and i'll probably be back at it by thursday

Hello to all my followers! I just wanted to let you know that I might be a little scarce the next few days. My GREs are coming up on Thursday and Saturday and I really need to take the time to focus on them. I will be back for when Season 2 drops and any spoilers will be tagged as ST2 spoilers of stranger things spoilers, but aside from that, I have to pull away for a few days just to focus. Thank you all so much and I hope to see you all soon:)

Okay, I know I’m the lamest ever and I promised concepts tonight, but I am so, so, tired. :(( I think i need to go to bed. I am planning on doing nothing school related tomorrow (today probably for most everyone) so we will do loads of concepts and chats and all of that good stuff starting tomorrow (Thursday)! i LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SWEET AND LOVELY TO ME AND BEING UNDERSTANDING ABOUT SCHOOL TAKING UP A LOT OF MY TIME. It means a lot. xx.

theassassin-ludwig  asked:

Hey, babe. I got a job so I'm going to be heading out tonight. I'll probably be back late tomorrow, early Thursday depending on how fast I can get it done.

-gives him a look-

I thought we were discussing which jobs you could take from now on? You know, deciding together what’s to risky to take?