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i'm glad i married you (m)

part one: marry me.

pairing: taehyung x reader 
word count: 5.8k 
genre: fluff & smut 

prompt: I know you not taking requests but can u pleassseeee write a continuation for the Tae fluff you’ve posted?? 💕😫 only if you want to and got time, if not just ignore please maybe one where they got married and are on honeymoon and you can add smut since you don’t have any Taehyung smut 😉😉 thank you fighting 🎀 

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leilariver-deactivated20170918  asked:

Hello!!!!! I've been following you for a while and I love your blog!!!!! My friends and I started a ship safe-zone blog for the fandom to enjoy which made me wonder about what other rare pairs there are in the fandom! Then I remembered you loved Kacxa! I just wanted to know if you had any headcanons for the ship!! I would love to hear them!!!

I can’t believe… time has finally come.

  • It’s a huge deal for Acxa to break from Lotor’s ranks, and after she and Keith come to an agreement that he and the rest of Voltron will help protect her in their fight against Lotor and the rest of the generals, she gets her own room in the castle
    • Her room is super secluded from everyone else because she acknowledges that she’s the outsider here and she can sense the unease from the rest of the paladins, Allura, and Coran at her presence
    • Keith is the only one who comes to visit her to ask questions about Lotor and how they should proceed, and while she knows it isn’t a personal call to come visit her, she doesn’t understand why he isn’t as afraid of her as the rest of them
    • When she asks him that very question, she’s startled when he gives her a genuine smile and says “because I’m an outsider too”
    • Acxa blushes which makes her cheeks go a darker shade of purple and Keith can’t help but notice
      • consider him shook
  • They start spending more and more time together and their discussions start to trail into Acxa’s heritage and how they’re both half Galra
    • Acxa is almost clinical in her retelling of her childhood and her hardships that she faced as a half-breed, and how she had been able to find focus and solace under Lotor’s reign
    • Keith is fascinated and just wants to learn more and more so he keeps coming back to her and they spend hours talking, first starting with her sitting on the edge of her bed and Keith leaning against the wall by the door until they both unconsciously become comfortable enough with one another that they start sitting next to each other on the bed
    • The first time Acxa laughs at some dumb thing Keith says in an off-topic rant, his throat kind of closes up and all he can do is stare and the way her eyes crinkle and how she lifts a hand to cover her mouth and wow she’s kind of unfairly beautiful
      • He immediately makes up some excuse about why he has to leave—“left the food goo machine on in the kitchen, it’ll be a whole thing, so I gotta just–yeah ok bye”—and then stands outside her door with his hand on his chest where his heart’s beating a little fast and has a moment of internal crisis
      • Acxa’s left confused and blinking at where the door just swished shut 
  • Acxa has zero (0) concept of understanding human interactions, mannerisms, and general social etiquette so Keith has to keep an eye on her 
    • Lance: [accidentally spills nunvil on Acxa when they bump shoulders in the hall]
    • Acxa: [spins around] YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME?
      • Lance thought he was going to die that day
  • Despite instances like the one with Lance, Keith convinces Acxa to come out of her room more often to visit with the other paladins to start to make them feel comfortable around her too
    • Keith has a mini-heart attack when Acxa tilts her head and says “You understand me. Isn’t that enough?” and he just mumbles out something unintelligible and waves at the corridor towards the kitchen in an attempt to make her start walking so she won’t see his face turn red
    • but for real, once she starts integrating more with the paladins, Acxa makes some very interesting connections
      • She and Hunk bond immediately 
      • prob bc Hunk is the epitome of trustworthy and kind and she feels at ease around him and he makes her laugh with his constant food references and dramatic expressions and she always replies with “I do not understand what you’re saying but you are quite entertaining!”
      • Pidge also slowly eases into talking with Acxa and asking prying questions with that little glint in her eye that always pops up when she’s devastatingly curious and wants to learn more about something and Acxa finds her small stature intriguing
  • Okay but speaking of Keith blushing
    • The first time Keith blushes at something, Acxa smiles and comments on how odd it is that some humans have such transparent skin and she reaches forward to touch Keith’s cheek where it’s now bright pink and he sucks in a really sharp breath and freezes up
    • Acxa notices and says “Oh. Am I crossing a ‘boundary’?” and Keith can’t help but laugh lightly at the air quotes he can hear in her words and he croaks out “Kind of.” 
    • and Acxa nods once and starts to pull her hand away and Keith doesn’t know what possesses him but he grabs her wrist and Acxa stiffens because she’s used to violence following something like that but Keith’s grip is firm but gentle and she looks into his eyes just as he says “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”
    • Neither of them really know what to do from there with the tension hanging between them so Keith lets her go and Acxa folds her hands in her lap and they both just stare at the floor until Keith bids her a goodnight
      • spoiler alert: Keith doesn’t sleep at all that night
      • spoiler alert #2: neither does Acxa
  • Keith and Acxa train together in the training room whenever there’s downtime
    • Keith is thrilled because he’s fighting another humanoid who pushes him to his limits and not the same robot over and over again
    • Acxa finds Keith’s intensity and his level of skill fascinating and their sparring sessions go from minutes into hours
    • Neither of them want to give in even when they’re both about to collapse from exhaustion, and Keith takes the high road and calls a draw so they can both slide down the wall on the far side of the training room and catch their breath
      • Both of them are satisfyingly sore and worn out and happy that they’ve found a decent opponent to spar with but neither of them say it
  • Their first kiss is after one of their countless sparring sessions
    • Acxa got the upper hand in the last half of their session and caught Keith off-guard, pushing him closer and closer to the side of the room until he was backed into a corner with no way out and she knocks his sword out of his hands
    • Keith trips backwards and falls on the ground with a surprised huff and feels the tip of Acxa’s training spear just under his chin, inches from his throat and their eyes hold for several moments
    • With a short laugh, Acxa withdraws and holds out her hand to pull Keith to his feet, which he grabs as he stands up, but Acxa pulled a little too hard and Keith was already feeling a little weak at the knees so he ends up stumbling a little closer to her than they’ve ever gotten before
    • They both just stand there, hands still clasped, lips parted in surprise, a little stunned at the lack of space between them, and that’s when Keith just leans forward and kisses her
    • Acxa panics and pushes away, covering her mouth with her hand as she says “What are you doing?” and Keith is kind of wrecked and doesn’t know how to reply so he just ducks his head and apologizes and moves past her to grab his bayard and leave the training room
    • Cue both of them in their rooms mulling it over; Keith, beating himself up and cursing himself for breaking the small bridge of trust he’d established with her. Acxa, with her fingers pressed to her mouth, brow furrowed as she tries to understand
      • Keith is sitting with his hands in his hair on the edge of his bed when his door swishes open and Acxa steps into his room 
      • She walks over to him and pulls him to his feet and she’s blushing but looks so vulnerable when she says really softly, “I don’t understand. Can you help me understand?” and Keith can’t really breathe but he cups her cheek and pulls her in to kiss her again
      • When they finally pull away, Acxa breathes out a little “Oh,” because she gets it now, and Keith can’t help but grin at that
        • someone kill me I’m fragile and weeping

Finally finished! I’ve been working on this in the little time I have after work and before my bedtime. Two versions with and without text. Phew!

May I present to you the Happy Mask Squad in full  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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Ashe, your house is a freaking game library. You have way too many games I want to play…


anonymous said: WAAAAAAAH you ship NaoToshi??? ;w; (naomi x satoshi) omg I think you are one of the only few in the fandom that ship them :o but they’re my OTP. Can I request if you could draw them please? ;u; seriously your art is amazing

GOSH ur too kind anon. I’m so glad I finally got time to do this one though, Satoshi and Naomi are so cute!

smoakqueenfan29  asked:

Hi Jen! So glad you got a chance to breathe the same air as our favorite cast and writers! :) Your review made me feel as if I was there. I had to ask, how do you feel regarding what the writers shared about the trilogy (or 4 since ep. 13 is Canaries) of Laurel/BC episodes coming up after the midseason finale?Been reading that some fans will NOT be watching those episodes due to lack of present day Oliver and the focus on Laurel. I'm willing to give it a chance though, but curious to hear from u

It always kind of bugs me when fans say they won’t watch episodes of what is supposedly their favorite show. The way I look at it is a TV show is like a book. You can’t understand the whole book if you keep skipping chapters. You might enjoy some chapters more than others, but you’ve got to read them all to get the full picture.

If fans are skipping episodes they are missing the whole picture, which is frustrating for me. You can’t make an informed decision then. I’m not saying they have to be excited about the Laurel episodes but I think it’s silly to skip them.

Also, I don’t look at these eps as Laurel centric. I look at these episodes as Team Arrow. Team Arrow struggling without Oliver and Team Arrow developing a relationship with Laurel. We haven’t really seen Laurel develop relationships with the team outside of Oliver and that REALLY needs to happen if she has any shot of being an effective character. So these episodes are the perfect opportunity.

I also think people are missing the big picture. These three episodes with Laurel as Black Canary lay the groundwork for Oliver having another chance to choose life as Oliver Queen. Even if he accepts both sides of himself, it won’t matter because protecting the city is a HUGE responsibility. He honestly doesn’t have time for himself let alone a relationship. Contrary to popular belief it’s not as easy as Oliver saying he wants to be with Felicity. Their relationship will take time & work - he needs to make her a priority. The only way he can do that is if he has help protecting Starling. The only way he has time for Oliver Queen is if The Arrow has help.

That’s what these 3 episodes of BC are about. By removing Oliver from Starling, it forces Laurel to step up. It forces Roy to step up. It will probably force Ray Palmer to step up. Setting Laurel (and the others) up as a viable crime fighting partner by season end is EXACTLY where we need her to go if Oliver has any chance of reclaiming his life & building a life with Felicity. 

See? That’s why we can’t skip chapters. They are building blocks to the eventual endgame.

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I'm not pressuring you or anything, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I really love that lazytown comic thing you posted earlier! I'm very excited to see it!! Again I hope it doesn't sound like I'm trying to push u to finish it bc I'm just. excited. to see it. aaa ilu!!

i actually completely forgot about it until i got home and opened sai n finally questioned What The Fuck Am I Doing

here are some really good sportacus faces from the thumbnails