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I’d cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home. I’d write love poems to the parts of yourself you can’t stand. I’d stand in the shadows of you heart and tell you I’m not afraid of your dark.
—  Andrea Gibson (via sensualquotes)

Jon and Sansa managed to share the most intimate goodbye smack dab in the middle of a war council in the Great Hall I mean how iconic is that?

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selfidentifyingnerd  asked:

Hi there! First off, I just want to say how much I adore your blog, it's freakin' phenomenal! Secondly, I believe you've said before that you're not a fan of the 1983 BBC miniseries of Jane Eyre (the version that happens to be my absolute favorite). And while I totally respect your opinion, I was just wanting to know why that is, as you are one of the ultimate authorities on classic literature.

Ultimate Authority… That’s a pretty big title… Can you get verified on Tumblr? Whatever, I’ll just verify myself.

First, I would like to address the fact that I have a degree in film, and a lot of my issues with movies stem from production value. Second, I do understand this is a 1983 TV movie/series, but that fact doesn’t forgive all sins.

Third, I thought a lot about how I wanted to present my opinions on this version, and I decided that gif reactions just weren’t going to cut it. I had to pull out the big guns. So, may I present to you, a full visualization of my inner monologue while watching Jane Eyre 1983. Enjoy :)

Undiscovered Country  

Words: 100k+ | Chapters: 7/8 (WIP)


Yuuri wakes up in Victor’s room the night after the Sochi Grand Prix Final banquet. Did they sleep together? No. Instead, last night, Drunk Yuuri taunted Victor that he hadn’t earned the right to get in his pants…and spelled out exactly what Victor would have to do to get there.

Now, Victor intends to do everything on that list…

Dedicated to the amazing @shysweetthing​ (who I am forever indebted to for writing the post on Victor Nikiforov is a Financial Genius). 

skrimiche  asked:

Hey I just wanted to drop by and say I really love you and your art! I saw you were taking requests so I was wondering if you could do anything with Pyrrha? Thank you and have a wonderful day!

But if they were here they’d say

Go forward

“Sometimes it gets hard to remember who I️ am to you when you’re so great with everyone. You just have this way about you, a sincerity lodged in your chest that pours over everyone you meet. There’s a special sweetness that comes out of every one of your smiles and every tease, no matter how innocent or unintentional. And I️ love that about you. I️ adore it, actually. It’s just hard to exist next to that essence of who you are. It’s hard to always feel like there’s a difference with me. It’s hard to feel like I’m special. But then there are those little nights of ours—never too late because you always need your sleep—when you say all of the right things. Not just to say them but because you mean them. And then I️ have to wonder how I️ could ever doubt you at all.”

“You really are.” 🖤


Have a rude Hobi, have 10 of them to get through your interview and your exam and your competition 👀 (I got these after being bias wrecked by JK and trying to balance myself out again- treat them well)

ahh thank you sweetie :’) i’ll treat them with all the love they deserve don’t worry 😍 

Currently uploading a video talking about the whole butch/femme discourse on my blog the other day. Meant to upload it sooner but I still want you guys to see it. I’m not really talking about like the actual thing that went on I’m more just talking about the response and some general tumblr stuff I think is important to say so yeah.

anonymous asked:

I don’t know whether you were being serious in your tags or not, but Ezra Miller /is/ queer! He’s explicitly come out as such. So he really does know our feelings about shirtless Jason Momoa very well.

Oooohhh I know, I was being 100% serious, haha! 

What he isn’t, though, is subtle, because is2g every time I see him on a press tour with some ‘sexy big celeb’ he’s all Heart Eyes™, and god, don’t even get me started on the way he’d fucking lean into Colin Farell’s touch like there was no tomorrow, ugh <3

where’s my fic based on that interview where Colin wraps a hand around the nape of Ezra’s neck and Ezra looks like he’s visibly melting into the touch like asldghkhsfjhlkk where is my dom!colin sub!ezra fic wHEREEEEE

anonymous asked:

For the meme how about teenage Beth from that AU where Stan was helping her find her dad?

Bethany E. Sanchez  F-789

2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod

Winter - Tori Amos, Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush, Mama Mia - Abba, (and while it’s not time period appropriate for teen Beth, I think she’d relate to Runs In The Family - Amanda Palmer)

the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to

On the roof of the Mystery Shack while stargazing, and talking to the stars like her dad might be able to hear her. She always wakes up back in her bed inside though, unable to remember how she got there..

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

She’s really frightfully good at Operation.

the emoticon they’d use most often

Her cellphone is a giant brick and doesn’t have emoticons. This is the 90s.

what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep

She starts sounding a lot like her father. Stan teases her for it when she gets grouchy at him in the mornings.

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

A warm mug of milk with a cinnamon stick in it. Something her dad gave her when she couldn’t sleep as a kid.

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

Cries. Would drink wine but she’s pregnant so instead she just cries some more. Maybe screams at the stars from the roof of the Mystery Shack for a bit.

what they wanted to be when they grew up

Heart Surgeon

their favorite kind of weather

That warm clear skied late Summer evening. She thinks Summer would be a pretty name for a girl.

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

Not the worst voice, but she inherited her dad’s tone deaf inability to hold a tune. She enjoys singing though, especially along with the radio to annoy Stan while he’s driving.

how/what they like to draw or doodle

She likes to draw horses, of course.

@hamliet is like an older sister I never had. 🙂

And I love you and I will now have a fic withdrawal because why did you have to finish it?

Crazy talented in writing and in analyzing, I enjoy our geek ramblings and I want more of those eventually. I hope you’re also doing alright! Thank you for listening to me rambling like a crazy idiot and for appreciating my trash. I appreciate that I took the initiative and talked to you just coz I was observing as you answered asks, and you are a huge huge blessing! Thank you so much! Let me shower you with Mucchans after this board exam is over and let us talk about metas with @mamasaiko! Always have a good day friend because you deserve it! 🙏

Okay, this weekend didn’t go as planned. For personal reasons, accompanied by a stubborn headache. Which sucks because I’ve gotten a lot of amazing prompts I’m disinclined to waste–so I won’t. I’m extending the theme of this weekend for the next one. Because I can and because I think we all deserve some more Tony Stark & Villains content in our lives.