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I'm not sure I necessarily agree that marper are 'in love'. I think it's more a relationship of convenience. Apart from having sex a couple of times and smiling at each other they haven't really been shown as being couple-y like kabby or memori.

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okay. cool. congrats on you.

you make it a habit to contradict someone when they say they have a little shipper thing going on? I shipped them when I watched season 2. He took care of her. He ran to her. I let it go when people got me excited about Minty, but I still saw it. 

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What Marper has is a lot sweeter and more supportive and longer lasting than what some people had that was canonically “love.” So if I want to call it love, I think I will. A lovely first love. 

So. Thanks for nitpicking a post that wasn’t even about that. 

How dare, I, right? How dare I see a real connection with characters you don’t see a connection with. 

A whole conversation yesterday about how all the loving relationship canon evidence between Bellarke doesn’t count as canon romance because there’s no kissing or sex. Here we’ve got Marper having canon kisses and canon sex, multiple times, real friendship lasting the whole show, cuddling, moving in together, and I’m not allowed to call that love, either.

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Oh. you disagree. Why do people get so invested in what other people like that they feel the need to disparage it because it’s not exactly what they like? 

Let me ship Marper if I want to ship Marper.