and i'm actually going to blog this year

mom: so do you finally have a valentine this year?

me: yeah, actually i have five valentines!

mom: five? who are they?


mom: *disowns me*


EB: here’s to hoping 2017 won’t be nearly as bad as 2016 was!

TG: god i hope so

yells softly … i don’t really do bias lists very often. partly because i’m lazy and partly because i want to include everybody but it’ll make the post too long and too tedious to actually write. i just wanted to thank you all for being so welcoming and giving me a chance even though i have a tendency to just drop off the face of the earth and not return to a blog for months and, in some cases, a little over a year and it’s been like this for the past two or three years now, especially with james moriarty. so this is a thank you to followers old and new for sticking by me, writing with me and just being lovely people in general. you guys are the true mvps here !! if you’re not on here, then chances are i’ve forgotten and missed you out ;a; but don’t be disheartened !! I LOVE YOU ALL, THANK YOU.

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once again, thank you all and stay groovy !

Oh, It’s the mistletoe meme!

Since this was fun last year, so I made another one! Draw your oc doing their thing under the mistletoe >o<

Such a shy bean

You know, I have to rant. I’m used to getting shit for being ace. But god it hurts when it’s from my own community. See, when it’s straight people, their arguments are usually stupid things along the lines of “that’s not real” or the head tilting confusion of a new word being introduced. But when the insults come from gay or bi people, oh my god does it hurt. It’s not just confusion, it’s attacks. It’s “why do aces force their way into our community” it’s “the aces don’t belong” it’s “your not lgbt if your ace” it’s “they’re basically straight” it’s “they have the privilege that we dont so the shouldn’t be included” it’s “the aro aces I know are all super homophobic.” It’s coming into our safe spaces and attacking us and belittling us and making us feel terrible all over again. When I go into an lgbtgia or a pride tag and see hate about who I am, it’s hard to just forget about. It’s hard to ignore all of the people who think less of me because I’m ace. It’s so hard, and I’m so, so tired.


Hello everyone! It’s me, Cel, better known as utaopias, here with my first follow forever! (/screams/ I swear I was going to make the prettiest banner for this but then school happened and here I am orz. ;;) Today marks one year since my blog was created and I thought it’d be nice to celebrate by recognizing the wonderful blogs I follow!

A year ago, I would’ve never thought anybody would acknowledge me on this site, let alone follow me or befriend me. The fact that people actually visit my blog everyday blows my mind. Every single one of the people I follow and my followers are what make my tumblr experience so wonderful and I can’t thank you all enough! I’ve made so many friends on here and I never thought I’d receive so much love.

To anyone who’s ever read my writing and liked/reblogged/sent me a message: Thank you all so much because really, it’s such a huge motivation for me to keep going. I see all your like spams on my writing and I check your tags whenever you reblog, and you all are the cutest. I love you all. ~

To my followers: Thank you all so much for always interacting with me and reading my writing! Your support means the world to me, and even if I don’t follow you back, I swear I have all of your URLs memorized and engraved in my heart haha. Thank you for putting up with me and my posts (and my ugly tag blurbs), and sticking with me through it all! Seriously, I can’t believe you guys have stuck around with me and my trash blog. ;;;

To my friends: You know who you are. Thank you so much for talking to me and making me feel loved on this website! Thank you for taking time out of your day to interact with me and make me feel special. :3

I don’t follow too many blogs (In fact, I’m always looking for more blogs to follow, so like/reblog this and I’ll check out blogs later?), but all of these blogs are lovely because I follow everyone for a reason!

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Again, a huge thank you to everyone that follows me, as well as all of those listed above for making my dash beautiful 24/7!

I have a special surprise in a few weeks for those who stick around!

Have a lovely day/night everyone. ~


I haven’t been online much because college has taken over my life and, sadly, I have no time for tumblr, at least for now. But I have amazing and active members who have been helping this blog grow every single day. I created this blog not even 2 years ago and I never thought it’d get this big. It amazes me how many of you decided to follow us. Over than 100,000 people?! That’s crazy. I’m so happy this happened and I wish I could personally thank all of you for all the support and sweetest messages. I still can not believe this happened within 2 years!!! It’s amazing. I’m AMAZED. I love every single one of you. We all do.

And for this next year, I honestly hope with all my heart that all of you have the most amazing and happiest year ever, because you deserve it. 

(I want to thank every member of this blog. You made this happen and I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to have you as the team of Supernatural Daily. You work so hard to provide our followers the most amazing creations and all the news. You’re all so incredibly talented and I’m so glad you get to share your amazing and beautiful talent with now over than 100,000 people. I love you all and I hope you love being a part of this blog as much as I love having you.)


- Gabriela

Happy First Anniversary!

Hey everyone, how are you today?  Doing good?  Well-rested?  Hydrated?  Ready for a fun little announcement?   Well hold on to your hats, because here we go!

Today is the very first birthday of incorrectknb!  We’ve been posting bad puns and sick burns of fictional characters since exactly a year ago today!  I know, it’s amazing that we actually made it this far.  This blog has honestly exceeded all of our expectations, so we’re taking the rest of the week to celebrate it and to celebrate everyone who’s helped us make this possible: all of you!

We’ll be starting with a little throwback.  For the rest of today, and going on into Thursday (and maybe even Friday), we’re going to be reblogging some of our favorite quotes from the past year between the new ones posted by the queue!  Some of them might be really popular and some of them might be ones we thought didn’t get enough appreciation the first time around, but I promise that they’re all pretty damn great.

Next, as you might have noticed, we’ve received a lot of fanart here in the past.  However (miraculously) we’ve never actually crossed the narcissistic border of making fanart for ourselves.  Well, no more!  To show our appreciation for everything you’ve all done for us, we’re finally going to make some things for you!  Dani (the main mod) will be showing off her incredibly mediocre art skills for the very first time and drawing a couple of quotes for you!  To suggest a drawing of specific quote from her directly, message her on her personal blog here.  She’ll only be doing 3 or 4 pictures (art is hard!) but suggestions are always welcome!

Meanwhile, Doc (who actually knows most of the funny tags by now) - to make up for having all the fine motor control of a raging bull - will be taking fic requests!  Message him at his inbox here (so he can actually see it) with the quote you’d like to see turned into a drabble!  He’ll pick 2 or 3 favorites and post them as he completes them on Thursday or Friday.  As a disciplinary and time saving measure, all stories will be kept to 800 words or less.

Finally, you!  Everyone who’s ever followed us or submitted quotes!  We’re going to post a great big proper THANK YOU post this weekend, but to tide you over until then: Thank you all so much for supporting us and helping this blog get where it is today!  As mods, we really don’t do much because of all the hard work you guys put in by finding quotes and making fanart and generally being amazing to us!  Our experiences in this fandom have been so great and we can directly pin that on the quality of the fans, so thank you!

My blog just officially hit a year old today! 12/26 ✿

Okay, so this was due like months ago but I figured I would wait until my blog finally hit a year. Also, this is in recognition of me reaching 2K+ followers on here (I still can’t believe it, I still cry! How is that even possible??? ) To everyone who follows me, thank you so much, you guys are honestly beyond amazing!!!    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

To the wonderful people who fill my dash up with beautiful Haikyuu!! & Iwaoi content, I love you guys so much. Thank you for making my experience on here a great one. You guys are constantly supporting me in everything I do & always messaging//tagging me wonderful things. 

I’ve mentioned this multiple times before in tags but I just wanted to say it again. I’ve been in many fandoms before this one but I can honestly say the Haikyuu!! fandom is the best one yet. I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to participate things I would have never done before. This year, I picked up writing & even though I know I still have a long ways to go and a lot to work on, I feel pretty confident about improving because you guys are constantly sending me encouraging words and critiques. From my bad days to good, when I need a helping hand or just advice, someone has always helped me on here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything guys!  

A special shoutout to this wonderful person:

@crossbelladonna, you were the first person to follow me on this account & message me at that. You’ve been nothing but kind to me on here & I just want to thank you for everything <3 It’s such a grand honor to have you follow me and chat with me time to time. Thank you so much Paola! (●´ω`●)/

Without further ado, here we go :


❀-I absolutely adore you, thank you for being wonderful 


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A/N: I’m a little disappointed because the I lost the original header for this & the main list of people I already had (it was deleted twice). I’m really really really sorry if I missed you, I’ve gone through this like three times but it’s a bit tedious and I’m blind so if I missed you, it honestly wasn’t intentional & I apologize!!  

Anywhooo~ I just want wish all of you a wonderful new year and I genuinely hope 2016 is filled with nothing but greatness for all of you. Love you guys!! Thank you for making my first year on here one that I will hold close to my heart <3 xx// Oikawa-the-grand-king

This is my first follow forever. I wanted to mark off the new year with something so here we go. (look at those mad photoshop skillz tho ^^^)

I’m sorry if I forget anyone :/

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Thank you all for making my dash so beautiful and fun last year. I love all of you and your amazing blogs. I hope your 2016 is the best year yet and that you achieve all your hopes and dreams this year. I wish you all love, health and happiness in the year ahead. ❤️


hahahah, the middle one is the BIGGEST SMILE I COULD ACHIEVE! 

Anyways, this is a post I’ve been trying to do for a long time now and have been wanting to do, just didn’t know how. I’ve had this blog for 3 years, and I guess I’m finally doing a post like this!!! EXCITING - THIS IS A BIG DAY!

My name is Bryce Freshwater. That’s my real name, and it’s who I am! I’m Bryce! hahah, a lot of you on here call me “Giddy” which I love!  

I love Tumblr, and I love this blog. It has helped me through the toughest parts of my life.

So the top row of pictures are like the pictures I usually post, like lookie!!! It’s my face! ^_^ but I would never and would be terrified to post anything like the pictures on the bottom… Because of this blatantly obvious medical bracelet being shoved it y’all face.

At least that what it feels like to me; it’s an attention seeking little thing.

I wear this little thing everyday of my life in case I ever drop dead or my body stops functioning, it’s to let paramedics know what’s wrong me, so they know what to do if I ever do go down and it gives me a better chance of surviving life.

 Hahahah, so it is a very important thing as well.

Every single selfie I have ever posted I have been insecure about it, I would hide it because I fear being looked down on for it and I would even fear comments on it!! if someone were to ask me, “what is that?” How do I answer that without a long post like this?

So the first time I streamed League with video, I noticed and got really insecure about it because I put my hands up and knew… It’s going to be really hard to hide this thing…

So… I fell ill when I was really young. Was it unfair? i mean… yeah. But am I okay with it? Yes!!! It’d made me into the person I am, and I couldn’t be happier!

Maybe the reason I’m finally making this post is because I am finally happy with where I am in life. I am happy and not bitter!

The illness I had caused both permanent nerve damage and brain damage. So I need this little thing. My body is always in a very vulnerable state. A lot of systems in my body are unstable from the damage which just means if something goes wrong…. it’s all going to go wrong. A lot of systems could fail. And that’s scary!!!

I live with a lot of fear!!! With a lot of “what ifs”…


This isn’t a post that I want y’all to feel sorry for me for! 

Hahah, bad things happen! It’s okay!  

This is just a Well.. I guess I’m not going to hide this bracelet anymore, so here! I shall explain it!

And maybe I want y’all to know more about me, I don’t know

(I’m going to go a bit sentimental on y'all be prepared)

i kinda forget how little time has actually passed since i started this blog, like its barely been two months but i honestly feel more like 

its pretty insane tbh, i think its mostly cus of the drama and all of that that it feels like this, negativity tend to drag out time and make it seem as if everything moves slower then it does.. 

ANYWAY i wanted to say that even though almost two years is a long time ‘till the next movie I still believe we are going to make the best of it, i mean our ship is still a baby, we have so much fan art, fan fiction fan theories and even canon stuff THAT HASNT HAPPENED YET, I MEAN HOW AMAZING IS THAT?? 

Originally posted by largeskinnycapp2sugars

And I feel like when its all over and done with we’re going to look back and be like “gosh i wish we could start all over again” so I just want to take a bit of time to actually appreciate where we are as of right now and see it with some perspective, we have so much time to relish in this ship and fandom I just think it would be a shame to wish it all to be over so fast when so much wonderful things has come out of it and is still yet to come -

Originally posted by themodernshop-blog

and lastly i just want to say that i love you all, everyone in this fandom is amazing, the debaters and the people who defend us against antis, the fic writers, the artists, the meta/theory writers and also everyone of you who are quietly sailing this ship, your quiet support is honestly something that gives me hope when we’re constantly told that we’re being delusional, it means more then you’d think tbh.. anyway so basically i love you all and remember, reylo forever and ever canon, amen.

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Thank you so much for making this 2014 such a great year! To all my followers: thank you for being awsome and for just being there, it means a lot to me.

This is my second follow forever, but the last one was made a year ago, so…

I actually did this a long ago, and I put it on queue, so let’s going to hope not a lot of people had changed urls…

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Then again, happy new year! May your 2015 be an amazing year full of joy! ¡Feliz Navidad!

So this was supposed to be my last drawing for 2014, however I finished it in the new year haha. I wanted to keep it a surprise, but I get so happy about the outcome of my drawings that I quickly post them right after I finish. This drawing is actually for aaliyahalways because she is one of the sweetest people I ever got the chance to meet on this site, and I mostly draw pictures of Aaliyah through her blog, and her edited photos and pictures she posts, even ones I’ve never seen before, make my day. She was one of the few people to send me a present for my birthday a few years ago, and I died when it was a picture of Aaliyah, and the wristband she sent to me. She didn’t have to do that for me, but that act of kindness was something that I will never forget; I still kept the picture of Aaliyah in my room, along with the wristband, and I really really wanted to make her something to repay her for her kindness. I never had the time to make her anything since I’m always busy, but luckily I had time to draw something for her over winter break. Happy New Year, Frances! I hope that you’ll have a wonderful and exciting new year because you definitely deserve it for working so hard on your blog and sharing with us your beautiful edits and personal collections :) To everyone else, Happy New Year, and I also wish you all a wonderful and exciting year as well! :D