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50 Dialogue Prompts
  1. “It’s really not that complicated.”
  2. “Close the door.”
  3. “It’s three in the morning.”
  4. “I should have told you a long time ago.”
  5. “Why are you helping me?”
  6. “You have to leave right now.”
  7. “Just trust me.”
  8. “I’ve been waiting a long time.”
  9. “You’re in love with her.”
  10. “Come here.”
  11. “We could get arrested for this.”
  12. “What are you thinking about?”
  13. “I thought you were dead.”
  14. “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”
  15. “Was that supposed to hurt?”
  16. “I can explain.”
  17. “Love is overrated.”
  18. “Watch me.”
  19. “I’ve missed this.”
  20. “I don’t believe you.”
  21. “Sometimes, being a complete nerd comes in handy.”
  22. “I don’t owe you an explanation.”
  23. “We have to be quiet.”
  24. “You’re trembling.”
  25. “I want an answer, goddammit!”
  26. “It was you the whole time.”
  27. “Tell me again.”
  28. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”
  29. “I’m not going anywhere.”
  30. “You don’t see me.”
  31. “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.”
  32. “You could have died.”
  33. “Prove it.”
  34. “I might never get another chance to say this.”
  35. “Do you regret it?”
  36. “Tell me I’m wrong.”
  37. “Lie to me then.”
  38. “You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?”
  39. “We need to talk about what happened last night.”
  40. “I never stood a chance, did I?”
  41. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”
  42. “I’m only here to establish an alibi.”
  43. “Are you drunk?”
  44. “I still remember the way you taste.”
  45. “How much of that did you hear?”
  46. “What happens if I do this?”
  47. “Why are you whispering?”
  48. “You make me want things I can’t have.”
  49. “I don’t want to screw this up.”
  50. “People are staring.”
alien covenant

so it turns out everyone who shit-talked this movie is bad and wrong and needs to go sit in the corner reserved for garbage opinions.

pillow talk

a/n: my first attempt at some ryder x liam! i had this headcanon for some time, and really had to get it down on paper. hope you guys enjoy :)

ao3, for those of you who prefer.

Amelia learns pretty quickly that Liam is horrible to share a bed with.

She supposes she should have seen it coming. The signs were all there. He’s almost constantly either moving or talking, always doing something. In combat, he jumps right in, not afraid of taking harsh blows and getting in close. And then there was the time she stumbled upon him passed out with half his body falling off his suspicious dorm room couch. She thought that maybe sleeping in — well — a bed would tame that a bit.

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(27) Gladio’s pick-up lines.

Ignis: Gladio, I’m worried. It’s too early in the morning and Prom and Noct aren’t around. Have you seen them?
Gladio: …
Gladio: *takes jacket off* If you want to see your sons again you’ll have to do what I say. 
Ignis: I’ll count to three and you’ll bring them down from whichever tree you stuck them on, Gladiolus.

Decided to give you guys a peek at the first part of the lyric comic (without lyrics cuz still wanna keep it a secret). The first half is giving me a hard time to decide what scenes to put down so it, I guess, flows naturally but I think I might have an idea. This is a big project and I’m hoping to have it done sometime in the Summer. 

Okay, so here's a thought: IMAGINE YOUR OTP

In a long termlong distance, pretend/paid dating scenario, that is set in a holiday miracle setting, where they finally see the light and go from being sooooooort of strangers/friends… to lovers.

Bonus points if Character A and Character B - despite their limited contact and prior agreements - actually have this painfully obvious chemistry between them, of which they are both so incredibly oblivious about.

Like, in arranging their whole agreement, they’re both so professional about things, but at the same time… Character A would be like,Btw, I got Mom to switch out the detergent she uses cause of how you were allergic to the one we used to have.

And then Character B, without missing a beat, would be all, Oh god yes, now I can actually pack light and not look like a spoiled brat with my fifty suitcases of clothes. Should I do that then add the occasional “wearing your shirts” clause to the agreement; say, on three out of the five days?

“Nah, but you might need to pack extra boots though. I have a feeling dad’s gonna make us join him for tree-hunting again this year.”
“The parents putting off tree-shopping again?”
“Yep. Too busy, apparently.”
“AKA your mom probably wants an excuse to get your dad to talk to you about marriage, AGAIN.”
“Yup. Pretty much.”
“Well, what can you do right? Should I pack camping clothes then, too?”
“No need. If we can’t find one, we’ll just buy one. The tree, I mean. If worse comes to worst, you can just charge me extra for ‘unforeseen circumstances’.”
“Meh, I’ll just pack a pair or two anyway. And a sleeping bag. Your town has shitty shops anyway.”
“That is true.”


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Kazer for the ship meme. ❤️

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave: It’s literally not Patrick’s fault that his three scheming sisters told him that it’d be cool to put the Easter peeps in the microwave when Jonny wasn’t looking. That’s not his fault, and he’s not taking the blame for it.

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex: First, can we all agree that they own a dog, not a cat? And Patrick’s blaming Jonny for this one.  He was trying to watch Pitbulls and Parolees with the pup when Jonny came in and decided now would be a good time to sex Pat up.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit: You know, before Jonny dove headfirst into social media, I would have said Patrick.  But oh no, Jonny’s got this covered. You want to see Kaner walking into a street sign because he’s too busy talking and eating at the same time and god forbid he manage to do three things at once? Jonny’s got your back.

who breaks the most phones: Kaner drops a lot of phones.  Jonny’s not even sure how he manages it, but one second Kaner is texting him from the couch because he’s too lazy to move, and the next he’s sighing about shattering his screen again.  Jonny chirps him a lot about his supposedly silky mitts and his inability to hold onto a phone.

who dies first: Of course they die at the same time, like in The Notebook.

who is lactose intolerant: Jonny already said that he is, so we’ll go with that.  He also definitely asks Kaner to eat ice cream so he can watch in the least creepy way possible.  He just wants to know what it feels like to enjoy peanut butter cup ice cream again, okay.

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t: Jonny has this thing where he thinks he’s really good at putting on accents.  He’s not, and Kaner doesn’t have the heart to tell him, so he just smiles apologetically at people across Europe while Jonny tries his damnedest to sound like he’s from there.

who is more likely to get kicked out of bed: Jonny probably snores.  Instead of kicking him out, Kaner just tries to suffocate him with a pillow now.

who uses the computer most: Kaner can fall down a stats rabbit hole if Jonny ever lets him.  One second he claims he’s checking the score of an Eastern Conference game, and the next he has Cap Friendly up and 20 tabs open for different stats websites.  

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How about Amajiki and Togata working together like throwing Togata straight through a wall at a villian with their quirks so there's no excess damage or surprising Amajiki with a hug or kiss by materializing to him through a wall?

tHIS IS THE KIND OF CONTENT I WANNA SEE ON MY ASK BOX this is Pure and Wonderful thank u
(also like……. togata kissing all over amajiki’s face while he gradually becomes redder and redder and just
amajiki.exe has stopped working)