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It was only 8 days ago that I reached 7k and I was in shock. I started this blog thinking I’d only gain a few followers at least and I was content with that because I wanted to start this blog based on my love for writing and BTS. However, I have now reached another milestone that I once thought would be impossible for me for me and it is all thanks to you. I’m overjoyed and I wanted to thank you all again for being such amazing followers, I LOVE YOU!🖤🌸

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When you meet a Stucky shipper who still likes and cares about Tony and you just have a good time fangirling over Steve, Tony and Bucky as individuals and politely respects each others ships:

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SKAM Questions

(Just inbox me the number and I’ll answer any of the questions!)

1. Favourite character
2. Favourite sesong
3. Least favourite ship
4. OTP
5. Favourite friendship
6. Favourite group
7. Favourite episode from each season
8. Favourite actor/actress
9. Favourite line
10. Favourite scene from season ____
11. Opinion on season 4
12. Least favourite character
13. Top 5 SKAM songs
14. Scene you cried at
15. Scene you cried laughing at
16. Favourite Norwegian quote to say
17. _____ vs ______ (send the blanks)
18. Least favourite moment
19. Most underrated character
20. Most overrated character
21. Favourite line of _____ character
22. Favourite visual
23. Favourite Hey Briskeby Video
24. Favourite _____ outfit
25. What you’ve learned from SKAM

Moana: Treasure Trove

Here it is! A stash of Moana fics that I wrote over the past six months that, for various reasons, never saw the light of day. This is part one of two!

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Can we please talk about "Every king needs his queen" on POTC3 script when Elizabeth is saying goodbye to Jack??? I mean he was obviously talking about himself and her omfg



*getting one tank*

Mmmmmm okay its better than nothing

*getting two tanks*

Hell yes we are SET

*three tanks*

wait wait no hold on I’m the only healer and we don’t need three tanks–

*four tanks*


*five tanks*


For The Juice Girls

Actually ALL OF YOU.

Go read this.

Nueva Vida

To be honest Im kinda mad at @juiceboxxortiz and @codenamekaraortiz for coming up with this incredible masterpiece because I don’t know how Im going to cope when its over. I am so so so in love with this story and it truly makes my day when I see another chapter has been posted! These two are amazingly talented and this story is amazing, the writing is amazing, the storyline, the dialogue, the characters 😩 So much love has gone into this and it honestly shows.  Im honestly so obsessed with this. If I could leave more kudos, I would. Seriously, bravo 👏🏼 I can’t praise you two enough.I hope you two come up with a million more storylines because I just can’t get enough.

So Thank you! For blessing us all with this beautiful masterpiece and making my days shine a little brighter. So much love, ❤️💛💚💙💜


I’m bored and anxious soooo!!
I wanna do the handwriting tag thing!!
If you want to see that, like this!! 10 likes and I’ll do it!!
And if you’d like me to write you something additional, send me an ask!!
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This is the ultimate pinnacle of friendship. This is devotion. This is going beyond… everything.

I told @perrydowning about the dozens of handwritten journals I kept when I was younger. They helped me so much; helped me deal with so many things over the years.

So as a going-away present, along with some beautifully understated tea-scented perfume and a pair of flat copper studs, she bought me a card and a journal, and wrote these beautiful words of praise and encouragement.

How amazing is that? How spoiled am I? Way too much, since both she and my husband spoil me like mad.

Love you, lady. Big sis. You’re amazing and I’m so lucky to be your bestie.

*hugs tight*

hiiii @theskamfam: happy anniversary !!! this is a post for u :) there are a few things that i want to say so click on the read more if u wanna read them!!

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