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Star Trek Beyond | Uhura

Okay the magic au is going on the back burner because this post just BLEW my GODDAMN MIND and I’m angry I didn’t think of it first but I guess I’ll just have to write something

IT’S ANGEL AU TIME (almost 1.5k, wow)

For a kegster, this isn’t so bad, Jack thinks as he weaves his way through the pulsing, excited crowd in the direction of the kitchen.

Shitty had insisted that Jack stay for this one. “No friend of mine is staying locked up in his room watching some conspiracy-theory-““It’s about trench warfare in the first World War, Shits-““While one of the greatest parties in the universe is raging just below! I won’t have it!” So, reluctantly, Jack agreed to hang around for this one. Ransom and Holster were keeping him company for most of the night, providing conversation and making sure Jack felt comfortable, Shitty and Lardo were on crowd control, and Jack was willing to admit that, yeah, these parties might actually be fun.

A song had started playing through the speakers and Ransom and Holster bolted to the middle of the dance floor, leaving Jack alone. It was a Beyoncé song that Bittle was singing in the shower just a few days ago, so when the small blonde wasn’t right there, dancing along with Ransom and Holster, Jack was surprised.

Jack finally managed to get into the kitchen. He was expecting to see Bittle in there, too, making a pie or grabbing another beer, but he was nowhere in sight. Where is he? Jack thought as he put his beer down left of the sink, where he could find it later. Unlike him, Bitty loved Haus parties. He had sworn he saw him earlier that night, talking with one of the swimmers on the porch, but then he was gone.

Jack was about to head back into the living room when he felt a thump beneath his feet. The heavy table, covered in food, snacks, beer, and dishes rattled.  

“What the hell-“ Jack asked the empty kitchen. Another thump answered, louder this time, and a muffled exclamation.

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…Ok, what i believe

He shaved for season 10, just for the first weeks until it grow again (shock value, style, randlBS, comedy purposes, you name it…), the snap with him today was OLD…”but how would you know that?

Randl BS photo shoot:

They just saved the snap for later, bc they couldn’t announce/show that in April. (yes, they do change clothes in a photo shoot)

They did that to do some “damage control” over the situation, we saw that Page got in trouble for that bc it was real (he even deleted the snap after), so they released this today maybe to try to hide the news about rhett’s beard.

But we know that “Guess that Hairstyle #3 (GAME)”* will be the GMM episode on Monday.

GUYS!! GUYS!!! IT’S TIME!!! <3 <3 <3 i waited so long!!!! (O //w//O) i told myself NO POKEMON GO until my tarot card was done!!! NOW IT’S FINALLY TIME!! YEEEESSSS~!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! (-^ O^-) i’m gonna be Team Instinct!!!! i wonder what i’m gonna catch first?!??! OMMMGGGGGGGG~!!!! i’ll probably post about it later on my other blog @sassy-pigeon <3 <3 <3 EEE!!! *SO EXCITE*


best of trash-pals

ok one last post and i promise to stop spamming Too Short To Ride posts

My (best case scenario) Prediction:

  • Peridot and Steven hang out, resulting in that promo we saw with the tablet
  • Amethyst joins them, and suggest showing Peridot around town
  • Montages of the three trying to have fun, including hitting Peridot in the face with Ball!Amethyst
  • Finally they arrive at Funland
  • Peridot sees the alien pushie at a game booth and falls in love with it. 
  • She wants to win it all by herself, but completely fails, getting more irritated with each try.
  • Steven tries to calm Peridot down, suggest doing something else, like a ride. 
  • They wait their turn in line, but it turns out Peridot is too short. 
  • So Steven excitedly suggests that Peridot and Amethyst fuse. 
  • They do.
  • The fusion (Smoky Quartz?) is able to get on the ride, but once finished, she don’t want to unfuse just yet. 
  • So she continues her fun at Funland, resulting in some minor disaster, poof-ing the two of them. 
  • Steven brings their gems back to the temple, where they reform. 
  • Amethyst is in her new outfit, and Peridot finally gets a star on her outfit. 
  • There are hugs and bonding moments, and the episode ends with the star isis effort and Peridot’s new star. 

And that’s my fantastical daydream. 


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.

alive with closed eyes

“You checked me out the first time we met, and we lived together.”

A crease forms between Harry’s eyebrows. “That was different.” 

“Look at us, we turned out fine. Why don’t you just move in? That’d be a laugh, wouldn’t it?” 

“Don’t you remember what happened last time?” Harry asks pointedly.

a post-AT ficlet

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