and i'm from the future to smoke you

the signs as things my friends have said
  • Aries: "so yeah we just each take a shot of fireball before bed now"
  • Taurus: "do you dare me to eat this lemon"
  • Gemini: "i'm not going to pour you another shot of vodka" (spoken right before pouring me another shot of vodka)
  • Cancer: "i'm at school part time and hell full time"
  • Leo: i was about to double text someone but then i remembered that i love myself
  • Virgo: *walks up to hotel desk receptionist* "is there ice in this hotel"
  • Libra: "as a future not yet practicing hoe"
  • Scorpio: "i remember you like the crystal gems remember rose quartz"
  • Sagittarius: "do you wanna smoke weed on Christmas Eve with a guy who was fired from our work"
  • Aquarius: "i can't not think you are rad like don't even let that thought cross your mind"
  • Capricorn: "telling the truth is always better in the end because it brings order to chaos"
  • Pisces: "my plans for this weekend? probably some combination of homework and screaming"

anonymous asked:

Why is Sugar's halo dripping? Does it only happen when he cries? Does it even have meaning and I'm just looking too deep into things?

Damn I’d rather know everyone else’s interpretations than reveal my own tbh… without it being a spoiler, everyones got unique halos or horns personal to them…

But so far sugar is revealed to have a light, powdery one, zips got horns that flame on, and Tucks horns are formed from a whispy smoke….

It’s definitley adressed in the future but for now don’t let me tell you what you think, be free….