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No one made a move to help him, and she struck him once more with her power. The red marble splintered where he hit it, spiderwebbing toward me. With wave after wave she hit him. Rhys groaned.

“Stop,” I breathed, blood filling my mouth as I strained a hand to reach her feet. “Please.”

Rhys’s arms buckled as he fought to rise, and blood dripped from his nose, splattering on the marble. His eyes met mine.

The bond between us went taut. I flashed between my body and his, seeing myself through his eyes, bleeding and broken and sobbing.

 I’m just. Going to curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep okay? “No one made a move to help him” is just so…painful yet justified on their parts. Rhys has carved out this place for himself, this no-man’s land. And it’s what I talked about before with the question of how far he went and whether it was ever too far. And he walks an incredibly thin line here to truly fall in a neutral zone whereby no-one will help him…but they won’t help Amarantha either. But he’s alienated himself and I wonder about that over the last 50 years. With no allies but no real enemies either. Just emptiness. It’s not difficult to see how Feyre and Rhys bond so closely in ACOMAF with the similar experiences that they’ve had. 

And I also love that the follow-up to this, to Feyre realising that no-one was helping Rhys…is to reach out and help him herself. Amarantha has shattered her bones at this point, tortured her far beyond anything she’s ever endured…and she lies on the floor, bloody and battered and exhausted and she asks her to stop…She asks her to stop hurting Rhys. 

There’s some really painful parallels going on here? Rhys slaved for Amarantha for fifty years and didn’t dream of killing her for himself. He didn’t pick up that dagger for himself. He was content to let Tamlin have that final kill; he’d already told Feyre that. He picked it up for Feyre. He picked it up for his mate. Amarantha hurting Feyre was what pushed him into action. And that’s just. So important for their dynamic. Rhys saves Feyre in ACOMAF. But as I’ve said before, she’s already saved him in ACOTAR. 

And I love that it’s at this moment that Feyre becomes fully aware of that bond and how closely it binds her to Rhys. She still thinks it’s the bargain, the tattoo, but she feels it in this moment. As they reach for each other. As these two neutral people, the ones that weren’t worth either helping or harming beyond what was happening, these two battered, broken souls made to feel worthless by the world, who won’t lift a finger to defend themselves, reach for each other, help each other and take that first step together down a very long road to healing. 


Request: Family day at the beach with Shawn and your child and him commenting on how hot you look : )

 a/n: im so sorry it took me a little while to write this!! But here ya go ! I hope you enjoy : )

            Visiting your family in southern California was always a blast.  Since marrying Shawn, you moved up to Canada with him, so you didn’t get to visit home as often as you wished you could.  But you loved Toronto, and you loved Shawn, so moving away from your childhood area wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be.

           You still weren’t used to the winters up north though. Even when the temperatures dropped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you were bundled up in a sweater and a jacket, while Shawn and your son would be out in short sleeves complementing the nice weather.

            So visiting home was always nice because you were used to the weather.  The weather was always nice there in the summer, so it was perfect that you went to visit your parents Fourth of July weekend.  Every year your neighborhood held a beach party that lasted all day and night. It was something you looked forward to every year when you were a kid.  And since moving up to Canada, you always tried to schedule your visits around that time.  Most of the times it worked, but you weren’t able to make it the last two years.

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don’t you love how michael just casually praises calum all the time like all of a sudden he goes “hey give it up for calum he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread” or “look at calum’s biceps they are so great” and “look at that handsome man on the other side of the stage he’s an angel oh yES it’s calum” and just “giVE IT UP FOR CALUM’S BOOTY WOW CALUM’S BICEPS CAN I GET A HELL YEAH” michael worships calum and he lets him know all the time and that’s beautiful

Lance: ‘does he really like me?’ “Hey, Keith?”

Keith: “hm?”

Lance: “will you be my bae-ard?”

Keith: “but– you already have a bayard- oh! Oh…”

It took him a moment

A sequel to this

There was one more panel but I don’t like how it turned out.

Night Vale Presents podcasts as kids

Welcome to Night Vale is the oldest and the one that everyone dotes on and loves Alice isn’t Dead is the middle child that fades out in the family pictures Within the Wires is Alice’s weird twin sister that everyone ignores The Orbiting Human Circus is the newborn that everyone is obsessed with

Imagine Lucas teaching El all sorts of things about space and galaxies and stars. She’s absolutely fascinated and adores learning new things about her world, and it’s an amazing bonding opportunity for the two of them. They pour over science textbooks together after school. Lucas brings his telescope out for all the boys and El to go stargazing on summer evenings. El loves the glow-in-the-dark stars that Lucas has on his bedroom ceiling because it feels like he has his own constellations right within his grasp, so Lucas buys her a few packs of them for her birthday, glow-in-the-dark stars and planets, and all the boys come over to help her design her ceiling with them. On rainy days, when Mike visits El to comfort her through her nervousness about thunderstorms, they lay on the floor of her bedroom and she tells him all the things about space that she’s learned from Lucas and from the books Mike brings her and they pick out made-up constellations (like Eggo waffles) 

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