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Imagine the look on the dwarves' faces when they catch you with Fili

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word count: 561

Genre: Fluff & some pre-smut in the end 

Notes: A drabble based on this prompt from IMAGINEXHOBBIT

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You had been traveling with the company since the beginning and even now you wanted your privacy every now and then. They had become like family to you, even Thorin. He cared for you like a father would. 

After you reclaimed Erebor you and Fili were planning on getting married. You hadn’t told the other dwarves yet considering you wanted to surprise them when you felt like the time was right.

You were all hiding in that big house in the middle of nowhere, you just escaped from this big bear creature.

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teddycarnivals  asked:

Could you recommend some modern poetry books or blogs? I'm obsessed with everything in your poetry tag, so if you have any favorites I'd love to know.

The ones that spring to mind are less…focused on modern poetry as a happy hodgepodge of all different types of poetry.

I swear by from the Academy of American Poets—it’s a great pleasure to browse their archives by topic and stumble onto random gems. Poetry Foundation is also good, but I seem to find more poems I enjoy on

Most of my poetry tag comes from eros-turannos’ poetry tag. She has exquisite taste. I also follow apoemaday, and a couple other general poetry blogs.

Garrison Keillor actually did a great anthology just called “Good Poems.” It was the first poetry anthology I ever bought and read all the way through. As anthologies go, it’s very approachable and unpretentious; the selections were made with a casual reader in mind and the result is very warm and sentimental and delightful. I think that was the first time I read Lisel Muller’s Romantics, which remains one of my favorite poems.

Otherwise I would suggest checking out the particular poets that interest you. While the cost-to-pages ratio can make poetry seem pricey, there’s something really lovely about having those little slim books of poetry lying around the house.