and i'm afraid of that

I don’t know if it’s my genetics or what but no matter how much cardio I do I can’t lean up but I’m starting to build muscle so I’m getting bigger and it’s making it harder for me to fit into any of my clothes


Phillips and pops sketches. :) 

I am…really struggling to be sympathetic to the plight of men who want Wonder Woman shirts to wear to this movie premiere and can’t find any in their department. Like…walk over to the women’s department. Pick up a t-shirt. I know, gendered clothing sucks. I know, it sucks that nerdy shit isn’t being marketed to you. Welcome. To the world. Of geeky women.

“I’m a big guy, I can’t wear women’s shirts.”

Buddy, you’re talking to a woman who is just large enough that her ability to wear slim-cut women’s hour-glass shaped shirts is limited. I can’t buy a lot of the cute shit at Hot Topic or Target bc I’m just slightly too big. I can’t even buy clothes for the gender which I was designated at birth because I am too large. Welcome. To the world. Of womanhood.

I’m sorry, I just. Nope.

a queer lullaby

goodnight lesbians
goodnight gays
goodnight to those who pose as straight 

goodnight bis
goodnight pans
you’re queer enough to be here fam

goodnight aros
goodnight aces
you belong inside queer spaces 

goodnight him
goodnight her
goodnight them and eir and zer

goodnight radfems
goodnight phobes
may angels punch you up your nose


Are you looking into my eyes now? Are you? I’m very unsure because it looks like you’re… I’m looking into your eyes now. Very good.