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Moffat: We don’t know if Sherlock is gay or straight because they never talk about that kind of stuff in the show

ASIP: The restaurant scene (”Do you have a boyfriend?”)

ASIB: Literally everything with Irene like seriously that episode is entirely about repressed emotions (not to mention John counts the number of texts Sherlock receives from Irene and is extremely jealous of her)

HLV: John is jealous of Janine, Sherlock hates Magnussen because he “prays on people’s secrets”, Sherlock restarts his heart for John, John’s wife is an assassin and everything gets super emotional, “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name”

TAB: The whole thing takes place in Sherlock’s gay ass mind, “correct me, doctor”, the shed scene (which I’m willing to bet Moffat wrote), we find out that Sherlock couldn’t say goodbye to John without practically overdosing himself on drugs

TLD: Sherlock gives up everything for John, we find out that both characters were suicidal before they met each other, Mrs Hudson confirms that Sherlock is emotional, “the man we both love”, “posh boy”, John is jealous of Irene again, the hug

TFP: Sherlock and John move back into 221B and start raising a child together

Moffat: Sherlock and John never talk about their emotions or anything so I guess we’ll just never know, sorry guys

help me afford a textbook? buy a painting!

hi everyone. hate to do this, but i really need a textbook for my one college class, but i really can’t afford it. the class is foundations of high school education (i want to be a high school english teacher!) and the textbook is about $120 and i thought i could get by without buying one, but it was obvious i couldn’t when I got a C on my first test. if you would like to help me out and commission me or buy an already existing painting, then please keep reading!!!

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tfc characters as things my roommate has done/said
  • dan: listen - i'm trying to be encouraging and kick ass here but halfway through my speech i realized that i also have important and kick ass things to do so i have to leave but i love you and support you
  • matt: -comes into my room with four things of doughnuts and places them on the desk and kisses me on the top of my head- when you want to cry just eat a doughnut and come get a hug from me
  • allison: i bought four loofahs so i can use four different types of body wash with them
  • renee: sometimes i lay in my bed and think 'i'm soft but deadly' y'know?
  • kevin: no YOU LISTEN - stop it LISTEN - cmon i'm trying to talk. i can talk? ok what i was trying to say is you annoy me
  • nicky: -literally comes busting through the door unannounced- I JUST ATE THREE HOT POCKETS IN A ROW AND I'M FAILING TWO CLASSES BUT GUESS WHO'S SMASHING TONIGHT??
  • aaron: by the way i'm putting an alarm system on my door so when you try to come in without knocking you get kicked in the nuts -says this right after coming into my room... without knocking-
  • andrew: -purposefully leaves the shower curtain open even after being reminded several times to keep it closed and also uses up all of the body wash in spite-
  • neil: honestly, i'm kinda hurting really bad. where? oh, everywhere but i'm ok i think, i just can't really move that much so do you think you can drag me to my bed

@ my anxiety: why are u more concerned about a tame party than the marketing test immediately before it that i still haven’t studied for

Make Theories, not Lemonade.

I was at work literally putting some slices of lemons into a container and came up with a theory about Vanitas because that is literally what my life has been for the last nine months.

So we all keep freaking out about Vanitas’s death and what will causes it/did cause it.  But I started wondering about this panel, RIGHT before we found out that he dies/is dead:

All right…so you can’t die?

Or somehow you exist in this world after you are dead?

Hmmmmm how might that happen….


And where have we seen this before:

Yep, that’s right.  I’m proposing that Vanitas of the Blue Moon is behind the curse bearers.  So either, Bloom Vanitas is Charlatan, or, Bloom Vanitas is the one responsible, not Charlatan.

To be honest it also just occurred to me looking at that photo of Louis - the hands.  One hand is bare, the other has claws added to it.  And who else does that?

And yes, it was confirmed by Jun Mochizuki that the “claws” are part of the gloves Vanitas wears, not his hand.  So there’s a mcfreaking link.

I’ve discussed in another half-baked theory post how Vanitas might be getting his revenge on Bloom Vanitas - by saving the vampires rather than destroying them, as Bloom Vanitas wanted.  So, I dare think that Bloom Vanitas’s destruction of Vampires is by possessing them, cursing them, making them lose control to the point where vampire is killing vampire in an attempt to keep themselves safe.

However, there’s still definitely a link between Vanitas and Bloom Vanitas.  Their connection could run very, very deep - to the point where Vanitas has become linked to the curse bearers, and after death will still exist in them as Bloom Vanitas does.

As stated earlier this idea came to me while I was spooning sliced lemons into a container for people to put in their tea so who fucking knows what state of mind I was in.  Still, when life gives you lemons, make theory posts about Vanitas.

is it wrong tham i’m writing a scenario while i’m in class? ‘cause i’m not sorry

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