and i'm afraid of that

wait here’s a thought: 

i feel that my fear of needles is gonna mess with my transition in the future

i know there is the gel option but still

needles make me hyperventilate like, without fail

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🌷 = favourite blogs

i don’t follow enough blogs for this okay, here we go again: @padfootd @evenandsana @mollywealsey @puresblood @godrichollow @barryallhan @patroculos @westerror @sirien

🌚 = talk about my crush

ok… every time i talk about her on here i get weirdly flustered, but well~ she has really nice laugh and, apart from lipstick and occasional mascara, she doesn’t wear makeup at all, and she is always kind of quiet in the mornings when we see each other and needs a while to properly wake up, and she doesn’t put sugar in her coffee but shares my love for hot chocolate ❤︎

thank you, anon!

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persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon

An Illustration I drew for my FFXV fanbook ‘Journey’, in which Prompto is an Eos Geo photographer and his bros tagging along to help out

The fanbook will pretty much be a mash-up of FFXV art I want to draw in the following months, so it won’t be only about the theme of a journey, but the core of the fanbook will focus on travelling, exploring and the story in the game.

I’ll also sometimes post wips on my new instagram acc sayuyuv

Witch Tip

Once you get rid of the line between magic and mundane, coming up with ideas is much less of a challenge. There is no “normal” you and “witchy” you. It’s all a conglomerate that creates the way you experience life as a whole.


My Twenty One Pilots themed cake for my fondant class final! In total I think I spent around 48 hours on all the details and yes, all the decorations are edible.