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Excerpt from a book I'll never write

He politely pulled my chair back for me. I smiled as I sat down, and he pushed me closer to the dining room table. Everything was perfect. My hours of cooking had paid off; the Alfredo pasta and filet mignon were flawlessly prepared, accompanied by twin glasses of red wine.

My date settled down across from me. “You’ve really outdone yourself. This looks fantastic, better than a restaurant could’ve done.”

I laughed lightly. “And all in the comfort of home. You said you were a wine guy, right?”

“Absolutely. Honestly, you’re embarrassing me now. My past two two dates with you didn’t come close to matching what you’ve done for me. I have to up my game.”

“I suppose so,” I agreed. There wouldn’t be a fourth date.

The jingling bells of my ringtone began to sound, and I quickly took my cell out my pocket. The name that popped up sent a wave of irritation through me. “I’m so sorry, can I take this? My younger sister just got surgery, and my mom’s taking care of her.”

“Absolutely,” he said.

“Feel free to start without me, maybe try the wine. I have a different bottle, and I wasn’t sure if you’d like this one,” I directed as I walked out of the room.

Once I was out of hearing distance, I answered my call. “I’m almost done, and nothing has went wrong. Have some faith. Come in twenty minutes,” I hissed, hanging up before the person on the other line could even speak.

I returned to see him sipping his glass. “She wanted to buy my little sister her favorite candy and couldn’t remember the name. I thought it was an emergency.”

He chuckled. “Moms will be moms. I love the wine by the way. You have good taste.”

“Thank you,” I said as I sat down again. He would start feeling the effects within a couple of minutes.

I took a longer drink from my own glass. Dealing with my annoying boss later was less painful when buzzed. He and I dug into our food, enjoying light chatter. As I was twirling noodles around my fork, I began to feel lightheaded. It was if my thoughts were being bounced around between thick clouds, not able to form completely. My vision blurred, and I dropped the utensil. It clattered against the plate.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, my head just hurts abit. I have advil in the bathroom; I’ll be right back.” I excused myself, but the act of standing up sent a wave of nausea through my stomach. Forging on, I desperately tried to balance on unsteady legs.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. My date gently spun me around to face him, and he gave me a sweet yet patronizing smile. My feet tingled, growing numb. I couldn’t support my own weight and pitched forward. He caught me, picking me up bridal style. I was too weak to struggle, and I could barely comprehend his next words as he walked through my house towards the back door.

“First rule to poisoning someone, honey: don’t leave your victim alone with what you spiked. Your glasses might just get switched.”

Latte, With Honey

My piece for @caffeinewitchcraft‘s Caffeine Challenge #21!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any writing, so this is a bit rusty, but I thought it would at least be a fun exercise for a Sunday morning.  I used prompt #4.  Hope you enjoy!

(story below the cut)

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32. “Keep your eyes on me.” for andreil, please?

Hello, I have finally done this! Look at me actually doing things! :)

(Note: don’t be Andrew in this. The fish are trying to quit smoking; don’t enable them.)

Sometimes, Neil couldn’t quite think about his time on the run in a straightforward sort of way. It all twisted in on itself, becoming something summarized and nonlinear. There were posted signs all around it in Neil’s brain: Do not attempt to touch the memory lump; do not attempt to feed the memory lump.

So, when Matt asked, Neil really couldn’t say how long ago it had been that he’d been on a boat. Eight names. That was all he could say about it – eight names ago. How many years ago, how old he’d been, he couldn’t really say for sure.

Andrew would know. Andrew would be able to translate. But Andrew had disappeared for the moment, and Neil couldn’t very well say to Matt, “It was back when my name was Stefan.” So, Neil shrugged.

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WHAT INDEED????!!! D: (honestly, I don’t know yet)

Let’s find out.

[Part 1]

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potatoqueenofficial  asked:

(1/2) Hi there, this is sort of a scary-gross question I'll admit that but it's also super specific so there's not much I can do. so I've got a character in the post-apocalypse wearing heavy power armour caught in an explosion from behind at close range. The armour + frame protected him from spinal damage, and the suit he was wearing protected most of his torso from burns, but he's still got a concussion, bruised ribs, broken wrist, arm and leg, second degree burns on his arms and legs

(2/2)first degree burns on his back + one leg that has to be amputated above the knee because there’s not really anything left. He and his friend who’s also a doctor are both on a battlefield. there’s a mechanic who can cut parts of the armour shell off so they can reach his skin. They have access to relatively high-tech treatments (stuff that can instantly heal damaged skin, an electric saw, morphine), how much can be done while on the field as they’re waiting for an evac? What’s recovery like?

Hey there! I like how specific your question is! 

Okay. I’m going to summarize this to make sure I get what’s going on: 

1) Blast injury with a significant amount of damage to the one leg (requires AKA) – this sounds like a traumatic partial or near amputation due to the blast force. 
2) 2* burns on back and leg, which will hurt but aren’t life threats. 
3) Concussion. 
4) Bruised ribs 

So here’s how I would approach this patient as a field medic. 

1) Stop the bleeding. The only thing I care about from the damaged leg is stopping the bleeding that goes with the blast injury. The leg itself can stay attached or unattached, doesn’t matter, as long as I can keep it from actively killing him. 

2) I’m actually more worried about his lungs than any other injury you’ve described. Lungs are sensitive to pressure issues like blasts, even if they’re not directly hit by shrapnel; “blast lung” is a real injury that’s basically diffuse pulmonary edema from the overpressure involved in an explosion. I’m also worried about head injury and concussion, but less so because of the helmet that I’m assuming goes with the power armor. 

2a) No, I lied, I’m concerned about that “concussion” too. Anything that looks like a concussion could also cause a more significant bleed, so my number one priority after stopping the bleeding is getting him to some kind of imaging to evaluate his brain. 

3) IVs, blood products, and analgesia, in that order. For analgesia I’d use ketamine over morphine for an injury like this, simply because it doesn’t tank blood pressure so much. (Also because I’m a ketamine advocate, as you probably know from reading thiis blog!) Burns require lots of fluid, and the hemorrhage from the leg is likely going to need blood products to be given. 

But there’s no way I’m doing surgery on the battlefield, even if I have the tools at my disposal. No matter what technology I have, there’s the issue of sterility, not just of the environment but of the patient himself. He needs to be de-armored, get a better scan of his chest and abdomen and head, and him put in a sterile field, the wound area needs to be sterilized and then I can worry about taking off the leg. Amputating the leg in the field just makes for a happy home for a bacterial infection of his stump, which is never a good idea. 

Tissue below a tourniquet has hours worth of life left in it, so as long as we can get evac within an hour and he’s on the table in three, I’d say we’re pretty happy. 

I hope this helped! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

(Samantha Keel)


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richjake stuff (chapter 1/?)

here’s some shitty richjake i promised some one super cool. also, just as an announcement, i have no idea where this whole thing is going, so enjoy i guess! there’s not many warnings, but suicidal thoughts are mentioned very briefly and the boys have some cry time (it gets better don’t y'all worry, i’m planning on doing multiple chapters) edit: if y'all actually like this story could ya check out the other chapters? like i know this one is popular bc a good blog rb it.
Rich felt like shit. He usually did, but he didn’t usually burn down houses; let alone his best friend’s house. Nothing he could do about it now. The bleached tiles and hospital food was driving him crazy. He overheard the doctors suggesting that he go to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated. The only thing that made this situation a bit better was the fact that he miraculously got Jeremy as his hospital-room mate and not some random old guy with tuberculosis. Although Jeremy was out cold, Michael visited him everyday.
“Hey, Rich,” Michael said, waving. Rich returned the greeting before staring off at something across the room. “Are you okay, dude? Anything you need to talk about? I can’t say that I know how you feel, but if you want to talk about anything I’m here.” Rich did want to talk about it, but ever since the SQUIP deactivated, his stupid lisp came back. He swore he heard some of the nurses laughing about it at some point. He just shook his head in response. Michael smiled and nodded. His eyes returned to Jeremy. Rich admired their friendship. Even through the SQUIP incedents, they were able to overcome everything. He guessed that it was because they had such a history together.
Rich didn’t have that with anyone. Sure, he was friends with Jake, but that was only after his SQUIP took over. Jake never liked the real Rich Goranski. He didn’t know about the lisp, the anxiety, and especially not the suicidal thoughts. And he didn’t plan on bringing them up again; the last time he did that he hurt so many people. Even with the SQUIP gone, Rich knew that he was going to keep up this charade for as long as he could. There was no way in hell he was going back to the way he was.
He was suddenly ripped from his thoughts when he heard the door open. A nurse was pointing in his direction; then in came Jake. Rich could barely fucking look at him-at what he had done. Both of Jake’s legs were broken and he looked exausted. Jake thanked the nurse before slowly making his way past Jeremy’s bed and over to Rich. He plopped down in the chair that was closest to Rich and leaned his crutches against the wall. Michael stood and pulled on the curtain that separated the two sides of the room.
“I don’t want to be invasive. I know it’s just a curtain, but you don’t have to worry about me,” Michael said before closing himself off from Jake’s side of the room.
“I would ask how you’re doing, but I can kinda guess,” Jake chuckled. “What’s up, dude. I haven’t seen you in like forever.” Rich couldn’t bear to make eye contact. Why was Jake beeing so cool about seeing him? Rich had just burned down his house, broken his legs, and was now a completely different person than the one that Jake had been able to tolerate. Part of Rich just wanted to be alone and wallow in self-pity, but the other part of him wanted to just get all this over with.
“Why did you come here?” Rich looked over at his concered friend. He was honestly taken aback by the emotion that Jake was showing. Of course, it was appreciated, but it was something Rich would have never expected. “Like, I burned down your house and your legs are broken. Why the fuck would you even want to see me?”
Something in Jake’s eyes softened when he finally connected his gaze with his friend. Slowly, Jake reached out a hand toward Rich, giving him time to make a decision. Rich just turned his head away and closed his eyes. He felt a large hand gently rest on his arm. “I came to make sure you were doing okay. I just really want you to be okay, after all the SQUIPs and evrything,” Jake murmured calmly.
“You know about the SQUIP?” Rich asked, trying to keep his voice from shaking (and his lisp from being too prominant). Jake nodded and explained he events of the play, ending his ramble with clarifying why Jeremy was in the hospital, too. Rich turned his away again. He didn’t feel like he could cry in front of Jake. Crying was not cool.
“Hey,” Jake whispered. “it’s okay, dude. I know that things are fucking awful, but please try not to worry about anyone judging you. I will beat the shit out of anyone who tries anything. We all miss you; I miss you. If you need to cry or talk or anything, I’ll be here for whatever you need. I only had a SQUIP for, like, less than an hour. I can only imagine what it was like to live with that for two years. I’m just sorry that all this happened.” Rich felt hot tears on his face. He sluggishly moved to look at Jake; he was crying too. The tears flowed freely through closed eyes. Rich threw his head back against the flat hospital pillow and sobbed openly. He hoped Jake wasn’t looking. Crying was not cool. Jake gently shifted his hand from his friend’s arm to his hand. “We can get through this, okay? I’m always here.”

Wherever You Go I'll Follow (Multi-Ship Harry Potter AU) - Bramble

A/N: Was the wait worth it? I’ll let you decide. I am in no way a Harry Potter expert, in fact there are probably way more people out there more capable of writing this than me, but I can appreciate amazing literature and films. The ships in this fic include: Sashea, Trixya and Shalaska. You will learn each of their backstories as time goes on. There are time jumps back and forth throughout. If you have any suggestions for this fic – or any of my fics in general – feel free to message me at dragqueenlayouts or unhhhjustsometrash.

Lesbian Harry Potter AU. Enjoy!

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So @pixlokita drew a comic where the APTX effects and slowly erases all of Shinichi’s memories (amongst other brain functions), and I just… felt an overwhelming need to write it. There might be a part two because this is such an interesting AU! Please enjoy!

The moment he wakes up Shinichi knows something is wrong.

Not because of a feeling, or the fact that his head is swimming with pain, but because of Ran’s worried expression as he blinks his way into consciousness. She leans forward, hands wrapped around his, squeezing lightly to show that she’s there.

“Shinichi?” She stumbles over his name as she stands from her chair, leaning forward to get into his view. She’s wearing her coat over her school uniform, which… Is odd, seeing as the last thing Shinichi remembers is it being a Saturday, and them having no classes. “H-hey, are you really awake?”

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I follow you because I'm in love with I Had Rather and We Used To Wait and because you're an amazing writer and because you get as excited as I do talking about Nick and Louis. And because I know that if I ask you how you feel about Louis taking care of Nick when he has a cold without trying to make it look like he's actually takig care of him, you'll share your thoughts with me and I'll love it. And also because you're lovely. xx

OH OH OH what if they weren’t really together but maybe Louis wanted to be, and maybe he’d sort of managed to get Nick to finally believe that they were proper mates, but one time he rings from LA and Nick is all gruff and snuffly and tired and pretending he’s okay. 

And Louis is worried, right? But he can’t say anything because he and Nick are pretty new mates, and Nick has a million better friends, but Nick clearly needs a bit of an early night and a few cups of tea. So he doesn’t say anything, other than a bit of you sound a bit rough, mate, and not wanging on for hours about nothing just so he can keep talking to Nick for as long as possible. (Sometimes he wonders if Nick is wanting to get rid of him, but Louis tells himself that Nick is perfectly capable of telling him to bugger off or not answer his phone or whatever, but Nick always answers). 

But the next time he rings, Nick still sounds tired and bunged up and miserable, and the next time, even more so, and Louis is kind of at a loose end and really one hundred per cent tries to tell himself he’s going home because he fancies seeing family and friends, but that absolutely does not explain why he shows up at Nick’s door at half eleven in the morning on a Friday when the previous morning he hadn’t even booked a flight. 

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can’t live with him but can’t live without him - oliver x marcus

“I can’t do this,” Oliver whined, sitting up among the whirlpool of crumpled sheets, fleecy blankets and duck-feather pillows that seemed to be suffocating him as he tried to sleep. “I just can’t.”

He melodramatically kicked the duvet off him, cheeks a deep scarlet colour as he leapt from the bed and stood by the oak chest of drawers, one hand propped on his hip while the other wearily rubbed over his eyes. It was a late night and through the break in the curtains Oliver could see the moon hung proudly in the sky, surrounded by its very own sea of stars. Among the navy canvas the stars almost looked like a dot-to-dot pattern, just waiting for someone to come and connect them to complete the image. Oliver liked to imagine the stars would create an outline of Marcus’ face, perfectly accentuating his angelic cheekbones and God-like jawline. He was unfairly gorgeous, Oliver thought, which only made this hindrance more aggravating. 

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I have a confession to make: I’ve been slacking on the omgcp train because… I got a Nintendo Switch… and the new Zelda is just too good

It did get me thinking about how the Haus (really the frogs) would react if someone brought home a Nintendo Switch though. Probably Bitty (who’s in his senior year at this point)? As a gift from Jack, who bought it deciding he wanted to give it a try after a life of non-video gaming? The two probably had some fun playing Zelda and 1, 2 Switch in Providence but decided it was too much of a time-suck for the two of them (senior year, Bitty’s Samwell captaincy, NHL captaincy), so Bitty drags it along with him back to Samwell.

Of course, Chowder’s been keeping track of Nintendo stuff, and his family/friends back home have been posting on social media about it, taunting him, when he knows they’re sold out within a twenty-mile radius of campus, so the boy is DYING to play it. When he sees the Switch in front of the television downstairs, he lets out a squeal an opera singer would applaud at. Nursey and Dex are very confused.

Nursey and Dex have probably all played at least a few staple video game franchises in their childhood, but Nursey abandoned them kind of quickly in his attempts to “chill”, and Dex couldn’t really afford consoles as a kid, so he’s only really played them at someone else’s house or something. Chowder plays a bit of Zelda with them as witnesses, and they pass it off as “cool” and go on with their day. (Very reminiscent of a certain confession about someone dating a certain professional hockey player tbh)

Except they’re secretly fascinated by it. For different reasons. They sneak downstairs and swipe it to play for a few hours when they know everyone else is in class. Sure, they both know fuck-all about the plot, but they get the basic premise – walk around, explore, complete quests, kill monsters, stop Ganon – and that’s more than enough for them.

Dex loves it like he loves any good puzzle. An encampment of monsters hoarding a treasure chest to themselves? Obviously, it’s time to start a fire and ride the updraft it produces to get the drop on them. Enemy that’s way too big to take out one on one in a thunderstorm? Bait it with food and turn that sucker into a lightning rod by chucking something metal. Dex is all about this. (He does, however, wish you could repair equipment instead of passively watching it slowly get worn down.)

Nursey’s more into the exploration and the sights. He’s a hazard to himself, really. Chowder leaves off after the introductory tutorials and dungeons, and Nursey decides it’s a good idea to make a beeline for the castle swirling with black and purple clouds and a ravenous demon circling it. He dies. A lot. Until something pretty and glowing red calls his attention to the east, at which he point he turns his focus on it. And dies. Again. A lot. Even death in this game - in the form of crisp, deep red laser beams and soft blue, plush as hell explosions - is a thing to behold. There’s just too many beautiful sights and only four measly hearts to spare, but Nursey’s a trooper. Or a troubadour. Whatever. He perseveres.

And the game is great! What’s not great is the fact that, at least twice a week, the two of them have a similar gap between classes, and they are itching to play. They’ve only played individually though, and they’re probably not looking to share, until one day, Dex cracks and asks, “If I get the game for the first hour, you get it for the next, and we just trade off, okay?” Nursey’s indignant and puts on a front to make things difficult, even though it’s a pretty reasonable offer, but ultimately gives in. Dex returns with the Switch in his hands like a kid stealing a cookie from a cookie jar.

But playing/watching each other play is an exercise in restraint.

Dex wants to work through whatever obstacles and monsters are in his way and complete the main story, but Nursey keeps pointing out randomly glowing things off in the distance no less than twice a minute, and it drives Dex crazy. He blows himself up on his own explosives no less than twice the first time they do this. It’s hard to play while swatting Nursey’s grabby hands away from the screen. (He also gets his hands on some pretty swanky treasure and weaponry thanks to Nursey’s observational skills, but he doesn’t say anything about that.)

Nursey just wants to go climb those icy peaks with the three oddly conspicuous conifers all in a row at the top, or go wander deep into that forest with the monstrously large skeleton in the center as dusk falls, but Dex is just screaming at him and playing backseat Zelda player the whole time. “You can’t go up there. You don’t even have a jacket for the cold! You’re gonna die!” or “Exactly what part of traipsing over the corpse of a dead monster, in a forest where there’s nothing else but undead monsters, is a good idea, Nurse?” Nursey starts to listen after the (reanimated!) skeleton sits on him to death a few times. Dex gives him the idea to maybe wait until the sun comes up before approaching the thing again, and if Nursey waits until Dex isn’t in the room before he tries it, well, that’s just a coincidence. (A coincidence with some kick ass swords as a prize, but hey.)

The third week they do this, Nursey grabs the Switch first and tries to suggest something new. “Yo, instead of us just messing with each other and pissing each other off, maybe we can just, you know…” He waves a hand in between them, half-sure Dex is going to do that squinty thing with his eyes to tell Nursey he’s making no sense and say no.

“Yeah, I actually did some research on that skeleton that dropped its ass on you last time. It turns out it-”

“Wait, bro, are you saying yes to this?” A pause. “And did you seriously just call googling Zelda tips and tricks ‘research’?”

Dex goes red in the face, and Nursey’s almost sure he’s about to take back his tentative agreement until Dex, the dick that he is, makes a solid case for why they should be working together. “Look, the game rewards exploration, and you’ve clearly got some affinity for the type of shiny things game designers set up as bait, but none of the survival skills. We’ve got what the other lacks.” Nursey’s mouth splits into a shit-eating grin. “Just work with me, Nurse.”

Nursey turns his head up in mock reconsideration for a second before remembering he’s one who asked in the first place; he knows it’s fruitless to keep it up any longer. So, he just does what comes naturally and opens his mouth again. “Aw, Dexy, that’s probably the sweetest thing you’ve said to me this year.”

And so begin their new Zelda escapades, whereby Dex picks an objective related to the main quest, and Nursey points out things that might be worth checking out on the way to their destination. They still trade off every hour, but there’s a lot less dying, and a lot more sweet, sweet treasure.

Chowder gets back from class early one day, and considers giving himself some Switch time before he notices it’s not in the dock. He decides he’ll live and is about to turn down the hall to his room when he hears some very distinctive piano notes echoing weakly from the attic.

‘Those fakers,’ he thinks to himself. He creeps up the stairs and swings open the door at the top, a chirp on his lips when he sees them. The chirp dies on the spot.

They’re both conked out, and Dex is lying next to Nursey on the bottom bunk, his head most definitely resting on his shoulder. Nursey’s is resting on top of his, the Switch still in his hand by the floor of his bed.

Chowder just giggles and snaps a picture of them before turning back around and leaving.

(Blackmail, he decides, is an even better way to get Switch time.)

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Ok, next thing is try and work cheesecakelessness into a drabble!

Challenge accepted, anon.

Kara puts the phone between her shoulder and her ear while she busies about the kitchen pulling out bowls and spoons and measuring cups and will she need a whisk? she shrugs and tosses it into the pile. 

The line rings and rings and she’s about to hang up and just fly over to the DEO when Alex finally picks up. She doesn’t even wait to let her get a greeting out.

“Do you have Eliza’s cheesecake recipe?”

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(a continuation of the idea that Newt heads up MACUSA’s beasts department, started here)

Accepting President Picquery’s job offer is simultaneously the worst and best decision Newt has made in a while.

On the one hand, he gets to deal with a lot of beasts that come through illegal channels that, without his intervention, would probably not have stood a chance (particularly not considering the motley assortment of witches and wizards they had staffed the beasts department with previously; Newt is beginning to think that reassignment to the beasts department was a punishment akin to being reassigned to wand permits, except the person handing down the punishment probably wished bodily harm on the person they were reassigning). There are very few animals Newt finds which he cannot make a case for—or space in his case for, should the occasion call for it—and even then, he knows exactly where to relocate them to. No need for anyone to lose their head. Or fingers or horns or various other body parts. It’s all very nice, even if Newt does have to deal with paperwork. And what’s more, he has the chance to change America’s beast laws.

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Whoops More People Seem to Have Accidentally Hit That Follow Button

I’ve reached 900 followers!! :D Thank you all so much for following me, I hope it’s been fun, seeing all of my weird art and stories :p

THIS MEANS I’m doing another followers contest!! Everyone who likes or reblogs this post from 03/30/17 to 04/07/17 will have their name put into a list randomizer and the one that comes out on top will get a customized BillDip OR Yuri on Ice one shot :D It will likely be about 2k - 5k words depending on what you want of course, but can be shorter or longer (not to exceed 10k words).

How long it will take me to complete it is entirely up to what you want, and how busy I am at the time. Also, please start thinking of what you would want as soon as you like/reblog this!! The sooner you tell me what you want, the sooner I can write it!! I don’t mind giving you some time to think about it, but after a week or so it becomes less of a priority to me, and I will have less time/focus on it.

Some things to know:

  1. The winner must respond within 24 hours of my message and have their messenger open so that I can notify them. If they do not respond within that time, a new winner will be chosen.
  2. I will NOT write the following things: Underage, incest, noncon, or any kind of toilet kinks. I also have every right to tell the winner “no” if they request something other than those that I am also not comfortable with.
  3. I WILL write pretty much anything else, and I don’t mind adding or taking away specific things if you request it. Again, I can tell you no if you ask me to do something that makes me uncomfortable. If the winner is rude/pushy about things, I will not hesitate to pick someone else.
  4. Please do not be rude/pushy about when it will be finished! You have to understand that I have work and a kid so it may take more than a week for me to get it out, especially if it’s something a little more complex.
  5. For the YOI fic, please know I’m new to it and am only really comfortable writing for Yuri/Victor and Yurio/Otabek. This doesn’t mean I won’t add other characters in, though! :p

I am doing this on my own time, and I’d like us both to have fun with it!! :) If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to shoot me a message or ask, I’ll pretty much always answer :p

I look forward to speaking with the winner, and good luck to you all!! :D

Zip-line - part 1

First half.  Wrote this after I learned about the zip-line in Paris.  Can’t do the other half just now, so please enjoy this part.  Also on AO3

Part 2 is here

“We have to go check it out,” Alya said, clearly trying to convince the boys into something as Marinette scrambled into the classroom a few minutes before the bell.  "Mari, you’ll come with me, right?“

"I think she needs to know what you’re talking about before she agrees, babe,” Nino said.

“What is it?” Marinette asked, settling into her seat.

“Did you hear about the zip-line at the Eiffel Tower?” Adrien asked.  When Marinette shook her head, he continued.  "Perrier put it up in honor of the French Open, and riders travel at the speed of a tennis ball hit by an elite athlete.“  He rolled his eyes.  "Marketing, you know.”

“Oh.”  She’d seen some equipment over at both Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower when she was on patrol last night.  This explained much.  She turned to her best friend.  "And you want to watch the tourists have a go, then?“

"That’s part of the appeal,” Alya said, in the tone that suggested she had something else in mind.  "It would be even better if someone I knew would ride it and let me record it.  I mean, it probably feels a lot like swinging from Ladybug’s yoyo, only safer, obviously.“

"Ladybug moves pretty fast,” Marinette said, hesitantly.  She’d never clocked herself, but she was pretty sure it was faster than a tennis ball.  Now a rocket-propelled tennis ball…

“Ladybug’s faster,” Adrien said firmly, shaking his head.  "I mean, when she’s not in a big hurry, she probably goes less than eighty kilometers per hour.  But in full on akuma battle mode, she’s been calculated to go faster than one fifteen.“  He glanced around at them when all three of his friends stared at him.  "What?  It’s basic physics.”

“So in addition to haunting the Ladyblog, you frequent the Ladynerd site, then?” Alya teased.

“It’s Geekbug,” Adrien corrected.  "And if you checked it out, you could see how much weight Ladybug and Chat Noir have lifted or tossed around in a fight.  The physics of superheroes is seriously cool.“

Nino laughed.  "You’re still a nerd, bro.”

Marinette shrugged.  "We could all go over and see it during lunch break.“

Nino shot Marinette a half glare of betrayal.  "I’m not riding it.  And we know my bro doesn’t dare.  His dad would totally freak out once photos of that got out.”

“Good point.”  Adrien sighed.   "Which is too bad, because I’d totally do it.  I love zip-lines.“

"You’re so weird,” Alya pointed out.  "Wonderful, but such an odd boy.“

Marinette smiled at him when he pouted.  "You’re not weird,” she promised him.  "Just… charmingly eccentric.“

Adrien grabbed Marinette’s hand.  "Mari’s my new best friend.  She’s not mean to me like you two.”  He’d hauled out a scowl and low growling voice for the last three words.

Marinette hadn’t gotten over her crush on the class golden boy, but she’d managed to take a step back and see how crazy she was being.  And really, why would he want to date her if she couldn’t say two words in order around him?  "It’s okay, I'll protect you,“ she promised, patting his shoulder.

"Say, Marinette, you’d go on the zip-line for me, wouldn’t you?” Alya wheedled, eagerness in her voice.

“Don’t make me laugh!”  Chloe slammed her hands down on the table near Marinette and Adrien’s still joined hands.  "Marinette ride a zip-line?“  Her harsh laugh echoed through the room.

"I would,” Marinette said.  Seriously, she flew around Paris in her spare time, and the zip-line wouldn’t be trying to steal her earrings.  "But I don’t think I could afford it, sorry Al.“

"Excuses, excuses,” Chloe said, holding up her phone.  "I could text Daddy to get you a free run down the zip-line if that were really the issue.“

"You don’t have to do it,” Adrien said gently, his voice below the trash talk of Alya, Nino and Chloe.  "None of us would think less of you.“

She smiled at him, channeling her inner Ladybug.  "I’m not afraid of heights, Adrien.  I think it would be fun.”

Adrien tucked two fingers between his teeth and let out a piercing whistle, silencing the group.

“Ugh,” Chloe muttered.  "Where did you pick up such a vulgar skill?“

"Marinette would be delighted to ride the zip-line,” Adrien announced.  He pointed at Chloe.  "You get her a free ride, like you promised.“

"I will,” Chloe snapped.  "And I’ll have the last laugh when she backs out last minute.“

The bell rang, ending all further discussion.

Hey, it’s almost a drabble… right?  Maybe next time.  


Hi everyone, long time no see.

It’s been a long year. A lot of things have changed and I think it’s time I talk about something important. This Update has to do a little with the blog and a lot with me, so if you want to skip the rest of this you absolutely can, this is just something that has been on my mind for a while and pushing to be said. This seems like the best time to say it and I’m sorry if it gets a little long and a lot personal.

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KC and 14 "I thought you were dead"

Okay, you have no idea how hilarious receiving this prompt was. I literally came up with a scenario on skype that fits this prompt to the T, the day before I received this one.

KC + “I thought you were dead”

Caroline handed the assignments to several of the journalists. Right after she had graduated, she had accepted a job offer at the Mystic Falls courier, the local newspaper. For now, she was mostly still an assistant, but she had had the chance to write a few minor articles.

While she made sure that everyone got the assignments, she took a glance at the papers in her arms. ‘Weather reports’, ‘local news’, ‘sport section’, ‘obituaries’. She paused her round when a name in the first obituary caught her attention. Klaus Mikaelson.

She froze and quickly read the rest of the message. A few parts stuck out to her. Brother. Only 22. Tragic boating accident. She shivered when she finished reading. She couldn’t believe it. Klaus Mikaelson. Dead.

Of course, she hadn’t seen him in four years. They had been dating since they were juniors, but after their High Schoo graduation, Klaus had decided he had to leave Mystic Falls behind. Travelling abroad and living off his paintings instead of settling for a nearby college like she had. Her feelings for him had never changed, but she knew she couldn’t be the girl that waited in her hometown while Klaus was off who knew where. And now… now he was gone.

She bit back a sob. She still had her work laid out, but how was she going to work through her day, knowing what she knew. She couldn’t believe Rebekah or Kol hadn’t called her up and told her! Oh no, she instantly felt guilty, they had more to think about right now than one of Klaus his ex’s.

She quickly walked towards Mike’s office and when she noticed he wasn’t present, dropped the reports on his desk. He would know what to do with them when he returned. Right now, she needed a moment alone.


Ten minutes alone and she found herself crying, mourning the past she had had with Klaus. Yes, it had been ages since they had last seen each other, but it’s not like they ended things badly. They just had different plans for their future. Even with those differences, she hadn’t realized it until now, she still hadn’t closed their story. A part of her still cared, deeply.

She quickly sent out a text to her boss, explaining how she just heard a friend passed away and couldn’t continue her day. Luckily she got a message right away that she could have the day off, as long as she returned tomorrow. She didn’t know if she could, but at least she had today to grieve.

The first thing she would have to do was go to the supermarket. She needed ice cream. And tissues. And she would have to buy flowers for the Mikaelsons and- in her head she started making a list, trying to distract herself from her emotions.

While she was in the store, she kept going over that same list, making sure that she didn’t miss anything. She didn’t even notice when she bumped into someone.

“Caroline?” a familiar voice asked her. She bit back a sob, it sounded like Klaus. Oh no, now she was hearing things. “Love,” the voice tried again when she didn’t look up.

“Caroline,” a second amused voice asked her and she recognized it as Kol. Oh no! What was she going to say? He must be devastated! She looked up and noticed the grin on his face and looked around confused. The person next to him looked at her with concern and she took a step back in surprise.

“Klaus?” she swayed. “How- I- I thought you were dead,” she stammered and glanced at Kol bewildered. “The- the newspaper. How- I just say your obituary!” she cried out.

Klaus looked at her in confusion, “I don’t know about any of that, but I’m still very much alive,” he assured.

“Then how- who,” a guilty chuckle on her right alerted her to the culprit. “KOL!” she hit him on the head, “You can’t just send false obituary reports to the newspaper! That’s- What if they were published?”

“In my defense, if Klaus hadn’t arrived last night, it would probably be true. Rebekah was ready to murder him when he canceled once again. Luckily for all of us, he had a change of heart.”

“I don’t care why you did it! I almost had a heart-attack when I read it.” She took a deep breath and turned to Klaus, taking him in now that she knew he was really there. The years certainly had done him good. “Okay- okay so not dead,” she told Klaus. “Anything else I have to know before I murder your brother?”

“Virginia still offers the death penalty?” Klaus said, trying to break the tension.

“Right. Yeah, that would make it all a lot less tempting. Okay fine. Not murdering your brother.” She turned to Kol, “But you better call the paper right now to retract that obituary or I swear-”

“Yeah- yeah I know. Death and torture. Although the torture bit could still be fun…” he smirked at her before he ran off, “Nope? Okay seems like I have some calls to make.”

Klaus turned back to Caroline and stood closer to her, “So now that you know I’m not dead, and I’ve learned you work at the newspaper… want to get together and catch up on lost times?”

She looked up in surprise and smiled. “Yeah I would like that,” she admitted and caught his eye, “So first question. How long are you here for?”

“At least a couple of months,” he reassured her. “I have a show in New York in November and plenty of paintings to create before then.”

“Mmmh so all work and no fun?” Caroline teased while they walked towards the registers. It surprised her how easy it was to fall into old habits with him. Two days ago she had barely thought about him, an hour ago she was crying about having lost him, and here she was… teasing him.

“I think I can handle some fun in between,” Klaus said while he teasingly bumped against her hip. “So my turn.”

“Do your worst, Mikaelson,” she challenged while she paid for her groceries.

“Are you seeing anyone?” he asked, asking the only question he really cared about.

She let out a startled gasp and turned towards Klaus. “No,” she admitted. She felt butterflies when he moved a step towards her. “You?”

“Nope.” They shared a nervous smile while he leaned forward. He looked at her, making sure she was okay with his next movement and after her small nod, captured her lips with his.

She was the only thing he was looking forward to when he decided to return to Mystic Falls. He had never forgotten about her, and he hadn’t dared to assume they could just pick up where they had left, but when he saw her in that store, tears staining her cheek because she believed he had passed… He knew whatever was between them was still here. All they needed was the time to explore it all.

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*facepalms* I cooked up another Stucky fic-non-fic/prompt/notes for  fic I'll never write


First things first: I’m a glutton for punishment kind of reader,so I love my TREMENDOUSLY HAPPY ending to be on the wake of lots of angst and misunderstandings.

I’ve been toying before with the idea of a “bonded but Steve didn’t realise” or “confession gone south” kinda fic, (I’d post hundreds if I had the time) but this morning I found me a recipe I truly like, which features lots of Peggy, and of Peggy&Bucky bromance to end the ages.

Please follow me under the cut for details…

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(AU where Neal cracked and said “fuck off” to August and went to see Emma when she was in jail, and she was so confused because she never got visitors and she barely let herself hope - 

And there he was, in that stupid jacket of his, looking all nervous, waiting for her. 

She’s not showing yet, and she’s glad for it. 

And he apologizes, and explains as best he can, and he tells her he won’t give up on her, he’ll prove to her that he’s worth her trust again, he’ll be back every visitor’s day, and she doesn’t quite believe him (but God, she wants to) and so she just nods and says nothing.

And he does come back, every time, and eventually she can’t hide it anymore and she tells him about the baby, tells him she’s giving it up, and they get into a blowout fight there in the visiting room and he ends up escorted out by the guards - 

And he tells her she doesn’t have to give the baby up, tells her he wants this, her, it, themtogether

And she believes him. 

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