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The Tenth Realm (Loki One Shot)

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A/N: I spent all day procrastinating studying and writing this instead and it was super fun. ✌🏽A song I’d like to recommend because I’ve been listening to it while writing is Let’s Go Crazy by Prince. 

Summary: You have lived in Sakaar for a very long time, and you meet Loki.  

Warnings: Langage and Thor Ragnarok Spoilers (I wonder if it’s still necessary though)

Word count: ≈ 3645

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What’s for Christmas?

puppies and no more guessing games.


got this James Dean doll from the flea market for $5. we looked at it last week and it was like $10… my mom said something about it to the lady and she was like “since it’s so close to Christmas i’ll give it to you by $5″ like hell yeah! it was the same lady i got the $5 gymnast barbie from last week.

for a celeb doll he looks alright… usually they have super awful face sculpts but this one doesn’t bug me too much. anyway, good shit 👌

Richie thinks Stan is cheating on him
  • <p> <b>Stan:</b> *is texting*<p/><b>Richie:</b> Ok, I've had enough, I need to know. Who is this precious "Spencer"?<p/><b>Stan:</b> Oh god, how do you know about Spencer?<p/><b>Richie:</b> So you admit it, you're having an affair.<p/><b>Stan:</b> What?! Richie, you're acting crazy.<p/><b>Richie:</b> Am I, Stanley? I found this receipt to the Avian hotel.<p/><b>Stan:</b> That's pronounced "avian"... (like aviator)<p/><b>Richie:</b> Well, it sounds seedy.<p/><b>Stan:</b> It is. It's a kennel for birds. It's where I picked up George.<p/><b>Richie:</b> There's a George too?!<p/><b>Stan:</b> Calm down! I'm talking about a cockatoo!<p/><b>Richie:</b> Oh! One or two! Is that all?<p/><b>Stan:</b> Richie, George is a bird and Spencer is an old man I've been hanging out with at the park.<p/><b>Richie:</b> Oh...<p/></p>

[ i was really excited to write more feels drabbles but something happened & caused a major mood drop. i’m going to be quiet ooc for a bit. i doubt i’ll be able to get much done tonight so those drabbles will have to wait until tmr or later. i’m so sorry for keeping you guys waiting. thank you for understanding. ]


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