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morgan hell is so real rn


Even if skills activate they can still miss, so you’re better off hoping an anvil falls from the sky.

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my accent challenge

okay so first up pls bear in mind how tired i am and also sorry i’m like half whispering but my sister is asleep in the other room & she’s a really light sleeper and i’m worried if i wake her up she might kill me so…. anyway pls enjoy my terrible voice, thank you & goodnight (ps thanks @aliciavspinnet for involving me in this <3 i only did it bc yours made me so happy i wanted to try it out too)

(based on this ask game)


So I sketched one little Zeb because hey, tiny lasats are the cutest, and @kromitar was like WHAT IF Zeb and Kallus were the same age (Garazeb is older than Kallus in canon). Little cadets (of Republic Intelligence) had a field trip to Lasan and there Kallus meets this rascal of a lasat. Apparently I lost all control of myself and drew picture after picture of smol bby Zeb and Kallus playing, hugging and being silly together. Here’s three of those pictures, sketches and colours by me, lines by @kromitar!


A birthday gift to Roxi! Happy Birthday to my dam book godmother. LMAO I will never forget the first time you messaged me was because I drew Leo Valdez and Nico di Angelo BLESS THE GODS I DREW THEM or else we wouldn’t even be friends. So here’s my your Mako-chan after rescuing a cute lil bunny who seems to develop a sort of crush on this big adorable human fireman.

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Kidfic prompt: after coming go Winterfell Theon sees snow for the first time :)

HI ANON I KNOW YOU ASKED FOR THIS AGES AGO but I’m back on prompt filling so here we go sorry for how late it is <3

When Theon sees Winterfell for the first time, it’s cold and the ground is hard and covered in dried leaves. It’s nothing he hadn’t expected: he had been warned, and he knows the North wouldn’t be warm. He’s not that kind of idiot. Still, he hadn’t expected it to look so… unwelcoming, he figures. It’s not just because Lord Stark has been as cold as the northern biting wind since they were introduced, or because the castle looms huge on the horizon as they ride towards it, but in between the wind, the equally cold looks that everyone in his party is sparing him when they have looks to spare and the general atmosphere, it’s hard to conjure optimism. Never mind that he had seen pictures on books portraying the North during its fall and it wasn’t this. In those picture, the leaves covering the grounds were red and orange and yellow and they had some life in them still, and they covered the ground like some kind of soft blanket. All the leaves he sees now are dried up and dark and dead, and he thinks that maybe it’s because -

Because winter is coming, and isn’t that laughable. He shudders. He always felt cold in Pyke, and now he’s most probably going to feel even colder.

Theon thinks, how am I even going to survive years here, and has no answer to give himself.

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I was tagged by @allumetterouge (and almost missed it because i didn’t get a notification?? only saw it cause i stalked your blog ahah)

(sorry for the long post ahead, i got carried away)

Five Things You’ll Find in My Bag:

my wallet, but only in summer because my winter coat has the deepest pockets and i don’t have to bother with a bag when i wear it

my phone, same as the wallet

the unopened glasses-cleaning tissue thing i’ve had for three years but never throw away because “you never know”

at least 20$ in really small coins because i always panic when cashiers hand me my change and throw it in my bag without bothering to put it in my wallet

a umbrella because i always have one with me except when it rains

Five Things You’ll Find in My Bedroom:

2000 forgotten mugs, probably

stacks of all kinds of fancy paper that i’m afraid to use because i’m not worth it

a picture of me and my friends on a rollercoaster and i look like i’m about to fucking die on it while everybody else looks really chill

a pillow with pictures of half naked men that are starting to peel off of it that my friends gave me for my 18th birthday

a rock shaped like a heart i found at 6

Five Things I Want To Do With My Life:

do my own comic!!

maybe work in animation? i’m too lazy though

get enough money to get my parents a really cool gift

get my own apartment one day and live there with probably 300 pets

completely open up to someone and marry them

Five Things I’m Into Right Now:

DC, navigating between Jaytim and the Batfamily in general + the outlaws

learning to do conscious dreaming because reasons

getting the hang of my new copic markers

practicing animation

finishing my jaytim comic

Five Things On My To-Do List:

get my freaking driver’s licence so everybody will stop asking me if i’ve passed my freaking driver’s licence yet

do a visual novel (it’s happening, just. it is)

use the unopened glasses-cleaning tissue thing mentioned earlier, or at least get rid of it

finally start working on my graduation comic

be there for my friends like they were for me

Five Things Your Followers Probably Don’t Know About You:

i’m afraid of heights

i’m really tall (oh the irony)

i have the biggest dog

i never finished high school

i can’t dance. i don’t know how to, and even if i did, i would never dance in front of anyone ever

I’m tagging:

well, no one because i don’t really know anyone here except for the person who tagged me ahah but ask and i’ll tag u


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Day 10 - Your Favourite Pairing

Some post Ep11 Bumblebee based on this beautiful text post by @luxsp !

Day 413 - No idea. I’ve been having trouble coming up with things to draw lately. Suggestions are welcome.