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Life Choices

In which Dean and Castiel’s date is going great until Castiel gets pizza… with pineapples on it. 


“Do you want to grab dinner?” Dean asks hopefully.

His date with Castiel is going swimmingly and Dean doesn’t want the night to end just yet.

And neither does Cas if the way his eyes light up is any indication.

“Yeah, of course,” Cas says, shoving his hands into his coat’s pockets. “There’s this really great pizza place a few blocks down if you don’t mind making the trek.”

It was freezing, sure, but Dean didn’t want to say goodnight yet so he was going to brave the cold. Turning up his collar he says, “Come on, lead the way.”

“I swear it’s worth it,” Cas reassures him as they make their way down the street shivering. “You don’t have to order full pizzas. You can get individual slices so that way you can have more than one flavor.”

“How’d you find it?” Dean asks curiously. “I’ve clearly never been.”

“It was an accident, really.” Castiel runs a hand through his hair and Dean’s heart skips a beat. “I was going to my brother’s bakery and I could smell the pizza from out on the street.”

“You’re a big fan of pizza, aren’t you?” Dean teases, nudging Cas with his elbow.

“It’s good pizza!” Cas exclaims, smile big and gummy, and seriously, Dean’s heart is about to fucking give. “And, because of all the pizza ovens, the place is warm,” he says enticingly.

They turn a corner and, yeah, that’s definitely pizza that Dean can smell. He doesn’t realize that he’s literally sniffing until Cas smirks and says, “I told you so.”

Cas was right. The place smells like Heaven and is warm as Hell. As soon as they enter a girl with bright red hair shows up.

“Hey, Cas,” she greets him, nods a hello at Dean and turns back to Cas. “Your usual?”

“Yes, thank you, Anna,” Cas says to her before taking Dean’s hand and making his way to the serving counter. “There are millions of options.”

“And yet you have a usual,” Dean says absently, more focused on the, seemingly, millions of options. “Man, this is going to be like choosing between Star Wars and Star Trek.”

“You can come back for different flavors,” Cas repeats. “I’ll go catch us a table, yeah?”

Dean hums in acknowledgment even though he’d rather be holding Cas’ hand. After scanning his options one last time, Dean picks a slice of plain old pepperoni and makes his way to where Cas is.

He sits down just as Anna plops Cas’ pizza in front of him and-

“Dude, no!” Dean exclaims.

“What.” Cas pauses, pizza halfway to his mouth.

“There is pineapple on your pizza.”

Cas rolls his eyes. “I am prepared to argue about this till the end of time itself.”

“So am I,” Dean says, just as determinedly. “What kinda life choices man…”

“Pineapples have tons of health benefits,” Cas tells him.

“You’re eating pizza!” Dean counters. “I’m pretty sure anybody eating pizza isn’t really thinking about their health.”

“Well, I don’t see the problem,” Castiel asserted. “It’s sweet and savory at the same time.”

“Why would you pay extra for people to put that monstrosity on such deliciousness?” Dean asks, sounding genuinely worried about Cas’ logic.

“Ugh, Dean, what-” Castiel starts indignantly before a glass of soda is placed in front of him.

“Don’t you two fight like an old married couple?” Anna says.

“This is our first date, actually,” Dean tells her feeling a smile making his way onto his face. He really likes Cas.

“Couldn’t have guessed myself,” Anna smirks, walking away.

Turning to Cas, Dean holds out his hand, sighing. “Truce?”

Cas stares at him for a moment before leaning over the table and kissing him. Dean’s a hundred and ten percent sure his heart is going to combust because, oh my god, he’s kissing Cas. He doesn’t even mind the awkward angle or the fact that he can taste the pineapple Cas has been eating.

Cas pulls away and smiles down at his lap before looking up at Dean. “Truce.”


“Just remember that every time you put pineapple on a pizza an Italian dies.”

“Dean, we are literally naked. Shut up.”

anonymous asked:

I have a quick question please, I'm really interested in getting in the dating pool but have just... never really found anyone I'm interested enough in. Plus, tiny town. I'm moving to a bigger city soon, any advice?

1. Figure out what you’re looking for in a partner. There are lots of fish in the sea, and every one is different! You may be attracted to someone but not sexually or socially compatible with them. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you may find it easier to zero in on the person(s) that interest you the most. Remember that you can always and should always adjust your wants/needs as time goes on.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but this is by no means a complete list:

- Are you ready to commit to certain relationships? Or are you in the mood to explore different people with no particular ties?
- Are you interested in one person? Or multiple people?
- Are you interested in sex?
- Are you bold and looking for someone to get out of your comfort zone with? Or are you confident and happy with where you are sexually? Or a mixture of the two?

2. Choose your “perfect date” ahead of time. I’m not a super spontaneous person, and I envy those that are. But I feel much less anxious when I already have a date planned in my head. Plans can always be adjusted, but I like to have a plan. In my mind, the “perfect date” has three parts…

- One: The shared activity. Start your date off with an activity for you to do as a couple. Something public like a movie or a visit to a museum or hiking. While this may not seem super romantic to you, this is a great way to bond in a non-sexual way. And a public venue and a pre-determined activity takes some of that anxious pressure off. You don’t have to talk a lot (if at all). Keep it light!

- Two: Dinner. This takes a bit of research. Find out if your intended is an adventurous eater or if they have any food preferences. I like to experience new things, and I want to be with a person who is open to that. So I think this meal should be something new and exciting. Possibly food from a different culture that they’ve never tried, or else something gastro and experimental. But not too expensive. Stay under $50 for this first date. And TIP!!

- Three: Romance. Now is the time for you to spend some one-on-one time together, if you’re both feeling it. You could invite them back to your place, or take a romantic walk in the park if you’re not ready. But somewhere semi-private where you can have a deep conversation and really get to know each other.

And that’s it! Rinse and repeat!

3. Please ignore any societal notions you ever had about communication. Text or call whenever you want to! If you really like them, do it right away. If someone is really put off by how quickly you contacted them after a date, then they are not for you.

4. Be open about your experiences. If you’re a virgin or haven’t dated before, tell the other person. If they really like you, they’ll remember that these are life experiences that everyone develops at different times and they won’t care. Don’t be with someone who thinks that inexperience is a bad thing. Everyone is different!

5. There is no timeline for when you should sleep with a person. Well, actually there is, but it’s called “your personal judgment”. The same goes for any oral sex you may or may not want to have. If she eats you out, you’re not required to do the same to her. If he gives you a rim job and then she licks your balls, you’re not required to suck his dick or her tits.

6. Safe sex is so important! Please use condoms or some form of birth control. Some STDs will stay with you for life, and not everyone is honest about them. I’d also suggest that if you are getting serious with someone, that both of you get checked out by a doctor. Your health insurance should cover a yearly visit!

7. Please use caution before sending anyone naughty pictures of yourself. Just Skype them and do some naughty cam stuff.

8. Remember that fights are totally natural. Fighting every day is not, but occasional fights are bound to happen. It’s so important to talk through problems! Don’t keep them bottled up and festering inside, if you can’t be honest about how you feel then why are you with them? Compromise when you can but stay true to yourself. A couple is a unit, but it’s the individuals that make it successful.

9. Go traveling and vacationing together. People are often at their most anxious when traveling, and I would absolutely recommend that you spend some time together to see if you can work through the stress. Also, if you’re going to move in with someone spend some time living with them first. Before my boyfriend and I moved in together, I spent two nights out of the week living at his parent’s house and he spent one night living at mine.

10. During the first few months of dating or being with someone, you’ll probably want to spend all your free time with them. Think “Glue” by the Velvet Underground. Spend that time with them, but stay true to what makes you passionate. Keep painting, running, cooking, whatever.

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Have you ever thought about writing a fic in which Voldemort went after the Longbottoms instead of the Potters?

If Voldemort had chosen the pureblood boy, not the halfblood, as his opponent? This Neville would have had graves to visit, instead of a hospital. He’d still have grown up in his grandmother’s clutches, tut-tutted at, dropped out windows absentmindedly, left to bounce on paving stones.

Let’s tell this story: Alice Longbottom, who was the better at hexing, told Frank to take Neville and run.

She died on the braided rug of their sitting room floor. Frank heard her fall from where he stood in front of the cradle. He did not have time to run.

When the Dark Lord climbed the stairs and saw Frank, he laughed at the small man in front of him. Frank had crooked teeth, a mis-sized nose, big fingers and small, watery eyes. Voldemort looked at him the way children would look at Neville, in almost a decade, at stubby fingers around a rememberall, a wrinkled brow and a stammer. “Move aside,” he said, the way a different Voldemort had once offered a way out to Lily Potter. That had been for the sake of another man’s love, and this was for his own contempt. “Just let me have the boy. Did you really think you could–”

When Neville met Voldemort again, in his fourth year, when Luna’s advice, his own gillyweed knowledge, and Ginny’s Bat Bogey Hex lessons had gotten him through the Triwizard Tournament he’d never signed up to enter, there would be a bubbling scar on Voldemort’s sunken left cheek. His father had had time for one curse. Frank’s love had saved his son, marked him, but his hate had been enough, too, to scar Tom Riddle through every rebirth and transformation he would ever have.

Harry Potter would have grown up as James’s oldest son. I think Lily, who missed her sister, and James, who had found three brothers at school and loved them more than life, would have had more children: a little sister who James taught to fly (little Tuney’d be Keeper to Ginny’s Seeker, in a decade, and gossip terribly about Harry), a baby brother Lily fervently talked James out of naming Lupeterius. Harry would have grown up spoiled and loved, magical, with toy broomsticks and playdates with the other Order kids– stumbling Neville, the Bones girl and the rollicking Weasley bunch.

If the Potters were never the main targets, never hiding and frightened, I don’t think Peter would have turned when he did. Not enough gain. Not enough tail-tucking fear. Peter would have limped through to the end of the war, whiskers shivering in his soul even when they were popping champagne on the night Neville Longbottom’s parents died.

They raised delicate glasses that had somehow survived all the first war, laughing, in Godric’s Hollow, to the Boy Who Lived. Augusta Longbottom planned her children’s funeral and wondered if her grandson’s forehead would scar like that. Lily danced in the living room with James, on the garish rug that Sirius had bought them as a joke and that they had kept just to spite him.

But this was a story about Neville now–it would always be a story about Harry, somewhat, because it had never been the scar that made the boy. When Draco Malfoy stole Neville’s rememberall, this Harry would still jump on a broom; when Hermione, weeping in the bathrooms, didn’t know about the troll, Harry would still run to tell her–that instinct was not something even having loving parents (especially these parents) would have kept from him.

But this had always been a story about Neville, too– unscarred Neville, Neville with his pockets full of gum wrappers, this had always been the story of his rise and his steady soul. But this time he was marked from birth, a scar on his forehead and hands that weren’t any better at holding a wand. This time, his grandmother had even more reason to look at him with disappointment when he spent all his childhood looking powerless.

Neville was not the disappeared savior who they whispered about. Halloween was still a celebration of Voldemort’s fall, but Neville was a lucky object, not a small hero, because where there had been a vacuum to fill when it had been Harry Potter, to fill with wonderment and thanks, here Neville toddled down Diagon Alley and held his grandmother’s hand. The whole world knew this boy was probably a squib, with pudgy fingers and a slow stammer, who didn’t learn to read until it was almost time to go to Hogwarts.

When Neville got his Hogwarts letter, the whole wizarding world was very politely surprised. He got told congratulations from strangers in the street, who in different universes would be shaking Harry Potter’s hand and swooning. Neville was far above smart enough to recognize than none of the other children got congratulated for the victory of being asked to attend school.

He asked the Hat for Hufflepuff and it gave him Gryffindor. He hoped they did not expect him to learn how to roar.

This was a Neville scarred. This was a Neville who would still get a rememberall and still forget it in his room two days out of five, who would eat a Weasley treat and turn into a canary, who would take Ginny Weasley to the Yule Ball and not once step on her toes.

This was a Neville who had had long conversations with the garden snakes in his backyard as a child and who had snuck them bits of his breakfast, kept track of which little serpent liked soft boiled eggs and which would dare to try a bit of sausage if he wiggled it properly. When he first got to Hogwarts, lonely, a lion in lamb’s fleece, Neville hid out behind the greenhouses and made friends with the snakes who curled on the warm rocks there.

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i'm a high school freshman, and i'm taking GeoHonors, BioHonors, Advanced English, and Advanced Art... i'm overwhelmed. I attend a high school known for high stress levels and suicides.. Previously in my elementary+middle schools, i was a straight-A student, no biggie. I thought high school would be the same.. which is why I signed up for so many honors. I'm also playing competitive volleyball, studying for the october ACT (for a summer camp), and preparing for my final piano exam. help? ~Kass

Hey Kass! Hope you’re doing well. Shelby here. :)

You sure got a lot going on. Sometimes that can be good & other times not so much. But you do sound very smart and you do seem like you got a ton going for you which is a plus.

I’ve got some resources & links to show you today in hopes it helps you.

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

Feeling emotional and nervous or having trouble sleeping and eating can all be normal reactions to stress. Engaging in healthy activities and getting the right care and support can put problems in perspective and help stressful feelings subside in a few days or weeks. Some tips for beginning to feel better are:

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Talk to others. Share your problems and how you are feeling and coping with a parent, friend, counselor, doctor, or pastor.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol may seem to help with the stress. In the long run, they create additional problems and increase the stress you are already feeling.
  • Take a break. If your stress is caused by a national or local event, take breaks from listening to the news stories, which can increase your stress.
  • Eat healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Give yourself a break if you feel stressed out

Recognize when you need more help. If problems continue or you are thinking about suicide, talk to a psychologist, social worker, or professional counselor.

Time Management:

Motivation & Procrastination:

Study Techniques & Studying:


Exams and tests:

General Academics:


College needs:


Helpful sites:

High school needs:

Mental health resources:

Misc resources:



School resources:

Stress relief:

ACT Test Guide

Things to Remember:

  • Difficult questions are worth the same points as easy questions.
  • If you answer 53% of the questions correctly, you get an average score.
  • There is no penalty for wrong answers - guess if you don’t know.
  • Budget your time; don’t spend too much time on a question.
  • Read each question throughly and know what it’s asking for.
  • Mark up the booklet to help you - annotate and show your work if that helps you


  • Questions often test for redundancy and irrelevance.


  • The first time, go through and do the questions that are easier and faster to do.
  • Then, go back and tackle questions that you don’t know how to do or will take more time for you to complete.
  • Look at the answers and plug them in. (start with the middle answer)
  • Substitute numbers for variables.
  • Look at the question like a logic puzzle, not a math problem.


  • Skim the reading to get a general sense of the passage.
  • Answer questions that refer to specific words or sentences, and then move on the questions that require you to read paragraphs.
  • Focus on main points and ideas. (usually in first and last sentences of each paragraph)
  • Pay attention to details that might be important to the story.
  • Think about why the author wrote the passage and
  • Mark up the booklet - annotate! (as mentioned above)


  • what the labels mean
  • what the table shows
  • trends
  • units of measurements
  • data representation (charts and tables)
  • research summaries
  • conflicting viewpoints (usually asked to compare and contrast)


  • formulate and opinion
  • maintain focus on your topic
  • ability to defend your opinion using reasoning and supporting ideas
  • organize your ideas in a logical way
  • use language clearly and effectively

Helpful ACT links:

Hope this helps. :) xx


The Barn

[Here][part2][part 3]

Sakura honestly hadn’t expected to find herself in the situation she was in, bundled up on the edge of Providence, Road Island with the attorney to her Great Aunt’s will. There were eighteen other family members, all closer in relation to the deceased, that the property should have gone to. The old woman had died little over a year ago and still the house was in a trust, unclaimed by anyone.

“Why I am here?” Sakura asked again, already knowing the answer Kakuzu would share with her.

“It’s your turn to try and see if you will be the one inheriting these lands. The will stipulates six months residency in the property to complete the transfer of ownership. So far, none of the other relations have managed to last longer than a month.”

“Why?” Sakura turned to face the impossibly tall and imposing figure who was supposedly as old as her great aunt.

Kakuzu looked down at her over the edge of his scarf. His eyes were obscured by the shades but that didn’t help the shiver she felt in her bones. She knew his eyes were on her and she refused to flinch or back down. He intimidated too many people, Sakura would not be one of them.

“If you would like to know the details of each member’s choice to disqualify themselves then you may ask them directly. I am not at liberty to discuss such confidential matters so carelessly.”

“I don’t think you discuss much of anything carelessly, old man,” Sakura scoffed, glaring at the shoulders of the long tan coat he wore over his three piece suit.

Kakuzu didn’t turn back around to face her and didn’t make any indication he had heard her comment, but Sakura felt it in her bones again, the sensation of something unseen, and knew he was laughing at the idea of her.

She cursed at him again in her mind, just because she didn’t like him. She cursed at the cold too, just because she didn’t like the way her ears stung with each breeze. Today might have been the wrong day to tie up her hair in a messy bun.

“Are you coming?” He barked over his shoulder.

Sakura grunted and hiked her own shoulders before following him up the long driveway, bracing against the wind.The smell of salt was in every breeze, even if the river filtering into the sea was several miles away.

Kakuzu stopped at the door and Sakura paused a moment to watch him work on the realtor’s lock box for the key.

The housed was less house and more barn with a brick exterior and large green doors that might have once split open for cows and tractors, not houseguests. Off to the side there was a smaller green door used for main entry that Kakuzu finally opened and swept wide for her.

“It’s a one bedroom one bath studio, but the square feet is what makes it impressive,” Kakuzu begins.

Sakura ducks past him into the house and sees what he means about it being one room. From wall to wall there is the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all without walls or divisors. Towards the back there is a ladder that leads up into a loft area that had been used as storage. Sakura could see several seafaring trunks and crates stacked up and set aside.

Kakuzu led her on a short tour that seemed unnecessary considering the open lay out of the house. Sakura could see everything and guessed why some of the stuffier family members chose to pass the house over if the stipulation was that they had to live out of it for six months. It wasn’t the most luxurious of places, but for someone like Sakura, it was perfect and really suited her well.

“Total property value is about 320,000. Or at least that is what it was estimated at last fall. You might be able to attract the right sort of buyer with more targeted advertising. Regardless, this may be yours per meeting the requirements of the will. See it here.”

Kakuzu led her to a box on the wall next to the door that was small enough for a simple keypad. From his front pocket he produced a card with her name and a number on it.

“This is your code. Type it in every day for six months to validate the contract. Special circumstances such as vacations and overnight trips must be prior approved so that the code may be manually entered off site by the executioner of the will, which is myself.”

“It seems like a lot of bother, but okay,” Sakura hummed.

She reached for the card and Kakuzu relinquished it gladly. Turning it over she saw her name in gold ink as well as her birthdate month and day. The four digit number would be her code.

“Any last words of advice?” She asked, looking up.

Kakuzu was already packing up his briefcase after leaving some documents for her on the kitchen table. “My number is listed on all these documents for when you want to bow out. Good day to you then, Ms. Sakura Haruno.”

He left without a word further.

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Hi love! So I read this somewhere and it gave me an idea for a prompt. Basically after Mulder says yes to IVF, he goes back and wonders why him. He knows that Scully finds him reckless, stubborn, he himself knows he is an asshole sometimes (esp. to S). So maybe he goes back to confront her about her choice of why him and S explains. I think this also comes from M's reaction to compliments (remember Piper Maru?) I know you have tons to write but whenever the inspiration strikes :) - Detour Anon

You always have such wonderful prompts for me! I’m not sure I did this one justice. I tried my best. Set right after Mulder leaves Scully’s apartment in Per Manum. 

Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic

Mulder can’t quite keep the grin off this face. Neither can he keep his eyes on the road. Or his concentration in check. A baby. He and Scully are going to try and have a baby. Not in the most traditional way, mind you. But when have they ever been traditional? Behind him a car blows the horn; Mulder didn’t notice the traffic light had changed from red to green. He puts his foot on the gas pedal, hopes that his mental autopilot directs him towards the Hoover Building and not into some ditch.

A baby.

A tiny human that’s half her and half him. Mulder has never seriously considered having children. It came up once when he and Diana were married. She was late and while they waited for the results, they used the tediously long minutes to speak about What If. Mulder didn’t want a child even if he never said the exact words to her. Not then, not with Diana. The negative result was the beginning of the end anyway. Though these days he knows it never should have started in the first place.

There is no doubt in Mulder’s mind that Scully will be a wonderful mother. In his mind, the baby is a small boy, who won’t have to compete with the hazy memory of Emily, a sister he’ll never meet. He’s got floppy hair, a reddish brown; the color of maple leaves in late fall. He’ll ask all the important questions with his big eyes: as big as saucers, as blue as the clearest ocean. Mulder loses himself in his daydream, in the idea of her child. Hers. Except it’s not going be just her. The poor kid, boy or girl, might end up with his nose. A car passes him by, the driver gesturing angrily through the window. Another traffic light he’s not paid attention to, Mulder realizes. 

His thoughts turn darker, change direction and his smile fades. Be careful, Mulder. Don’t jump on that train, Mulder. Don’t eat the evidence, Mulder. What if this potential child turns out just like him? Not listening to what he’s told, always convinced he knows better. Stubborn as a mule (though he’d never admit it to anyone). Reckless with his life and the feelings of others. Mulder sighs. Scully thinks everything through; whether it’s about which salad she should order, what clothes to wear or who to father her child. But then why him? So overwhelmed by her request, he did not even think about the Why. Once again he’d jumped right in. After she asked him, after she told him to think about it, he made his decision before she even left his apartment. The words had tickled his throat and only the expression on her face had stopped him. Think about it, she told him, tell me in a few days. That was Friday. Today, on Sunday, he could no longer keep quiet. Once or twice he wondered what she’d do about work. Whether or not she wanted him around for any of what would come after conception. None of his thoughts were as vivid as his dreams about the small child, pudgy arms and legs, squealing in delight, begging to be held. There was never a question as to what his answer would be.

Mulder’s car comes to a stop. So much for his autopilot: he is back at Scully’s place. Work can wait, he decides. It’s Sunday, after all. 

“Mulder?” Scully is surprised to see him back. “Please don’t tell me you changed your mind. I just called Dr. Parenti.”

“No! No, I didn’t change my mind. I was just wondering if you really thought this through?” No gentle preamble; he needs to know and he needs to know now.

“Excuse me?”

“No, that’s not what I - can I come in? I’m not sure your neighbors need to hear this.” She lets him in, crosses her arms in front of her. Mulder can’t blame her. This time she doesn’t ask if she can take his coat. Sweat breaks out on his forehead, trickles down his back and makes his shirt stick to him. 

“So you did change your mind.”

“No, I didn’t but Scully… why me?” Her eyes grow big, soften.

“Why you?” He nods, waits for her answer. 

“I’m not exactly a price, am I? You could choose anyone, Scully. Some handsome genius with impeccable manners and perfect genes. Why not choose that guy?“ 

"Sit down, Mulder.” He does as he’s told, her tone not giving him any other choice. She sits in front of him on her coffee table. She puts her hands on his thighs, their heads close together as if she’s about to share a secret with him.

“If you’d said no, I’m not sure I would have gone through with it. When Dr. Parenti asked me about a possible father… there was only you, Mulder. You were my first thought.”

“But-” She motions for him to be quiet. He bites his lip hard, nods. Scully is the reasonable one in this partnership. How does she not see his faults?

“You’re passionate, Mulder. You’re caring.”

“I’m stubborn.” He adds with a sheepish smile.

“You are,” Scully agrees with a matching expression, “but you’re stubborn in a good way. You never gave up on me, Mulder. Not when I was missing and not when I was in Antarctica. You never give up.” He’d go anywhere for Scully. If someone hid her away on the moon, he’d find her there, too. But her eyes tell him she is not done yet; must sense his remaining doubts.

“You have a beautiful mind,” she puts a finger against his forehead, “I love how your mind works. Well, most of the time. Your communications skills could use some work.”

“But Scully-” her fingers moves down from his forehead, touches his nose and lands on his lips. 

“I’m not done yet. You’re so open, Mulder. I know that your inclination to believe in just about anything drives me crazy sometimes. But it’s one of your greatest qualities." 

"You really think that?” Scully nods. 

“You infuriate me constantly, Mulder. But that doesn’t change the fact that I think you’re a wonderful man. The only man I can imagine myself doing this with.” There is something more she wants to say, he thinks. Her cheeks flush in a soft pink and he wonders if she considered telling him he’d make a great father. They’re not ready for that conversation just yet, though, and they both know it.

“I’m not too ugly either?” He grins at her, tries to take the seriousness out of their talk. 

“Did I answer your question, Mulder?” Scully’s hands are back on his thighs. Her face is still close. He could easily close the distance and kiss her, but they’re not quite ready for that step either. Soon, her eyes seem to tell him, and he nods, answers two questions; the one she asked and the one she didn’t.

“I should really go back to the office now.” Disappointment washes over her face and he regrets saying it. Before he can take it back though, she’s already gotten up; the moment is gone.

“Thank you again, Mulder. Dr. Parenti will call you with the details soon.” Back to business. Mulder gets up, too, sweaty and spent. He wants to hug Scully again just to feel her close, but doesn’t. 

“See you tomorrow? At work?” Scully nods, gives him one last, tiny smile.

“See you at work.” Mulder leaves with a stomach full of butterflies and a mind full of images of their precious baby boy. Soon.

Into It

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Suho

Rating: PG-13 / R (smut later on in series)

Warning: Potential triggers include: drugged drink, attempted forced sexual contact 

Word Count: 4,647

Summary:  Suho is the mysterious new kid on campus. No one knows much about him, except that he seems to have a certain attraction to you.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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Erm. Hi. I'm having a rough time with depression, and all the stories I've been reading have somehow gone from sweet fluff to like super angst. Which like isn't any writers fault, but I mighy have to take a break from them because my anxiety and depression hold onto to whatever feelings they generate and make me feel evem worse all day.(Thanks big D for ruining things that made me happy.) Your writing always cheers me up. Any chance you could post a trademark lazulisong abo one shot?

shit sucks anon and i’m sorry. Also I thought, oh well, I’ll just write like 700 words of Victor being an idiot in rut, but uhhhhhhhhh apparently I have at least 2k of rut jokes saved up in my heart and I’m just dumping them all out for you, like a bunch of nasty sticks and tennis balls the dog is bringing to make you Not Sad. So it’s not going to be done tonight, but here’s what I have so far. 

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Heya! Just found your blog and I love it! I was wondering I could get scenarios for Bakugou, Shinsou, Deku, Kirishima, and/or Tamaki reacting to their s/o telling them they're pregnant? I love pregnancy reveals and such. It's such a sweet moment when a man realizes for the first time that he's gonna be a father. I myself long for the day when I can tell my lover "I'm pregnant" (You don't have to do all five of them bc I realize that may be a lot so at least do Bakugou and Shinsou plz) Thank you♡

idk if it’s because I’m still young but I feel terrified thinking about the day I might have kids :D


“Don’t eat so much!“ He thought she was acting strange ever since that guy brought the pizza. She was so happy when she opened the pizza box while still standing in the hallway and stuffed her face before sitting. He didn’t say anything because it wasn’t his problem where or how much she ate but this time he just had to say something.

“Shut up! I have to feed two people.“

“If you continue like this I won’t be surprised if you double.“

“No you idiot! Didn’t you get it?“

Bakugou was so confused and irritated. “And what the fuck is the thing I don’t get?“

She rolled her eyes feeling angry because all she wanted was to eat the stupid pizza. “I’m pregnant.“ She continued eating like nothing happened but Bakugou dropped his slice and stared at her with eyes wide open.

“What?“ He just couldn’t say anything more.

“Are you playing deaf now?“ He was still unable to speak or react. Suddenly she put the slice down and looked at him with teary eyes. “You won’t leave me, right?“

“There ain’t no way in hell I’m leaving you!“ She was about to cry so he pulled her closer for a hug. It was definitely going to be a rough ride with all those sudden changes in her emotions but there was nothing the great Bakugou couldn’t handle and parenting wasn’t an exception.


The innocent kiss he gave her gradually turned into hot and messy make out session on the couch. He was really getting into it and began sliding his hand up to unclip her bra. Without any warning she pulled away and he gave her a questioning look. This happened as well yesterday. She wasn’t on her period so he had no idea what was going on.

“Hey I won’t force you into doing it but if there is a problem we should talk about it.“ She didn’t say anything. “If I’m doing something wrong you need to tell me.“ She shook her head. “Then what is it?“

“Well it’s just that..“


“We might hurt the baby.” This took him by surprise. He needed a minute to assimilate what she just told him. She was looking at him expecting some kind of reaction which took a while. He leaned forward to give her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“Then I’ll take extra care for the two of you from now on.“


When Izuku came home she was preparing dinner and it smelled so good. He couldn’t wait to eat from the delicious meals she was making after such hard and exhausting day at work.

“You’re not overworking, right?“

“No but lately I’ve been so busy and tired after all this work.“

“That’s the very definition of overworking.“ She placed the dinner on the table and looked at him. He really could use a rest but he probably won’t be able to get it this time around. “Izuku can you make some space in your busy schedule for the next few years?“

Izuku’s face suddenly changed as he began to apologize without even taking a pause to catch his breath. “It’s because I’m not giving you enough attention and I’m rarely home, isn’t it? I’m so sorry. I promise to make it up to you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.“

“No. Actually I’m pregnant.“

“Eh?“ Izuku’s burst of words stopped just as suddenly as it began. “You mean we’ll have a baby?“


His face brightened and he jumped from his chair to kiss her, feeling his heart warm up with happiness.


She couldn’t believe it but he choose the less manliest movie to watch tonight. It was one of those romantic movies in which the main characters fall in love with each other and at the end of the movie they kiss. She had a dreamy look in her eyes and turned towards Kirishima.

“It’s so sweet. And they are just starting their relationship.“

“Yeah babe! We’re like their superiors, right?“

She laughed. “Quite superior I’d say.“

“Nah, not so much.“

“They still don’t have a baby.“

“But we don’t have as well.“

“Not for long.“

“What do you want to say?“

She laughed at his confusion. “I’m pregnant.“ Kirishima’s confusion faded right away and he looked so happy having a big bright smile on his face.

“For real?“

“Yep.“ He gave her an eskimo kiss before pulling her into a tight hug and placing one of his hands on her belly.


He didn’t like the sounds coming from the bathroom. Was she thowing up? What was he asking? Of course she was. She didn’t seem alright from the moment she woke up and rushed in the bathroom and he just stood in front of the door holding a glass of water and some pill waiting for her to come out. When the door opened he felt the panic multiplying. She saw how worried he was so she tried to calm him down.

“Don’t worry. That’s normal.“

That was definitely not normal! “You should drink this.“

“Seriously. I don’t have to.“

“But what if you’re sick?“

“I’m not sick.“

“But how can you be sure? Please drink it.“ He was really worried but he was starting to get on her nerves.

“There’s no need for this.“

“But…but you should…“

“God damn it! Something might happen to the baby.“ Tamaki just stared blankly into the distance. “I didn’t want to tell you like this.“ Suddenly his anxiety level reached its peak. “Tamaki look at me.” She cupped his face and forced him to look her in the eyes. “Just breath in and out slowly. Are you feeling better?” He nodded. Tamaki came to the realization that he was going to be a father. He felt so nervous but the thought of it made him smile.

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I'm going to be doing a study abroad to central Queensland university from one of the snowiest cities in America- any advice?

ohhh man. which campus are you at?? because there’s a lot of regional differences depending on where you’re visiting

  • if your campus is actually in queensland, prepare yourself for heat and humidity
  • no matter the campus:
  • if you’re coming over in summer (when are you getting here?) it’s going to be much hotter than you’re used to, and the australian sun is fierce. make sure you have sunscreen and a cute, stylish wide brimmed hat to wear if you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time and please do not attempt to sunbake/sunbathe/deliberately lie in the sun to tan, you will burn to a crisp
  • prepare yourself for flies. they’re disgusting and they’re everywhere and you’ll quickly become accustomed to swatting them away. again, this is much, much, much worse in summer
  • we don’t tip. some cafes and restaurants will have tip jars but it’s not expected. everything is expensive because our workers are paid a liveable wage, we live off our income, not tips
  • wait staff generally won’t come and check up on you during your meal. if you want something, you have to get their attention
  • if you were planning on travelling around australia while here you’ll need a lot of time. a lot of people don’t seem to realise we’re actually pretty much the same size as the U.S.A. you can’t just hop from one city to the next
  • speaking of, there’s a lot of empty, natural space. everyone lives right on the coast, and if you go just a few kilometres inland there’s bush pretty much everywhere. there’s lovely bushwalks to do if you’re keen on some nature sight seeing
  • our power switches are individual!!!! you can’t just flick a switch and have the entire bloody room charged with electricity. you plug things in and then turn the individual plugs on and off as needed. it’s a much better system!!!!
  • no one drinks fosters beer pls dont
  • in australia you will drink the first true coffee of your life. percolated, drip-fed coffee is disgusting and frankly the entire country of america should be ashamed. we take our coffee very seriously here (melbourne, particularly, is colloquially known as the coffee capital of the world) and there are so many types to choose from: flat white, cappuccino, latte, mocha - and that’s before you even get into the different flavours!! try them all
  • cadbury chocolate puts hershey’s to shame make the most of it while you’re here
  • don’t try to eat vegemite by the spoonful, you need to spread it really thinly over a piece of buttered toast - so thin you can see the butter through the vegemite - and then layer a slice of cheese over the top
  • our internet is terrible. laggy, drops out, over priced and just generally shit. free wifi is still sorta rare-ish?? mobile data is so expensive. i am sorry
  • i don’t like it, but a lot of people use the c-word here. it’s become almost a complimentary, joking term between friends
  • wild kangaroos are not for petting, they will fight you, and they will win
  • don’t feed seagulls, you’ll never escape them if you do
  • drink and meal sizes are much, much, much smaller than you’re used to in america. like i think a large drink from australian mcdonalds is the same size as a medium from american mcdonalds?
  • mcdonalds is called maccas
  • if you go to the beach, swim between the red and yellow flags!!! they symbolise the safe area to swim, where there are no rips/dangerous currents
  • ‘bogan’ is generally, roughly comparable to ‘redneck’
  • thongs = flip flops
  • if a homeless person/anyone approaches you asking for money, just say, “sorry i don’t have any cash on me” without making prolonged eye contact and keep briskly walking
  • in general, aussies are weird about people who brag. be subtle about it
  • if a shop assistant says to you, “are you all right?” they mean, “do you need any help or are you okay on your own?” either ask for help or say, “just looking/i’m okay, thanks”
  • no worries = no problems
  • if someone says, “my shout” it means they’re paying for you
  • we drive on the left. be careful when crossing roads

if anyone wants to add to this post, feel free (✿◠‿◠) 

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For the prompt list: Gaston x Reader and either #4 or #18 (you can choose, I'm sorry, I can't choose between them!!)

okidokie, since Widow ever so graciously already completed #18, I’ll do #4 and hope you enjoy! alSO CALL OUT ON THIS FANTASTIC PERSON OK @hobbithorse19 is active as heck on here??? And I appreciate you so much?? Thank you????!!!! Keep the requests coming!!! (Also I checked out your blog, I love your hair!)

Word Count: 1084

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“Honey, I’m home!” Gaston’s voice boomed as he slammed the door open, his latest kill butchered and ready to be cooked in an old bearskin sack over his shoulder. “How has the most breathtakingly beautiful woman in town been in my absence?” 

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Hi Sam! So question: I'm going to a comic con for the first time and I'm scared witless (I've never really shared my fan-ness before), do you have any dos and don'ts or have a resource with dos and don'ts. I'm sorry if this falls under Sam advises but I figured since you've gone to cons yourself a fellow fan might have the best answers.

Don’t be scared! Comic conventions are great fun! Or rather, you have my permission to be scared, but don’t let that prevent you from having a good time. :D

Sometimes advice about conventions can vary based on the size and how it’s being produced. Small fan-produced cons are different from large professionally-produced cons; they have different focuses and goals. Even regionally, cons can vary greatly. So this is general advice, but it’s mostly common-sense stuff. 

Before I even get into the list, though, just to address “I’ve never shared my fan-ness before” – you will not be alone, and nobody there will know that you’ve never been “out” about being a fan before. To them you’re just a fellow fan. EVERYONE is there because they love the fandom, so nobody is going to point and stare at you for Being A Fan; they’re busy Being Fans themselves. Some asshole may try to gatekeep you, but that is increasingly rare, and you don’t have to engage. You can just say “I need to go now” and walk away if that happens. 

(There is a readmore below!

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I'm absolutely terrible at prompts (aren't all writers?!) but I would love to see you write about a time in Taker that Yuuri was unintentionally super soft and romantic and it totally destroyed Victor in a good way. I'm in a sappy mood for some reason!

Sorry it took me a few days, but your wish is my command.This is between the Press Conference and Beijing 1.

The weather is still mild, not yet so chilly at night that heavy coats or clothing are necessary, but it is a beach town and so the wind comes over the waves kind of ruining the peace.

Yuuri’s been working hard since the Press Conference, but tomorrow’s a rest day. Minako cut his ballet time short because of an office party having rented her bar for the night. 

So Yuuri is at loose ends.

Loose ends these days usually mean an extended soak in the onsen followed by him and Victor fucking a few times until sleep takes over. He doesn’t mind those nights—far from it, in fact—but he’d rather do something less expected.

Yuuri sits on a stool in the Yu-Topia kitchen while his mom preps for the evening rush. Broth boils on the stove in a giant pot, and the smell of oil hangs in the air, permeating the room. “Mom?”

“Yes?” she asks absently as she gets a whole salmon out of the fridge. She sets to work with precision filleting and de-boning it for the night’s sashimi special. Yuuri can do it as well, naturally. He considers maybe one day showing off for Victor.

“Do we have a basket? Or old blankets?”

“Basket…” His mom replies as she runs her hand down the fish. She grimaces a third of it down, grabbing the tweezers. Out comes three pin bones. “The ones for Hanami?”

“Yeah!” Yuuri says.

“Hm, they should be in the storage room we let Yurio sleep in,” she says after a thought or two. “Do you need them?”

“Well, one,” Yuuri says. “Thanks!” 

He hops off the stool and heads to the room in question. It’s attached to the room that’s come to be his and Victor’s, though Victor isn’t there. He slides the door open and right to his left is a giant, fancy-but-has-seen-better-days basket made of white wicker with green and white gingham lining.

He grabs it along with a thick blanket, folding it and putting it on its bottom. Then he calls the place he always called in high school for Hanami with the Nishigoris, the last time being when Yuu-chan was pregnant and almost bursting, and he places the order. He borrows Victor’s bike, grabbing the stuff when it’s ready, and rides it back to Yu-Topia. 

Victor reappears at this point, Makkachin at his heels. “Yuuri,” he says warmly. 

Yuuri gives him a smile. “Hey, I got us something. Will you come with me?”

Curiosity dominates Victor’s expression. “Of course.”

“Grab a jacket,” Yuuri says as he zips up his own tight. Victor puts on his gray puffy jacket he wears during practice, and Makkachin follows them. The basket is looped over Yuuri’s arm as they end up at the beach, the spot from three months ago where Yuuri learned he could let down his walls for Victor. 

He spreads out the blanket and puts the rest in the middle—a Hanami party package with karaage, bento full of makizushi and tamago, takoyaki which is one of Victor’s favorites, a variety of mochi flavors, and sake. 

Makkachin boofs and chases in the background as Victor watches Yuuri set up their spread. He sits on his knees, looking up at him. The sun begins to dip low on the horizon, blue skies turning a golden hue with fading stripes of pink and purple. Yuuri blushes and clears his throat. “Sit.”

Victor does. “What’s all this?”

“Normally, a hanami party is for sakura viewings in the spring,” Yuuri explains. “But I thought….you and I could stargaze here at the beach.”

Victor swallows, looking a bit thrown. Yuuri smiles. 

“Sit,” Yuuri emphasizes like Victor is a stubborn puppy.

Victor sits. They grab their chopsticks and begin to eat. It’s a comfortable silence that stretches, and Victor and Yuuri both feed Makkachin bits of the fried chicken. When the food is gone, Victor helps Yuuri clear the dishes, putting them into the basket. 

The sky darkens further, stars making themselves known high above. Victor and Yuuri sit, leaning back on their hands. Victor’s left is close enough to Yuuri’s right, he reaches out and strokes his pinky over his knuckles. Victor’s eyes widen and he gives Yuuri a glance.

Yuuri smiles. “I missed them,” he says as he looks skyward. “Detroit is so busy with so many lights—you can’t see them. Here it’s dark enough that it makes a good difference.”

“Which ones are which?” Victor asks, leaning towards him. 

Yuuri leans close as well, and they look at each other for a moment before he points to one bright star. “You see that grouping of five that look like a couple of mountain peaks?”

“Mmm,” Victor says. 

“Cassiopeia,” Yuuri names it. “And that one over that way? It’s kind of a person-shape? That’s Andromeda.”

He names a few more that are visible without a telescope while Victor hangs on his every word. When he’s out of knowledge, he takes Victor’s hand, holding it while his thumb traces the vein leading to his heart. 

It’s too dark to tell if Victor’s blushing or not, but he clears his throat regardless as he looks into Yuuri’s eyes. 

Yuuri leans in for a long, soft kiss with one hand wrapped around the nape of Victor’s neck. His fingers run through the short hairs there, and Yuuri wonders what it would have been like to kiss Victor before the haircut. It doesn’t matter, really, since he gets to kiss Victor in the here and now whenever he feels the urge.

He pushes just the slightest bit and Victor ends up on his back with Yuuri pressed into his chest. He doesn’t intend for it to go beyond this, as it’s a public beach and the entire town knows who he is, but still…it’s nice to kiss Victor out under the stars as if they’re at the ends of the Earth.

Victor’s hands pull Yuuri close by the belt loops on his jeans, and Yuuri pauses to set his glasses aside. There’s a complex look on Victor’s face, mostly affectionate but also a little stunned. “Lapochka.”

Victor brushes the hair off Yuuri’s forehead as he smiles down at him. “Mhm?”

Yuuri makes a point to kiss Victor’s mouth lest he be unable to answer. He chooses instead to kiss his cheekbone a couple of times. Victor grips Yuuri tighter like he thinks a strong wind can carry him away. 

Victor doesn’t speak, instead moving so their lips meet again. Kissing him this time is like a snowfall—it’s soft and lush, the world is silent in a way that rings of purity—and Yuuri loves him so much he dare not disturb things.

When the kissing slows to a stop, Victor looks at Yuuri like he’s why the sun rises and sets. Yuuri blushes and waits.

Words don’t come, Victor instead kissing him again. They lose track of time, too wrapped up in each other to make sense of the cooling air and change in the light above, but then the sun rises and a dishevelled, kiss-struck Victor rasps, “We never went home.”

They didn’t, and they didn’t have sex either. They really just made out for hours like middle school kids left alone with a door closed for the first time. “Oops.”

Makkachin boofs from the end of the blanket. Yuuri chuffs an embarrased laugh as he sits back on his heels. Victor is slow to rise off his back, and in the early morning light Yuuri sees the flush on his face. His hair’s a huge disaster, too, probably from Yuuri’s hands, and his eyes are glassy like he doesn’t know how to feel.

“Come on, we better get back,” Yuuri says around another laugh. 

Victor just nods with that same stunned look, taking the basket from Yuuri to carry it home. 

Too bad the inn work begins so early—they might have made back it unnoticed. As it stands, Yuuri doesn’t see the smile on his mother’s face when she notices they go into Victor’s room together.

The perfect timing (Part IV)

This is based on a prompt I got:
Soulmate AU: In which you turn 18 and see everything through your soulmate’s eyes when you’re not sleeping anymore but are not fully awake yet.

Part I , Part II , Part III

‘Why did I see less than a minute of my soulmate’s room?’

‘Reasons for only seeing blurry through your soulmate’s eyes’

'Usual amount of time seeing your soulmate’s room’

Sana has been sitting on her bed, googling these types of question the whole afternoon.

She didn’t want to care. She tried to ignore the thoughts regarding her soulmate since her birthday. It’s been a week now.

It didn’t work. Obviously.

She’s interested, though. Why would she only see so little and then only blurry things?

The average amount of time for people to see through their soulmates eyes is two and a half minutes. Still, there can be exceptions. Some people have been reporting to have seen what their soulmate saw for more than three minutes.

Sana frowns. They’re talking about two and a half minutes. Or even more. Her stomach drops and she hopes to find something else, an answer to satisfy her.

Simple answer for seeing things blurry in that phase is that you were simply too tired.

Sana shakes her head. That’s not right. None of her friends or family told her about seeing things blurry. Not even random people at school. Yes, in the beginning but not throughout the whole thing. 

The common held belief that the blurriness is caused by your soulmate falling back asleep, has been proven wrong.

Sana furrows her eyebrows at this article. People really do research about this? Well, if they didn’t Sana couldn’t be reading about it now.

Is there something wrong with her? Why does it seem like there is no answer to her question.

Right when Sana is about to give up to find a satisfying answer, because she needs to leave the house soon, her eye catches something promising.

Before clicking on it all she can read is: This is how my soulmate made me hate him before I even met him!

Sana doesn’t hate her soulmate, whoever that is. But she’s frustrated about how things happened and if she needs to blame someone other than herself… they would be on the receiving end.

So she clicks on the post.

As the title says, my soulmate made me hate him before I even met him! Why? Because that dumbass, who's now my husband and whom I love very much, knew that I was his soulmate because he had seen my room on his birthday weeks before mine. He woke up early and just sat on his bed, hoping I'd wake up and see his room. See that he's my soulmate. He knew I would recognize that room immediately. We've been friends forever. 
He was the reason why I only saw his room for less than a minute and he was the reason why anything I saw was blurry. 
Well, speaking to many people about this, including some experts I may have contacted before I knew why my experience on my 18th birthday was so different from my friends’ and family’s, I'm pretty sure about my answer.

When your soulmate suspects you of being their soulmate and they think about you while you're in that hazy phase, then it’s very likely for you to have a blurry vision and for that to last less than a minute.

Sana leans back, resting her head on the wall. She stares at the ceiling and thinks about it. Has this been fact checked or did someone just make this up? 
It’s scary to her, though. Everything this guy has explained fits perfectly to what Sana has experienced.

She doesn’t have time to think about it too much because she gets a text from Chris saying they’re outside, waiting for her.

Somehow, none of her friends wanted to go to a big party on this year’s New Year’s Eve. Instead they choose to go to Noora’s flat and watch movies and eat their way into the New Year.

That was fine by Sana; she didn’t feel like doing much else anyway.

Grabbing her bag and checking if she has her keys and phone she leaves her room.

Even though Chris, Vilde and Eva are all together in the Van outside of Sana’s house those three are texting in the group chat.

Reading those while walking is not the best idea, not when the other person in the hallway is doing something similar.

Sana crashes into someone. Since her brother’s friends are here once again, there are a few possibilities of who it is but looking up from her phone, mumbling a sorry, Sana sees Yousef standing in front of her.

She’s surprised. She hasn’t seen him in a week. Since her birthday. The other guys were here as per usual but Yousef wasn’t. Well, that’s what Sana thought until her mother had asked Elias at the breakfast table why Yousef left so much earlier than the rest of the guys the day before.

He wasn’t there when Sana left the house and he wasn’t there when Sana came back.

She’s not that self-centred that she thinks it’s because of her. But he also didn’t text her in the past week. Not once. He did not even answer to a stupid meme Sana sent him, thinking he’d enjoy it.

So seeing him now, after a week, feels like seeing him the first time in ages.

“I.. sorry. Didn’t know you were home.”, Yousef says, taking a step back.

He smiles at Sana weakly, not convincingly. His eyes wander over Sana’s face and she smiles just as not convincingly as him.

She can’t bite her tongue and quietly mumbles: “You wouldn’t be here if you knew.”

Well, Yousef still hears it and she’s glad that he did. He alternates between looking at her for a few seconds and then not being able to look her in the eyes for the next seconds.

Sana sighs. What did she do wrong?

Awkwardly standing there is not what her plans were for today, not even if it’s with Yousef. Looking down on her phone and seeing the girls text her non-stop to come downstairs she sighs and looks right at Yousef.

He’s been looking at Sana with a look that she can’t interpret.

“Look, Yousef.”, she says which makes him look at her with wide eyes. “I made my life a lot harder by not talking about things straight out so whatever I did that makes you so distant or if you just don’t want to talk to me anymore, you need tell me and not avoid me.”

She walks past him and closes her eyes for a moment. Talking about problems helps solve those, she learned that the hard way but she’s really not going to suffer more than this one week because they didn’t talk to each other. Still, she can barely breathe while putting on her shoes.

She likes Yousef, a lot. She thought he might like him too. But now he didn’t talk to her for a week and apparently he avoided seeing her at all costs. She doesn’t dare to check if he’s still standing there or if he’s already gone when she opens the front door.


“You know what I need?”, Sana asks over the phone, a day later.

She’s sitting in the kitchen, eating some of the dessert her mom had made the previous day and talking to Chris over the phone.

“What? Tell me!”, Chris answers.

Sana takes another forkful of the chocolaty heaven in front of her and starts talking. She gestures with the fork while doing that.

“I need for people to speak up. If they have a problem with someone, just go talk to them. It’s not that hard. I learned to do that. It’s a whole lot better than ignoring people and avoiding them. Tell them how it is and it’s done.”

Sana can’t stop talking once she starts. Chris left the movie marathon early last night because her family went to a cabin. Otherwise they would have talked in person.

Now she doesn’t even get to hear Chris’ answer because she has to hang up when as usual five boys storm into the kitchen after each other. Are they ever alone? And didn’t they sleep over at Yousef’s? Elias had texted Sana yesterday evening to tell her that after Sana left the boys decided to go to Yousef’s for a change and that they all would sleep over there. Just so Sana doesn’t worry about Elias’ whereabouts.
If they would end up in the Bakkoush house the next noon why would they even bother taking all their stuff to Yousef’s?

Not that those boys make any sense, anyway.

“Sana!”, Elias says very enthusiastically.

Sana raises her eyebrows in a questioning manner. Why is he so overly happy?

“Elias!”, she answers in the same tone. 
Mikael looks between the siblings and decides to say something.

“Okay, sorry to interrupt but..”, his eyes are drawn to the chocolate cake in front of Sana, “… that looks way too good. Can I have some?”

Sana nods: “Sure, help yourself.”

Usually it would be anyone but him that would ask that question.

Sana lets her eyes wander over the boys standing in her kitchen. 
Elias and Mutta are just smiling a lot at Sana, actually grinning, and swaying back and forth on their feet.

She narrows her eyes at them. What’s up?

Then she sees Adam who stands at the window and has his lips pressed together. He keeps looking at Sana, to the kitchen door and back at her.

She follows his gaze and of course Yousef is standing at the door. She catches him looking at her. With a smile. Not a forced one. The complete opposite of the day before.

Sana feels herself get happier instantly but she forces herself to stay controlled, to not quickly fall back to how things were before her birthday. She still had to talk to Yousef or rather let him explain.

When she doesn’t smile back, Yousef’s smile falters but a small smile still plays on his lips.

This is very weird. None of them talk, all of them look at Sana. Mikael is stuffing his face with the cake but doesn’t even look like he’s enjoying it too much.

“What’s up with you all today?”

“Nothing!”, Adam is the first one to blurt out. After that he presses his lips together again. His eyes going to Yousef and grinning at him.

“How are you?”, Mikael asks her with his mouth full. Mikael talking with his mouth full is probably the weirdest thing about all of this. He’s the one to scold Mutta anytime he eats too loudly or speaks with food in his mouth.

“Good.”, Sana answers sceptically, narrowing her eyes. “Are you sure you all are okay?”

Elias is the one to answer his little sister, walking over to her and standing behind her chair. He leans down and hugs her closely and answers when he lets her go.

“We’re great. Really. Amazing. And you?”

“Like I said.. good but why are you..”, she stops talking when they all hear a loud noise.

It’s coming from Adam and everyone turns to him. “Dropped my phone.”, he says sheepishly and leans down to pick it up.

It’s only then that Sana notices something.

Adam’s wearing a dark blue shirt. A dark blue shirt with dark grey and white splatters over one side.

Sana’s eyes widen and she blinks a few times to make sure she sees it correctly.

It’s the same shirt as the one that was draped over a chair in her soulmate’s room. It’s similar, at least. Very similar.

Sana suddenly finds it hard to breathe. Her chest rises and falls way too quickly. Her heart aches.

Is it really the same shirt? It’s awfully similar. And it’s definitely not a shirt she has seen on anyone else so far and men’s fashion is very limited.

When Adam stands back up and sees Sana staring at him, rather at his side, with her eyebrows furrowed and a slight frown on her face, he gets worried.

Did they say something to upset her?

Sana notices him looking back at her and now finally looks at him, not just at his shirt.

“Adam, your shirt… it’s nice.”

He looks down on himself and looks back up with smile. He looks at his friends standing somewhere in the room with a knowing look before he answers Sana.

“Yeah, that happened when we painted the walls but it looks good and I somehow ended up wearing it today.”

When they painted the walls.

One dark grey wall and three white walls.

This doesn’t make sense to Sana. She always thought that Adam and Mikael… that Yousef and her maybe…

She gulps and just slowly nods, forcing herself to smile a little.

Suddenly she feels like she’s being suffocated. She lowers her gaze to the table and closes her eyes for a second. 
Then she just stands up and has to leave. She likes Adam but only as a friend. A good friend, but a friend. In her hurry to get out of the room she doesn’t look at any of the boys.

She doesn’t look at Yousef while passing him to get out of the kitchen.

What Are Friends For?

for @miraculousfluffmonth Day 1- Blush

“Nettie, I’m home!” Nino announced as he opened Marinette’s door… And then he immediately ducked as she threw a pillow at him.

“Why do you insist on calling me Nettie? Why not Mari?”

He picked up the pillow and tossed it onto her bed before moving across the room to hug her. “Because everyone calls you that. I’m not them, I get the special name.”

She sighed. “Anything else.”

“I let you call me Bubbles.” He pointed out.

“You were Bubbles for Halloween, Nino. I’m not letting that go.”

“We were 5. The Powerpuff Girls were awesome! I still watch the old episodes!”

“The show wasn’t even airing in France; I don’t know how you even watched it.”

“Magic. Anyways, the summer’s almost over…”

She looked at him. “I know. We’re starting our second year. Almost halfway there.”

“I know right!”

“What about it?”

He adjusted his headphones. “Well, you know that crisis you had last year? Before we started our first year?”

She paused. “The one about my first kiss?”

He nodded, not looking at her. “Yeah, that one.”

“What about it?”

“I’m uh… I’m kinda having that now.”


“Yeah… You’re the only one of us who actually knows what they’re doing, so I was wondering if you could help me out?”

She put down her sketchbook and looked at him. She remembered how it felt to be where Nino was. She was just there a year ago.

“You know that no one will think less of you for not having your first kiss, right?”

He nodded. He really hoped he hadn’t made things weird between them. She was still his best friend after all. Even though she was hanging with a superhero now, he still hoped that she still thought of him as one of her best friends too. There was no one else he would have went to about this.

“I know. I’m not really worried about what other people are going to think… I’m kind of just freaking out because like, what if it’s me? What if the reason I haven’t kissed someone yet is because I just don’t like the idea of kissing?”

“Oh Bubbles…”

“Like, I know I could if I wanted to, but I’m not really pressed about it. Kissing is cool, I guess, I just…” He couldn’t find the words.

“You’re not sure if kissing is for you?”

“Yeah, that. Like the whole idea of P.D.A. is just weird to me. Hugs, hand holding, cuddling? I know I’m cool with all that. It’s just the kissing and the dating that’s weird. I know that it’s a common stereotype for males to be against it while they’re younger, but at our age, this is when we’re supposed to be thinking about it, experimenting and stuff like that. I’m not against it, but I’m not with it either. I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly.”

Marinette nodded. “It’s okay to not know. You don’t have to be where everyone else is. Heck, you may feel like it’ll never be for you, and that’s cool. There’s no rule, or age, that determines what you feel, Bubs. You have to choose for yourself what’s for you.”

He relaxed a little, breathed a little. “Yeah, okay. But how do I figure it out?”

“If you’re against something, then that’s that. You don’t need to try it to know, but if you’re not sure, a safe bet would be to go to someone you trust with it.”

Nino looked around her room, and then back at her.

“Oh!” She said. “Me? Really? Right.”

He chuckled. “It’s fine, Nettie, you don’t have to.”

She frowned up her face. “No. You came to me for this, which means a lot. I was just confused. I can help you.” She patted the spot next to her on the bed.

He moved to sit there. “Thanks, I mean it. But how can we do it so it’s not awkward?”

She giggled, remembering her first kiss. “It’s going to be awkward no matter what, but it helps to just do it.”

Before he could ask her what she meant, she had kissed him.

It took him a second to get over the initial shock, but once he did, he tried to copy her movements. She was extremely patient with him, and let him adjust so that he could find his own rhythm.

She giggled when she pulled back and he followed her.

He sat up, his face beet red.

She smiled. “You’re blushing Bubbles.”

His blush worsened. “I… It… You…”

“Go ahead and catch your breath.”

He caught his breath, but his blush never went away. “How was that?”

“I should be asking you that.”

“I mean, you’re the one with the experience.”

“For a beginner it was pretty good. Just, you worry too much about what I’m doing. Yes, it’s good to try to match what the other person is doing, but make sure you’re comfortable too.” He nodded. “Well, what do you think? Is kissing for you?”

“I think that, if I found the right person, I’d be more than happy to, but if not…”

“I get it.”

“Is that weird?”

“Not really. I mean, society thinks that dating should be used as a tool to find the right person, not something you do after you’ve found them, but I’ve never met someone who opposes society like you. You can do whatever you want. If you want to wait until you’ve found someone worthy of your time before you start dating, then that’s perfectly fine. Remember, it’s about how you feel, Bubs.”

“Cool. You’re being really cool about this. Isn’t that my job?”

She stood up. “Yeah but everyone has down moments. I gotta pick up your slack.”

They laughed. “Wanna go eat what wasn’t sold today and play video games?”

Nino stood up quick. “Always!”

After a few games and a lot of snacks, Marinette looked over at him. “Hey look, Bubbles! Your face isn’t red anymore!”

She laughed as he blushed again. “Not cool, Nettie…”

“What are friends for?”

A Very Darko Sequel - THE END

Y’all, if you’re still reading this…THANK YOU. This is the final installment of the Space Invader series, unless you guys want time stamps. I can’t believe it’s over and I can’t believe I finished it. 

As always, all the thanks in the world go to @wrathofthestag​, who also helped out with a super cute photoshop in the collage above, and @chronicopheliac​, @disraeligearsgoestumblin​ and @plan-d-to-i​ who was an awesome translator. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

Catch Up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19

Chapter 20: Happily Ever After, Fuckers

         “Do you think she’ll like puzzles? I was thinking about the pony one, but she might choke on the pieces.” Nigel was sprawled on the floor, studiously erecting some type of child entertainment device that featured dangling soft toys, lights, and a button that played a cheery version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

         Adam hated the thing already.

         “She’s three months old, Nigel,” Adam said as he continued making notes on the latest data from the Voyager 2 probe. “I’m not sure if she can hold her head up. I think a jigsaw puzzle will be lost on her.”

         “So you think this will be enough?” Nigel tapped the button and Adam flinched when a blinking rendition of Twinkle Twinkle started. Nigel looked up with a rueful smile. “Sorry.”

         “I believe that thing will keep her entertained.” Adam glared at it. “I think I’ll study in the kitchen.”

         “OK, I’m going to check on the pack-and-play in the bedroom.”

         “Nigel, it was fine an hour ago.”

         “What if it shifted?”

         Adam offered Nigel a flat stare, but smiled when the older man scurried into the other room. Nigel had been planning for the baby’s arrival for nearly a week, coming home with bags filled with bright plastic toys and stuffed animals. Adam had decided to let Nigel enjoy the planning, even though Adam was dreading having a small chaotic human in their home. As Adam began moving his books, the door opened.

         Darko held the door for Bev, who cradled a babbling baby in her arms. Adam noted with some disdain that the baby was already making noise, but remembered that it was rude to ask people to quiet their babies. Instead, he waited for Darko to take the girl and press kisses into the black fuzzy hair that peppered her scalp.

         Without a baby in her arms, Adam could see that Bev had gone all out for her post baby night on the town. She wore a low cut black dress that hugged her hips and skimmed her thighs. Her hair was down, and partially wet, where the baby had been chewing on it.

         “You look lovely,” Adam offered Bev a smile. “Your breasts are still quite engorged.”

         “Yeah they are, you wouldn’t believe what it’s like dragging these suckers around all day.”

         Darko knitted his eyebrows together. “Oh, when Adam says something it’s fine, but I get smacked when I say something.”

         “Adam didn’t tell me he’s going to miss my gigantic knockers when they’re gone.”

         “I don’t think I will,” said Adam. “I still think your ass is your best non-facial feature.”

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anonymous asked:

Something anything criminal batfam please. I'm begging you.

((ahhhhhh i’m sorry for all i’ve put you through so far, omg. uuuh i don’t have time to do something worth justice to that au at the moment that I feel comfortable with, but he’s a beta version of Steph’s past cut from ch 6!! I hope you enjoy it and thank you for sticking with me!!))

Her dad never gave her a ton of choices. Not real ones. There were choices like what moves she wanted to make when he played one of his weird games with her, and there were choices like what she wanted for dinner off a menu, or ones like, ‘are you too sick to go to school today?’ which she never was, because the alternative was staying home.

The first time her dad got arrested, she finally got a choice all her own, and she just couldn’t choose:

Who did she hate more? The cops, her dad, or everything?

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somegoodsheith  asked:

Ok I've got one. The team finds another Space Mall and Shiro takes Keith to a small date before they gotta go save the universe again. (sorry if i'm being a bother btw... i just like the way you write >///<)

yay more space mall :) and thank you <3

The planet of Riselkir is relatively peaceful and Galra-free, but that’s not entirely the reason why they come to a stop just above its atmosphere.

“There’s another shopping mall! Can you guys see it?” Allura points at an unidentified splotch on the blown-up display of Riselkir. Keith squints.

Regardless of whether there’s a mall or not, the team quickly erupts into chaotic hubbub.

“We have to go!” Hunk exclaims. “Think about the food –”

Pidge yelps. “Videogames! We need to – Lance!”

Lance is practising what looks like his usual flirting routine and Keith looks away.

Shiro nudges him. “You want to go check the mall out?”

“Sure.” The prospect isn’t as exciting to Keith as it is to everyone else, but he agrees to hop into one of the pods when Shiro brightens up at the prospect of a break. In fact, Coran is the only who puts up the slightest protest, which soon fades into silent exasperation as Allura gleefully leads the way down to the hangers.

“I’ll stay and watch the ship,” he sighs.

They leave their shuttles in the sprawling parking lot, each clutching a cut of the reward money they’ve amassed over the past missions. That’s the last Keith sees of anyone; Pidge, Hunk, Lance, and Allura sprint to the far corners of the mall, leaving him and Shiro alone to gape at the massive scale of the building they’re in.

It’s a larger replica of the last mall, elevators and escalators leading to distant shops and a diverse crowd of aliens milling around.

“Your mouth is open.” Shiro reaches a hand over to gently touch his jaw, and Keith clicks his teeth shut with a snap.

“No it’s not.”

“Well, where do you want to go first?” Shiro chuckles at the bewildered look in his eyes. Huffing, Keith tugs them to the nearest store.

It turns out to be a hairdresser’s, judging by the alien currently getting xir … hair-tentacles trimmed. Keith winces.

“Are you finally agreeing to a haircut, then?” Shiro fingers the longest strands of his hair, and he stiffens.

“No!” Keith’s gotten used to the mullet, now long enough to tie back. And if anything, having short hair means enduring that scratchy, irritating period where his hair grows out to itch against his nape.

Shiro laughs, retracting his hand. “Okay, okay.”

They move onto the next store, then the next, then the next, until Keith wonders if it might be more productive to return to the ship. Shiro must’ve sensed his hesitation, because a warm palm reaches to squeeze his hand.

Just as the mall’s starting to look too daunting and expansive, Shiro nods at a nearby storefront. “Oh, hey – look at that café.”

Keith takes in the sight of dainty tables, neat chairs, and the holo-display scrolling through videos of food and drink. “Uhuh?”

“Do you want to go in and grab something?” Shiro smiles again and harried, Keith nods.

“S-Sure.” Something to eat would be nice, and combined with Shiro’s hopeful grin … Keith follows him inside, nervous.

The alien display of food doesn’t make him any less nervous. Sighing, Keith chooses the least offensive looking delicacy (a slice of what looks exactly like a regular chocolate cake), while frowning at Shiro’s eclectic order.

“What kind of wrap is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then what’s in the drink?”

Shiro points at the receipt. It’s written in an unrecognisable alphabet. “That, apparently.”

“Shiro, what if you get food poisoning?”

“Well, I hope that doesn’t happen.”

Shiro doesn’t get food poisoning. In fact, the drink (some kind of fruity tea) is so apparently delicious that Keith itches to take a sip.

“Are you sure? What if it’s poisonous?” Shiro takes a snide swallow.

“Then you should stop drinking it!”


Keith aims a kick under the table. “Shiro! Let me try some.”

“Finish your cake first.”

Keith glares at the half-eaten slice of cake on his plate. Trust Shiro to be able to choose the best from the menu. The wrap had tasted like some kind of chicken-pork hybrid covered in sour-sweet dressing (Keith knows, because he’d taken a few bites out of it), but his cake …

Keith pokes at it miserably. “It tastes like straw.”

“Straw is fibre. Healthy.” Shiro smirks at him over the rim of his glass.


Thankfully, no one is subjected to the rest of the straw-cake, and Shiro offers the last watery sip of his drink to rid Keith’s mouth of the taste.

“Dessert, then?”

Proper dessert.”

(feel free to send me more fic prompts)

ao3: catpoop

kofi: x

youthoughthatwasagoogidea  asked:

Hello, could I get a scenario with Mello and Matt meeting OC and flirt with them but it turns out they're Near's s/o. Then Mello and Matt are all like "how?!" and Near is just being cheeky about it. Thank you, I'm sorry it's kinda of long.

Matt and Mello had been flirting with this girl every chance they could get. It sorta turned into a game between the two: Who could get (y/n) on a date first?

This had gone on for quite some time. A few months, as a matter of fact. Neither of them were getting anywhere, it seemed. And both were getting annoyed.

One day, the little game they had been playing peaked.

“She’s definitely going to choose me, not you, Mello. She loves video games, and shes way more into me.”

“You wish, Matt,” Mello said before taking a bite of a candy bar he was eating. “She’s going to choose me, because she loves chocolate, and we’ll… Because I’m obviously better than you.”

“Oh yeah?” Matt said, putting down his handheld game. “Why don’t we go ask her and find out?


It wasn’t long that they both had finally stormed into the room you were in. The anger had dulled down a bit between the two, and they were honestly both pretty nervous. You were sitting down on the couch reading a book while also listening to the news. It didn’t take you long to notice the two now awkwardly standing in the doorway.

“Oh, Matt, Mello. I didn’t know you were coming over, I would’ve cleaned up a bit-”

“No, no, it’s okay, (y/n),” Matt said, walking over to the couch.

“(Y/n),” Mello said, sitting down next to you. “We both came here because we wanted to know who you would choose. To date. Between me and Matt.” You paused for a moment, obviously surprised and not quite sure how to let them down easy.

“Well, you see… I can’t really choose between you two, because I already have a boyfriend. Near, actually,” you smiled. All the anger had come back to Mello by now, and he was up on his feet.

“Near,” he scoffed. “It’s always Near!” He said, storming out of the room. Matt was sort of just sitting there, not entirely sure what to do. He wasn’t used to being rejected.

It didn’t take long for Mello to arrive at the SPK headquarters, and of course he was let in right away. He slammed open the doors, not really caring if they broke or broke anything.
“Hello, M-” Near began, but was cut off immediately.

“Since when are you and (Y/n) dating?”

“Oh, I see. You’re jealous that the girl you’ve been shamelessly flirting with for the pass couple of months still wants me, and not you?” He said, twirling a piece of his hair around his finger. His expression was the same as always, but there was definitely a glint of ‘I won, you lost’ in his eyes.

God this was so long and I’m so sorry if it’s bad, lol. I couldn’t figure out where to end it.