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I need to close the submissions for a while, so I have time to clean up my inbox and also make some new posts;;

Asks are ok tho!

Edit: i made this post yesterday but i accidentally put it in my drafts orz
But all the submissions i got overnight still won’t be taken since it clearly said “submissions closed” at the submit page since yesterday.
sorry about that!! T_T

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Taking of the love train to ask a question: Any opinion on Lavi vs Junior? I always kinda think of them as separate people?? But idk how common that is...

i think a lot of people see them as different people, as though lavi has multiple personalities or something, but it’s one of those things where i’m gonna need more canon basis until i agree with it.
it’s p much just his logic arguing with his emotions, i think. he has the emotional development of a toddler, honestly, and i think it’s getting harder for him to hold all of that back as he gets older. what road made him go through in his dream was just the easiest way for her to manipulate him, i think, by personifying everything about him that he loves and hates about himself.

i don’t think they’re separate people at all, myself, but don’t let what i think get u down, my pal, bc i’m p sure i’ve seen people who think similarly to the way u do abt it

I won’t be answering any asks tonight. I’m so sorry. I wish I could but I just can’t tonight. Today started out really bad and has only just gotten worse and I can’t answer anything at my usual capacity and I don’t even want to attempt to give you shitty responses.


my very sudden and very steep descent into the hellfire that is Berena resulted in some very nice new mutuals who are all as deep in as I am so thank you all for being here with me :)

also it’s Friday and after all the Berena Feels™ this week I really need a dinner at an italian restaurant with an extensive wine list

Cat still hasn’t come home (I’m honestly not expecting him to), I haven’t spoken to/looked at my roommate since Monday because I’m afraid if I do it will be just me throwing on my murder pants and going to town, BUT….my mom called me today to tell me my brother opened his eyes! He still can’t talk or anything but the fact that he’s no longer unconscious is a good sign. I’m calling out of work tomorrow to go see him. I don’t have any sick time saved up, but I don’t fucking care.

I am feeling so mushy and ridiculous, I’m sorry.

but i’m so happy to have met my girlfriend.  She is really the kindest and most caring person I’ve met.  She’s so sweet and she’s cute and silly and spending time with her makes me so happy.  She’s so outgoing and friendly and welcoming to everyone. She wants so much to help everyone–she goes out of her way if she sees someone who needs help.  She sent me a picture today of a bumper sticker that said “chivalry isn’t dead. she’s a butch.” and honestly–that’s her.  She’s so observant and has such a great memory.  She’ll say she’s not smart but that’s a lie.  and she’s so brave and strong and good at all the practical things that I’m not even thinking about most of the time.  I’m so so lucky and I love her so much