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Cartoon TF2

One of my favorite things in the world is applying cartoony physics to ‘real-life’ shows/media, etc. So I started thinking over what TF2 would be like if it had something like an old Saturday morning cartoon from the 50′s:

  • Scout dashing away from something ala roadrunner style, leaving just a scout-shaped cloud of dust behind
  • Engie as the resident inventor / ‘builder-of-something-that-brings-shenanigans-for-the-episode’ guy
  • Soldier always rocket-jumping, leaving just a trail behind him as he blasts into the distance (and probably impacts with a big boom)
  • Sniper falling asleep at the most inopportune times as a running gag, and ‘has pets that look normal but are actually monsters’ trope
  • Spy being able to magically appear if you ask for him, or to turn around only to have him right in front of you again.
  • Heavy being able to eat anything and everything, and is surprisingly aware of the audience and references it
  • Pyro setting someone on fire, letting them turn into an ash pile/have soot blown all over their face.
  • Medic having overly large, comically sword-sized needles to stab people with. His medical bag also seems to have infinite hammerspace.
  • Demo always using cartoon bombs and using a powder trail to light things up, only for it to go horribly awry

[There ain’t no heaven… 
-  Only hell exist… ]

    Wooyee !! This one is for @ssaravinter​ for the permission to use her design of Young McCree with skull mask , it’s so beautiful that it stung me with a concept ! So I asked if I could use the design to develope it, more correctly, to combine with my Sniper McCree canon [==> COLLABORATION YAY ~! ] that got a lot of support recently ! And yes there we are ! The result [ that took my 4 hours of dubstep music and cringes * cries* ] 
    About this ? Imagine that McCree got in Talon early, after the Deadlock gang made an agreement with Talon to join their force because they offer a change to make Deadlock the most fearsome troops in the world. McCree, serve under Talon that got his prosthetic eye for better shot, a very dangerous sniper that kill target with only one bullet and no more.
  Codename: Skull Vulture.  

a-lover-of-jugo  asked:

hay i love your Young McHanzo art but i do have a question wen Hanzo was younger he use a sword write? so my question is ever thought of drawing a sniper McCree and a samurai Hanzo?



………………………….THAT’S TRUE-

Tho to be fair, the official bio did imply he basically grew up a prodigy in martial arts, swordsmanship, and bowmanship. But the appeal of young!Hanzo using a sword and being the cocky aggressive short-range attacker (guess who Genji took after jflkdasfjl) while young!McCree played more safely as the mid-range sniper hotshot and watching Hanzo’s back (thus impressing him)-

…what a nice thought. 

So, thanks for that ; A ;

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Conquest!Takumi destroys me in the best way.

arvoskey replied to your post:

“I like your head canon for Demo. So based upon your head canon you put…”:

Sniper is 30 (it’s canon, it’s told in the comic where Sniper’s biological parents appear)


The ominous way this is shot suggests to me that “getting their wish” 40 years ago was the destruction of their civilization, not just taking it underwater. So they built the habitat 50 years ago, and it was flooded a decade after that, when Sniper was a baby.

Also, look at the guy.

He’s supposed to be 30? (Or, more accurately, in his mid-20s at the “start” of the game.) I don’t buy that. Dude is 40.

You don’t have to agree! It’s just what makes the most sense to me.

Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

anonymous asked:

got any genji tips for a console player? ive played him for 24 hours already and still suck h a

I’m honestly not even good at Genji I’ve played like 35 hours with him and I feel like I’m just now getting good but !! Some things I’ve learned:

  • know your maps!!!
    That’s important in general, but especially for high mobility flankers like Genji or Tracer. Ults are way better if the enemy doesn’t know where the fuck you’re coming from, and you start to get really good at escaping danger. 
  • the floor is lava
    Jump and wall climb a ton. You’re harder to hit, and wall climbing is good for escapes, jukes, or setting up sweet headshots. 
  • alt fire at close range
    It does more damage all at once
  • u don’t need healing find a health pack
    or, make friends with your healer so they wanna take care of you
  • use the fuck out of swift strike
    The game tells you to use it wisely in case you need to escape but honestly??? It scares and confuses people and u might get a free kill cause they were already low

@lunlucy yoooo I’m the anon that thought your Lance with a backwards cap was hot