and i'm a beauty queen



i’ve only done elise so far but i wanted to share her with you all before i move on to the other royals. i feel like since she’s the eldest she would be given siegfried and trained like a brave knight and future queen. but she’s still a sweet and compassionate woman who would rather nurture than kill (´∀`)


Some CGI Disney and Pixar queens! {x}


thank you bones week day 2: eleven temperance brennan character growth moments
- Brennan’s journey to believing in love is by far my favourite. From not believing in love at all, and merely calling it a chemical process. To being jealous of her friends who believe love transcends science and reason. To then finally realising she loves Booth. She’s come such a long way. And she finally has the love she deserved all a long.

One thing about Hani that I wish more people knew about is how intelligent she is. She has a high iq, 145, which is on par w/ Rap Monster, who is considered to be probably one of the smartest idols. She can speak mandarin after attending an advanced high school in China. She learned the basics of english for the TOEIC in just two months and got a near perfect score in that category. Ahn Heeyeon is so bright and talented and I really want people to talk about that more. 


So… I made a thing! Because Robin and Regina are AWESOME and because @revolutionsoftheheart wrote a thing years ago that gave me insanely many feels!

Let me know what you think! And do not ask who’s the beauty and who the beast… When it comes to Robin and Regina… they were always both. And they loved each other as a whole, the good and the bad. And that’s why we all fell in love with them too. ♥

Outlaw Queen guys… Always.