and i'm a little drunk too

drunk!alec – the endless possibilities:

1) clingy drunk: he hugs magnus from behind and doesn’t let go, and when magnus sits down, alec plops on his lap and wraps his arms around his neck, burying his face in magnus’s neck. when jace laughs at him, alec tries to punch him and misses.

2) talkative drunk: every single deeply-held secret suddenly comes spilling out. alec reveals that he thinks jace’s hair is weird, that clary and he watch friends together every tuesday, that izzy singing sounds like a dying demon, and that magnus can do this thing with his tongue – that’s when magnus shuts him up with a kiss

3) hungry drunk: he asks magnus to conjure up belgian waffles, then a bacon cheeseburger, then lobster, then ramen from that one little shop in tokyo, then more alcohol, and inhales it all

4) sentimental drunk: alec tells jace how much he loves him, and tells izzy how much he loves her and he’s sorry about the yin fen, and tells clary how she’s actually tolerable now, and tells simon… whatever and tells raphael he’s sorry for punching him and tells magnus sorry for almost marrying lydia and sorry for the soul sword again even though you’ve told me not to apologize and sorry for the dumb shit i’ve said to you but also i love you i love you i love you did you know i love you?

5) judgmental drunk: he sits with magnus in a corner and laughs at how idiotic everybody looks when they try to dance. and then magnus goes up to dance too and alec’s jaw drops to the floor as he watches his boyfriend, and then he gets all “grabby hands” with magnus (see clingy drunk)

6) “i’m not drunk” drunk: insists he’s not drunk even after too much gin and tonic, laments everybody’s irresponsibility, insists i’m the head of the institute and i have to take care of you guys all the time, but then is obviously drunk (see any other drunk option)

7) sleepy drunk: three drinks in, his head is pillowed on magnus’s shoulder, eyes half closed, and moments later he’s snuffling as he sleeps, a little smile on his face while his cheeks still glow red and a chuckling magnus kisses his forehead

Season 6B:
  • Killian: *angst*
  • Emma, who is usually angsting, or definitely too scared to take big steps in her relationship: oh
  • Emma: let me go canoeing
  • Emma: omfg I love my kid
  • Emma: dumb kid forgot the life jackets
  • Emma: who needs lifejackets?
  • Emma: if Killian finds out we had Poptarts AND didn't wear life jackets he'd kill us omg
  • Emma: Better go home to get the life jackets
  • Killian: *is angsting*
  • Emma: wait, what are you hiding? Did you buy a puppy? Cause I've been thinking, a puppy would maybe be something I-
  • Emma: wait
  • Emma: don't be sad, I love you and we're alive and there is no angst in our lives bae
  • Killian: *gallons of angst*
  • Emma: see you later, alligator! <3
  • *several hours later*
  • Killian: *angsting outside the house*
  • Emma, flying down the steps: KILLIAN
  • Emma: I'm making melty yummy popcorn COME INSIDE
  • Emma: did I mention I LOVE you!!!!! and we have pOPCORN!!
  • Killian: *angst*
  • *the next day*
  • Killian: *wakes up at the crack of dawn to get an early start on angsting*
  • Emma: *wakes up*
  • Emma: I'm all alone :O
  • Emma: *gasp* Killian's so cute he's probably getting the puppy today
  • Emma: I miss him
  • Emma: look at his cute little sea chest
  • Emma: I wonder if it's locked
  • Emma: IT'S NOT LOCKED!?
  • Emma: what's even in here? He's never...wait, what? omg. OMG. OMFG.
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: I can't look at it. I can't. I can't.
  • Emma, an hour later: *spinning around her room with her ring on*
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: when is he gonna be HOME
  • Killian: *getting drunk, drowning in angst*
  • *way too many hours later, the door opens*
  • Killian: Emma? You home-
  • Emma: *flies down the stairs at 99mph*
  • Emma: dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
  • Emma: so that I can finally marry the most wonderful person in the entIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Killian: .....*angst*

Cos I said I would.

Burnouts, Booze, and Babes

Originally posted by butaer

Summary: Taehyung and Jeongguk are just two small town best friends, getting drunk too often and making big plans they’ll probably never achieve. Taehyung takes it upon himself to teach Jeongguk all of the proper ways to have sex, and Jeongguk swears he’s just hanging around because Taehyung’s good in bed. Who would have thought these small town losers, who used to smoke behind the school, would become jewelers at the biggest department store in Seoul. [Pre Givenchy & Gold]
Pairing: Jeongguk x Taehyung
Word Count: 32.850
Rating: M
Warnings: too much sex, too many kinks, mentions of drug use, Taehyung calling Jeongguk so many nasty things, two bros chilling 5ft apart in a hot tub (“swear I’m not gay”), switching, uhhhh daddy kink
A/N: @blueagust and I have basically spent the last couple weeks screaming at each other about Taehyung and Jeongguk’s history from her story Givenchy&Gold, and with the little restraint I have, this happened. Lou, this is an absolute mess and I probably destroyed your entire fic timeline, but happy early Kwanza or some shit (which is totally an excuse Tae gives when he’s buying Jeon another pair of earrings.) This is not good enough for you but I hope you like it anyway!!

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TBFP Quotes Sentence Starters
  • "A real hero would suck a dick to save their children."
  • "I'm drinking urine right now, 'cause fuck my life."
  • "These bees are such assholes!"
  • "I should make out with him a little bit."
  • "That's a very expensive camera, you idiot!"
  • "It's freaking out."
  • "Designed for maximum fear effects!"
  • "Look at this vagina bug I found!"
  • "Please stop shooting me in the butthole, sir."
  • "The train guy was drunk!"
  • "Oh no! My tiny penis!"
  • "You flew too close to the prison sun!"
  • "Dream big and quit hard."
  • "I have no butt and I must fart."
  • "This fucking flower is bullshit!"
  • "Can I lick your nips?"
  • "I'm the teacher, I'm sure to beat ya!"
  • "I was only illegally tampering with evidence..."
  • "My waifu is a scaryfu!"
  • "Shut up, evil kids!"
  • "Give me back my son, son. Give me the money!"
  • "I accidentally kicked myself in the asshole."
  • "You fucked up! You fucked up! You fucked up!"
  • "I hate you with all of my hate."
I'm just saying, you could do better

gt;She took a deep breathe, downing the fiery light brown shot and shaking her head. Betty scrunched her nose as the warm liquid made its way down her throat.

Veronica squeezed her best friends shoulder and raised a brow as she shot back her own little glass. She had Betty’s back, she wasn’t going to let her get too drunk and make stupid mistakes all because she was upset. And man was she upset.

The beautiful blonde had stormed into her bedroom, red rimmed eyes and quivering lips as she declared they were going to Reggies party tonight and they were going to drink endless amounts of alcohol. Veronica just stared , fairly certain her eyes were deceiving her, the only indication that this was her best friend was the very Betty like please she had tacked onto the end of her rant.

Okay, if her girl needed to escape something she was gonna be there for her. She had a fairly good idea what was bothering the green eyed beauty anyway. It was the thing that was usually bothering her.

Her boyfriend of six months, Jughead Jones.

Speaking of Jughead, Betty pulled her cellphone out of her pocket, immediately pressing end when the silly picture of her typically moody boyfriend appeared on her screen. She couldn’t do this. Not now, not when the effects of the cinnamon fireball were hardly coming in to play.

It had all started this afternoon. Betty had been on her way out of cheerleading practice, when she saw him, or rather them.

Jughead was leaning against the locker room doors smirking at Ethel as she held onto his arm, showing him something on her phone. Obviously that wasn’t what had made her so upset, it was the lingering kiss Ethel had planted on his cheek that made her want to cry and also rip the shiny orange curls out of her once friends head all at once. To make matters worse Jughead didn’t look freaked out at all, he just slid his hand down Ethel’s arm and rolled his eyes, he finally spotted Betty and made his way over to her.

So she did what any mature, 17 year old girl would do.

She ran.

She ran so fast, her cheerleading skirt flipping behind her, his voice yelling out her name, as tears ran down her face. No. not again. She wasn’t second place. not.again.

She cried all the way to Veronica’s house, she had decided half way there she needed a drink. Or ten.

That brought her back to present day, grabbing a coors light from the six pack in front of her she followed Veronica over to the couch. The alcohol was finally settling in and she felt brave… and pissed.

Tipsy herself, Veronica shook a finger in her face

“I’m just saying B, he can’t do better than you. You oughta give him a call. Tell him how you really feel!”

Kevin was the most drunk of the three and he nodded

“Yes girl. Tell him exactly how you feel, tell him how you’re gonna find someone better tell him you’re gonna find someone cooooolll” he slurred

As foolish as this whole situation was, everything seemed to make sense to Betty and she set her shoulders back

“Ya know what? I think I will. I think I will call him.”

Pulling her cellphone out, she clicked on her first contact, God was he in for a storm.

He answered on the first ring, obviously shaken and relieved

“Betty? Thank god! Where are you? I’m at Archie’s, he said you didn’t even come home from school today! you haven’t answered any of my calls! And why the hell did you run away from me like that at school today?! why..”

Betty cut him off abruptly

“ I’m fine Jughead” she slurred slightly, accentuating every syllable in his name.

His end went quiet and he finally answered

“Are you drunk Elizabeth?” He whispered

She laughed cynically into her phone

“What’s it to you? I’m not drunk, I’m having fun! We can have fun can’t we? Ethel must be so fun right?”

“Ethel? What does she..” Jughead started

“It doesn’t matter, screw her!” She giggled loudly, slapping a hand over her mouth as Kevin and Veronica cracked up, nodding and encouraging her to go on. “Screw that new girl, she’s not crazy like me, I bet you like that. You can have her! I’m gonna go dance!”

“Betty, where are you? I’m coming to get you.”

She shook her head and laughed.

“No you’re not, you don’t care.” She pouted “Maybe you can do better than me Jughead, I’m just saying you can do better. I gotta go Reggie just brought out the keg.” She disconnected
The line. God that fireball worked quickly, she felt light on her feet as Kevin and Veronica dragged her to the middle of the room, joining the sweaty teens dancing.

She had been dancing for what felt like hours, when suddenly a very familiar pair of hands were on her waist, tugging her backwards and into a solid body. She couldn’t think clearly but she wasn’t drunk enough to let someone take advantage of her. She was getting ready to whip around when the smooth, velvety voice of her boyfriend dropped into her ear.

“Hey Juliet.”

She turned to see him smirking down at her, his hips moving with the music still clutching her waist. She was still angry but, god if this wasn’t the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Taking full advantage of the situation she began grinding into him, raising her arms to slip above his head and around his neck. He groaned audibly and she could feel how much he was enjoying this, the proof digging into her lower back.

Suddenly the music switched and the smooth voice of Drake filled the house, she turned her body around and slid her hands down his chest, her tiny fingers lingering and brushing on his zipper.

His eyes widened and his pupils were almost hiding the ocean blue, he let out a low growl and grabbed her hand, tugging her through the crown of people, and into what appeared to be Reggies parents room. As soon as the door slammed shut, he had her pushed up against the door, his hands all over her body as she hiked up a leg giving him better access to her sweet spot, she ran her fingers into his hair, tugging his mouth back up to hers almost painfully. He pulled back surprised, she was never this rough, she was always soft and gentle but this Betty? She didn’t need slow kisses and roaming hands, she needed it hard and rough and she needed it fast.

“Bed.” She growled through clenched teeth, her fingers moving to pull his shirt off, Jughead stopped her, holding her hands in his.

“Betty, you’re drunk. We don’t have to do this.” He placed a hand to her cheek but she quickly swatted it away

“I’m not drunk enough to not want this, I’m perfectly sobered up and I’m saying yes.” With that she shoved him on the bed and straddled him with a familiar ease. She vaguely remembered their first time, the awkward way he couldn’t find the hook to her bra, her trying awkwardly to help him out of his belt. They knew each other’s bodies back and forth now. Smiling slightly, she pulled off the tiny yellow tank top staring down at him as he watched her hungrily.

She dropped her mouth to his and he ran his hands over her smooth naked back, quickly unclipping the back of her bra, ripping off the unwanted barrier.

Things went fairly quick after that, they needed no warming up, as soon as he got her out of her skirt it was over. It was quick for both of them, passionate and hard. It was exactly what Betty wanted and what Jughead hadn’t known he needed.

Laying together after the fact, Jughead dropped a kiss to her head.

“Wanna tell me why you’re at reggie mantles house getting smashed?”

She sighed, stiffening again
“I saw you with Ethel, I saw her kiss you, you looked like you liked it. If you want her, I’m not gonna stand in the way. Maybe she’s what you need.”

He sat up at that, dragging her with him, she clutched the blanket to her chest as he grabbed at her face, “what on earth does that mean?”

She took a shaky breath averting his eyes
“I’m just saying, you could do better.”

She heard him chuckle, causing her to look up into his eyes hurt

“Betty Cooper you are absolutely crazy.”

Her jaw dropped and she tried to tug away

“Oh wow, thank you so..”
He dropped his lips to hers pulling her in for a kiss

“You’re my everything, I don’t want anyone else. Ever. I love you. I love you more than anything in this world, and if you think I would ever give you up, you’re absolutely nuts. Ethel is my friend and maybe she has a crush on me but I don’t care, she knows how much I love you, I don’t think you understand how much you mean to Me. There is no one better than you, I don’t want better when I already have the best.” He smiled that absolutely breathtaking smile and she sighed dropping her forehead to his

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just insecure. I love you too, so much, I don’t want to lose you. Ever.” She took a deep breathe before pulling away “hey how did you get here so fast, I just called you?”

His eyes widened
“Oh shit, Archie drove me in his dads truck, I told him I was just gonna grab you and head out. He’s probably out there waiting right now.” He rubbed the back of his neck, gathering her clothes and handing them to her.

Betty laughed out loud

“Don’t worry, I’ll bet Ronnie found him, I highly doubt they’re missing us.”

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Hey maybe you've done this already but I've seen ur posts about fuckboy!otabek and I'm kind of curious how you imagine yuri or other characters reacting to him? Also what kind of fuckboy is he, the 'send nudes ;)' kind or like the 'I'm gonna post a bunch of pictures of me without a shirt flexing just because' or something else? Asking for a friend

omg where do I even start??? otabek is like the original fuckboy™. his snapchat story consists of approximately 52 gym selfies, none of his shirts seem to have sleeves, & he smells like axe 25/7. but otabek is like a noble fuckboy too, one who’s snapbacks are covered in little colorful fingerprints cause he volunteers at a daycare. one who steers drunk freshmen out of shady frat parties & into ubers. one who never ever sends dick pics unsolicited (not that anyone would mind).

& yuri wants to hate him, and he tries to. he tries to ignore the charming half smile, and the biceps, and the way he stares into yuri’s eyes like he sees right through his icy facade. otabek is persistent, but never pushy, and by the end of the semester he has yuri’s number. yuri suppresses his giggles at the winky faces & misspelled texts he receives throughout the day. then one day, otabek puts a particularly (ahem) suggestive ‘just out of the shower’ selfie on his story that yuri nearly breaks his fingers screenshotting.

otabek, being the noble fuckboy that he is, promises to never bring it up if yuri lets him buy him dinner.

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okay but let's talk weddings. what would a shallura wedding be like? what kind of people are the members of the Voltron crew at weddings? who cries bc they're single, who gets drunk, who dances on the table, who brought way too many people with them, who's overly emotional? let's get all the wedding clichés on the table and put names on it, i want a wedding prep au

thank you for this ask honestly bc can you even imagine the Chaos Level

(also thanks to @leg-defender for headcanoning this all w me)

  • Lance sobs. Like Hunk is gonna be shedding some Real Tears too but Lance is a mess. He’s balling, he’s overwhelmed.
    • “They grow up so fast….” “Lance I’m older then you.” [blows nose] “I still remember when you said your first words”

      • also
      • “Lance are you crying”
      • “NO”
      • [tears are streaming down his face, 10 different people have already offered him tissues, he’s literally curled up in a fetal position on the floor]

  • Lance is also the one who gets Super Drunk and makes the ridiculous irrelevant speeches at the toast.

    • “I would like to take this opportunity to formally say, that the time when all of Keith’s hair gel went missing and everyone assumed it was the mice. That was me. I tried it and it made my hair look weird so i threw it all out the airlock”

    • [silverware clattering to the floor] “I KNEW IT”

  • Hunk personally caters the entire event.  Literally no one else is allowed to so much as suggest any kind of food. Hunk’s Got This. Also, touch anything before it’s ready and Prepare For Death.

    • Lance tried to eat the wedding cake batter and he still won’t talk about what happened to this day.
    • He just whimpers slightly and leaves the room asap.

  • Pidge is the reluctant flower child. The team literally drew straws over the position and Pidge got the short end of the bargain.

    • Hunk ends up joining Pidge on the wedding day though bc he really wanted to wear a skirt and bunch of flowers in his hair and he just makes the whole experience really Good.

    • Pidge rides on his shoulders down the aisle and they all end up having a pretty fun time.

  • Coran is Allura’s maid of Honor you can’t fight me on this one.

    • He also walks her down the aisle.

  • Lance and Keith are basically Allura’s Tag Team Bridesmaids. Lance has literally been to a billion weddings bc of his huge family so he has the whole thing d o w n. He helps Allura pick out her dress, shoes, earnings and whatnot. Allura is so overwhelmed at this point that she kind of just lets him speed around and do whatever.

    • Coran demands to be in on Every Choice but really it’s all Lance. Coran makes weird Uncle Fashion Decisions but his intentions are good at heart so a lot of his funky suggestions get incorporated into the outfit.

    • In the end Lance pulls everything together and Allura looks like a goddamn Goddess so All is Well.

  • Keith does her hair and makeup, like really, really well. Scary well. Lance has to help him with the braids (“Keith that’s not how a braid works” “Shut up lets see you do better” “dude I have like five sisters move.”) but all in all she looks Fabulous so it’s a success.

    • Nobody can figure out where Keith’s make up skills came from.

      • “Where did you learn to do this??”
      • “‘S jus a hobby.”

  • Keith catches the bouquet

    • Lance is jealous as shit that Keith caught it and not him.

      • “No fair!! I wanted to get married next Keith don’t be fucking Rude”

      • “Fuck off Sanchez I caught it first and it’s not like we can both be the next to get married”

      • Everyone: [looks into the camera like they’re on the office]

  • Everyone dances and has a Good Time

    • Yes even Keith

      • He’s a really shitty dancer but he’s drunk and Alive For Once
      • He will regret every single choice he made in the morning but right now there is No Stopping Him

    • Lance is Extra Drunk and is absolutely dancing on the table to Shakira. Lance stop. Get down from there. Keith what are you doing don’t encourage him don’t join him on the table Keith. Keith no. Are you kidding me.

    • Shiro gives up trying to control his children after Pidge takes over the DJ booth because there’s no going back from that
  • Everybody laughs and cries at least a little but all in all everyone is Happy and Having A Grand Ol Time
This Is Heaven in Hiding (Chapter 16)

Heavy pounding on the door startles Clarke out of her uneasy slumber. The couch is uncomfortable and with the blanket on she’s sweaty, but she doesn’t want to move, get up, acknowledge anything else right now.

She came home in a pile of tears and regret and crashed on the couch. The bed smelling too much like her, holding too many memories. The couch…the couch was the safer option. Her shirt smells like Lexa’s apartment but she can’t take it off, can’t even fucking breathe for the war that is raging inside of her chest.

Lexa’s clipped, hurt voice echoing in her head. Her wide, sad eyes as she retreated to the hotel bathroom. How happy and free she was in bed in the morning, kissing Clarke like a fiend after they had sex.

It’s all haunting her.


Drunk horny Tsukki...
  • Tsukkishima: *calls Yamaguchi* Raar
  • Yamaguchi: Tsukki? *yawns* What happen? Is three in the morning
  • T: I'm a hungrrrarrrry dinosaur and I'll eat you up
  • Y: ... Are you drunk?
  • T: maybe... but I'm still gonna eat your little c...
  • Y: STOP! I'm hanging up.
  • T: NO RAR I'll go to your place
  • Y: Don't you dare
  • T: But you are always calling my name it'll be the same just with me inside you
  • Y: Tsukki stop! Too much for my heart
  • T: Tsk, okay... but you have to promise to come to my place in the morning with a nurse suit
  • Y: I'll go, but no nurse suit. Good night, Tsukki
  • T: Wait!
  • Y: What?
  • T: I love you
  • Y: Shut up Tsukki! *violently hangs up*

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Its interesting how Gemini, Sag, and Leo only have one fall or detriment planet each, but then Libra, Virgo, and Cap have three each. I'm surprised so many planets are seen negatively in Libra. I get how Cap and Virgo can be hard, but Libra seems so happy usually. I suppose I see Mars being "negative" in Libra because of the opposition, and Pluto because its so fixed and not "airy", but the Sun? Why is that in fall in Libra? thank you so much for all your insights :))))

Hi anon! How observant of you, I like the way you expressed yourself ‘cause I could get your logic and well. Although I find that you got the ideas quite right to an extent, there’s a whole lot more to it. Even the temperatures of each planet will have a role on how a certain sign or conjunction will work. And the genders of each sign make a difference, much like their nature (I’m not sure if nature is the world, I apologise - but if they’re humans or not, stuff like that). Elements, qualities, temperaments - all have to be taken into account. So you’re getting there, you’re on the right way - but there’s a whole lot more and that’s why it can be confusing to try to get the signs at first. Reading this might help, and I’ll explain a little about Sun in Libra.

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Season 3, Episode 13: The Fight
  • Percival: No offense, but maybe you think I'm going too fast with Credence 'cause you're going too slow with Newt!
  • Tina: No offense, but I'm going slow 'cause he's going back to London!
  • Percival: No offense, but maybe that's a little bit of an excuse for not acting on your feelings!
  • Tina: No offense, but I don't remember you being the Director of feelings!
  • Percival: Offense! That's rude! I'm gonna go dance. Credence, you're up!
  • Credence: Yay!
  • Newt: Hey, are you OK? I heard yelling.
  • Tina: Yeah, I'm very angry and I'm really drunk. Do you wanna dance with me? Go get me another snork juice.
  • Newt: Oh, that's maybe not the best idea for you.
  • Tina: Forget it! Abernathy!
  • Abernathy: [immediately appears] Yes, I'm here!
  • Tina: Dance up on me!
  • Abernathy: Yes, yes, yes!

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So I'm a little drunk and listening to old love songs and was wondering if you could do a sentimental/fluffy scenario with Dazai where s/o essentially tells him that they'll be there in the good time and bad for him. I'm so sorry blame my drunk state of mind right now.

I love your drunk state of mind fam I connect with it. I made this a little more focused on actions over words because with Dazai and an actual deep connection I don’t think words comfort him as much as touch. ps its a little angsty bye

His nightmares kept returning, more vivid with each night it seemed, and the words tumbling from his mouth were shifting from choked murmurs to coherent strings of words coated in anger and misery. He’d mentioned his friend once before (and never again) after staying up too late and drinking too much sake. He said he missed him more than anything he’d ever lost, and Dazai never had much.

The night sky was saturated in violet and indigo. With no moon funneling light through the windows a decrepit darkness overshadowed Dazai’s lean figure twitching on the bed. He’d kicked the comforter off at some point and tangled the sheets around his legs. Beads of sweat trickle down his forehead matting his dark hair tight against his neck and cheeks. Weakness is not a word one associates with Dazai; at least those who only know his surface do not see his inevitable fragility.

Your hands clam up as you watch him. His brows knit together, a grimace posing on his face. His jaw locks; your heart skips a beat. Suspended between friends and lovers (but lovers for no one else)—there are more nights you spend in his bed than your own, but tonight you’d chosen to walk by yourself near the beach looking for the moon. Guilt wraps over your chest and binds your ribs, choking the air from you.

Dazai never wants to need anything—but he is a man who searches the universe for something.

(He’ll never admit to it)

His fingers cinch the sheets, crumpling them up in his fists. A brush of warm skin calms his breathing; he always said your hands were soft. Your palm rests against his cheek for a moment to cradle the tender unmasked face of a man running out of pieces to shatter.  The memory of two weeks ago warns you not to wake him—he’s a different person in the midst of these nightmares. He’d pounced on you with trembling hands coiling around your neck, and for a brief moment his eyes were drained of life.

His apologies, for once, weren’t dripping in affectionate bubbly tones trying to sweet talk his way out of doing the dishes (it was his turn last week).

Sincerity from him felt weighted and sad, as if losing control made him less of himself. Within seconds he’d looped his arms around your shoulders so tightly you could barely breathe. The next day he slept till noon with you encased in his arms, hearts beating in synch and legs wrapped over each other.

(He’ll never admit he was scared)

Dazai’s eyes fly open, irises blown and darker than ink. For a moment or two he glances over his surroundings, taking inventory of every crevice and detail. They flicker to your face; your breath hitches. Slowly his fingers unwind from the sheets as espresso and honey pool to the surface and color his eyes the way they should be.


Desperation is foreign and coats his teeth with the bitter sting of loneliness. But, he’s fought too many demons tonight.

(He’ll never tell you to leave)

Quietly you slide between his torso and the sheets, fanning the edges of your fingers over his chest. A sigh vibrates from his chest, but his muscles still feel entirely too tense to be comfortable. Wordlessly your hands ascend to his shoulders, fingers digging softly into the muscles. He remains motionless save for the soft press of his warm lips to your forehead.

For a few hours Dazai is able to sleep uninterrupted by ghosts of his past.

les amis went to see the live action beauty and the beast together and, needless to say, they loved it. some loved it…a little too much. the next time they got drunk, joly, bossuet, grantaire, fee, and baz whipped out a candelabra and began shouting at it loudly, red faced from screaming. “what are they doing??” enjolras asks, having arrived later. musichetta sighs. “they’re trying to communicate with ewan mcgregor”

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So I was checking out your Tumblr today (as I do after every convention - I always know who to go to for my cockles fix) and I was reading all your asks/replies about Jensen being drunk at Jib. I thought it was a little dramatic(me: "Jensen is too careful about that. Tipsy maybe, but not drunk") so I didn't believe you. Lo and fucking behold. I am five minutes into the cockles panel and I can honestly say that Jensen is not the one onstage. It is Nesnej, 100%. I'm sorry for ever doubting you

and it’s not like we’re even speculating here. he was taking goddamn shots onstage. the boy was lit. 

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okay so me and my bestie got tipsy (and still are currently so i'm sorry if this is messy) and i told her that i was really gay for her and that i really like her but her mom would like fight me and she said she liked me too and we may be drunk but i think that sated my heart for a little bit

My heart is so happy oh my. Ily this is so cute and best of luck with it. Just be happy and have fun for now, worry about the serious scary stuff later

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  • Who said “I love you” first:

I really like the thought of this being Iwaizumi because Daichi’s pretty darn good with his words, he knows the right things to say at the right time even if he doesn’t quite realize it himself - his coach says it so and his teammates unconsciously look forward to his speeches to fire them up because their captain is reliable that way. But just when it comes to Iwaizumi, strong reliable steady and beautiful, he never has enough words for him and he stumbles every single time but god knows how much Daichi tries, but Iwaizumi is always there to strip him down easily. He feels like he blunders whenever he has to talk to Iwaizumi, but when he sees the fond look in Iwaizumi’s eyes, he stops and lets him talk, listens and hears the words clearly, even reads his lips just to make sure. That stuns him into silence, and he’s never been happier to be rendered speechless this time. And that’s when he says it back.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Daichi secretly has his wallpaper photo set with Iwaizumi’s photo - it’s one of his favorites. It’s a candid photo of Iwaizumi sitting by the window of their apartment, perfectly washed golden in the afternoon sunlight filtering through their curtains. He has their dog, still a pup then, cradled in his arms and he’s just turned slightly away from Daichi, and Daichi adores it. Second to the endless number of favorite Iwa photos is one of Iwaizumi snuggled in bed with his face squashed in his pillow and his mouth open just a little. Iwaizumi has a picture of their dog as his wallpaper and his lockscreen is his phone’s default because he can’t be bothered honestly. Daichi doesn’t take it personally.

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Iwaizumi leaves messy notes scrawled on the mirror for Daichi to see when it’s his turn in the bathroom, things like “please don’t forget to brush your teeth” or “the shaving cream is in the bottom left corner of the cabinet” or the cheesiest things like “I love you even if you drool on my pillow” and “let’s have dinner out tonight!” but Daichi sometimes completely misses the writings because he wakes up so late and by the time he gets his ass into the bathroom, the fog has disappeared and the messages have been watered down and have turned runny. (He still takes his precious time deciphering them though)

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

I think they’re both really thoughtful when it comes to gifting each other, and they put a lot of effort into making each other happy even if they tell each other every year that they’re not aiming for the materialistic and yet they do it anyway. Except for that one time that Daichi can’t forget because Iwaizumi went out of his way to track down the brand he used to have way back in high school - those white gym shoes with black accents - as a gift for his birthday (belated Christmas gift too), for nostalgia’s sake.

  • Who initiated the first kiss

UMMM HMM It’s a mix between Daichi and Iwaizumi. I say this because I love imagining Daichi just having this late realization that they haven’t kissed yet and he would really, really love to kiss Iwaizumi right now. Except he doesn’t know how to tell??? Does he just ask for it or would that be far too forward and fast for their relationship?? He spends a few days mulling over it and finds himself staring at Iwaizumi’s lips at an alarming frequency, and Iwaizumi would be stupid not to notice. So he decides to play devil’s advocate and waits for the perfect opportunity (that is to say the moment when Daichi snaps) which presents itself during breakfast one day and Daichi has rice on the side of his cheek, and Iwaizumi reaches out to pick it and makes a complete show of taking it in his mouth. Which astounds Daichi. And that breaks the camel’s back as Iwaizumi watches Daichi’s eyes travel down and fixate on his mouth and he quirks his lips, says, “what?” just to fuck with him. “I really want to kiss you right now.” Of course they end up being late for whatever appointments they had that day.

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Like I said, I headcanon Daichi to be a terrible morning person so it’s Iwaizumi who gets to see him helpless with sleep and still find him beautiful enough to want to wake him up with kisses every morning. That doesn’t mean Iwaizumi doesn’t get his fair share of morning kisses on the rare times Daichi is awake before he is.

  • Who starts tickle fights

I’d say it’s Daichi who wages war on Iwaizumi because he knows that Iwaizumi is extremely ticklish and he loves making him laugh without restraints. Iwaizumi’s weakest and most sensitive spot is just under his chin, so that’s where he targets. In the end, Daichi doesn’t mind losing on purpose because he certainly loves being pinned underneath the solid and warm weight of Iwaizumi above him. And then it quickly turns out to be something else entirely hahaha

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Both of them do. It’s a rather effective way to save on water (it’s not, really. They end up spending way more time in the shower when they do it together and engage in activities that require second wash).  

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Hmmm. All-around reliable with housechores Iwaizumi does hahahaha he loves experimenting with his cooking (I also like to think he’s a mama’s boy and spent time learning how to cook as a kid with her) so he surprises Daichi with his avant garde takes on traditional Japanese bento boxes. Also speaking of bento boxes can you imagine Iwaizumi carefully and intricately designing these little onigiri shapes omigod

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

DAICHIIIII. He couldn’t even dare to look at Iwaizumi the first time because the first date was one set up by their friends, and Iwaizumi was one of the top three aces in their area after all and he’s just so goddamn handsome. But Iwaizumi quickly made things less tense with his small talk that wasn’t at all awkward and soon enough Daichi was having easy conversation with him but inside he was kicking himself for making such a fuss. All he needed to do was be himself, because Iwaizumi seems to like him enough anyway (Iwaizumi in fact, likes him a lot)

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

Both of them do because they’re big boys who’ve got no time to be scared shitless by spiders.

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

I like to imagine Iwaizumi is a pretty loud drunk, but he’s pretty harmless but every single time they’re out with friends, he ends up declaring how much he loves Daichi and how he loves him no matter how he looks like because even when he’s drunk Daichi’s insecurities are in the back of his mind. Which the Seijou third years take the brunt of but they definitely don’t mind because they love Hajime and him and Daichi deserve each other and if they have to endure proclamations of love from their ace as a testament of their undying friendship then so be it. (On the other hand, Daichi is a quiet and sleepy drunk, but he gets pretty handsy hahahah)