and i'm going to sleep uh

  • Nico: You're not my mom, and you're not her mom! [points at Hazel]
  • Jason: I never said I was!
  • Nico: No, but you certainly act like it!
  • Jason: I don't act that way! Piper, do I act motherly?
  • Piper: Hey. I'm staying out of this one.
  • Jason: What do you think, Percy? Do I act like a mom?
  • Percy: [rubs his eye.] Well. I, uh-
  • Jason: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!

“Sorry I didn’t call til now babe. I was sleeping off a hangover. Don’t worry! I didn’t do anything too dumb. I don’t really need Nursey Patrol when I’m drinking…..But I’m glad you look out for me Will. It means a lot. Uh…I have to go. My moms taking me to dinner. Talk later babe. Love you”


“Hey Derek. Sorry I missed your call, my cousins were over, and I couldn’t answer. Sorry. I guess you’re still at dinner, or your asleep again. I - [muffled movement]. Sorry I had to go outside, my brother came into the kitchen. I know you need Nursey Patrol, and I’m glad you trust me to do it. I better go back inside. Love you”.

i didn’t do much today but i went through like two thousand mood swings does that count?

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Raw or Smackdown?

See, if I was not sleep-deprived, this would be an easy answer, and we could go on with our lives after I replied with one or the other. BUT since I got like… two? three? hours of sleep, and I tend to ramble when tired, I’m going to reply to this with A Very Long Post about my (very jumbled) thoughts on each show. Click on the “Read More” to, uh, read more (unless you’re on the mobile app – whoops).

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for pinescone week day 5, highschool au (sorry this is late & messy, i am sleep deprived)

Sirius Black asks the real questions.

“Okay, Moony, hear me out: if a werewolf has tattoos, don’t they change with him? Do they get ruined by the stretching and changing, and don’t they–,”

“Uh, Sirius–”

“And, are you really sure about cheese and chocolate? I sleep in the dorms same as you, and someone’s gassing the troops.”

“/Sirius/, what are you going on about? That’s disgusting–and for the record, not my fault- you’re a dog, for Merlin sake-”

“And what happens when you make a mistake? “I’m only human,” seems a little out of sorts for a werewolf who didn’t turn in his Potions assignment.“

“Sirius, I will come over there and smother you with your pillow. Do you understand?”

“It’s no wonder all the girls like you. You can relate to their most intimate, monthly problems.”


“Okay, Moons, this one is weird: does your nether region hurt like you’ve been kicked afterwords?”

“That’s it….”

“No, for real, Moony, don’t you–REMUS NO–help hELP, I’m being attacked by a werewolfvlns—James!”

*James and Peter are dying of laughter off to the side*

Seventeen in class

Wonwoo: *sleeps through whole class*


Vernon: *listens to music instead of doing work* *whispers* Uh, she says she loves my rap…

Jeonghan: *brushing his hair the entire time*

S.Coups: *not even paying attention because he’s staring at Jeonghan*

Dino: *searches through book bag* HYUNG~~~~~!!! I CANT FIND MY MICHAEL JACKSON NOTEBOOK!!! *cries loudly*

Joshua: *comforts Dino because he’s Jisoos 🙏🏻👼🏼*

Jun: *stares off into space*

Seungkwan: *pulls out notebook* *reads board* Find the square root of 59205028 x 30019838 + 4y….

Seungkwan: … *throws book in trashcan* Who needs this when you’re as sassy as me…? BOOYONCE OUT! *struts out the door*

Hoshi: *gets sleepy* *starts nodding off*

DK: *sees Hoshi out the corner of his eye* *whispers* Hoshi fighting!

Hoshi: *jumps out of seat* *screams* FIGHTING!!!!!

The8: *being a good little fairy and takes all of the notes*

Woozi: *is teaching* CAN YOU ALL PAY ATTENTION FOR ONCE?!?!

Vernon: …. why…?

Woozi: *pulls out guitar*

Seventeen: *panics* *runs in all directions*

Ron: *catching Draco and Harry by the shrieking shack* “Well well, look who we have here. You two shopping for your new dream home?”

Harry: “Hoe don’t do it ”

Ron : “A bit grand for you isn’t it? Don’t you two sleep in uh- one room?”

Harry: “Oh my god”

okay but like 

adder said something really good when we watched the last episode: in that morty is acting out more and more to impress rick 

morty’s definitely changed from season one. he’s a lot more outspoken. he gets angry instead of scared or worried. he’s a lot more confident with girls, and, uh, he talks back to summer, and his parents. (or at least jerry). which, you know, good for him! a little confidence is a good thing in a kid like morty! but, um. 

it’s a little worrying that morty seems to be doing this WAY too much because of rick’s influence. like, we’ve already witnessed several occasions in season two where morty says something and then blatantly looks for rick for affirmation. (”right rick??”) he’s verbally attacking people in the family that rick used to mock, and still does (summer and jerry) and we know that rick tends to drag other people down to his level (re: episode with verity. it’s not exactly intentional, but rick just kind of spreads his destructive misery around until it sticks). rick is terrible when it comes to emotions: and morty’s an exceptionally needy kid. (not to mention rick tends to reinforce the notion that morty being himself is terrible and only when he acts like rick he’s actually impressive) in the long run, this is an awful combination because now that morty’s ricking it up in increasing degrees, he’s going to assume that that’ll win him rick’s approval - which it won’t, of course, because rick hates himself most of all, and like hell he wants to see morty being like him

so, you know, eventually something morty does or says is going to backfire in a major way. rick is probably going to call him out on him (rightfully so). that’s going to be painful. idk. will morty get frustrated or upset? will he lash out? will he rethink his behaviour? i just feel bad, honestly.