and i'm in love with u and all ur little things


#BestLeaderJBDay (jan 6, 1994) 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

it’s your special day, jaebum!!!!!!!!!!!!  you are another year older today, so i’m gonna take a paragraph or so to be all sappy over you 😚  when i first became a fan of got7 last year, you were the first member that caught my eye.  your heavenly voice captivated me, and yes, so did ur angry jaw 😁  and then when i started watching more videos, i fell in love with each and every little thing about you.  everything from the way you move to how friggin’ amazing of a writer you are to how much you care for your fellow members ( i 👀  those heart eyes, mister! ) to how much of a big mushy, marshmallow you are underneath your ‘chic & sexy’ persona 💕  jackson might have ended up as my ult, but you will forever and always hold a huge piece of my heart because a girl doesn’t forget who catches her heart first 😌 


i hope your 24th year is the best one yet, and i hope you get spoiled with lots of cake, cuddles, and gifts today 💓 


[inaudible shit talking]

anyway considering they’re literally the two POV characters I probably don’t pay enough attention to tris and noa

why is the mobile app making all my uploads look blurry?? it’s 100% fine on chrome?? I’m so not okay with this??

happy valentines day, i hope u have a lovely day with ur SO 😚💝✨

nd if u don’t have an so this year, don’t sweat it! 💕just treat ur self w some chocolate, a nice long bath, or anything that makes u happy, bc we all deserve to be happy! ✨😚🌸

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1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.” Eli to Maki for Nico?

I could have gone a few different directions with this, but i decided that I’ll save my Strange aus for later when im not on prompt time and just give you some nice canonverse Happy stuff! *sets off a party popper* woo!! finally some priorities!! I hope you enjoy, anon! there isn’t a lot of dialog but im hoping u still get enough gay for ur buck u feel me

It was the little things, in the end, that ended up making Maki realize just what kind of feelings she’d stumbled upon. For all the talk in books and movies of a grandiose, life-changing romantic revelation, being blown off her feet in only a few short instants just wasn’t something that happened. It took time. Searching. 

So maybe, she didn’t pick up on it right away when she finally started to find the catchphrase endearing, just a little. And maybe she was a little slow to realize that the happiness she got from seeing Rin versus her were two different things. 

Maki could take the blame for those kinds of small oversights. 

But eventually it was other things, too, until every time Maki so much as blinked in the direction of Nico she was finding another reason to believe that yeah, she might be having a bit of a crush. Because her hair always felt softer, because their phone calls were always more entertaining, because sharing food with her made Maki Suddenly and Strangely get over her ‘thing’ about spit for long enough to argue an indirect kiss or two - stupid things like that. 

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things I wanna see in neko atsume

•notifications when a certain cat is in your garden
•bigger expansion to the rest of house (bedroom? kitchen? garden?)
•notifications when a certain toy is being played with
•Halloween theme (they have lil costumes, thrifty bits looks like candy, spooky little tune, it would be so fuckin cute)
•birthday?? theme??? u put in ur birthday, they bring u a card on ur birthday
•plants they can play with/roll on (catnip plant? yes)
•laser toy on a string
•laptop toy (they sleep on it)
•kittens :(((
•i need tiny lil kittens that can come to ur garden
•water or milk dish I worry about their hydration
•a radio with 2 or 3 cute lil tunes along with the main theme u just tap it to go thru them (u can play the winter tune at any time nice)
•ability to send fish or cute pictures of ur cats to other people
•ability to receive fish or cute pictures of cats from other people
•ability to save just the tiny picture of an individual cat to ur phone
•more control on size of camera screen
•a rare cat with sunglasses
•in any context
•i just want to see a cat with sunglasses

  • taemin: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 💕 💖
  • taemin: i've already claimed all of u as my valentine's, jsyk. it's been decided.
  • taemin: and make sure to check ur nightstand whenever ur up!! i left everyone a little something 😍

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: ) how much does matt love his baby sister

    ??? i didn’t even know matt had a sister ?? are you sure this is canon ?? 

    on the real though, if u don’t think matt gushed about katie to shiro during the really bad days during his imprisonment as a form of coping with all the crap they were going through, then ur wrong !! pidge was the closest thing to a life preserver after matt and his dad were abducted on the kerberos mission, she probably became an embodiment of all their hope of getting back to earth, or at the very least getting out of this alive.

    matt would do… lowkey anything for pidge. like, as a regular character i don’t see him as exceptionally brave ?? or courageous ?? i mean, we all saw him at the gladiator arena, he was 0.2 seconds away from peeing his pants. but bring his little sister into it, and you’ve got something else coming pal. meet him in the galactic denny’s parking lot. catch these skinny white boy fists.