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Promptis imagine for my chocobabies
  • Prompto and Noctis are laying beside one another in the tent. Ignis was sleeping behind Noctis, and Gladio was at their feet. The tent was filled with the sound of their breathing and Gladio's snores.
  • Noctis feels a bit of movement beside him in the middle of the night that shakes him from his sleep. He opens his eyes slightly and realizes it's Prompto. He's whimpering, and mumbling a bit in his sleep. He almost sounded like he was in distress. Noctis sat up, and put a hand on Prompto's shoulder.
  • Noctis: Pss... hey... Prompto... hey. Wake up.
  • Prompto jolts out of sleep in a bit of a panic. He was panting as if he had been running from something. He makes eye contact with Noctis.
  • Without a word, he leaps at Noctis, wrapping his arms around him tightly. He hit Noctis with such force, it knocked him on his back. Ignis moved a bit, readjusting himself. He didn't wake up miraculously.
  • Prompto: Noct... hah... hah... you're here...
  • Noctis: yeah, where else would I be?
  • Prompto nuzzled Noctis' chest.
  • Prompto: I... I had a nightmare... I was... I was running in darkness... and I couldn't find you... I couldn't find anyone. It was awful. It felt so real... thank you for saving me from that place. I couldn't get out.
  • Noctis furrowed his brows as he placed a hand on Prompto's back. He began to rub it to comfort him.
  • Noctis: It was just a nightmare. You're ok. That's the 3rd one this week. Something on your mind?
  • Prompto grew silent.
  • He took in a deep breath.
  • Prompto: .... Noct.... you... you wouldn't understand.
  • Noctis: What makes you think that I won't understand? Try me.
  • Prompto lifted his head from The prince's chest, and looked him in the eyes.
  • Prompto: I ... don't know where I would be... if it weren't for you, Iggy, and Gladio. I feel.... I feel like I would be ... drifting. Lost in darkness. You... you have no idea how much... you mean to me... Noct.
  • Noctis' eyes softened as he hears the blonde's words. He lifted his hand to meet Prompto's cheek.
  • Noctis: I think... I have a pretty good idea. I bet... it's as much as you mean to me.
  • He smiled
  • Noctis: Don't ever worry about being lost... or alone. As long as I'm breathing, I'll make sure that you never feel that way. Promise.
  • Prompto parted his lips a bit, feeling the warmth of Noctis' hand on his cheek. His heart was racing.
  • He couldn't believe his ears.
  • Prompto: you... you mean it?
  • Noctis chuckled softly
  • Noctis: Yeah. Now get some sleep.
  • Prompto smiled so hard that it hurt his cheeks. He couldn't contain himself. He leaned down, quickly, and pressed his lips to Noct's.
  • Noctis was shocked, his eyes wide
  • Their lips parted...
  • Noctis: Wh... what... why'd you...
  • His face was flushed
  • Prompto laid back down and fell back to sleep. Not a word.
  • Noctis laid there, staring at the roof of the tent. He could still feel the lingering feeling of Prompto's lips on his. His mind was buzzing.
  • He didn't sleep a wink that night.

Writing things that are self-indulgent is *GOOD* for you. Write self-indulgent stories. Writing stories that are huge and complex and world-shattering is amazing and very fun, but sometimes you just gotta sit there and bang out a trope-riddled mess where you get to kiss a character you find hot. 

not to like blow my own horn or something but…12KS just became the most kudoed SU fic on ao3


I am so flabbergasted, and also like, thank you?? To everyone who supported me, I would never have finished without people pushing me up along the way

  • me: *rereads some of my old fanfictions*
  • me: *gets to the end*
  • me: *wants to read more*
  • me @ myself: well you know there's a very simple solution to that, you just... write more?
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: sounds hard
  • me: how about instead of doing that i... *don't* do that

I think my favorite part of writing is how things just happen. You just start typing and pretty soon, under your fingertips a story unfolds and takes shape. I’d meticulously planned chapter 3 of my story and wrote it out last night nearly word for word from my head. Chapter 4 I was less certain on and just decided to sit down and write. I started with the vague opening plot and it slowly evolved using the characters to create a plot and now I can see about where it’s going to end and I think it’s pretty cool?

Idk, sometimes it’s more fun for me to walk in blind, to just start with a vague sense of purpose and just write, letting the situations and characters tell me which way they’re going to end up. Not only does it feel more natural but there is such a wonderful feeling when I’m just typing without purpose and then I reread what I wrote and I find that the purpose is there, it’s unfurled right before my eyes. It lets me appreciate the story as a reader and a writer all at once.

Okay so this took me a long time but I finally finished it! It started out as a doodle I did during schoolwork because I was inspired and excited for @cookies-hetaoni :,D I hope you guys like it!

(Below is a something I wrote that also inspired this picture.  I’m not a very good writer but I’m practicing! :P )

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Roasted Marshmallows

pairing: Jimin x reader
word count: 1177
genre: fluff
summary: Jimin would learn to love the smell of marshmallows.
warnings: none
a/n: inspired by this prompt b/c i have terrible writer’s block right now. y’all know any fluff i write is absolute shit that i wish would sink into the very bottom of the deep and dark ocean blue, but here i am. this is dedicated to the cute bun @everyonegetsmeaheartbeatcloser. i really hope this brightens up your day a lil bit. i wasn’t sure who your bias is and i didn’t want to ask since i wanted it to be a surprise so i just wrote for Jimin b/c i don’t think i’ve ever met a person who doesn’t like him?? also, did you know the thingy that connects a plane to the gate of an airport is called a jet bridge?! anyways, enjoy~

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I very much love Garcia Flynn. Definitely too much. We don’t deserve a character so complex and tragic. But also yes I do. Give me more. I earned this. I’ve sat through so many black and white characters. Give me all those shades of gray.

As for the group picture near the end, you know I’m on the Lucy is Flynn’s wife train. All aboard. I will hold out for this until they blatantly tell me no. Probably not even then really. And if it isn’t true, boy, do I have enough observations and theories to make a kickin AU.

You only get so long on this earth, same as everyone else. So maybe it didn’t end well. Maybe it was never any good in the first place. But you can’t spend your life erasing your past. It happened, it’s over, it’s a part of who you are. Don’t ever regret that.
—  from an unfinished story #465

anonymous asked:

I also think a lot of those tropes for Natsu and Gray just come from people not being very good writers yet and thats where most people start. Youre obviously pretty creative and a good writer but making fun of those archetypes mostly just mocks budding writers (probably not your intention just how it came off to me)

Except, no, a lot of these are NOT coming from budding writers. I’ve seen people who have been writing just as long as I have do things like this. A lot of this is things I’ve seen in popular fics (not just in the FT fandom, mind you). 

I’ve seen a lot of people do things where they make a character one dimensional in the worst ways.

Making Natsu stupid is not an issue with beginning writers. It’s people taking a few instances in the manga where he does something dumb and they blow it way out of proportion.

Reducing Gray to the funny stripper that gets away with sexual harassment is not an issue with beginning writers. It’s an issue, again, with people latching onto one aspect of a character and making that their only defining trait.

None of it has anything to do with people that are just starting to write. I know plenty of writers that don’t pigeonhole these characters and make them completely unrecognizable.

I have always been supportive of new writers. Always. And I’m a little angry that you’re suggesting that’s what I’m going.

I’m making fun of these archetypes being they’re a) warping the characters in a way that has influenced the fandom so greatly that people have just decided that’s how the character really is, b) an actual harmful trope. The badboy player that suddenly falls in love? This is harmful to young women because they all suddenly think that they can “change” a guy. That they can make him into what they want him to be and then they end up hurt or in an emotionally manipulative relationship with a guy that’s using them, or c) a characterization that blatantly insults characters I love.

It’s perfectly fine the twist characters around and make them your own, but there’s a fine line between “character that’s true to the source but with my own spin” and “character that’s blatantly insulting to the original.” Especially because these fics get popular. Natsu being stupid is popular in fanon. Evergreen being a whiny priss is popular in fanon. Erza’s love for cake and violent tendencies is wildly blown up in fanon to the point where that’s her entire character! To the point where I actually hate fanon Erza because a lot of what she does in fics is borderline abuse.

I’m making light of it. I’m poking fun at bad characterization. I’m making a joke because whenever I try to talk about this seriously no one listens.

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so, you look like someone who could point me to some very good Mass Effect fanfic :D could you? preferably shiara or shakarian? pretty please?? :D

Ooof so you’ve caught me at one of my weaker points!  I came into this as a strong Shenko shipper, so that’s was and has been my main focus for fanfics.

Lately I have been trying to overcome that deficit by reading more fics of other pairings to extend my library, so to speak.

I’ll let you in on some writers that I know are good (even if I haven’t read all of their offerings yet) and I know that there will be others here that can rec some quality authors as well.

I will apologize if I leave anyone off of this list.  Shiara and Shakarian are not my “expertise” and I don’t mean to offend anyone if I miss you!


@mordinette: Field Training: I am actually working my way through this UA/AU right now and I am REALLY enjoying it.  It’s unique and fun and the building rivals –> friends –> lovers is getting me REAL GOOD.

@barbex: WONDERFUL author. (Gosh she’s go good!)

@theravenofwynter Writes about her firey Sophia Shepard & Garrus.

@ruskidoll Writes about her Clara Shepard & Garrus

@stormcallart / @commander-hot-pants : Shakarian fics and artwork, and TONS of head canons.


I am even worse with Shiara. It’s a pairing I definitely need to know more authors that write for this duo!

@defaultjane Has written some Shiara!  I need to read it all, tbh because I love the way she writes!

I have been rec’d raedmagdon for Shiara in the past as an anon (sorry whomever you are) asked me for Shiara fics to read a month or two back.  I guess that there is a bit of a warning that goes with Rae’s work as it can involve bondage/strap-ons and that sort of thing (this isn’t an issue for me, but it might be for others)? I do need to read some of her work as I am completely unfamiliar with it!

PLEASE fellow authors and fanfic readers, can you help @whoisdeh and I? I also would love some good recs for either of these pairings!

(I’d love Shrios and other rare pairs if you have them as well!)

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13, Brotzly? :D

“Are…Are you awake? Did you fall asleep already?”

Dirk asked before moving around in the drivers seat so that he could peer over the headrest of his seat to look at his very much awake assistant who’d been studying the sky above from the open ceiling of the jeep. “No, I’m awake.” Todd said softly, although he didn’t know why he was awake. He’d just spent a long day scavenging for the missing pieces of the Spring Machine with Dirk. His muscles were tense and blisters throbbed on the palms of his hands. He should want nothing more then to succumb into the blissful arms of sleep but his found himself weirdly unable to.

“What’s up?” Quipped Dirk his eyes carefully watching his friend who had finally looked away from the view above and directed his attention towards the equally restless detective. “Nothing really, I just haven’t seen the stars in awhile. There’s to much light in the city so I never get to see them like this.” Commented Todd moving to sit properly in the passenger seat, his socked covered feet touching the floor below. Dirk looked up as if noticing the sky for the first time that evening, Todd noticed Dirk’s dark eyes perfectly reflecting the twinkling lights above and the assistant had to stop himself from thinking to deeply about how beautiful his friend looked at this moment. “I missed the sky the most when I was with the CIA.” The detectives words were saturated with sadness making Todd’s heart squeeze with sympathy. 

“Why the sky?” He asked hoping he hadn’t overstepped a bound. The two men didn’t talk about Dirk’s imprisonment at the CIA, it was a sensitive topic and Todd felt it wasn’t his business. If Dirk wanted to tell him what had happened he would. But tonight felt different, like everything they could possibly say was free to dissect. Maybe it was the world-weary feeling that came to everyone at a late hour Todd didn’t know, and he didn’t especially care. “You can’t be kept prisoner in the sky.” He said a distant look glazing over his eyes.

“What else did you miss?” Todd wondered aloud. “My own bedroom, my mum,” Dirk threw his head back and groaned loudly. “Oh my god and some good tea.” Despite the sad indications of his friend being held captive against his will, Todd laughed. “You really are British.” He giggled earning a scoff from Dirk. “Anybody would miss a good cup of tea Todd. Especially when all you’re getting is a watered down version.” Said Dirk making Todd burst into a fit of giggles upon seeing the very serious look Dirk was wearing. “Okay, but, what else did you miss?” The assistant finally asked calming down long enough to continue the conversation. 

Dirk went back to staring at the sky and hummed in contemplation. “Conversation.” 

“You couldn’t talk to anybody?” Todd asked in confusion. He couldn’t imagine never having anyone to talk to. Todd briefly wondered if that’s why Dirk rambled so much. “You’re not exactly encouraged to make friends when you’re in CIA holding. Not that you’re around anyone long enough to anyways.” He muttered bitterly. 

“Well I’m your friend.” Assured Todd ignoring the strange feeling the words left on his tongue. He hadn’t had an actual friend for a couple years now and he’d never had one as good as Dirk. The detective smiled. “You mean it?” He asked. Todd sighed and looked up at the night sky, relishing the feel of the cool whips of wind pushing through the open spaces of the jeep and it dawned on him that he did really mean it. “I think you might be my only friend Dirk.” 

“That’s not true Todd. You have Farah, and Amanda, and me.” Excitedly retorted Dirk finally back to his same over energized self. 

“I’m not sure if Amanda is going to want to be my friend let alone my sister when I tell her I’ve been lying to her this whole time.” Said Todd with a sad chuckle. Dirk reached forward, half his body leaning over the top of the drivers seat as he pressed a warm hand onto Todd’s overworked shoulder. “She’s your family Todd, she’s not going to suddenly deny your existence, not after everything you’ve done for her.” Todd almost believed him. 

“We should get some rest Dirk. We’ve got a long day ahead of us.” 

I have seen teeny bits of Vetra’s romance dialogue and it looks like she’s worried about being left behind, being unappreciated/unloved.

And again this is a strange connection, but again I find it amusing because her writer also wrote Blackwall who people, to this fucking day, still write about how they keep forgetting him.

So to me it sounds like hmm maybe she’s trying to tell you something. 

Also, another good thing about a small cast and none of them optional. Hopefully none of this talk about it in this game, at the very least.

“Don’t touch it, Ray-” Geoff warned, but he didn’t do anything to stop the lad from reaching for his moustache. No, he didn’t have to, because as soon as Ray’s fingers neared it, electricity jumped out and gave the poor, unsuspecting boy a sudden shock. Ray’s hand shot back, a startled noise escaping him as Geoff began to laugh. “It shocked me!” Ray whined loudly, cradling his hand, as if the zap had hurt him, but Geoff knew well it was nothing more than a static shock. “I did warn you, buddy.”

Headcanon in which, since Geoff has Shock Jockey, his moustache’ll shock people if they try to touch it (meaning the lads get shocked. a lot)

I just love it how being openly sexist in women characters portrayal on TV is now frowned​ upon so male writers decided to still make a show all about men but women don’t JUST play a love interest… They play a sassy love interest who says “I don’t need you to protect me” a lot for someone who is always being saved by the male character and still portray the damsel in destress role…

But hey… She don’t need no Man to protect her????

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AAAAH that jaehyun scenario!!!! my heart is sad bUT IT WAS SO GOOD.......... WOAH


Anon said: Let Me Go wrecked meeee. Wow you seriously did such an incredible job.

thank you i tried very hard to make it wrecking material ^^ thank you for your kind words ;;; <3

Anon said: uGH your jjh soulmate scenario gave me ALL THE FEELS!!! You’re such an amazing writer :’) yOU TOtally diD noT shOve jjh into my laNE *cries* I gotta stay loyal to Mark sMH

…fam stay in mark’s lane jaehyun isn’t as cool as mark you know. this was like. that fic that was supposed to get you guys OUT of jeffrey’s lane so. stay out of it. i’m glad you liked it though and you think my writing is so good ;; bless your face <3

Anon said: i read that jaehyun scenario and was this close to crying oh my god it was amazing

you should’ve just cRIED i love to hear about tears. thank you for thinking it was amazing though i’m glad you did <3


YOOOO GOOD SHIT. I’M GLAD YOU CRIED I LOVE THAT. hopefully maybe you decided to swerve lanes or something just saying. you’re welcome for ruining your life i hope you can fix it with someone else. like doyoung or something who knows ;)

‘this isn’t like all those other white saviours, he has Flaws’

because giving flaws to a character of colour would be bad how???

bruh, if you can’t write a character of colour with complexity and nuance without being offensive, you’re… not a very good writer

If you haven’t read this fic...

You guys, especially Viktuuri shippers but really anyone looking for a good story, PLEASE read @kazliin ‘s Until my Feet Bleed & My Heart Aches!!!! I cannot tell you how this story made me cry and want to scream (for all the right reasons). It is very slow burn and full of angst but also the writer has a really beautiful insight and take on the way the media warps things and even reacts things like anxiety and mental illness. They’re working on writing a companion fic in Viktor’s POV and I know its going to be even more painful than this one which is all Yuuri’s POV but their characterization of both characters is to die for. For me what makes or breaks a fic is the characterization, even if it is OOC, if a writer can make the character compelling I am hooked and kazliin (Reiya on AO3) made me fall in love with every single character. 

This is a little rant-y but I just want everyone to read this fic. It’s not beta’d but honestly the typo’s aren’t that bad at all, and the writer chose not to have a beta so that they could get updates out quicker. SO WONDERFUL! They know how popular their fic is and want to make their readers happy, its beautiful and I APPRECIATE THEM SO MUCH!