and i'm actually smiling with teeth

While brushing our teeth, one of the twins came up to me.
“I have a confession,” he said.
“Yeah?” He was smiling a little, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t a confession about pooping in the wrong place. Couldn’t be too bad.
“When I first saw you and found out you were going to be our counselor, I was really disappointed. I thought you’d be a boring nerd.”
“Oh,” I said.
“I thought the same thing, honestly,” his brother chimed in.
“We were wrong, though! You’re actually really awesome and I’m glad I’m in your cabin.”
“Yeah. You’re like the best counselor we’ve ever had.”
“Just a second, boys,” I said. “I’ve got to have these warm fuzzies surgically removed from my freaking heart.”

@bondsgotnothingonme - Continued from HERE.

James pressed against Harry in response, splaying against his side with a warm smile. “Well I’m armed actually, but it’s certainly not in my pocket, just like I’m guessing that’s not a gun on yours.”

A grin swept onto Harry’s face, before he slowly slipped his bottom lip under his top set of teeth. ❝Oh damn, you’re good.❞ He replied, his eyes quickly flicking up and down to examine the other. ❝You’re right. You’re very much right.❞