and i'll make shitty sets for you


Favorite Musical Numbers

Drum Crazy (Easter Parade, 1948)

The Signs Camping Together
  • Aries: *Is sitting by a fire w/ Pisces telling them a fun story*
  • Taurus: *At the beach w/ Cancer to tan* Leo! You wanna come with us?
  • Gem Twins: *pushing each other on a tire swing & jumping into the water*
  • Cancer: I'm gonna find me some water friends! 🐠🐢🐠 *Starts to waddle into the water with a life vest on-just to be safe*
  • Leo: I'll probably go in a bit! I'm gonna help Virgo & Libra set up everything!
  • Virgo: *Getting really shitty at the tent instructions* THIS MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WTF
  • Libra: *Is giving Virgo a weird look and is already on the second tent*
  • Scorpio: *w/ Capricorn under a tree and talking*
  • Sag: *taking a walk w/ Aquarius down the beach until Cancer accidentally splashes them w/ water* DAMN IT CANCER
  • Cap: *w/ Scorpio talking under a tree*
  • Aqua: *w/ Sagittarius on the beach trying to calm Sag down after Cancer accidentally splashed them* CHILL CHILL SEE CHILL! *Holding an ice cub*
  • Pisces: *Is listening to some crazy shit from Aries*