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Katharine Isabelle in ~everything

↳ Ava Wilson in Supernatural 2x21 - All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 (2007)

okay so this is the photo that really means the most to me. So I walked up to Jared with the sign and I asked if we could hold it in the photo. He put his hand on his heart and said “yes of course. Thank you so much.” and we took the photo. After, he looked me right in the eyes and said again “Thank you so much!”. I could tell it really meant a lot to him and he sounded so sincere and sweet. I could hear how much he loves Gen just from his voice! It made me cry! I just really love these two beautiful, wonderful, amazing people!

my sister wrote about our aunt’s suicide in her faith statement for confirmation, about a time when God wasn’t with her, and her youth pastor told her that Susie’s death had nothing to do with God and that it was all Susie and well friends, this is why I fucking hate that bitch. God is always there in your faith, through good and through bad, and while God may not have driven our aunt to kill herself, I am so not fucking okay with my sister’s youth pastor going on a talk with my sister blaming all of our aunt’s actions on herself. suicide doesn’t just fucking happen. as a youth pastor, shouldn’t you at least be telling my sister it was the devil???? I’m so livid I’ve cried. I haven’t thought about Susie in a long time, and for my sister’s youth pastor who doesn’t know anything to just up and blame all of my aunt’s actions on herself, like some sort of God wasn’t with her and she killed herself bullshit makes me practically blind with rage. my sister was almost crying telling me this tonight. her youth pastor had no right. none. words can’t describe how absolutely fucking pissed I am that her youth leader shamed our aunt like this.



did hannibal just fucking turn in himself for will when he could have run? to be like “hey hun i know you just dumped my ass but see? i can change. i would carry you to your home in my arms from muskrat farm. i would go to prison for you. if you love me meet me up at chilton’s”

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Knowing the fact that Gintoki will never forgive himself because he's that good of a person and could never forgive himself and still has a heart that can care for others will now and forever more kill me. FOREVER.


However, I don’t believe that he’ll never forgive himself because he’s that good of a person. I don’t think he’ll ever forgive himself because he can’t. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness in his mind and that explains so much. Like why he fights recklessly and consistently puts himself in harms way – so others won’t have to do it. Why he drinks himself into oblivion sometimes. Why whenever anyone alludes that he means something to them he shuts down and doesn’t understand how that could possibly be true. They must be lying, right? He’s not worth a damn thing, so why are they lying? Or they’re mistaken, they’ve made a mistake and he’s going to do something bad to let them see what a huge mistake they’ve made in thinking he’s a decent person. 

Like in the School of Beam Saber arc, just for one example. He finds out there that Shinpachi really, really looks up to him and Gintoki smashes his face against a tree and gets brutally honest with him. It’s self-destructive behavior because Gintoki expects people to leave him since he doesn’t deserve having them anyway. Which is tragic and that he has been dealing with this the whole time I can’t even comprehend that loneliness. 

And Otose! Good god, his relationship with Otose has just been taken to a whole new level of holy shit. Because she probably very literally saved him that day in the graveyard and now we know why Gintoki had chosen a graveyard, he was dead anyway. He was either left for dead there or he chose the spot specifically for that reason. But then Otose comes alone and brings food and the chance for a new life and risks taking Gintoki come with her like a lost puppy. I would love to see how things were when she first brought that fucked up mess of a man home with her. 

And I’m rambling pft but I definitely agree with you that Gintoki has a huge heart and a massive ability to care. He’s an amazing character and my heart aches for him =A=


So yesterday I saw Paramore. I can’t even begin to explain how PERFECT it was, but I’ll tell a bit of what happened.

As I might have mentioned before, my best friend bought a ticket to see Paramore with me even though she’s not a fan. She only did this to go with me so I wouldn’t be alone and to take care of me and the pics and everything else. Her whole family got involved to help me and they drove us there and then back home and gave us food and everything. Her sister was there with us in line to take care of us. So yesterday my best friend and I went to sleep at like 1am and we woke up at 4am. Soon after that we left to the venue and got there at 5 something am. It was deadly cold, below 44 degrees. We had to ask my friend’s dad to bring us a blanket and more coats cause it was freezing. We brought food and blankets and we spent a really long time there just talking and looking at people and even played a game trying to count how many orange haired girls we could see (needless to say we lost count). It was really exhausting waiting that long but my friend made it perfect. So after over 19 hours waiting, we were finally there and we almost got killed. People were pushing around really hard and we had to step back a little. We were still really close to them and I started crying really hard when they walked in. They were absolutely amazing and they had so much energy. I forgot all the pain and all the exhaustion and the fact that I didn’t feel my legs. They smiled so much and my life made perfectly sense at that moment. I cried several times during the concert but mostly because I was so happy I couldn’t believe I was there. My friend was so happy for me and that made me cry even more cause she asked me to enjoy the concert cause she’d take care of the whole pictures and videos thing. I was singing so loud and screaming so much I thought my throat was gonna explode. Hayley said so many nice things and it always made me cry. The Whoa game was so incredible and she laughed a lot. Jeremy was right in front of me and he was just so amazing I can’t even explain. When he started playing the bass upside down and we all screamed he looked so genuinely happy that it melt my heart. I didn’t get to see Taylor the whole time considering he was on the opposite side but I did see him a lot. There was a point it seemed like Jeremy was looking into my friend’s camera (turns out she did take a pic of him and he was looking into her camera) and I just screamed a lot and he had his tongue out. Hayley came to our side so many times and she was so adorable and happy. She said “obrigada” a few times and then the crowd started to sing “Hayley, eu te amo” (Hayley, I love you) and she was really touched and said something like “we should know Portuguese by now” and then we sang the same thing to Taylor (and I hope someone got a video of his response cause it was so funny) and then to Jeremy who was just truly adorable. Before Anklebiters, Hayley gave a small speech saying something like “it doesn’t matter how hard life is outside these walls and how shitty life is at home, you’re here with us now and that’s what matters” and I lost it, I was legitimately sobbing and my friend had to hug me cause I could’t stop crying. Needless to say I danced a lot and sang really loud. I jumped and fist pumped and yelled and smiled and cried, all at once. When they played Proof, I cried a lot because this song describes so many things about my love life at the moment. But all of the songs were so perfect and important to me, they all mean everything to me. I don’t know where I’d be without this band. They’ve saved my life and even though they don’t know who I am, Hayley said herself last night “we love you” and I believe her. The fact that I waited 19 hours in the deadly cold waiting for them proves that they know I love them. Well, it was perfect, every single song was like it was my last minute on Earth and I can’t explain what I felt there. People had blue and white balloons when they played Still Into You and there was this time Hayley said “Sao Paulo, you’re not loud enough for me” and we kept screaming louder and louder as she said “LOUDER!” and then she said “that’s Sao Paulo I remember” and basically I cried a lot. She asked us who’d seen them already and I screamed, obviously, and she said “welcome back, thanks for hanging out with us”. Then when she asked who’d never seen them before, she smiled really big and said “welcome to the family”. And she meant it. After they left the stage before the encore, we started to scream “Paramore, Paramore!” and when they came back Jeremy jumped around and he was so excited it made me laugh. I’d never seen him like that. Then after they played Brick By Boring Brick, they spent a while there thanking us and Taylor literally ran across the stage and said really shy “obrigado” and it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire existence and I truly hope someone recorded that. So when they left I hugged my friend and started crying so hard, thanking her for being there with me and being so thankful for having the opportunity to be there seeing my favorite band again. No words can describe how amazing it was, how perfect it felt and how incredible it is once you’re there and they’re in front of you, nothing else matters. No problem is big enough compared to the happiness of seeing them.

It was perfect and I’m so incredibly thankful for this opportunity. After all the pain and sweat and tears and cold, it was all worth it. Really worth it. I’d do everything all over again.

Thank you, Paramore, for saving my life when no one else could. For getting me even without knowing me or my problems. For giving me a reason to live and to remind me all the time that someday things will be better. Thank you, Paramore for all the joy that you’ve given me. And one of the most important of them all, thank you for teaching me “let the pain remind you hearts can heal” and for just teaching me how to live my life even with all the bad things happening. I can’t even thank you enough for giving my life a purpose. I’ve been a fan since 2006 and after all this time, I’m still into you ♥

20/02/11 and 30/07/13 are gonna be forever remembered.

Sometimes my Swan Queen feels take over and I imagine that when filming the fight scene in ‘The Miller’s Daughter’ when Emma grabs Regina, the director yelled “Cut” and while Jennifer was holding Lana, maybe she wrapped her arms around a little bit tighter like a playful squeeze. Definitely not a Morrilla shipper, but it’s cute to imagine little Swan Queen things.

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Is taehyung also that handsome in real life ^^

idk what i was expecting tbh, but i was not expecting this

when the opening vcr was over and the members came out to get into position for their opening performance, i was literally heart eyes for kim taehyung

pictures do him no justice, he is literally so handsome i couldn’t believe he was real, i can’t even explain it or put it into words but i was just gaping at him, i was so shocked and when he smiled or winked or sent hearts or did his kissy faces i got so emotional

S3E3 ***Spoilers***

I think ending with Radiohead and not Creep was a nice artistic choice (not just because I love the shit of that song) since they wanted to go with the whole moving on and growing up and accepting life’s gunna be shitty and challenging. She’s no longer in her Oasis bubble with her hot BF and the gang. She’s putting on her Rae armor and going it alone and she’s off to uni. “Whatever makes you happy, whatever you want, you’re so very special, I wish I was special” these lyrics have always kinda symbolized that internal struggle between who you think you are and how you think you measure up to everyone around you against who you’re becoming and the potential you have that you overlook. To me, it’s a song about acceptance which fit perfectly with the montage. And seeing Tix made me weep so much because with Tix we saw Rae embrace that she was different, and while in S1 Rae had a lot of work to do to get better, she overlooked how much strength it takes to accept and own the fact that you are a person who struggles and fights and that even if you’re having a rough go of it, that doesn’t take away how strong you truly are.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Mercy - Live at De Keun Kortrijk