and i'm embarrassed ok

It’s two in the morning, and there go my inhibitions!!!  NSFW-ish under the cut lol.

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anonymous asked:

Omg I LOVE that incubus avdol 🙏🙏🙏 would you mind telling me more about that AU ????? 👀👀

kefezgzeezgak thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!! ;________;

waaaa……honestly i don’t know myself LMAO i did it on a whim……’s just a usual priest/demon au…….

i did something just for you though LMAO

Dear @croxovergoddess

I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff in my life for the past few years, and I wanted to say thank you.

You’re art has been a constant inspiration to me, your characters are amazing, and seeing such an amazingly creative artist loving the same characters as me and having them interact made me ecstatic when I first saw your art.

The very first thing I did when I made a tumblr years ago was go follow your reaper high blog. Your art style, your creative ideas, you in general are such an amazing person.

I’m really nervous about annoying people or coming across as weird, so I tend not to say much, but. I wanted to say thank you, because you as a person have been a really big inspiration in my life for the past couple years.

You’re really great. Thank you for. Uh. Existing.

Convincing (Jimin Smut)

jimin x you; 1,125 words

summary: Jimin as a stripper, and then some. 

comments: okay guys, nope I don’t know how I wrote this, but basically I wrote this cause of a prompt/ask thing on baetan’s blog (who is a goddess of writing btw, highly recommend her blog because her words will murder your feelings) because I saw an ask about jimin as a stripper au and all her posts of jimin are not helping my heart. Baetan if you see this, I’m such a fan and I’m honoured that you actually read this??? 

So stripper au ahead, along with smut. Read at your own risk.

You’d been here many nights, to this heaven on earth as your friend would politely put it. Gorgeous men with the bodies and faces that could be compared to greek gods, seducing you with eyes that were lined darkly with kohl, and bodies that every men would kill for.

It’s not that you didn’t appreciate the male body, you did but you didn’t see the need to patronise the strip club once or twice a week. Your friend was absolutely mad over a man named Jin, she was always fanning herself and complaining that someone who looked that good should be illegal.

You weren’t as interested in the other strippers apart from Jimin. How would you even describe Jimin, god there were just so many things to say. Somehow, every single time you walked into the place, he had a different tattoo artfully placed on his toned stomach. You were pretty sure they were semi-permanent at the rate he was changing them.

Jimin was different from the rest, he never took off his shirt slowly. Scratch that, he didn’t even wear shirts, he wore tank tops that showed off arms that made you shiver in anticipation for the rest of his body. He always ripped them apart so easily, leaving shreds of the white material hanging loosely around his waist.

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