prove you're right?"
  • "Where is your God?"
  • "I want to show sun to you."
  • "Let's get down to business."
  • "Let's save the world."
  • "I think about you too much."
  • "This isn't normal anymore."
  • "You are my only one."
  • "This is the best time."
  • "What ever can happen."
  • "I've always been like this."
  • "I'm kind of outsider."
  • "It is easy to get me wrong if you don't know me."
The Signs Comical New Years Resolutions
  • Aries: Stop being so ready to beat someone's ass
  • Taurus: Humble myself more and act like I don't know everything...even though I think I know everything
  • Gemini: Pay more attention to when someone is not interested in my conversation
  • Cancer: Saying "f*ck" less
  • Leo: Bring my bossiness down a little, just a little.
  • Virgo: Mind my facial expressions so people don't feel stupid when talking to me
  • Libra: Talk a little lower so people don't think I've been drinking loud juice all day
  • Scorpio: Smile more, kill with kindness...even though I don't like them
  • Sagittarius: Mind my mouth...haha, who am I kidding?
  • Capricorn: Stop thinking I'm better than people...sigh
  • Aquarius: Having better relationships with people who claim they care but act like THEY'RE too busy
  • Pisces: Not being so harsh on others when they don't do what I want them to do..when I want them to do it

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Does James know about you? I think the things you post are absolutely wonderful - I'm sure he'd be tickled pink to see them! Elizabeth

Oh thank you so much, dear Elizabeth! I am really grateful for the nice things you wrote. I am a bit depressed in these days because of personal problems, so your kind words really give me a great deal of incentive to go on with my work. And James Norton and this little blog are my refuge from any kind of problem. I try to keep this blog a happy place for James’s fans.

I don’t think James knows about my blog. Actually, I think he must be too busy with his extraordinary career to read my posts. But it doesn’t matter to me: I started this blog because I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm for his talent and his enchanting personality any longer, and needed to share my love for him with his fans. My greatest wish is that he will have all the success he deserves, and a life full of joy and harmony.

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not rlly a story but i'm the kind of person who avoids talking to strangers especially when its unnecessary (like not asking store employees when i can't find something easily) but my mum always makes me ask because "it's their job" to help me. ok i guess so but i really don't need help usually? they could help someone else or just kinda have time to breathe in a busy day?? idk how their day has been, maybe they really need it!

Dude do what you need to. Like if you need to ask for help, then do it. But if you don’t that’s cool too

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K those gifs of Phil holding the baby and Dan in the background smiling will always murder me. It needs to happen someday. Hasn't Dan mentioned wanting to adopt before too? Because I swear he always says adopt, not have a biological child but I don't remember exactly

Ahhhhh I know :’) It makes the most perfect picture. Like I wrote in the tags, I need them to do their world tour and make a shit ton of money, get a house and then eventually one day a child. A girl can dream, right? 

And yes, Dan has referred to ‘adopting’ in the past but who knows if that necessarily means anything. All I know is he definitely seems to want kids.

“YES. I want two or three children and I will be the best parent that has ever existed. Who wants me to adopt them? Yeah! I’m joking…I’m way too busy these days. But in 10 years…Maybe I can just win the Euro Millions and just retire and be a fantastic parent who lives vicariously through the dreams of their child.” – See this is why I need them to make globs of money from the tour lol. But no really, it’s actually the sweetest thing how excited and passionate he is about wanting kids one day.

Also this is kind of irrelevant but just because I'm in a phan + baby mood– remember that beautiful time when Phil took (this) photo of Dan holding their friend’s baby and then posted it on his twitpic? :’) I did a post about the backstory of that photo a long time ago which you can see (here). I love how Phil’s like “is it okay to watch hellraiser with a baby in the room?” lol adorable. They would be the cutest and most entertaining parents ever.

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Hiii! I hope you're having an awesome holiday week! If you're not too busy, could you talk a little about what the characters would do on Christmas day? OR (since I'm Jewish) what do each of the characters order when they get Chinese takeout? Not necessarily on Christmas day, but in general. OK, that's all. Happy New Year!!!

I think the only character that really goes all-out-Christmas-crazy is Caleb and his family. They are into it. Like, matching-Christmas-sweaters-on-Christmas-morning kind of into it. They go to church on Christmas Eve (mostly the afternoon service with the pageant, though in the past few years, Caleb has been going to the midnight mass with his parents, which he loves) and then spend all of Christmas in their pajamas covering their living room in wrapping paper. Caleb usually drags everyone outside after present opening to play some sort of game (if he can talk them into it, touch football; if his sister is running things, then Quidditch) and then they eat a lot of food and spend the 26th in a food-induced coma. 

In the past, Joan and Mark have taken the day to hang out, just the two of them, eat whatever Mark feels like cooking, and watch a bunch of old Christmas movies. The day usually begins with It’s A Wonderful Life and ends with White Christmas or Meet Me in St. Louis, by which time Mark is drunk and performing all the songs for Joan in front of the TV while she throws popcorn at him. 

Chloe and her mom do a lot of baking and singing and then go for a long walk in the afternoon. They almost always give each other hand-made gifts. This year, Frank joined and now has about six different knit hats. 

On the years when Hanukkah and Christmas don’t overlap, they celebrate with Adam’s aunt Annabelle (his mom’s sister), which usually entails a nice dinner and then board games. If Hanukkah falls during Adam’s break from school, they’ll use the holiday to go to Ohio and see his dad’s family. 

Sam usually listens to Christmas music and gives Darwin some gifts. When she’s feeling especially festive, she’ll go to the most expensive bakery in town, get a Buche de Noel, and eat the entire thing herself. 

Damien goes to a bar. It’s one of the few days a year where he gets drunk and tries to actually talk to people as himself. It doesn’t usually go great. 

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Honestly thank you for being so kind to all of the fans and taking part instead of making fun of them as people usually do!! You cheered everybody up and made my day so much better and I'm sure it's safe to say a lot of us made you smile too. Big love to you, very grateful to have people like you in the business!! Xxx

Your words mean the world to me! A lot of people laugh at my radio show so I know what it is like to be the under dog. I love One Direction and always have! Doing something for them for a change is amazing and I am so thankful that you appreciate it! Much love! Xx

I can't help but cry. Damn, I'm too emotional. This day is too precious. Whenever a 2PM member celebrates his birthday, there are less hungry, lonely, and cold kids in the world. I don't how did this magical thing happened. It's like, we signed up for love, kindness, and compassion when we decided to be in this fandom. Hottests all over the world go out of their way, take time inspite of their busy lives, to feed children, give them clothes, school supplies, food and the mere fact of just spending time with them is too beautiful for words. I just want the world to know that today, the world is a day better because another 2PM member is celebrating his birthday. I know... we know... that this 2PM-Hottest special bond is way beyond what 2PM can convey in their twitter accounts... I believe that they are aware and utterly grateful for showing the world that, music can bring people together. 2PM bring people together... and can make this world a better place to live in. In my heart, I am so convinced that Chansung's heart swell with pride, happiness and love for how we Hottest, big or small, touch children's lives in his name. THERE IS NO GREATER GIFT THAN THAT. Happy birthday, my love.

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Hello! I uh have a sort of random question. I have always felt like I don't belong in either category of anything. I like pretty much everyone and I dress how I want. Now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to want to wear make up for when I'm more concerned about how I look. I was never really taught how to do my make up. Do you have any tips for me? (Sorry for the randomness. If this isn't something you answer right away that's chill too. I hope you have a good day :) <3)

This is an excellent question! 💛💛💛
People ask me all the time to do makeup tutorial videos and I’m too busy with making positive messages, but the great news is that YouTube is filled with tutorials of all kinds. It sounds like maybe you want to type in “foundation application” or “under eye cover” or something and see what happens. Congratulations! This is the start of a big adventure!💛💛

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I know I might get hated for asking this, but as much as I love Jaehee's character, I'm a little hesitant to do her route since I'm just not into that type of relationship. I hope people become understanding of this too. My question is, is there any important plot information revealed in Jaehee's route that's not revealed anywhere else? Is it also a romantic kind of route even? Not because I'm against it or slandering people who are into that, but you know, I personally just can't.

Honestly , I haven’t really started on Jaehee’s route. I’m currently on Day 7 of her route and I’ve been too busy to play it lately. Her route isn’t a romantic route but a friendship route. So if you still wish not to play her route , by all means leave it out , it’s your personal opinion and you shouldn’t be hated for your opinion :)

Update by an Anon : Jaehee’s route is actually completely platonic (unfortunately) and yeah, there’s info there that isn’t in other routes. Each route has different and new info so personally i think they should all be played.

  • Thomas Astruc: Please excuse Jeremy, Winny made this joke about the ant thing 2 days ago and Jeremy won't be convinced that it's not canon. He got too excited, don't mind him. Please, come here Jeremy.