and i'll say it a thousand more

We adopt a goddess

A small check in with the party that adopted the time stream and has been carrying it around in their pocket. Our situation now is that the other day we had one of our final sessions and it was really intense end game vibes all around. We had finally reached our goal, a cage in the Far Realms to lock away the goddess of destruction for another 10 thousand years when everyone’s favorite elf sorcerer spoke up:

Sorcerer: Why are you even doing this?
Goddess: Because I’m lonely…
*sorcerers eyes light up in excitement and 10 or more minutes of story explanation takes place*
Sorcerer: So basically just put you conscious inside these stones and we’ll carry you around so you can experience the world. Welcome to the party and how have we’ve adopted a goddess
DM: *throws hands up in the air* I expected nothing less from you guys

“I was always a vocal person, I said what’s on my mind. But now it feels like I lost my voice. I’m empty and I have no more words to say, my throat feels so dry. This is a strange feeling to me that I think I will get used to. I was that person who said the first thing that came in the mind, now there are thousand thoughts and I can’t say even one.”

//I feel like I lost my voice. (via @blacksincity)

  • Stuff that has been said while I have been shopping with my friends.
  • *
  • Noctis: *in a Hot Topic* It's so edgy, dark and angst, I'm finally home.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: *holding a candle* The scent is called warm home.
  • Prompto: Wonder what that smells like.
  • Deafening silence
  • Noctis: you need to talk to someone? Maybe Ignis.
  • *
  • Prompto: Can we go to Ikea?
  • Ignis: Will anyone get into a fist fight?
  • Gladiolus: I... can't make any promises. Something about all those hard to pronounce names and the meatballs just set a guy off.
  • *
  • Me: Here hold this. *handing over like 5 lotions and sprays*
  • Ignis: Can't you get a bag, the lady offered you one.
  • Me: NO! If I have a bag it means I buy more! So I have to hold it so I don't buy as much.
  • *
  • Ignis: So Noctis do you prefer the Black or Navy tye?
  • Noctis: Gonna level with you, Specs, both are horrible and which ever one you buy, I'm either gonna throw in my closet never to be seen again, or bring it back and buy this one that lights up.
  • Ignis: So the Black one?
  • *
  • Prompto: I accidentally picked up a pair of yoga pants while trying on pants. I love the ass confidence it gave me, but hated the lack of pockets.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: *holding two Lush bars* I like the way this one smells, but this one makes me feel warm inside.
  • *
  • Ignis: I'm very upset, I have to physically say, "No dabbing at the table."
  • *
  • Noctis: I am a grown ass man.
  • Worker: What can I get you today?
  • Noctis: Yes, can I get a swirl cone just covered in rainbow sprinkles. Need some happiness on the inside.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: Why do you two smell so fruity?
  • Prompto: Trying the new scents in the store.
  • Noctis: I really like the dragon fruit one.
  • Me: I told you two to spray on the paper!
  • Ignis: You're not getting in the car smelling like that.
  • *
  • Prompto: Why do they keep getting rid of all the stores I like. Oh hey it's a candy store now, this is better.
  • *
  • Me: Can you hold my purse while I go to the bathroom?
  • Prompto: It's a stuffed carrot.
  • Me: Yeah, so.
  • Prompto: I have wanted to do nothing more all day!
  • *
  • Worker: Yes, this is our new scent Thousand wishes.
  • Galdiolus: *Sniffs paper* This doesn't smell like thousand island dressing.
  • *
  • Ignis: Please don't dance next to me.
  • *
  • Ravus: *Putting a bathbomb w/ my purchase* Don't say anything and hand it to me when I get out the car. I'll pay you back.

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“what are you, a bat?” BAhaHAHA



Barba sure finds some pleasure in joking about Sonny, doesn’t he? Isn’t it great how that’s basically the only time we ever see Barba be carefree and have fun (instead of being sad and wistful and mellow)? Isn’t it great how he only livens up when he’s teasing Sonny, or talking about Sonny? What do you think that means? 💕💕💕

That said, that’s the only part of the episode I’ve actually seen 👀

I had a very long day, and I have an early day tomorrow, so I’m afraid most of my reblogs and my episode thoughts will have to wait until tomorrow! I’m so sorry!

I’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who enjoyed my 19x05 episode tag (I’ll reply individually to all of you tomorrow as well!).


I can actually reveal that I’ve started writing (on my commute, because that’s all the time I had) an episode tag for 19x06, just based on that one clip. It was enough to fuel my imagination, and I doubt the rest of the episode would actually give me anything else to work with, so that should be fun :)




That is all :D

Me: “I want to make a high fantasy story! With adventure and magic and elves and dwarves and stuff!“

Also me: “But first let me just figure out their genetics really quick…”

(I swear I’ll get back to stuff I’m supposed to be working on soon…)

A really quick evolutionary tree of the five main races in this one fantasy setting of mine. (For more stuff check my tag #I STILL don’t have proper tag for this setting) Represented here by the main cast of the story, given how they’re very conveniently each representing each of the races.

Dwarves diverged first from the rest of the races by getting stuck on an island. They are adapted to their home island environment of ginormous dense forests and cavey rock base, so they are actually about as well adapted to climbing trees as they are dwelling in caves (hence long arms and dense muscles similar to great apes, though the muscle density also means they can’t float which isolated them from the rest of the world for such a long ass time). By a fluke they’re technically able to reproduce with humans, but the chances of that happening are very low, and the resulting offspring isn’t healthy even if it manages to survive long enough to be born. 

Humans and the elvish races were separated in different continents, and somewhere in the early development of the pointy eared kind they had a mutation that changed the number of chromosomes they had, before splitting on to orcs and elves. The pointy-ears can breed with humans, but this results in sterile offspring. (Dwarves can’t reproduce with the pointy-ear people at all.)

The elvish peoples have divided themselves pretty arbitrarily. Orcs and elves were originally separated first by a desert and/or mountain range, the orcs being more ambush predators while the elves being more of a pursuit hunters, both of them being slightly more on the carnivorous side of omnivores than humans and dwarves. The final and most recent split happening when the elves split in two groups, the other moving up north and becoming smaller and lighter in coloration, around which time the taller elves and orcs were reunited and started to mingle culturally, mostly in a friendly way. Culturally speaking the two races consider each other sisters, while othering the northern elves completely. You call a high orc an elf only to insult them.

The “high orc” is an elf term, since the “high” ones themselves don’t see the highness. They themselves consider orcs to be divided in two, to fire and earth, and that those elf people are just being arrogant by saying that since the fire orcs look more elvish they are by default of “higher” quality. The orc folks generally don’t really like elves all that much.

(Also worth noting that none of them are immortal or live to be thousands of years old. You won’t get extra free lifetime coupons in my worlds.)

You told me you don’t think you’re beautiful, but I cannot understand how you could ever believe that. Every morning, you wake up and glance in the mirror to see shades of hot chocolate staring back at you in your own eyes, and yet you can’t see how warm your gaze looks to a world that’s turned cold. You walk out of the house and pause, tipping your head back to feel the sun’s rays on your face, but you can’t see how your smile absorbs the light; you just walk on, not knowing you are shining even brighter than before. I know in a world like today, the one thing you actually are conscious of is the color of your skin, but it’s for all the wrong reasons; you can’t see how your melanin looks like a dusting of cinnamon over an absolute masterpiece, and you are. You are an absolute masterpiece. My words could never come close to describing how the way you move reminds me of my favorite dance or how, when you laugh, I momentarily forget how to do anything other than stare, but I suppose these terms will have to do for now. See, you are a living, breathing piece of art down to your very soul, so unique and awe-striking that even Van Gogh himself couldn’t have hoped to capture you accurately, and you are much more beautiful than any starry night.

-what I mean when I say you’re beautiful

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Prompt: Obi and Shirayuki stumble across a village where the people speak in riddles and shed their clothing from dark until dawn in a trance-like state. Shirayuki has to figure out what is going on because now Obi is running around naked with them

Lyrias has not brought tribute for months.

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  • Aelin: I finally decided to follow my dear cousin Aedion's advice
  • Rowan: Which one of the thousands?
  • Aelin: To reveal my plans more often, of course
  • Chaol: After this, I can say I believe in everything
  • Dorian: I'll definitely have nice dreams tonight
  • Nesryn: Hope
  • Aedion: I guess my work is done here
  • Aelin: And since when Lysandra's a work?!

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I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it a thousand more: LEAVE HEIDI ALONE SHE IS MY SWEET DAUGHTER


He stops speaking and his eyes flicker up to hers. The brown and gold swirl around, burning up in the blackness of his pupil. Wide with emotion, all the shades of ever deepening colour, twisting and turning as he gives her that look worth a thousand words.
“How do you do that?” She whispers, tilting her head slightly to one side.
“Do what?” He murmurs.
“How do your eyes always say so much more than your mouth?” He looks away at that and it’s a long moment before he looks back.
“Because they’re honest.”
And she wasn’t sure of his answer but she was not expecting that.
—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #31
Might as well just come out and say you're gonna fuck him Tom
  • JORDAN: You said "Rent your house for 10k tomorrow"
  • TOM: Literally offered to rent Jordan's house for ten thousand dollars. Let's have a look... Yep... And- and what was your response?
  • JORDAN: "I can't bring myself to do it and I'll be asleep before the party ends"
  • TOM: *Laughs*
  • JORDAN: *Laughs*
  • TOM: Hey, if I did ever do it I'll give you butter- 'Buttery Nipples' all night long.
  • JORDAN: Mmmm, all night? (Was that a moan Jordy?)
  • TOM: In the sexual term. (Wtf Tom?!)
  • JORDAN: That's more tempting now. (My innocent baby Jordan, what have they done to you??)
[GUIDE]: How To Initiate RP Interactions

Since people seem to stress out a lot about asking other people to RP with them, here’s a quick and messy guide for the basic steps I usually follow.

STEP ONE: Check their tumblr.

Does it say selective? Semi-selective? Nothing like that? If there’s nothing about selectively, you’re free to go. If it says selective or semi-selective, look at the quality of responses they have from their partners and see if you’re up to that standard. If you are, proceed to step two.

STEP TWO: Read their rules.

Do they only do plotted RP? Prefer starters only based off memes they post? Only post with their friends? Like being messaged first to plot out RPs rather than anything random? Rules are usually individual so please read them first if they have them. If they don’t have a rules page, jump ahead to step three!

STEP THREE: Message them!

a) While it’s totally possible to just write a starter and tag them, a lot of people get confused if they’re tagged out of the blue by a stranger. If you message them first and ask if they’d like to RP with you, that gives them a chance to either politely turn you down for whatever reason (too busy, only RPing with friends, have bad associations attached to your character etc) in a way that’s private, or to check out your tumblr and suggest something they’d like to RP. Or ask you what you want to RP.

b) OR you can just send in a starter from an ask meme they’ve posted. I have over 700 followers and only maybe 15-20 of them actually interact with me. Believe me, I am happy whenever I get a starter sent in and even happier when I receive OOC headcanon asks. Please try to pick a starter that’d make sense for your character and theirs, however, instead of just a random one or one that’d force either character into OOC behavior.

STEP FOUR: Stay calm.

Don’t panic if they aren’t replying immediately. They might be busy, they might be having some trouble finding a muse for that thread or tumblr might’ve eaten your message. Give it a week and then you can probably send them a polite message asking if they got your last message. Don’t guilt trip them or make a fuss if they’ve been replying to other people, just check if it’s been tumblr error or if there’s something you can change in your post to make it easier to reply to.

STEP FIVE: Dealing with rejection.

Remember this is just a pretendy happy fun times activity. Even if they don’t want to RP with you, there are thousands of people who do RP and you can find someone else to play with you and it’s way more fun playing with someone who wants to play with you, and is excited for your posts, than someone whom you are constantly worrying is bored with you.

If they say they’d rather not RP with you, accept that, find someone else and start from Step One again!

My favourite thing about the ‘I love you’ scene between Lincoln and Daisy is that it wasn’t some big, grand gesture. It was slipped into the conversation like it was the most normal thing in the world, like it was something that they had said a thousand times before, and like it was something they were going to say a thousand times again.

And that makes it even more heart breaking.

I dont say ‘I love you’ often. I feel as if the more i say it the less it means, yet i tell you all the time. I say i love you when i tell you 'careful your coffee is still hot’ or 'drive safely and use your headlights’ even ’ dont do that stupid, you’ll die’. I’ll say it in a thousand other words and mean it with all my heart everytime.
—  S.M // So you don’t get tired of me telling you I love you

marchetta meme: endless list of characters » eva rodriguez

The ex–Perpetua girls tend to follow Eva around like she’s their security blanket. She’s so effortlessly cool and protective of her lot, and most of the time I wish I were one of them.

Attitude is everything with these guys. I have no chance of being their goddess because Eva Rodriguez is. She’s upbeat and positive.

“What’s the Eva Rodriguez chick like?”
“She’s pretty cool,” I say. “What is it about her that makes everyone interested? There are better-looking girls.”
He shrugs. “Good-looking, knows her sports, uncomplicated. Doesn’t have to prove a point a thousand times a day. Like you said, cool.”

One of the blogs I follow posted a picture of the abandoned subway system in Rochester, NY.  I don’t travel through that area often but I knew that I could create a business reason to go there.  So, I sent a single email, got myself invited to a meeting and booked a hotel within four blocks of the entrance to the subway. 

“Wow” is all I can say.  Wandering into the subway, without doing any real research on it, was a bit nerve wracking.  But, within 40 or 50 yards it opens into an amazing passage with plenty of natural light and hundreds, if not thousands, paintings, stencils, tags, stickers and murals.  Amazing. 

Thanks Greg!

@eicinic adulthood!au  is fantastic ok, go check it out.

Gin, I hope you don’t mind me doing fanart for it, but I’M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!

Also I said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times more: Kuroo calling Kenma “Kitten” is my absolute fav thing.

also Kuroo with shorter hair.

also Kenma with pink hair.

also everything about this au ok.

I’m sorry about how shitty Kuroo’s tattoo look >< and how this looks shitty and sketchy in general ><

aslo these are some post-coital cuddles

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As a LGBT* person in the gaming community, I just wanted to say thanks for being that "social justice warrior" that people hate on you for. Gaming needs more people like you. People who are willing to call things out. People who don't make me feel completely excluded from the rest of the population. Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable enough to attend shows and conventions without feeling like everyone is staring at me because I'm a non-binary individual.

One thousand close minded jerks are worth every single message like this.