and i'm having lots of sarah feels today

Fun Fact

IT’S @sarahwroteathing/@lovelylittleraindrop‘S BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 

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In case you all were unaware, let me tell you how much I love Sarah. She’s the Sebastian Stan to my Anthony Mackie, okay? Yall know how much that precious man loves our Sebby? A lot. You know how much I love Sarah Jean? 100x more than that. She’s quickly become my best friend in the months that I’ve known her. She’s the most precious and loving soul I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet and I really can’t wait for July so we can actually meet so I can hug that precious babe, okay? I’m so ready.

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Those men are monsters they have to stop being cute it’s bad for my health

So in conclusion, I need your help!! I’m gonna be at work nearly all day today, so I need you guys to go wish Sarah a happy birthday! Tag her in cute, happy, fluffy Steve stories! In sweet, fuzzy, tummy-fluttering Bucky stories! If you find fluffy Bruce stories, she would love you forever! And so would I! Tag her in anything that you think would make her smile!! Send her questions about her stories. Send her messages about how much you love her writing, or something in particular you loved about TLT or Soundtrack. Ask her what she’s got coming up SHES GOT SOME G O O D STUFF COMIN GUYS OH GOD IM EXCITED Send her messages about the guy you met today –HEY FUN FACT THAT’S HOW WE BECAME FRIENDS LOL! Send her sweet, positive vibes. Anything. 

She had a rough night last night, and I want to try to make it better. You guys sending her messages and tagging her in stuff would be wonderful. I wanna make her blush and smile all day long, guys. She’s the most amazing, precious, adorable person and she should feel so loved today. If you guys could help me with that today, I’d forever be in your debt!!!