and i'd never get anything done ever

blacklionshiro  asked:

Your art is so, so good! 😭 Have you ever made any tutorials or filmed a speedpaint? I'd love to see how you get to work, your colors are always so vibrant and I love the texture effect of your painting style 🙏

hi, i’m not sure how old this message is bc my life has been extra hectic in the past months but hello again.

i’ve never done tutorials before since art is only a hobby for me… it’s a bit complicated 2 teach anything if you’ve got no idea what you’re doing.

it’s more of a fail but try again method whilst only taking into consideration my own mistakes and… not studying it on a bigger scale – like, studying from others or picking up guides.

anyway, here’s a basic rundown on how my stuff is usually done:

let’s break it down, i’m using mostly kyle’s brushes which are god-like and please if you’ve got some money 2 spare please buy them, they’re incredible.

my favourite one is sketch pencil rough 2 which comes from kyle’s dry media pack, it is the one i’ve used in the example above!

ooh, here we go. 

first step – sketch? lousy shapes, forms… anything. something like guidelines for me 2 follow through. it is on a separate layer, though. 

(p.s. at times i do everything on one layer! which is just me colouring in between the sketch lines and defining it more, at times, may even skip this step & simply go 2 step three which is colour blocking.)

second step – creating a simple silhouette that helps me 2 pinpoint weird stuff, also helps to see how well the drawing reads, in this case, it’s bad (oops.)

third step – colour blocking, nothing more. i don’t know anything about colour theory & i’m truly ashamed of that fact. i usually pick colours that just… catch my eye. 

fourth step – rendering; it’s either me deleting guidelines and drawing further or me merging all layers and… drawing further, wowie. 

rendering continues. 

final result bc i gave up, sorry! but yeah, that’s all 2 it! take care.

Ideal Snow Scene
  • Bonnie and Kai step outside from the cabin and pause as they smile at the snowflakes dancing by. Both of them are absolutely enamored by the crystal snowflakes falling upon them.
  • Kai: It's kinda like watching sugar fall from the sky.
  • Bonnie: Yeah it kinda is. I'm guessing you've never seen snow before.
  • Kai: Afraid not, being isolated from the real world can do that to a person. But from the looks of it you haven't seen snow either.
  • Bonnie: No I haven't. (Bonnie glances up at the sky again, smiling. And Kai can't help but stare at her but in that hungry way he usually stares at her. He feels something else besides lust this time but can't exactly identify it.)
  • Kai: What's your excuse?
  • Bonnie: Well never really had the chance to travel considering my life is in constant jeopardy. And thanks to you up until a month ago I never thought I'd ever have the chance to see snow.
  • Bonnie glares at him.
  • Kai: Something's wrong. I feel weird inside.
  • Bonnie: Oh that weird thing you're feeling right now is called guilt.
  • Kai: Oh god it's a terrible feeling who decided that guilt should even be a feeling.
  • Bonnie rolls her eyes as Kai's tries to stomach his newfound guilt.
  • Bonnie: Look we have work to do, so lets get moving.
  • Kai: Bonnie, wait.
  • Kai reaches for Bonnie's wrist and she cringes in pain until she realizes he hadn't done anything to her. She quickly rips away from him and Kai sees the extent of the damage he has done to her and that weird feeling intensifies by a thousand.
  • Bonnie: Never touch me again.
  • Kai swallows: I didn't know.
  • Bonnie: You didn't know what? That inflicting pain on a person continuously, could scar them.
  • Kai: I...know what I did was bad but I saved you. I was dying and I still chose to save you.
  • Bonnie: Oh is this the part where I'm suppose to thank you. You do realize that if you never left me behind, that you would have never needed to save me.
  • Kai is left speechless while Bonnie's rage fueled itself.
  • Bonnie: Well this is a pleasant surprise, Kai Parker leader of the Gemini coven has absolutely nothing to say.
  • Kai at a loss for words: I'm...I'm..
  • Bonnie: I'm, I'm what! You know what gets me even more furious about you stabbing me that day is that for a split second I was stupid enough to believe you, stupid enough to trust you. Now I realize what an idiot I was and trust me I'll never make the same mistake again.
  • With tears in her eyes Bonnie marches away leaving Kai heartbroken as he was sure she was going to be his first friend in the real world especially after the hell he went through to save her.
  • Kai: I'm...sorry.
  • Kai said to himself as the snowflakes continued to fall all around him. As he realized that he had never said truer words.