and i'm actually smiling with teeth

Seventeen Habits:

S.coups- When irritated/flustered/annoyed/embarrassed/crying he sticks his tongue slightly out to the side

Jeonghan- hair flipping a shit ton. During a concert a fan counted how many times he flipped his hair and it was well over 100, oh and also being a swindling snake

Joshua- whenever he does some dumb shit he opens his eyes big,aggresvly hand gestures, and/or curls his lips in. random rapping with a lot of pauses (that’s really bad too XD EX":Aye yo carat…. I’M A parrot “) Usually in English, so if he starts speaking English you better prepare to cringe like a lil bitch

Jun-lot of background creepin, looks up to think of what to say next

Hoshi-random outburst of random,claps with hands in front of his face, covers camera at end of videos can’t eat chicken unless it’s battered and fried because he had a chicken when he was younger?

Wonwoo- staring blankly into space, retains water in his cheeks before swallowing

Woozi- blinks/winks a lot while singing and bobbing his head quickly and slightly sometimes, finger curl cringe 

Dk- sleep talks, and licking lips between sentences/words

Mingyu-HyGIenE. MingEW sneezing and then touching something or someone, and drops everything

The8- angry staring for a long period of time, up and down lookn type of judging, putting arm around members. da-da-da-DaBbiNG

Seungkwan- Extra™, can’t stop touching Vernon’s face

Vernon-Bites nails and lips, can’t stand still for long time-has to move,dance,bounce, anything, When being forced to stay stationary he shakes his head alot to adjust his hair, and licks his lips back and forth as if he just ate food (mostly in vlives, not in interviews)

Dino- teased by member= obvious bitter half smile and  *looks into camera like he’s in ‘the office’*, clenches teeth when being ‘sexy’

Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body
And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body

Ik everyone’s probably noticed this already but goddamn. Dowoon’s smile? It’s so fucking bright and beautiful? Like all of his teeth just appear and all of the sudden I’m comforted and happy and it’s like the feeling of winning $10000000000000000000 but Dowoon’s smile is just so priceless. He’s like an actual saint that shines his beautiful face on all of us peasants.


And I can chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?

Wowww, a pic where I’m actually smiling! What a rare find!!

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I saw a fic for one of my other favorite pairings with a prompt that I thought would be perfect for Sanvers. Basically, person A is irritated by person B constantly correcting them in history class. So one day when person A questions person B's correction, B retorts, "Because I was there!" Because person B is a vampire. I just like the idea of Alex as a know-it-all vampire.

quick fic for funsies, hope you enjoy XD

After all, she wasn’t her student.

Maggie hated filling in for Kate. Hated it. She taught Chem 101 and 102 for a reason, the kids shut up and listened and followed directions or things blew up in their faces and they learned. But no, Kate, Kate taught history, and aside from the whole-white-washed-male-superiority nonsense of most history textbooks, these kids had questions she couldn’t answer unless Kate thought ahead.

Kate never thought ahead.

And maybe Maggie shouldn’t be calling them “kids,” she wasn’t much older than the freshmen in her classes, but she was working through her MS in forensics and she really did not have time to be doing favors for hungover ex-girlfriends. Asking detailed questions about the motivation of white men to destroy the world since Julius Caesar was not her cup of tea, and Kate, who knew all of this off the top of her head, never bothered to have notes beyond the powerpoint for “emergencies.”

As the redhead in the third row corrected her for the third time this morning, Maggie pinched her nose. She looked up at the tiled ceiling, in so much more disrepair than the science building, and let out a breathy sigh.

“Look, kid, I’m a science professor filling in. I don’t know why Kate doesn’t just cancel class. If you’ve done your reading, I’ve taken roll, just go if I’m so wrong.”

“What, and let these idiots learn alternative facts about history?”

“I’m teaching from the textbook, Danvers, why do you think it’s alternative facts?”

“Aside from the fact that it was written by a white male academic twenty years ago?” Danvers smirks, “Because I was there.

When Danvers smirks, her canines show.

Her canines show, and every desk around her suddenly scoots as far away as they can get.

Her canines show, and Maggie suddenly wonders why she never questions Kate’s need for her evening classes to be covered due to “hangovers.” Or how the hell her ex is still hungover at 7 o’clock in the evening, the pitch black of winter setting in around 5pm, when she was perfectly fine at lunch eating garlicky breadsticks at Olive Garden.

Maggie steps back and sits on the edge of the desk because it wouldn’t do to scramble out of the room like every instinct is telling her to do. Maggie is a scientist, goddamn it, and while vampires have been “out” for decades, this Danvers was her first chance at meeting one.

“When and where were you born, Danvers?”

“Midvale, 1846.”

“Uh huh. You wanna tell the class how a youngin’ like you knows what went down in 1812? Since, clearly, you were not actually there.”

Danvers tilts her head to the side and smiles charmingly. “My… mother was a seamstress in Washington from 1790 to 1815.”

“Twenty-five years and no one noticed she’d aged?”

“Powdered wigs and lead makeup.”

Maggie pursed her lips and nodded. She glanced at the clock, and at the textbook, before returning to the smirking vampire. She glanced down at her phone, hidden in the textbook, where Kate had yet to respond to her angry list of vampire emojis.

She slipped her phone out and snapped the book closed. “Switch places with me, Danvers.”’

That seemed to startle the know-it-all. “What?”

“Switch places with me. You know this stuff better than I do. Teach me something.” Maggie’s head tilts to the side. “I think the rest of the class could stand for a woman’s perspective on history anyway. I’ll deal with Kane later.”

Danvers is slow to stand, awkwardly moving her book and notebook off the desk. The other two rows of students drag their desks out of her way, expressing their distaste for the vampire without words. Maggie makes a note of who it was for Kate to deal with later, a non-white-woman substitute was not going to have any effect on lingering bigotry that didn’t exist until the woman outed herself.

As Danvers settles herself on the desk, an idea occurs to Maggie.

As Danvers shows more passion for the subject matter than Kate probably ever had, some of the braver students pepper her with questions. Some she can answer, some she can’t. A few of them have her calling her “mom” and putting the facetimed conversation on the screen so that the senior Danvers can show off some antiques that relate.

Maggie records it all, in case Kane wants to test them on it.

Also, because the flash of teeth every time Danvers smiled was maybe a little attractive, as was her passion for all things that usually bored Maggie to tears.

The class, as a whole, was actually rather reluctant to leave when Maggie called time. The bravest actually lingered with their questions, and Danvers seemed quite comfortable answering, although Maggie was certain she kept flashing fang on purpose just to freak people out.

Maggie waited until the last student left to ask Danvers out for coffee.

After all, Danvers wasn’t her student.

Jack is a certified douchebag

     Neil could handle Kevin’s condescending critiques toward his exy’s performance. He could stomach Aaron’s resentful glares and could even deal with hates and sneers from public. But he couldn’t stand anyone shit talked on Andrew. Especially when it was Jack.

     Jack had been in the foxes’ team for months. Most of the foxes could barely stand the sight of him. Jack’s first day being recruited and he already rude to the original foxes.

     He said “I’m not a fag” to Nicky when Nicky greeted him and killed his enthusiastic smile right away.

     "Women should not be the lead of a group. They should stay quietly behind.“ Such an insolent remark almost earned him a backhand from Allison but Renee stepped in front of her just in time. He even dared a daring once-over to Andrew which Neil thought was stupid and brave both at the same time. Thanked to Andrew’s indifferent manner, he didn’t give a shit about it. 

     And Neil, too, had gotten low blows from Jack. He and Sheena, another exy player of Palmetto State University with vulgar mouth, always sneered whenever Neil opened his mouth and snickered at Neil during scrimmages. He snapped at some point but he would calm down later. 

     But that didn’t happen on one Thursday afternoon when Jack had gone beyond the limits. 

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The anatomy of a Mamoru smile.

But no I mean really, look at that smile developing with aggressive application of Usagi to resident irritation. Look at how it changes the most in his eyes. Look at how it goes super soft and gentle and made of affecton. And just keep in mind that Mamoru smiles used to be rare as hens’ teeth, but each progressive season it happens more and more, as he discovers that it’s actually okay to be happy.

  • Kara: Oh my god, Alex! What happened to your neck it's all bruised up?
  • Alex: huh-Oh uh, you know just some DEO business.
  • Kara: *grits teeth* Tell me who did it and I'll kill them.
  • Maggie: *starts to sweat*
  • Alex: No, no there's no need for any of that it was just a new sparring technique Maggie was teaching me.
  • Kara: Oh in that case I'm glad you're okay, just be careful next time.
  • Alex: *covers neck* Will do.
  • Lena: *smiles* You know Kara, I actually know the technique that Maggie was showing Alex, would you like me to teach it to you?
  • Kara: *smiles* No way, Really?!
  • Alex: No!!

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What does Misaki look like in your no-fangirl-eyes? Saru absolutely is a handsome guy b/c he was described that he looks like Niki but I'm not sure about Misaki. All I know about him that he looks younger than his real age;he catched girls's attention while surfing (MOK);he has a bright smile (LSW) so maybe he has a nice teeth or yaeba (snaggletooth considered cute in JP culture);natural light brown hair is quite rare for east asian (believe me i'm east asian) but K is anime so... whataya think?

I tend to assume that most of the cast is intended to be pretty hot in general, even within the world of the series (actually it’s interesting that Fushimi’s the one who’s assumed to be attractive, remember this is the guy who has a terrible diet and barely sleeps, by all rights Fushimi should be this scrawny twig with limp hair and probably bad skin due to poor nutrition and bags under his eyes). Yata I think is probably attractive though, in his own way. From what we see of him in the series I’d say he’s probably lean but muscular, we know that Yata does a lot of physical activity and I imagine his legs especially are likely pretty toned from all the skateboarding. Face-wise I could see Yata as having a bit of a baby face to go with his short stature, he probably gets mistaken for a kid a lot due to the combination of height and just his general look – his clothing choices don’t help a lot in that respect too, Yata tendency towards shorts and baggy clothes I think tend to make him look even smaller and so he’s easy to mistake for being younger than he is (and then when he takes the baggy clothes off like when he’s surfing or when he takes off his oversized sweatshirt and just has the tank on underneath and you can see his muscles and everything, it suddenly makes him look much more his age). I think his smile would be one of his best features too, Yata strikes me as the kind of person that when he smiles his entire face lights up and that’s one of the things that really draws people to him, that when Yata’s enthused about something his feelings are absolutely infectious and it’s hard not to get swept up by him. I could see Yata as being intended to be someone who’s maybe not super striking or overly handsome – he doesn’t have any kind of otherworldy air like Munakata or Mikoto and he’s not instantly attractive in the way that, say, Summer Kamamoto is intended to be – and the baggy clothes and short stature make him look younger than his actual age but he’s still actually pretty attractive when you really look at him.

  • {Nayeon and Dahyun run into each other in the hallway after they both accused each other of being too dramatic}
  • Chaeyoung: [To Tzuyu] What you are about to witness is two creatures who are inherently dramatic, attempt to behave like they are not dramatic.
  • Dahyun: [Calmly] How have you been?
  • Nayeon: [Calmly] Great actually.
  • Dahyun: Me too, really great.
  • Nayeon: Happier than ever
  • Dahyun: Life is beautiful. I'm having fun.
  • Nayeon: I'm having so much fun
  • Dahyun: [With a fake smile] In fact, I have a date tonight.
  • Nayeon: Me too.
  • Dahyun: [Her fake smile immediately disappears] You also have a date tonight?
  • Nayeon: [Smiling fakely through her teeth] Yeah, that's right.
  • Dahyun: So, I tell you I have a date and suddenly you have a date, too?
  • Nayeon: No, not suddenly. I already had a date. You just suddenly know about it.
  • Dahyun: Well, great. Wonderful. If we both have dates, we should do it together, you know?
  • Dahyun: Double date - for two people who both have dates.
  • Nayeon: I can't wait
  • Dahyun: Great
  • Nayeon: Great
  • {They both scramble off in opposite directions}
  • Tzuyu: [To Chaeyoung] And now you are witnessing two creatures who both need to find dates.

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Not this smile there was a smile at the beginning of this exact scene with his teeth showing it was so cute keep pausing at the beginning you'll see it, it happens so fast right after nina growls :3

Ok, now I know why no one posted it yet, dear

You won’t believe how much time I needed to pause this part to actually be able to get this! Lmao but here you have it ~

  • Pansy: Draco, are you sure you don't like Granger. I mean you have been staring at her a lot.
  • Draco : Of course not Parkinson. *sweating. stands up to leave.
  • Hermione: Marches over to slytherin table, and stands right infront of draco.
  • Draco: well well well, if it isnt the mudbl-
  • Hermione: *yanks down his tie and kisses him.
  • Everyone: .....
  • Hermione: Pushes him back. OH draco i love you so much!
  • Draco: Stares*
  • Draco : wha- what did you say?
  • Hermione: Kisses him again* I LOVE YOU.
  • Draco: Suddenly smiles.* OH MERLIN GRANGER! I have been waiting for you to say that for so long. OH god. i LOVE YOU TOO. You are so pretty and and intelligent and...
  • Hermione: Eyes unfocus* Suddenly shakes up. * What am i doing at the slytherin table? *Eyes grow wide in realization.
  • Hermione: Ginny! I am going to kill you. You mixed love potion in my juice didn't you?
  • Draco: .... and when you do that thing where yourtongue slips out from between your teeth when you smile it just makes my heart go... WAIT WHAT DID YOU SAY?
  • Hermione: Uh...Err.. yeah sorry Draco. Ginny slipped some love potion in my drink, but it wore out quickly because i only took a sip. I'm sorry.
  • Draco: *eyes widen. Wh-so you... I mean.. LOve potion?
  • Hermione: Yeah, don't worry. I don't even remember what happened. I hope i didnt do something drastic.?
  • Draco: So you didn't mean... you don't ... helpless spluterring.
  • Hermione: *Growing suspicious. Uh.. No i don't think so I mean its not like I actually love you or anything. Why? What happened?
  • Draco:
  • Draco: *runs fingers through his hair. Yeah, nothing. Go away, Granger. I can't entertain you all day.
  • Hermione: walks off. (internally screams! I AM GOING TO KILL GINNY. What if i said something drastic. what did i say? GODS i hope i didnt reveal to much. )
  • Draco: sits down* sighs* it was too good to be true anyway.
  • Hermione: * sigh. Don't worry hermione, its just a passing fancy. It'll go away soon. I have only been in love with him for a bit. It'll go away. He probably doesn't even notice me.
  • yeah right. only for the past 7 years.
The Signs + Dorian Pavus quotes
  • Aries: "Why be ashamed? Power should be respected, not swept under the carpet."
  • Taurus: "Yes, and I'd live longer if I only ate rice and boiled vegetables, but that's just as unlikely."
  • Gemini: "The successor must prove he could slaughter his enemies, he doesn't actually do it. We're not savages."
  • Cancer: "I'm wondering if familiarity would cure your suspicion of magic."
  • Leo: "I always smile. People like my smile, and they should! I have excellent teeth."
  • Virgo: "Do you feel that? My magic-sensing nose is tingling."
  • Libra: "I'm the first to admit magisters aren't perfect, but they've also done great things. They're allowed to."
  • Scorpio: "The thing is, sometimes the ones you love are also the ones who disappoint you the most. You think that if they love you, they should understand. They shouldn't want to hurt you. So you feel betrayed. You say things you can't ever take back."
  • Sagittarius: "I'm not a sheep. No one in my family could be described a 'sheep.'"
  • Capricorn: "I'm glad it amuses you, but what I get from my affairs is my affair."
  • Aquarius: "It's barely an eye-watering slap fight, I'll grant you, but every now and again it heats up." (about Qunari/Tevinter war)
  • Pisces: "You are what we needed most at the moment we needed it. That's what they will say in ages to come."
  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *working*
  • Molly: *working*
  • Sherlock: *casually* Do you want to get married?
  • Molly: *pauses; looks around*
  • Molly: *confused* M-married?
  • Sherlock: To me, yes.
  • Molly: *chuckles nervously* Not...not 'married', though?
  • Sherlock: Yes.
  • Molly: *alarmed* What, like 'married'?
  • Sherlock: *irritated* Yes, married though.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Yeah,'s not like a husband and wife type thing, is it?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Yup.
  • Molly: *swallows* Well, we won't-
  • Sherlock: *fed up* Christ, Molly, yes. Married. You and I. I am talking having-dinner-wearing-rings-having-lots-of-kids-being-head-over-heels-in-love-spending-the-rest-of-our-lives-together married.
  • Molly: *smiles shyly* That is very married.
  • Sherlock: *nods*
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Okay, I'll marry you.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I'd better get a ring, then.
  • Molly: *playfully slaps his arm*
  • What Raphael says: Forgive me, but I think kidnapping this mundane was a bad idea
  • What Raphael means: He's so pretty like what the hell nerds were not this pretty when I was a human and did you see the way he threw that knife at me? I mean I'm pissed about my jacket but his aim was incredible for someone so weak but I guess he's not actually very weak at all I grabbed his arm to bring him here and he has impressive biceps and he has nice teeth too a nice smile honestly and he keeps tripping which I usually find annoying but he makes it charming somehow and I've never seen eyes as expressive as his like I could sit for hours watching him as he talked about his accounting classes did I mention he's going to be an accountant? he's so financially responsible

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Imagine Minako making Artemis do increasingly ridiculous stuff on camera trying to turn him into a meme.

I know somewhere in the backup we were talking about Minako and memes at one point. This may be a repeat, but I think it’s a good one all the same.

I can totally see Minako becoming OBSESSED with the idea of starting or, better yet, becoming a meme. She’s so certain that she can harness this, that she can become Internets Famous, and that is her ticket to the celebrity she’s always craved.

And she CAN’T. Because you can’t manufacture this shit, nobody can predict it, not even Minako. (Though putting it in those words, imagine her going to Rei, pleading with her to do a fire reading, begging for some insight, and Rei’s face when she finds out all Minako wants is a jump on the next big meme.) Minako keeps rotating around accounts on different social media networks; she knows how to create identities and she’s very careful to seem like someone new every time so she doesn’t appear desperate.


Meanwhile, Usagi posts a silly picture of Mamoru, and that shit catches and takes off and within 24 hours Mamoru’s face is every fucking where. And a few days later they’re all out and Mamoru’s getting recognized all over the place and he’s starting to get invited on talk shows and Minako is smiling but it’s through clenched teeth AND INSIDE SHE IS SCREAMING AND MAY NEVER STOP

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Sometimes someone's behaviour and antics makes the so much more attractive than what they actually look like. This applies so much to Liam and Zayn. I'm not saying they're not attractive because that's like crazy talk and *fans myself * we all know they're sexy af& together they're just WOW. But the small things they do make them more beautiful ? Liam when he giggles into his shoulder & really enthusastic expressions & Zayn with his crinkly eyed tongue to back of teeth smile with earnest eyes

Hiya anon,

Oh my god yes, like you say they are impossibly lovely individuals anyway and utterly stunning for me whatever they’re doing and for me there isn’t anything they could do that would make me not go ‘oh my god stop it you’re just too amazing for words’ 

To the point where I’m sure if I saw them picking their nose, staring at it and then eating it I’d still be all ‘oh my god would you look at the cuteness’ (*maybe not) but yeah they are at their finest when they are doing the above or just plain looking happy cos well we’ve not had nearly enough of that from them lately so here is Liam and Zayn and Ziam being ridiculously cute and happy aaahhhh. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

Exhibit F:




Ok?  We alright now?

Cos if you think that’s bad how about smiley happy Liam and Zayn together? Eh? Eh? Are we strong enough?  Course we are? Right, right? Helloooo? 

If you are - carry on under the cut, if you’re not BYEEE.

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