and i'll have you know that every day is today

You Were Beautiful by DAY6

Yeah, I have to talk about them too. This one isn’t going to be as organised though.

Just know that every damn time, every comeback, I fall in love with them even more. I swear. That “EveryDay6″ project is the best idea JYP has ever had in his entire life. The fact that I actually forget that a new month means a new song just makes it better, but that’s only because I have a terrible memory. 

Anyway. Regarding the song, it’s like everytime,they’re telling us a story in the most beautiful way ever. They’re all beautiful and talented and have a wonderful voice. They never miss, even though I get that it isn’t everyone’s style. But just give it a try because that is quality. 

Regarding the MV, now. I couldn’t be happier, really. When “I wait” was kinda simple and blur and confusing, like the waiting feeling, this one is powerful, and damn it guys, it even is linked to Congratulations. That story they’re telling us about is so heartbreaking, so deep. God it’s so good. Plus the way the scenes with the girl are shoot make it seem like we’re intruding, and that kinda is true. I love it. 

About the lyrics, now. I don’t have much to say except that I love how they’re not talking about how they hate her now for breaking their heart, but how they loved her and why. This is so relatable in a way. Because yeah, she broke up with him, she’s with another guy now, but it’s still a part of their life, and it remains good memories. Which explains why it hurts, but that an other story. 

This is just perfect in every way. I love them, I love the song, and I can’t wait to be in March to hear the next song.