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I was just thinking about how I headcanon Obi as being the son of a concubine imported from a foreign land and that he was born in a place like Tanbarun or Clarines, but when his mother died and/or when he was old enough to be sold he was sent back to his mother’s home country.

Then my mind made a fun little connection… what if Kain had a concubine with raven hair and amber eyes…?

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Hey Tink I still dont get the whole Amara and Cas thing in S11, I still think they were sorta trying so hard to connect Dean to Amara, even when Mildred mentioned his heart pining for someone else all I could think was writers probably meaning Amara (don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Destiel shipper), I know you might've explained it before, can you link me to ine if your metas about that?!


My friend you have come to the right place I LOVE AMARA’s ARC.

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They didn’t “try so hard to connect Dean to Amara”, it was purposefully done that she was set up as the ANTI CAS. She establishes a forced bond on Dean which is beyond his control and desire, she is trying to take away his agency though it’s not through bad intentions, she thinks she’s helping (WAVES AT ALL THE ANGELIC/JACK/PARADISE PARALLELS). In theory he cannot say no to her, that’s iterated again and again, yet he does, and every time it’s because of CAS, his chosen bond. This is set up right from the beginning.

As soon as Amara is set up as a love interest for Dean she is paralleled to Cas. IMMEDIATELY. Before this even she tells Dean that he REPRESENTS HUMANITY while we get a scene between Metatron and Cas interspersed with it TO REMIND US THAT METATRON SAID THAT CAS IS IN LOVE … WITH HUMANITY. 

She then proceeds to use Cas to get to Dean and it works.

Then she only contacts Dean through touching Cas’ heart and when Dean hears the word “Angels”.

Dean goes and puts himself in harms way with Amara to save Cas.

Dean reconciles Amara and Chuck through distinguishing familial and romantic love and what she actually wants.

Amara tells Dean that something is stopping him from having it all, what he wants and that she will give him what he needs.

Even the Amara shaped love monster and the ‘wise woman’ Mildred know Dean’s heart.

Then Amara resurrects Mary, enabling Dean to follow his path to self acceptance and starting to believe that he deserves good things, that he is allowed to have what he wants and coincidentally starts giving Cas mixtapes, telling him he is devastatingly handsome, worrying about him unashamedly and outloud for 6 consecutive episodes and acting like hunting husbands then worried husbands all season.

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Here’s my long meta’s that I wrote that were some of the first things I ever wrote on tumblr so be kind :p

Screw it here, just have freaking all of them! 

Main ones on Amara:

Amara and season 11 overall just don’t work without Destiel

Chuck/Angels expose Cas’ feelings for Dean and desires and Amara/humans expose Dean’s feelings for Cas and his desires

Mary is the best mother figure they could wish for

Dean and self worth in season 12: also has my spec for s12 finale in here

My season 12 finale spec and confirmations which is relevant to Amara through Mary 

My shameless post about all the speculation I made that was right at the end of season 12 because jeez, it was amazing, I loved it, they’re doing what we desperately want them to do for the characters and I’m so extremely ecstatic!!!

Other meta on Amara:


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Hi Sarah.. I'm a SF follower of yours because of your awesome theories and posts. I watched 3x11 and was emotionally shattered... it really looks like SF is done. My shipmates keep telling me that it's not but I don't want to emotionally set myself up for a fall. So my question is... do you think SF has run it's course and if so why? Thanks. I'm sad but I would rather know now.

I mean…yes? Bluntness ahead.

1. The scene where Tink—the fairy who has found soulmates for other people in the past, a very credible source on love—tells Hook (and the audience) that once again he does everything for Emma. The flashback tells how he’d only risk his life for love or revenge, and then Tink explains to us how he just risked it for Emma’s love.

Meanwhile, in this scene, Neal is passive. It’s not that we’re meant to see Neal as useless (honestly), but it’s more that we’re meant to root for Hook rather than Neal.

This is a scene where David would normally be running out there and luring out the shadow, but instead that role was given to Hook to protect his loved ones.

2. In terms of cinematography, the camera pans to Hook much more frequently than it does to Neal. Hook’s reactions to Emma leaving are captured, whereas Neal’s are not. Thus, the audience doesn’t have the emotional resonance of seeing Neal digest this information. How does he take it? What does he feel? We don’t know, because Hook and Snow’s reactions take precedence. 

3. The goodbyes. This part really comes down to opinion, but for me, once again, Neal is a passive character. “I’ll see you both again” doesn’t imply he’ll be working towards it, just that…it’ll happen, by fate or design. Meanwhile, Hook is vowing to think of Emma every day; he can’t make an empty promise, but he can swear to her the depths of his love.

To me, that’s just so much more passionate and romantic.

And in terms of the acting…the way JMO and MRJ handled the scene didn’t feel charged in the slightest. Just sort of… “well…okay, this sucks, but see you later dude”. It felt like old friends, felt platonic. That’s my personal opinion, I’m sure your shipmates would disagree.

Whereas JMO and Colin just burned with chemistry. It wasn’t until Hook came up to her that Emma started crying. The transition from a smile to tears remains to be one of the most heartbreaking moments of the season. It isn’t until she has to say goodbye to Hook that we truly see Emma start to break down; the way she looks at him is so much more sad to lose him.

Think about camera angles, too—Neal and Emma were filmed from the side, zoomed out, barely getting their reactions. Emma and Hook are filmed tight on their faces, capturing every emotion.

4. Hook finds Emma.

Look, this was a really good opportunity for Neal to find Emma and amend for not finding her the past two times. He knows the land, he knows Emma, it should be simple.

Instead it’s Hook. Who finds her against all odds—and not only that, but escapes the second curse to do so.

Shippers can cry boo and say that maybe Neal was captured or injured but…again, this isn’t fate working it’s hand. It’s the writers deliberately crafting the plot. They chose Hook to try True Love’s Kiss on her. They paralleled both Rumbelle and Snowing. They chose Hook to find Emma.

So…yeah. I mean, I believe there’s still more to be hashed out between Neal and Emma, but…I don’t see it turning romantic, not after the finale.