and i'm just taken aback

I don’t really post pics of myself (mainly because I’m way too shy, also I don’t take many photos of myself anyway) 📸 but I’m trying to be brave and I want people to know that there is a person behind the drawings and stuff 😊 So, hello! 🌈

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Hi Steph! I just rewatched TBB after a long time and tbh I had forgotten how smol they were back then. Like nothing has been normal since The Fall and then Mary. Everything has become so complicated and dark (not that I'm complaining. It's beautiful in a way.) I was just so taken aback you know? What if The Fall never happened? What if the boys never had to go through that kind of suffering? What if they kept solving crimes not directed by a psychopath? How different would things have been then?

Why are you making me think of better times *cries* 

~~~T H E Y  W E N T  O N  H O L I D A Y  T O G E T H E R.~~~

They were happy.

Fuck Moriarty for fucking up their lives.

  • Hannibal: "Good morning, Will. I made you breakfast."
  • Will: "Smells like sausage. Was it the policeman or the waitress?"
  • Hannibal: ".................."
  • ".....the waitress."
  • Will: "That's good. I thought that the policeman tasted funny last night. What's with that face?"
  • Hannibal: "I'm just a little taken aback that you're so blunt. I'm used to speaking more vague about our choice of food."
  • Will: "You just miss the puns, don't you?"
  • Hannibal: "I miss the puns."
That lovely scene where Yuuri subconsciously touched Viktor’s hair as if he still couldn’t believe that his beloved idol was in front of him.

my dude roommate was hosting a grill thing today and it’s been an experience. there was this white woman and i hate her, you guys. i have known her for like four hours and i hate her guts. she teaches english in a brooklyn public high school and like. things she’s been talking about:

making fun of students for names that are hard for her to pronounce, or that she deems silly, 98% of which of course belong to kids of color. special extra mocking for black urban names, of course. telling kids that it’s not that she’s pronouncing their names wrong, it’s that their names are SPELLED WRONG. blaming kids – as opposed to the system that was meant to educate them – for not being able to read or write well. she actually said “back when i worked with SMART kids – not that i ever will again –”

imitating kids’ accents. marveling at the kids who wrote involved or thoughtful essays. talking excitedly about how she liked to teach classes about comics, but deriding manga (all manga. all of it) in the same breath. going on and on about the manga she’s read that is violent/gory or misogynist or what-have-you as though american comics aren’t rife with that sort of thing. deriding kids for the stuff they choose to read and calling black self-published novels “street books” (”you can’t even BUY them in a REAL BOOKSTORE!”). publicly humiliating kids for reading “thugs and the women who love them” or “push” or “a child called ‘it’”. bragging about steering kids away from harry potter and toward c.s. lewis, and away from stephen king and toward h.p. lovecraft. backtracking away from THAT one real quick when i finally asked her, “what makes c.s. lewis better than harry potter?” bragging about turning a haitian kid who only wanted to read haitian writers onto vonnegut.

just a complete smug, self-satisfied, self-centered, contemptuous, snobby, racist white feminist MESS of a human being. i have given up and am hiding in my room now. please send your prayers to any black or brown child who is depending on this woman to educate them.

After calming breathing exercises she finally remembers that you’re supposed to greet someone when you see them and awkwardly jumps back to that, smiles, and then launches right back into extreme enthusiastic unrelenting worry as soon as she notices Syaoran’s hand. She doesn’t even wait for answers she just fires off every question that immediately comes to mind, though they’re all focused on “Are you okay” and “what can I do to make you okay”, AND LIKE. THIS CHILD IS TOO PRECIOUS. SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE SOMEONE DISTILLED “PRECIOUSNESS” IN IT’S PUREST FORM AND ACCIDENTALLY DROPPED IT AND MADE IT COME ALIVE AND THAT IS HOW SAKURA WAS GIFTED TO THE UNIVERSE. 

And look at that tiny, tiny Fujitaka in the last panel just smiling at them from across the room. Just going “Yes. My child.” Though it still weirds me out that, depending on which universe we’re talking about, he could be meaning either one of them. 

But let’s not think about that. 

Exhibit B on Sakura being Preciousness Incarnate. 

It’s by no means a practical solution but that’s not really the point. She is a child, a princess even, and on hearing what’s up with Syaoran her first response - her heartfelt response - is “If I’m literally always next to you then I can always keep you safe”. 





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So this lady is in my line with a bunch of food items, and when I pick up a particular bag of potato chips to scan she just screams at me "WATCH IT GIRL!!!" I'm obviously a bit taken aback so she says "It's open!" and I'm just like.... maybe you could have informed me that you had opened it at the start instead of just putting it there and then screaming at me like an animal when I didn't notice???? Jfc people