and i'll say it a thousand more

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positivity time !!

so i’ve actually never had the pleasure of encountering this blog till now, but from what i can see they’ve got a firm grasp on their character’s voice, which is awesome ! the use of a different fc for the character also makes sense to me & makes things a little different, which is always interesting. & i’ve said this a thousand times ( & i’ll say it a thousand more ), but i have so much respect for people who take characters ( & this goes for any character, no matter how central they are to a story ), that maybe weren’t so focused on in a show & weren’t the focal point & really flesh them out & explore their character. so yeah i think that’s awesome & i have loads of love & respect for this blog !! 

I want to talk to bisexuals so they can tell me about thier experience. Not like who they’ve been with, but like how they see people they’re intrested in. I have a preference for women, I’d say like 70% women 30% men, but I’ve only dated guys, and I see dating women as something very special, and dating guys as something more realistic. I want to talk to more bi people and hear about how they experience bisexuality, bc I know it can’t be the same for everyone and this is so intresting to me

I genuinely shed tears over Mr. Iwata’s passing yesterday

I don’t want to sound/act all over dramatic but I’m still so shocked and saddened and I’ve never been upset over the death of a person I’m not related to.

I can’t say anything more than thousands of people have said a ton more eloquently than I could, so thank you Mr. Iwata and I will miss you