and i'm gonna go cry

Tumblr won’t load on my tablet like usual but just know that I am currently dead over that promo and also Mr Mxyzpltk (or however it is spelt) can stay. Get rid of Mon-El. He’s not as funny and also I don’t care for him like I already care for the singing, Mon-El disappearing magic man.

But Sanvers own me, they’re gonna kill me, they’re so cute. And live TV is a blessing because without it, I will never get through the episode in an hour. I’d get through it in 10. I feel like I will really enjoy the episode despite monel being all up in it and I’m excited for Winn and this new lady, too 😊

nobody fucking talk to me about the absolute RELIEF on both those boys’ faces when they started caressing each other like

isak’s relief because holy shit Even is okay, and he thought the worst for a second, and he’s standing right here with him and

Even’s relief because holy shit Isak’s not here to end things, not to yell at him, he’s not scared, he’s stepping closer and he’s nuzzling his cheek and kissing the side of his face

nobody fucking talk to me about how the love they have for each other is fucking communicated through NOTHING but face caresses and soft kisses. they did not have to say more than three fucking words to each other to communicate their message:

this is our universe

I just realized something that makes me really sad, Allison never got to see the type of person Lydia is today. She never got to watch Lydia accept and love herself for who she, or see her best friend fall in love/ be in love with dorky Stiles. She never got to see her best friend be happy and have a guy who genuinely cares and loves her, she won’t get to hear how Lydia can’t breath until she is with Stiles, or see them be happy together. Allison knew who Lydia is/was as a person, but never got the chance to see her become the person she knew Lydia could be, and that makes me really really sad😭😩


Inspired by and directly referenced from Mina Myoung of 1MILLION Dance Studio and her choreography for “Good Kisser” by Usher.

Dedicated to @thesearchingastronaut, whose many Voltron and Klance drawings brighten my LIFE, to my friends who cheered me on, and to @klancebabes for their very encouraging tag on the WIP.

Watched episode 9 of Yuri!!! on Ice.


Rewatched it.


Realized there are only 3 episodes left.

Crying forever.