and i'll never get over the fact you didn't get a proper ending

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The one argument against IH I'll never understand is the "Kubo only made IH canon because he's getting back at SJ!" one. It makes so little sense to me. Why in the WORLD would SJ give two craps about how Kubo ended Bleach? They OBVIOUSLY didn't care enough about it to let it have a proper ending, but Kubo making IH happen instead of IR- THAT'LL SHOW 'EM!!! I BET THEY'LL HATE THAT!! THEM GETTING LESS MONEY OUT OF A SERIES THEY PREMATURELY ENDED WILL MAKE THEIR BLOOD BOIL!! Like are you serious?

Yeah, their theories are just ridiculous, and a total disrespect to Kubo honestly (as if they care about that), because what writer would spend fifteen years on their story, put their life into it, and then purposely give it an ending that they thought was ‘bad.’ How would “”spiting wsj”” ever take priority over him writing and finishing out his story the way he wanted, to the best of his ability given the circumstances, after fifteen years? They think he would purposely write what he considered to be a ‘bad’ ending, disrespect his story and his characters, and then offer up that kind of lie to his fans—again, as if “”spiting wsj”” is his number one priority? Not the fans? Not the integrity of his writing? But spite? What the fuck.

This is a man who said that he wasn’t going to change the way he writes to please others, and that ‘to write something he didn’t enjoy would be a sin,’ and to say that he would sacrifice his vision of his series that he put so much into, purely out of spite, is such an insult. If he wrote IH even though it wasn’t popular, it’s because he didn’t give a fuck about popularity, not because he was out to spite someone. Novel concept, right?

It’s like they’re pissed that they can’t use “Kubo sold out! He only went with IH because he was pressured into it!” as an argument because IH wasn’t popular, so they had to twist things around and bend over backwards to come up with a different argument instead lmao.

And like you said, wsj obviously wasn’t concerned about giving him a proper ending in the first place since they pulled the plug, so why the hell would they even care what ships he ended it with? That makes no sense.

And the biggest problem with this argument is that it claims Kubo “all of the sudden” switched to IH out of spite for the final chapter as if he hadn’t already been writing a shitload of IH for years and years, LONG BEFORE wsj ever even pulled the plug on him! Seriously, how do anti’s that keep pushing this bullshit theory explain that? If IH was just some spiteful, last minute decision, how do they explain all the screentime and moments he wrote for IH—more moments than any other pairing ever since the SS arc ended? You can’t say he switched from IR to IH last minute, or even in the last arc, when he’s been writing about IH more than IR for the last 70% of his series. Why do you think they clung to their colorspreads as much as they did? Because they weren’t given enough material in the last half of the actual manga itself, while Kubo consistently kept writing more IH and less IR. 

Not to mention….the fact that people are acting like they were “tricked and deceived” or “it’s a conspiracy!!!!” because Kubo didn’t make IR romantic when he explicitly said in an official interview that it was not romantic….What the hell did these people expect? Don’t blame Kubo, blame yourselves for not listening to him.

Honestly, the fact that these people are coming up with all these crackpot conspiracy theories all to avoid admitting that they were dead wrong about the ships, is just plain pathetic lmao